tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMistress Barbara Ch. 09

Mistress Barbara Ch. 09


Cat was waiting in the dressing room to shower with me, excited and full of questions about the humiliating episode in Kent's office. I described the sensation of having an obviously inexperienced and disrespectful examination of my genitals by the adolescent young man. She listened in amazement. There was only one acceptable part of the encounter which had made it worth my effort not to refuse Kent, in her opinion. He had hinted that he would demonstrate my ability to take his penis fully into my rectum. As Cat knew, I would gladly suffer any humiliation with that object in mind.

The show was relatively unremarkable but I was thinking of what Kent may have in mind to top off the event for his special clients. These thoughts kept my body wonderfully orgasmic as I made my way toward their table. Franz Junior took in the sights with youthful enthusiasm and a noticeable bulge in his trousers. He was much younger that any of my previous spectators at the special shows. I played more to the older man, never allowing young Franz the opportunity to fondle me as he may have wished. Cat also kept her distance from his wandering hands, briefly pirouetting in front of him before moving on quickly to the next table. She was following my lead in tantalising the pimply faced young pervert. Toward the end of the show the wet patch on his trousers was becoming noticeable and he was holding a bag on his lap to cover his embarrassment when the main lights signalled the end of the show.

In a break with normal routine, Kent invited the clients to follow Des and Ken to the main dining room for refreshments and discussion of orders. He asked Cat to shower and change before helping our men to deal with the other clients.

I left the last costume on while I refreshed my exposed genitals with a sponge bath before making my way back into the auditorium. I sat in front of the three men in Kent's preferred submissive way. They had been talking while I walked toward them but sat quietly watching me while I sat before them.

Cat had helped to re-adjust the tension on the attachments to my nipple and clit rings, and the short walk to the table had fully engorged both my nipples and my vaginal lips.

"You did well this afternoon, my little dove." Kent finally addressed me after a long silence. I averted my eyes, allowing their eyes to feast on the excited state of my throbbing clitoris and my quivering nipples.

"Mein Gott!" The older man exclaimed. His beady eyes travelled over my body. "Magnificent!"

"Mistress Barbara loves to wear this costume." Kent continued. "Over time, she has developed amazing control in her ability to prevent uncontrolled orgasms when she wears it. She is demonstrating that right now."

He looked at the other men with pride glowing in his face.

Now I was totally confused, Kent had never referred to me as Mistress before. In any previous dealings with clients in the past year or so, I had merely been his devoted slave. Kent continued talking to them as I tried to get an appreciation of what he required of me this time. "You will notice that she is demonstrating remarkable control of her body. Every instinct she has is to surrender that control and enjoy the orgasm just below the surface. Would you like to see that control released now, Sir?" He turned to the older man, beaming with pride.

Both men nodded vigorously, the look of respect unmistakeable in their eyes. Kent turned to me.

"Just walk about for a moment, Mistress Barbara."

Within three steps I shuddered as my mounting orgasmic wave began to culminate in the most delicious orgasm. It took over my body and overwhelmed the control that I had deliberately exercised up until then. It was a mind-blowing experience, well worth all the nervous anticipation that preceded the moment of release. I let myself go and convulsed before their eyes, oblivious to their presence.

As I recovered, I noticed the two men were removing their clothes. Surely Kent was not going to allow them to ravish me. Did he know them that well? I was perplexed and a little confused. Those nasty confused thoughts dissipated as Kent handed me a cane pointing toward the men now prostrated over the table, their naked bottoms pointing toward me. Their straining erections were clearly indicating their need for punishment.

The feeling of power, swishing the cane through the air at imaginary flies as I surveyed the two naked bottoms in front of me was simply awesome. I approached the men. The younger Franz tensed as I looked at his bottom. It was covered in splotchy pimples, like his face. His penis was dribbling with clear fluid. I played with it at the end of the cane, flicking it back and forth as I debated my next move.

Kent had told me nothing about the men so my only knowledge of them was gleaned from listening to them talk while Kent humiliated me in my own office. This young squirt was going to pay dearly for his inept fumbling, around and inside my genitals.

The older Franz was equally excited, with a large well formed penis straining with blood in an impressive erect state. I turned to look at Kent and saw him placing lubricant on the table while he removed his shirt. The situation became much clearer in my mind now. I caught his eye and he smiled broadly, nodding his approval for me to handle the two clients as the mood took me.

I breathed in as much as the corset would allow me to, producing yet another delicious orgasm. I spoke to Franz senior.

"You have both been very naughty boys today, haven't you?" I said in a sharp, sarcastic voice.

"Yes Mistress." They both spoke in unison.

"And now, I suppose you want to watch while my Master fucks my arse!" I shuddered as I used the crude description of the event they were about to witness. I took my cue from Kent as neither of us used those words normally. The clients often did. These men were clearly no exception.

"Oh yes, please Mistress!" The older man said, nodding his head enthusiastically.

I placed my foot on the table that they were both supporting their bodies over, my moistened vagina clearly visible, inches from his eyes. I let him feast his eyes for a few minutes then raised my voice somewhat more threateningly.

"I wonder what price you two should pay for such a privilege." I looked at Kent who was now naked and smiling at me, thoroughly enjoying my Mastery of his two important clients.

"I'll give you a huge order, if you only give me two strokes of the cane, Mistress." He said hopefully.

"Maybe?" I said. "But what about your son? He wasn't all that gentle with me, as you are well aware!" I said firmly.

"I'll double the lingerie order I gave your Master if you will be lenient and just give him the same punishment."

I looked at Kent and he nodded, holding three fingers up, away from their view. I needed his advice as I had no knowledge of the previous dealings, earlier in the day.

"Well! My decision, is to give both of you three hard strokes." I paused to let my words take effect. "I still expect you to double the lingerie order, or I will double your punishment instead." I added as I took my foot off the table.

Both men glumly nodded their approval. I stepped behind them and surveyed their bottoms, tensed to receive the strokes that I had promised them. As much as I hated using the cane I took a certain satisfaction in bringing three distinct weals, barely an inch apart on Franz senior's glowing rump as he moaned in pain. I ordered him to stand aside while I gave his son three, much more enthusiastic, well placed strokes. I almost broke the skin with the final stroke.

I made the young man don a fresh pair of gloves and lubricate my bottom, warning him to be much more gentle.

"If you're too rough this time you can expect more punishment."

I unclipped the chains attached to my clit ring and deftly assumed Kent's favourite position to receive his penis. I could see that he needed no help to achieve full erection as the two clients were silently admiring the size of his penis, now fully ready to plunge into my receptive bottom. Young Franz was as gentle as a lamb as he tenderly lubricated my rectum with copious amounts of gel, nervously watching my face for the slightest hint of disapproval. If it was true that he wanted to be a doctor, I hoped that I had taught him respect for a lady's feelings while he applied the lubricant.

When Kent pressed his penis past my sphincter muscles I orgasmed continuously, enjoying the astounded looks on the two clients faces. The expressions fulfilled me nearly as much as Kent's anal attention this time. I appreciated the reasons that he hadn't explained the scenario of today's encounter with the new clients. In a way, it was yet another test of my devotion. More importantly, he was testing my ability to rapidly assess the hidden desires of those who would accept discipline from me as their Mistress. As he ejaculated I held him inside me, the warmth of his hot sperm was making me want to hug and kiss him. I wanted to convey the special love that I felt for him at this moment. I desperately wanted to retain the sensation of fulfilment and warmth, deep within my bowels and by now I had quite forgotten about the two men watching us. My eyes were closed and I was effectively transported into a more private situation where Kent and I were the only two people in the world.

Kent withdrew and I became aware again that there were two other men in the room with their eyes riveted in my direction. The men asked me if they might use my showers in the dressing room to clean up before giving me their order. A new respect was clearly evident as they offered to clean up the mess their sperm had made on the floor. I had been barely aware of it during my demonstration but there was ample evidence of their enjoyment at witnessing my anal penetration.

" You can clean up the floor first." I said disdainfully. "Make sure that you do it well. Only then, will I allow to shower and dress yourselves." I fixed them with my steely eyes. "Now!" I ordered.

Kent and I showered together while they cleaned the floor, still naked, out in the auditorium. It gave me the opportunity to show Kent just how much I loved him. As the water cascaded over our bodies I kissed him passionately and held his lithe body close to mine.

"In my mind, my spirit and especially my body, darling, I love you so much. Please don't ever forget that." I whispered.

I cried with joy as he responded.

"If only I were twenty years younger?" He bemoaned. "Just think what a difference we could have achieved together." He sobered. "We might have changed a lot of the misery in the world today."

I knew what Kent was referring to. He had long believed that our entire system of government was corrupt and he had some well thought out alternatives in mind. I told Kent about our visit to Angel falls, filling him in on my plans for the two of them and possibly young Angela as well.

"Never mind, darling." I looked at him seriously. "We can still make a difference. The way we seem to be changing attitudes around here and the way our family seems to be growing at the moment--- well, you know." I kissed him again.

The bond was complete. I dressed myself in the sexiest toga available in the dressing room. It was indecently short and almost translucent. I walked out to the main room to convey my complete satisfaction to the clients for their cleaning efforts.

As they showered and dressed, Kent and I talked while we waited for them to come back to discuss business. Kent told me that he had made contact with Franz senior while he was on holiday in the city. Franz ran a chain of shops throughout the German Republic and during the course of discussions revealed his special interests in bondage and discipline. The son was unexpected at the show, but Kent figured I could easily handle the two of them. He confessed that the idea of boasting about my submissive nature, only to him, was his idea alone.

"You must know by now that my love for you is eternal and I would do anything to make you happy." I whispered, as I kissed him. I squeezed his hand. "You can take me in front of your clients, your friends or even the entire world if it pleases you, my darling."

The sexual excitement that I was feeling was unmistakeable as my nipples showed clearly through the thin material of my toga. It was the first time that I had expressed my special love for Kent in this way. I felt a pang of guilt, as I thought of my relationship with Margaret, but the truth was that I had fallen in love with Kent. "I love you too, my little Dove. We seem to be good for each other." He gazed at me with a sparkle in his eyes. "If only---."

"You will always be young in my eyes." I started just as the two Franz clients re-entered the room. It cut off the rest of my words midstream. I offered the men coffee and something to eat. "I want to discuss what I sincerely hope will be a long and mutually profitable association with our company." I said politely.

I excused myself and went to arrange for somebody to serve us in the auditorium, leaving Kent to entertain them. I noticed their eyes as they followed my every movement when I left the room. The brevity of my toga and my semi-orgasmic state, had not escaped their attention.

I knew that I would be the subject of their discussion in my absence.

When I returned ten minutes later with a waitress in tow, carrying a tray of drinks and food. I had her place the tray on the table and leave. I was pleased to note that the clients stood as I entered the room, as a mark of respect for me.

The discussions went on longer than I thought they would. The older Franz couldn't concentrate too well as I was seated opposite the men, proudly displaying my arousal. This time however, I looked them all directly in the eye in my role as their Mistress. The discussions bore fruit and the clients agreed to a deal similar to the one we enjoyed with Kurt. In return, I promised to handle all their business requirements personally from now on, hinting that they would enjoy dealing with me.

My family listened in awe as I related the events of the evening to them, obviously missing out the part about Kent and I declaring our love for one and other. Cat had expected me to have suffered extreme humiliation or worse, with what I had told her about the preliminary meeting in our office with Kent. She had been ready to comfort me and offer to take my place next time Kent wanted to show me off to his friends.

To Be Continued Tomorrow...

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