tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMistress Barbara Ch. 15

Mistress Barbara Ch. 15


Kent's initial attitude to my new found hobby was of mixed caution. I assured him that I would organise Neville to meet the clients that he would have otherwise picked up from the airport and bring them to a new helipad once it was completed. We could arrange luxury transport from there to Lakeside or one of our motels in the town. Slowly but surely, he warmed to the idea. Finally, he agreed for me to buy our own company helicopter. Des had explained that the tax advantages would considerably diminish our current liabilities. Effectively, the IRD would be subsidising our expensive toy. The many photographs that Kurt and Des took on our short holiday further sealed the deal in Kent's mind when he realised that he could have a bit of fun too. He saw the photo of me at the controls with Neville sitting, naked, beside me.

"How the Hell did you talk him into that?" He croaked finally, tears of mirth streaming from his eyes, pointing at Neville's image trying to disguise his semi erect penis from the camera. Des had a quite a knack of capturing the mood of any of his subjects and he had captured the moment perfectly this time. I saw the opportunity to mention some fresh ideas for our modelling schedule while we were all together. An increasing number of customers were leaving as soon as the show concluded. They had only bought lingerie and swimwear items.

"Do you realise that nearly fifty percent of our audience never buy BDSM gear at all?" I began. "I have an idea for us to consider."

* * * * *

Three weeks later, Kurt was on one of his short flying visits to Australia, having taken Angela with him on this occasion, leaving Cat and I alone for three days. We noticed a smaller helicopter circling over Rome It descended over the lake on a flight path to land beside the house on a Monday morning. Although three weeks had passed since I last saw Graham, the exciting events of our holiday were still very fresh in my mind. He got out of the helicopter with an armful of books and papers.

I led him into the dining room where Cat was setting the table with scones and teacups. When he sat down he offered me the paperwork and sat down to explain the reason for his visit. He suggested shorter instruction periods at first, so that the information gained would consolidate and be retained. We talked for over an hour as we swapped information. I told him about our plans to build two helipads. One near the road and another beside our house.

Graham became very interested when I outlined my plan to bring groups of clients into Maple Lake, by helicopter, for our regular fashion shows. This would provide exciting opportunities for his business, in selling those clients sightseeing trips around the area once their business was concluded with Kent's Creations. He rang Neville and after a short animated discussion he told me that he could spend the rest of the day with us, asking me to show him around the town.

Cat and I dressed while Graham secured the chopper for a longer stay.

Cat showed Graham around Lakeside while I had my regular meeting with Les, introducing him to Kent. On the way back to Rome we called in to the restaurant and had lunch with Lance and Kate, who immediately recognised Graham from the photos. I introduced him as our co-pilot from the trip to the Lodge with Angela and Kurt. Although we were only away for only two hours, by the time Graham returned to Rome with us he was fully informed about our operations and had met most of our families. He was beginning to realise that we were all more than just friends by now so I explained the unique relationship that we all enjoyed together. I had deliberately omitted reference to BDSM at this point.

Graham began to disrobe once we got back from the trip to town.

"When in Rome, do as the Romans do?" He joked inquiringly.

"You'd be surprised what we get up to around here, Graham." Cat countered with a cheeky smile. "Are you sure you feel safe?"

"I'll teach you all about safety soon enough." Graham retorted with a smile. "You'll see?" He added mysteriously.

I couldn't help wondering what Graham might think if he knew what we Romans really got up to around here. While I hadn't expected him to embrace our customary nudity with such enthusiasm, I invited him to place his clothing in our bathroom so that he could freshen up before leaving. Maple Lake had it's own micro climate, where it was rarely cold enough to need clothing at any time of the year.

I showed Graham through the boathouse and we took him on a long trip around the deserted lake on the ski boat. While the three of us were out on the lake he offered to take us for a quick ride in the Hughes and teach me some basic handling skills. Of course, we accepted his offer.

The machine that Graham had brought here was a Hughes 500 Jet powered helicopter, similar to the one that used to bring us to Rome when we were living in the city. It was fast and comfortable but only carried three passengers and the pilot. I was pleasantly surprised when he walked straight to the helicopter without going into the house to get his clothes. He was far more comfortable with his nudity than Neville had been but I hadn't been expecting him to take us flying without getting dressed first.

He showed me through the starting procedure, the same way Neville had done, but he made sure that I clearly understood all the steps before he actually started the motor. The roar as the Jet burst into life vibrated my naked vaginal lips and hardened my nipples. Although Cat was in the back seat, she watched him closely. Her interest in Graham was becoming apparent. I could see that the powerful initial burst of the motor had affected her similarly.

My first official lesson, although it was due to last a little over half an hour, gave me the confidence to handle the machine. Graham seemed so relaxed in taking his hand off the controls to allow me to direct the Hughes with all three main controls, yet he remained alert. He swiftly corrected any mistakes that I made before any evil befell us. I was well aware that his interest in both of us was not purely professional anymore. He had told us a lot about himself on our trip around the lake. He seemed more interested in our lifestyle than his partner, Neville had been.

"Just how high up are we?" Asked Cathy as Graham was guiding me through on a tight turn. "What's that little lake over there?" she pointed, leaning her naked breast on the back of Graham's seat so that her hard nipple touched his bare shoulder. She was being very cheeky, watching his lap for some reaction.

"It's a forestry reservoir. Very private at this time of the year." Graham explained. "Would you like to see it before we go back?" Without waiting for an answer he turned to me. "I have control!" He winked at me with a huge smile.

Suddenly the motor noise died and Graham altered the angle of the machine downward and pointed out that I should watch the airspeed indicator. "It should stay at seventy knots." He explained, handing back control.

"What's happening?" Cat spoke in a shaky voice.

"We have an emergency. Seat belts secure!" He turned toward Cathy. "This is the quick way down." He grinned.

The conversation they had back at Rome returned to haunt her. We now knew what Graham had meant about teaching her about safety. He still continued to assure her as we descended rapidly.

"Don't worry Cathy. Safety is all important in this game."

Without the sound of the motor we could easily talk. The altimeter was falling. We were dropping at an alarming rate, 1600 feet per minute. Graham nudged at my knee. He spoke steadily.

"Hand on the collective but just follow through." He ordered as he assumed the controls with me again. "Where would you land? We've only got another minute." He warned.

I pointed to a grassy area next to the lake with a flag pole outside a log cabin. It was the nearest unoccupied flat area that I could see.

"Good Choice! See any powerlines?" He asked calmly.

"No." I confirmed shakily.

While all this was happening I noticed Cathy's grip tighten on the back of my seat. Her hand was shaking but she was silent as a mouse. Graham was concentrating on our approach and the ground was coming up fast. He was cool and assured.

Go with me, Barbara." He muttered tersely as he calculated the fast rising ground below us. "Now!"

Suddenly, as we were about to hit the ground, my hand raised on the collective, in unison with Graham's, and the machine halted it's descent abruptly. We were still above the ground, but not by any more than a couple of feet. I breathed a sigh of relief. Slowly it sank to the ground, touching noiselessly on the shimmering grass.

"Page sixteen of your instruction manual." Graham was taking off his headset, still speaking calmly. "Learn it well. These things do glide well in Auto Rotation, don't they?" He turned to Cathy with an easy smile. "Hope you enjoyed that little demonstration. Can you still stand?" He enquired cheekily.

Cathy sat speechless, shaking her head

"Time for a cup of coffee I guess." He opened his door.

While Graham took out a large thermos, I helped Cathy out of the machine. She was shaking uncontrollably and I had to steady her on her feet, but her nipples were as hard as rocks.

"Jeez! I thought we were done for." She whispered. "What a thrill!" She giggled. "Graham's a real spunk, isn't he?"

The glow returned to her face slowly as Graham and I talked about the general safety of rotary winged aircraft. If that had been a genuine emergency I was more confident than ever that I could land it without any major trauma.

"Practise Practise and Practice. That's what it's all about. You handled that well. You must have confidence in your ability to react to any given situation." He sipped his coffee. "Still want to learn to fly?" He looked around at the deserted area before us.

"As long as you want to teach me." I complemented him. I paused for a moment, looking at Cat. "So you like our lifestyle do you? Perhaps we can help each other." I said ambiguously.

"Plenty of scenic spots around here. Fancy a walk?" He looked at Cathy. "Nobody around here for miles." He encouraged her to join us. "You're not frightened are you?"

There was something about Graham that made us trust him. We were all quite naked and yet, although we could sense his keen interest in our bodies, he showed us areas of this private landing spot of his that were both interesting and picturesque. We talked about our group and his own beliefs. He was evenly tanned and in his mid twenties, sound in body and mind, with short sandy coloured hair. I already made up my mind to introduce him to Caroline. From what he had told me about himself I could see the possibilities of a mutual attraction between the two. Graham had told us that he was recently in a permanent long term relationship with a young lady he had known since childhood. The parting had happened because she could no longer tolerate his keen interest in nudity. Unbeknown to us, Graham had taken part in our water-ski event earlier this year. She had been absolutely horrified when Graham had asked her to join him. The younger couple had so many irreconcilable differences that Graham had moved out. He now stayed with Neville and his wife.

Meanwhile the sexual tension between the three of us was beginning to manifest so I gave Cathy the nod. She put her arm around his waist, stirring a strong erotic reaction in his loins. His penis twitched.

"Perhaps we ought to get back now?" He said nervously.

"Don't worry, my dear. We are into safety too, you realise?" I laughed. "This is just Cathy's way of getting her own back."

"I don't know how much of this I can take." He smiled nervously as he turned away.

"There's a very good way to find out, if you want to?"

I invited him in my most seductive voice.

On the soft grass beside the reservoir, Cat and I relieved his sexual tension by hand. Graham, in turn, was permitted to explore our bodies while Cat and I made love in front of his eyes. Naturally his penis began to grow again and I made the decision to allow Cathy to have her way with him. She gave me such a pleading look that I nodded and before long they were both enjoying full penetration. Cathy was soon gasping with ecstasy as Graham stimulated her with short but sensual movements. After a swim and another bit of horseplay on the grass afterward I coaxed Graham's erection to return. This time I took charge and encouraged him to let me ride him. As I had once done with Lance, I tantalised him as I rose. I hovered above him holding the knob of his penis with my labia while I used my vaginal muscles to stimulate this sensitive area. He moaned and tried to pull at my hips as he sought urgent relief from his needs. I stayed there, with his penis almost escaping my labial lips and then engulfed his raging manhood quickly again. By the time he exploded his sperm deep inside my womb he was writhing in the most exquisite agony of his life. I had the impression that it would not take as long for him to return to Maple Lake for my next lesson. We had a new understanding.

The thunder of pure power as the jet motor roared into life brought a familiar tingle to my sex. My nipples were hard again and I looked over at Graham. He was totally spent, limp but satisfied beyond his dreams. We used the time left to do practise landings at the scene of our breathtaking time together. It was good use of all of the three main controls simultaneously. Excellent practice.

"Doesn't this remind you of something?" I had grinned at him after ten successful touchdowns.

"Keep your mind on the job." He grinned. "Just for that, lets see you do another ten for being cheeky."

"Now you are ready for the real thing." He complemented, after at least twenty rise--hover and land exercises.

We made a perfect landing, softly settling on the grass at Rome and barely feeling the bump that I was expecting. I'm sure this had more to do with Grahams skill than mine but I took the credit this time. Although he had guided my approach he showed me both his hands before we touched down.

"Now remember, gently does it." He had encouraged.

We showered together and Graham reluctantly dressed. As soon as Cat and I saw him off and waved goodbye, Cat confessed to feeling horny again. She rushed me into the house to give me one of her special massages.

"That was the best afternoon I've had for years." She enthused. "How long before you get your licence, my darling?"

"Not long, I hope." I sighed.

As she rubbed the tension out of my body I dreamed of the day when we could fly off to a deserted spot with spectacular views and make love together, during a day off. We always made the most of our special moments alone. Even after all this time, neither one of us was any less in love with the other. We did everything together and although Cat had no wish to learn to fly, or take part in the many business decisions that I recently made, she shared my sense of pride and accomplishment by proxy. The very best part of the culture that our family embraced was that sexual frustration was practically unknown to any of us.


With the new showing schedule that I had organised with Kent, BDSM showings were cut down to only one or two per week, normally a Wednesday and/or a Thursday. Although the girls were paid more for these showings, they tended to last longer because the room was now full of purely genuine buyers. From my own personal point of view, I was able to spend more time fostering goodwill in my own unique way. I encouraged all the clients to openly fondle my erogenous zones in a way that was previously only reserved for the clients that I knew to be buyers. This was perfectly logical because the genuine buyers were invariably members of BDSM clubs and organizations elsewhere in the country or overseas, accustomed to the type of behaviour that I loved to demonstrate to them. Most of the clients were dominant, masterly types, but an amazing proportion of them were submissive as well. I recalled Franz senior and his young son. Kent was openly introducing me as Mistress Barbara during his commentaries, able to indulge his own penchant for the dramatic. I suggested to Kent that once the new helicopter service was on stream we should offer the service free to buyers that bought over a set level of apparel, encouraging them to make their stores exclusive to other labels. I was also prepared to encourage them in other ways. I pointed toward the two businessmen from Germany, who were due back within the month, as an illustration of the type of incentive that I had in mind.

I devoted practically all of Monday night to studying the paperwork and manuals that Graham had brought me. Cat updated the men on the possibilities that had arisen from our discussions with Graham. She confirmed that I would make an excellent pilot and gave Des and Ken chapter and verse about my first landing. They were enthusiastic for our idea in buying a company helicopter. Later that night we heard from Angela and Kurt, with the news that they were keeping three shops under management and the rest were now sold to Kurt's friend. The apartment in Surfers Paradise was under contract and they were looking forward to returning on Wednesday.


* * * * *

Authors Note:

I really thank those who have followed the current set of stories. If you don't vote up large on this series and let the webmaster know how much you appreciate my work, Laurel might think it's time for me to have a rest from writing. She alone, decides whether or not to publish my work. The last chapter tomorrow may well be the last to be accepted if you don't use the voting system to change her mind.

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Barbara Anne Adams.

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