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Mistress Bounty Hunter


I don't really remember much from the crossing. It was rough. Rough enough that I either cant, or don't want to remember it. I do remember seeing Sydney through the porthole as the ship inched its way closer to the shoreline. That was one of the few times I wasn't in irons in the ships hold. I briefly entertained thoughts of escape once we made port. Diving off the ship, swimming for freedom...

She quickly dashed those thoughts from my mind. She was the reason I was in this mess to begin with.

Well, no. If I am to be completely honest, I'm in this mess because I'm trouble. I'm an outlaw. I have broken the law. I have stolen, bribed and cajoled. On occasion, I have killed. I am not what you would call a model citizen. But I couldn't be touched. I couldn't be caught. Law enforcement meant nothing to the likes of me, as I went on a madcap crime spree. I thought I was invincible. Until she came.

And I walked into her trap.

She was in a saloon. A creature of rugged beauty far greater than had any business being in a saloon, but I was blinded by her presence. We had a few drinks, talked, and laughed. I made my move, she accepted. We went to one of the rooms upstairs. The room where everyone knows what goes on, but no one ever talks about it. She was wearing a strapless red satin dress that expertly framed her ample cleavage. I couldn't wait to get it off of her.

She offered me another drink, and I almost turned her down. It turns out I should have. It was drugged. And as my vision blurred the last thing I saw was her smiling. An angel in a nightmare. Later, when my mind swam against the drugged current to semi-consciousness, I was on the bed, handcuffed to the headboard. Her face blurred into existence before me, still smiling.

"Do you have any idea how much you're worth, Chance?"

Her voice was smooth like her satin dress. She practically purred the words at me.

"What? What are you talking about?"

"You're quite attractive for a Bounty Head."

There. That term. That's when I realized who she was, and how much trouble I was in. Gabrielle. As a woman, she is beautiful and desired. As a Bounty Hunter, she is dangerous, and deadly. I'd been warned to look out for her, and like a dimwit I walked right into it.

She ran her hands along my forehead and down my face, then over my chest.

"It seems almost a shame to turn you in for the money; I could have... fun with you."

Her voice was husky, deep. I knew I was in trouble, but couldn't help but be aroused. I clamped down on my trembling muscles, knowing this had to be part of her game.

"You're taller than I thought."

She continued, slowly dragging her nails over my chest and down across my stomach.

"Glad you approve."

I said through clenched teeth, hoping it sounded like I was biting back anger instead of a pleasurable moan. None of the women I'd been with before touched me like she was touching me and none of them were getting the responses she was getting. I tried to focus.

"So what is the going rate for me, anyway?"

"Enough to attract my attention."

Right. Dumb question. Gabrielle was only the most exclusive, premiere Bounty Hunter in the land. For her to take an interest in a mark could only mean I was worth a lot of money, or she was taking it personally. Her hands never stopped moving, and as they passed south of my belt buckle, I began to wonder how personally she was going to take it.

"Oooh. There's something else that attracts my attention."

Apparently very personal.

At this juncture it was pointless to try and hide my interest and arousal, (she'd already felt that) so I let a gasp escape my lips.

"You like?"

She purred as her hands continued to move. I couldn't move, I couldn't think, I could barely respond, and that was with a sharp intake of breath.

"Yeah, you like."

"What do you want?"

I blurted out, trying to remember what would happen to me if she succeeded in turning me in.

At that, her hands stopped. She blinked, and her blue eyes—eyes that I would have sworn were brown a moment ago—looked at me differently. Suddenly I was no longer an object, but a person, no longer a pay check, but something more. Just as quickly as the look came it was gone. She shook herself, and then smiled again.

"Let me tell you my end of the deal. I like to be in control and I like to play with guys' balls real HARD while I get them off. You see it excites me, to see and feel a guy squirm in pain and pleasure. Are you okay with that?"

I swallowed hard,

"No get lost you bitch."

Gabrielle giggled,

"Excellent! Now take off your clothes."

She proceeded to strip me. After she was finished I noticed Gabrielle was making preparations of her own. On the end table was a bottle of baby oil. She applied a liberal amount all over her legs and feet. She then grabbed two of the heavy couch pillows and placed one against the inside armrest of the couch and propped her back up against it. The other pillow she placed on the seat of the couch in front of her resting her feet on top of it in such a way that her knees were brought up inches from her chest allowing her to rest her chin on top of them. Seeing her sit like this in a cannon ball type manner made me curious as to what she had in mind.

Gabrielle smiled,

"What I am going to do to you does not require me to remove my clothes. Besides what I have here is all you will need...right?"

Having said that, I watched her slowly rub the outside of her legs from knee to ankle.

She said that I should do as I was told or else she would turn me in. I decided that I had no chance of escape so I did as I was told.

My cock was fully erect and the head inches from the front of her shins which she kept pressed tightly together.

All business like Gabrielle pulled my cock out straight and said,

"Looks perfect."

She leaned forward placed both her hands on my hips and guided me towards her legs saying softly,

"Straighten your cock out, stick it between my clenched calves and fuck my legs."

I reached down with one hand and pulled my cock out straight pointing the head directly at her shins.

I had never felt my body shake with such anticipation and excitement as I watched the head of my cock approach those beautiful long shapely legs. I felt the head of my cock slowly touch against the smooth slick skin of her right shin then slide into the cleft created by her pressing calves. Her hands continued to guide me forward as I felt the head of my cock slipping between the supple muscles of her calves. Gabrielle kept her chin resting on top of her knees as I watched a smile spread across her beautiful face. I felt my body begin to shake even more as I held back. Gabrielle felt my resistance saying,

"Oh come on now. You know you have wanted this all night. Just let it slide in between my calves."

I felt her hands grip more firmly as she pulled me into her legs. It was then I felt how right she was when she said the height was perfect. I looked down to watch and could not help but moan as I began to feel the head of my cock pass and rub between her perfect calf muscles, feeling her smooth oiled skin rub against the sensitive glands of my cock head. Slowly she guided me in between her legs my shaft slowly disappearing inches beneath her beautiful smiling face.

With her chin still atop her knees and hearing my obvious pleasure, Gabrielle tilted her head up looking at me and giggled,

"Ooooh yes you like how that feels I can tell. Make as much noise as you like, no one will hear you."

With my cock now fully buried between her calves and seeing her beautiful face looking up at me from her amazing legs was such a turn on. Gabrielle smiled and stuck her tongue out running the tip of it up and down along my stomach. I shoved my cock completely between her calves as I felt her shins press hard against my surrounding groin.

Gabrielle removed her hands from my hips and told me stay there for just a second. I watched as she placed her hands against the outside of her loose calf muscles and pressed in firmly causing them to mash against my cock. She then leaned back to get a look and smiled saying.

"Your cock fits perfect. I call this a calf sandwich. Your cock is completely sandwiched between my calves except for the cute head peeking out."

I just had to witness this for myself and leaned forward over her knees to see. What I saw was amazing. With her calves pressed in by her hands, my entire shaft and the flared rim of my cock head was completely covered. The only part peeking through was the remaining tip of the head.

Gabrielle looked up at me asking,

"Ever have a girl do this to you before?"

Somewhat surprised at my rate of breathing I stammered,

"God no. It feels great."

Gabrielle leaned forward and placed her chin back on top of her knees and smiled saying,

"You're going to feel some good friction this way. Go for it now and fuck my legs."

I started out slowly, pulling my cock out enjoying the pleasurable pull of her calves on my cock. I thought I was going to cum right then. As I felt the head exit completely I immediately inserted it again. Gabrielle kept her calves pressed tightly together and as I re-inserted, she pressed her calves in tightly together. The feeling was even more intense than before causing me to release a long groan. My body quivered and shook even more as I felt the head pass against the pressing walls of her amazing tan calves. As I continued to slowly thrust deeper I watched as Gabrielle moved her beautiful face forward past the tops of her knees and stuck out her tongue wiggling it up and down to meet my lower abdomen. I felt the tip of her tongue lick across my lower stomach sending more shivers throughout my body. Gabrielle continued to tease me with her lips and tongue enjoying my reaction as I heard a throaty laugh escape her.

I knew I had reached a full measure of thrust once I felt her shins contact against my pelvis. I slowly withdrew once again enjoying the tight pull the smooth skin of her squeezing calves caused on my shaft and sensitive head.

Gabrielle coaxed me on seductively saying,

"That's it, I want to feel you pound against my legs. Keep going."

I inserted again this time increasing the pace a little faster. Each time I felt her smooth shins press against my pelvis it aroused a stirring of excitement inside my lower abdomen.

I wanted this to last all night, however the urge to increase my pace was too great. Gabrielle added to my state of arousal as she began to jostle her calf muscles with her hands while I continued to fuck her legs. The sensation of her jostling calves pressing and moving against my shaft and head felt amazing. I pounded even faster, her shins slapping into my pelvis with each forward thrust. Each time I pounded against her shins I felt a greater urge to cum. Gabrielle was forced to lift her chin from her knees as my thrusts became much harder causing her feet to lift several inches from the pillow and rocking her knees back into her chest. Still, each time the head of my cock entered between her calves Gabrielle kept applying the squeeze which added to my heightened state of arousal. I reached up with my hands and cupped either side of her face, brushing her hair away to get a better view of her beautiful face. Gabrielle must have seen the state of ecstasy I was in by my expression. She turned her petite face and kissed the inside of my palm saying,

"That's it, you're doing great. Your cock feels so hot and hard against my calves. I love how it feels and how turned on you are."

The way she spoke to me excited me further as I held her face in my hands, I began to pound into her legs faster and harder. With each slap against her shins I grunted loudly. I was going out of my mind. Gabrielle giggled and said,

"Okay, okay stop now, your starting to leak. I don't want you to cum just yet. Not before I had my fun."

I was happy to stop. I did not know how much longer I could go as I was out of breath. We must have been going for a while as I felt a bit exhausted. Gabrielle leaned back against the couch keeping my cock trapped between her luscious calves I noticed she had crossed her ankles allowing for her calves to clench my hard cock that much tighter. I leaned forward pressing my pelvis against her shins and my stomach over her knees. Gabrielle smiled and brushed her hair away from her face. She said,

"You know, you were hitting my legs pretty hard. I know you probably don't feel it now but tomorrow you're going to have some pretty good bruises around your pelvis."

Out of breath I moaned,

"I don't care. This is a dream come true. Your legs are incredible Gabrielle."

After a few seconds to catch my breath I said,

"I'm ready when you are. Let's do this again."

Gabrielle smiled saying,

"You're the one doing all the work. I'm always ready. This time we are going to do something a little different. Something I enjoy. I want to play with your balls."

Hearing Gabrielle say that, for that matter hearing any girl say that; is such a turn on. Gabrielle leaned forward, her face assuming that wonderful familiar position above her knees (A memory that haunts me to this day). I leaned back keeping my cock between her calves. Gabrielle instructed me to pull out half way leaving just the head of my cock between her calves, and to use my hands to press her calves in tight. Feeling her calves in my hands was amazing. The muscles were toned and smooth. I pressed them firmly together feeling their warmth as they completely engulfed the head of my sensitive cock. Like this I could look down and see that there was a 2 to 3 inch distance between her shins and my groin region. I watched as she opened and then re-crossed her ankles, the silver anklets creating a tiny metallic sound as they touched. Gabrielle scooted her torso in even further and I watched her run her slender fingers slowly up and down her shins as if she enjoyed the feel herself. She smiled up at me and said,

"How does this feel."

She flexed her crossed ankles up and down causing the muscles in her calves to flex in my hands and against the head of my cock. Upon feeling this sensation, I immediately moaned excitedly,

"Oh God yes that feels great!"

Gabrielle laughed,

"Good, you think about that feeling. Because I am going to keep doing that while I play with your balls. I know how special the head of a guys cock is. How sensitive it is. I want you to feel all of my calves against it."

I watched as she traced her nail tips across and around the lower part of my shaft which protruded in front of her shins. She continued to trace the tips of her nails around the base and running them through my pubic hairs. While she did this I was able to still look down and watch her ankles flex up and down feeling the toned muscles of her calves roll against the head of my trapped cock. She continued to roll her calf muscles and slowly rake the tips of her nails along the surface of my shaft for several minutes. The sensation was exquisite as my body responded by shaking to her touch. Gabrielle kept her face turned up to me smiling at the reaction she caused within me saying,

"My, my you must really be enjoying this because you're shaking like a leaf. I like making you shake with my legs and fingers."

Hearing and seeing her smile up at me as she said that caused my head to spin. I could not help but fall to the side against the back of the couch. Gabrielle laughed and stayed right with me not missing a beat with her fingers and calves.

It was then I felt the slender fingers of each hand grab a nut. She gently rolled them about telling me how loose they felt in the sack and how she was going to have to do something about that. She continued to flex her crossed ankles as I felt her strong supple calf muscles knead around my cock head. The sensation became too great and I could not help but thrust myself against her legs and she immediately told me to stop say.

"Oh I'm sorry I forgot to tell you. You must not move. I want the head of your cock right where it is, sandwiched between my calves. It is my turn to do all the work. Trust me you will be glad to just stay still and not move at all."

I did as she instructed.

She began to flex her ankles again and using my hands I pressed her calves hard against my cock head. Her fingertips began to delve deeper into my nut sack as I felt the thumb and index finger of each hand grab a nut each. She began to roll them firmly between her fingers saying,

"I love doing this; you're balls feel so small between my fingers."

With each of my nuts trapped between her fingers she began to slowly pull them down and away from my body, stretching my nut sack taught. While she was doing this she began to flex her ankles alternately and more quickly increasing the friction against my sensitive head creating a new sensation for me. She held my nuts like this while she flexed her calf muscles for what seemed like several minutes. I could feel her feet moving more rapidly up and down against the inside of my right knee. I threw my head back and moaned loudly as I felt tiny sparks of electricity shooting from my groin area and into my torso. There was no real pain at the moment, only the thought of my balls being held firmly between her finger tips and the relentless feeling of her beautiful calves rolling against my sensitive cock head. She said,

"I can tell your enjoying this. I can feel the head of your cock beginning to throb and your ball sack starting to swell. I'm glad you're letting me play with your balls."

It was then I felt her slowly press the tip of each thumb into the centre of each nut. The pain was sharp and caused the muscles in my body to tense up. I jerked and grit my teeth releasing a painful groan. Gabrielle giggled saying,

"It's okay let it out. Scream if you want. Remember we are under ground here and no one is home to hear you."

Maintaining a constant pressure she began to ever so slightly move the tip of her thumb from side to side slowly rolling each of my balls against her index finger and thumb. Feeling this I could no longer hold it in I closed my eyes and threw my head back releasing a scream of pain. I began to feel that dull sick feeling boil in my gut.

I heard Gabrielle laugh,

"That's it let it out. Think about how good your cock feels between my legs. Concentrate on that and not what I am doing to your balls. God your nuts make me so hot Mark"

She continued her thumb press on my stretched out balls. I pressed her calves hard against the head of my cock feeling the muscles undulate against the head. I started to get into the feeling of her calves as she increased the flexing motion of her calves. I then felt her release my nuts and at the same time she pushed the tips of her fingers deep into my nut sack. She began to slowly wiggle her fingers around and this actually felt relaxing as I felt the muscles in my body relax and the sick feeling in my gut begin to dissipate. I began to enjoy the feel of her calves even more. Gabrielle released a pleasurable groan,

"You like this I see. You know there is a really neat nerve in your sac that will make you go crazy and I just got to find it. While my fingers do the walking try not to cum to soon and ruin it."

I remained perfectly still as I felt Gabrielle's slender fingers roam deeper into my sack every so often feeling my balls slap against the palms of her hands. The feeling of her fingers fondling aimlessly in my nut sac was soothing and became increasingly arousing. More so when I felt her fingertips every so often make contact with the base of my shaft behind my nuts. Feeling this combined with her flexing calves squeezing my cock head would soon put me over the edge. I closed my eyes enjoying all the sensations she provided while desperately trying not to cum. I began to moan softly and closed my eyes feeling myself slowly drift off into the land of no return. It only took a few minutes of this when suddenly I heard her yell,

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