tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMistress Barbara Ch. 12

Mistress Barbara Ch. 12


Angela was born to community living. Although strong willed, she appeared to integrate well with all our families and was keen to please in every way. When Des came home Angela rushed outside to get her suitcase. I hardly had time to explain anything to them about Angela's rapid acceptance of our culture. Cat led her into the bedroom, adjacent to our large playroom and kept her occupied in conversation while I brought the men up to date. Both Ken and Des were pleased that she was to sleep with us, amenable to sex as Kate had been.

After dinner Angela helped Cat clear up, totally at ease among all of us now. During the course of dinner I explained that I would be busy tomorrow, telling her that she could stay with Margaret until we picked her up for the evening meal. She accepted this without any question, mainly because she was keen to see the mansion and explore the grounds. She was just like a child in a sweet store, eagerly seeking information about the private areas that we enjoyed. She had relished the limited opportunities at Angel Falls to walk around nude allowing the elements to caress her whole body. She had implored Kate to tell her more about us but was frustrated by her strange secrecy. She was glad that we had been so open with her. She didn't consider herself as a child anymore. I promised fulfilment of all her desires, during her stay with us.

Angela proved to have very few sexual hang-ups, taking to group sex activity far more easily than I would have expected. Cat was euphoric when Angela eagerly returned her initial advances in their first sexual involvement. Angela was not inhibited in any way by the rest of my family. When Des indicated his desire to join in she welcomed his attention. Although she was reticent to try the anal approach she allowed him to lubricate her tiny rosebud, telling him to take it slowly. Her initial fears proved unfounded and although she didn't climax through his efforts, at first, she cheerfully allowed him to continue until he spent his seed inside her. She loved the freedom to experiment in a loving environment and was rewarded with multiple climaxes when she took her turn in our love seat.

The next morning we showed her around the property before taking the ski-boat over to Kent's house for our usual morning exercises with the others. Angela loved the amenities and took the opportunity to join the rest of the girls as they worked out and swam in the pool.

After a busy day, during which I often thought of Angela and how Margaret may be coping with her outgoing personality and numerous questions, I found myself eagerly looking forward to picking Angela up. I went over on the Jet Ski while Cat relaxed by the jetty. I saw her helping Cameron in the garden while Margaret was tending some shrubs, closer to the house. Margaret adored her, commenting that Angela was now convinced that the proposal to move to Maple Lake was the best thing that ever happened to her.

"She's so adaptable, taking an interest in everything from gardening to my design studio." Lowering her voice, she confided;

"She's got a real business head on her too, you know. We talked about the restaurant and our plans to expand. You should listen to some of her ideas. She's a real dynamo."

Praise like this was unusual from Margaret. She tended to be more cautionary and hesitant to accept change. My estimation of Angela as a visionary and a capable assistant in the future was now decided. Kent was right, yet again!

One interesting piece of information did come to light.

Margaret had spoken to her at some length about the benefits of our BDSM based discipline and obedience rules. During their conversation Margaret had the impression that Angela appeared to be well read on the subject. Margaret had the strangest feeling that Angela had influenced Lance and Kate into joining the Club at Taylor's Ridge, in some way. Margaret's intuition was normally unerring. It would certainly explain Angela's rapid assimilation and acceptance of our unconventional way of life. The idea seemed preposterous, given her age and relative sexual inexperience. It was food for thought.

I called Angela toward us.

I took Angela back to Rome, showing her how the Jet Ski operated. I encouraged her to try driving me around the immediate area. She was quickly driving the machine like an expert, throttling up and doing tight turns with no problem. I told her to practice on her own for a while. Cat and I watched while she took off, noting her agility in shifting her weight to make turns seem effortless. By any standards she was quite beautiful. During our morning workout she had energy to spare as she tried all the equipment in the gym and she was an accomplished swimmer.

"She's blending right in to our family." I commented.

She squeezed my arm.

"We'll just have to make sure that the other tenant decides to sell his interest in the restaurant, Barb. I know Angela would be keen to take it on."

Cat was right, tomorrow we should show Angela through the premises and let her have some input toward the new development. It may give me the opportunity to test Margaret's theory.

I thought of Kate, how she had seemed so nervous when referring to Angela or her background. Angela had seduced her, she had emphasised. Certainly the innocent young lady had the leadership qualities and basic intelligence combined with an extraordinary lack of sexual inhibition. Last night she had joined with us in a wide variety of sex acts, apparently enjoying the experience as much as we did.

She was a delightful addition to our conventional repertoire of group activity, making herself available to both sexes. In deference to her age, we had refrained from what may have been considered more unusual activity.

I made up my mind that we should all go out to the restaurant for dinner tonight, when the men arrived home. I gave Angela a choice of three suitable togas to wear. She tried them all before selecting one, similar in length to the ones that Cat and I worn on our first visit to Angel Falls as the most suitable. It was one that required care in windy situations but was otherwise decent to wear in public.

There weren't an enormous number of other patrons at dinner but for the time of the week it was busy enough. The lessee's wife doubled as waitress during weekdays and her husband did most of the cooking. They had a staff of ten available during the busier holiday periods but tonight there was only two in evidence. She was surprised to see us because she knew we owned Lakeside, with its vastly superior facilities and variety of light entertainment.

We walked around after the orders were placed, noting the general presentation of the premises and the magnificent lake views from the outdoor tables on the rear terrace of the building. Although the basic furniture was clean, some of the other decor items had outlived their usefulness in an upmarket operation. I already knew that the kitchen equipment was dated and in need of replacement. It was fine for a day operation but would need substantial upgrading to attract the kind of business that Lakeside now catered to.

Entertainment consisted of piped music and a folk guitarist on Saturday evening. There was no dance floor, or even a small stage.

Even now, there was no toilet facilities downstairs. I had found that out to my embarrassment on my very first visit with Des. Ladies still had to walk up open treaded stairs to the mezzanine facilities.

Angela wasn't intimidated. She returned after a few minutes, just as our meals were served. For the duration of the meal and later, over drinks, Angela outlined her thoughts on the potential she saw. Following renovations, as we had outlined them to her, she felt that the business was a good opportunity for Lance and Kate. She casually mentioned the difficult access to the restrooms.

This brought a predictable response from Des as he recalled our first visit, telling the story from his point of view. I detected more that a hint of interest from Angela as Des told the story of my early discomfort with public exhibitionism and how he helped me overcome it. By the time we were ready to go, the lessee had sent a message asking if he might speak to me privately.

I told them I would call in tomorrow morning if that suited them, on my way into town. Des paid the bill later on and the lessee's wife gave him a manila envelope addressed to me, asking him to show it to me before the morning's scheduled meeting. In spite of the fact that I had mentioned a week as being the deadline for a decision, the large envelope contained most of the figures I needed to assess a fair price for the business. I hadn't gone there to pressure him in any way but it seemed that the lessees had made up their minds to sell, indicating that I should prepare to negotiate at tomorrow's meeting.

Our intention had been to proceed to Lakeside after dinner but the contents of the envelope needed our attention. Angela was more than willing to discuss the information with me. She had marvelled at the potential of the lakefront business, in the right hands.

She told me Lance had mentioned the restaurant specifically when he came back from his last holiday at Maple Lake. Lance had realised for some time that the limits of his existing business were already reached. I told her that he had also brought the matter to my attention at last Sunday's meeting. What he hadn't been aware of, at that time, was the possibility that the lease may be coming up for sale. I had indicated to him on Wednesday that he would have first option if the present tenants wished to sell.

The turnover figures showed a steady increase, in line with our other business interests. It was noticeable that the profit had fallen over the last year, disproportionately to normal considerations. I was amazed that Angela picked the reason straight away.

"It look like the staff haven't been too honest with them." She said grimly. "Maybe the owners have been dipping too often."

I was glad Angela didn't work as a tax auditor because her instincts were remarkably astute and she quickly understood the only cogent reason for this discrepancy. When we finished analysing the books we looked at the equipment valuations and the goodwill figures suggested by the current lessee. Considering all factors the price that they asked was reasonable, leaving room for minor negotiation over some of the plant and equipment.

They certainly wanted a quick sale if we could arrange it. Unlike so many of the other business operator's propositions in town, this one was priced to sell quickly. Angela was quick to get on the phone and speak to Lance. She told him that she had seen the figures and was sure that they could handle the transition over the time frame for moving in, if they wanted to move. I saw her listen for a while, then with growing excitement and a wide smile she handed me the phone.

Lance told me that he had a local buyer in mind for his business. He asked me to let him know the final price.

"I'm happy to let Angela negotiate on our behalf, meanwhile. She speaks for all of us." Lance confided.

I was starting to believe Margaret's theory, based on my observations the previous night.

We walked into the restaurant the next day and I introduced Angela. Angela immediately put Darren, the lessee, on notice that the business was not performing to the standards she would expect. She said that those assumptions were based on the figures supplied to us thus far. She asked him for his deposit books and verification of the figures that he had already supplied, over the last year. She looked at them and handed them back, appearing to be satisfied with what she saw.

She walked through the kitchen, itemising the various plant that was overdue for replacement and checking his health certificate for the date of renewal. She correctly pointed out that costs of compliance with current regulations were going to be expensive for any new operator. As far as she could see there would need to be adjustments on their suggested asking price if she was going to recommend the purchase. Then to Darren's obvious relief she softened her voice, smiling as she spoke.

"But I don't need to tell an experienced operator like you that. Do I Sir? I'm sure we can work out a fair price for a speedy resolution and a mutually satisfying conclusion."

Darren was obviously aware now that Angela knew her business and he suggested she make him an offer more in line with her expectations. He asked her to bear in mind the potential that the restaurant offered by it's location and the planned additions which would increase the turnover in the future.

Angela sighed and gave him the figure that she had in mind, telling him that she was talking cash and offering to take over within the month if that suited him. She added that she wouldn't require them to stay on for the usual training period of an extra month as she had skilled staff at her disposal. She said that she was prepared to re-interview the existing casual staff to see if they met her standards. By this time Darren's wife had been in the room for a while and was looking at him expectantly for an answer, scarcely daring to believe that they were within a whisker of selling so soon and ending her torture as she saw it. Running the restaurant had taken it's toll on her patience, very nearly ending their marriage.

After shifting awkwardly and looking at his wife for a few minutes, he agreed to Angela's terms without attempting to raise her offer.

We all shook hands and they agreed to sign the documents that Angela offered him. Des had drawn up the agreement, with Angela as nominee for a company to be formed. Darren looked at me and I signed as guarantor for the funds that they would receive within the month.

The sum was Ten thousand dollars below the price I had been prepared to authorise and I hadn't said a word throughout the two-hour process. I had been prepared to take over the negotiations at any time that it became necessary but I wanted to see Angela in action. I had been thrilled by the deft way that Angela had handled the older couple and decided to leave her to it. Angela definitely had a bright future within our community, as a potential leader.

Angela rang Lance at midday and spoke to him at length in my office. Margaret had been right. Angela was the guiding force behind Lance and Kate, although she would always call them her boss. I was proud to train her as my assistant, along with Cat of course. Throughout the conversation she sat opposite me in the preferred submissive way and looked at me for approval before she made the arrangements with Lance to go ahead and sell their tearooms. I had already agreed to lease them the other property, that adjoined Rome, for a year. I intended to give them a right of purchase at valuation when they could probably afford to buy it, at the end of the lease. It was not as private as Rome, being next to the reserve at the end of the public road, but they wouldn't be spending much time there anyway.

I made up my mind to show her our special auditorium, with its unique decor, before we went back to Rome. This young lady was definitely no child, taking a keen interest in the costumes while she helped me tidy and rearrange the dressing room. Angela loved the costumes and accessories.

"Why don't you try one on and show me how you would persuade a buyer to stock it." I suggested.

She tried on three costumes and showed to an imaginary audience out on the catwalk. With her natural grace and beauty I could see that training her should prove to be worthwhile. She appeared to have a special presence when wearing the erotic gear so I called Rick in to watch her at work. Rick asked her if she had ever done any modelling before, apart from acting as Lance's model in the photos he had seen. Angela sat on his knee and played to him, as though he was a client.

"No sir, but I would really like to try modelling these lovely costumes. They feel so sexy."

She was totally turned on, her body flushed with excitement brought on by the environment of the room and the sexually revealing nature of the costume. With an appreciative crowd and proper lighting and makeup she would be sensational. None of our other girls were as ready as Angela to convey the eroticism necessary to show these garments to their best advantage. My understudy was going to be very popular at our future showings.

She was delighted when I told her that she could model at our next showing on Tuesday and we would pay her top rates. I wanted Kent to see her in action to confirm my assessment of her potential. I told her that Cathy and I had started as models and we now had a fifty-percent interest in the entire organization. I told her that once the restaurant was performing under management I would train her for an even more exciting position within Kent's Creations and expand our range of product currently available.

After lunch we took her to see Harold. She had pleaded for a piercing to match the one now decorating Kate's clitoris. She wanted nipple rings but I advised her to wait until Kate came over. Harold examined Angela and after ringing Kate and speaking to Lance he completed the procedure without further delay. He complemented Angela and gave her the usual warnings about infection as soon as the ring was in place.

The rest of the afternoon vanished as we told all our families the news about the restaurant deal and Angela's new piercing. She was on top of the world, uncomplaining about any pain she may have been feeling from her procedure. She didn't feel out of place anymore by being the only lady in the family without a piercing.

I showed her through the property that we intended to use as their home base and promised to improve the facilities after Tony finished the alterations to the business property. She seemed more than happy to rough it in the meanwhile. It was a much larger house than their present accommodation but nowhere nearly as palatial in its decor. The view of the lake compensated for that in her mind.

It wasn't till Monday evening that Lance rang with the news that his buyer had spent the weekend checking out the books and had made an acceptable offer to take over the business. Angela was slightly upset that she might have to help the new people for two weeks. She knew that it was the only way that Lance could accommodate the new couple when they moved into the tearooms and he and Kate moved to Maple Lake. He told Angela that she could stay with us for another two weeks as long as that was suitable to us. Meanwhile, they would shift some furniture to the new rental property the following weekend.

Angela seemed happy with the compromise, only concerned that she may be letting me down by not being able to model for me while she was away. I smiled and told her that Cat and I would manage meanwhile. After all we still wouldn't know, until tomorrow, whether she could handle a real audience. Quietly, I was confident that she would. Cat and I had noticed Angela's increased sexual awareness since her procedure. She was going to put fresh interest among the buyers for some time to come.

Kent spent time with Angela on Tuesday morning, prior to our show and agreed with me that we should allow her to show at least four of the items on our schedule. They were progressively more daring in nature. He had put Angela on the catwalk with some lingerie items in an earlier show. He hadn't been disappointed by her presentation skills, despite her inexperience. She had played to the audience, with Jill and Caroline, so well that sales following their presentation, were up slightly on our normal expectations. I had watched her and she seemed to enjoy the attention, smiling continuously when she was on stage. Rick took some publicity shots and seemed confident of her photogenic qualities. She was popular with the other girls too.

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