tagBDSMMistress Claudia's Cumslut

Mistress Claudia's Cumslut


This is an old story that was written in the late 90's, it's not as involved as my later stories, but it's still worth a read, I think.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Dean knelt on the floor in front of his Mistress where she had pushed him. As he watched she slowly slid the tip of her strap-on dildo into her wet pussy, then, when it was thoroughly coated in her juices she removed it and attached it to the harness around her waist. Dean licked his lips in anticipation as she walked closer to him and then felt the rubber cock push into his mouth, the glistening juices easing it's path and teasing his taste buds with her glorious scent.

"Suck it, slut" she ordered as she looked down at 'her' cock disappearing into his mouth. "I know you love the taste of my cunt and I'm feeling generous..."

Dean took the rubber cock further into his mouth as his Mistress started to sway her hips before him, beginning to fuck his mouth. Within a few minutes she was face fucking him hard, his breathing hard as he gasped for breath between thrusts.

"That's it my little cock sucking slave, take all you can. I know deep down you would rather have a real cock in your mouth and that's something that may become reality in the not too distant future...".

Dean groaned as she spoke causing Mistress Claudia to smile as she face fucked him.

"Yes slave, you would like that wouldn't you, a nice thick cock fucking your mouth and filling your throat with hot, creamy spunk!"

She laughed as she looked down at him, his sucking ever more eager and desperate.

"You look so submissive slave, I think I may have to take a little picture!"

She pulled the dildo out of his mouth and went across the room to fetch her camera. Dean waited nervously behind her, taking in the wonderful view of her gorgeous legs and ass. When she returned she roughly forced the dildo back into his mouth and pointed the camera down at him.

"Smile for the camera slave" she mocked.

Dean looked up at the camera and winced as the flash went off in his face, capturing his cock sucking humiliation in all it's glory.

"Yes that's good" she said, checking the screen on the back of the camera. "Maybe I'll allow you the chance to win your picture back later.....maybe."

She fucked his face a little more and then she pulled the dildo out of his mouth and told him to get up. Dean struggled to his feet, his hands having been tied behind his back since the start of the session.

"Your cock doesn't look very hard slave, I think I shall have to do something about that."

She left Dean for a moment and then returned with a chain-type dog collar. She looped it into a noose and then tied it around his balls. Then she pulled the free end between his legs and walked around to fasten it to the cuffs behind his back. As the chain pulled tight he felt his cock harden and as he looked down he saw his Mistress's fingers wrapped around his meat, alternately wanking and squeezing him hard.

"That looks a little better slave, don't you think?"

"Yes Mistress, thank you Mistress."

"Hmm...now I think you should bend over."

Claudia pushed him forward over the bed and as his arms moved further up his back so the chain pulled ever tighter around his poor balls. Dean grunted with the discomfort but said nothing. Claudia then fastened a blindfold around his head from behind, leaving him feeling even more vulnerable than he already did.

"I think it's high time you had a nice thick cock up that tight little arse of yours slave, wouldn't you agree?"

"If it pleases you Mistress."

"Yes slave, if it pleases me....what a pity we don't have a real cock for you today slave. Because I know you would like that, a nice thick cock stretching your ass wide open as I watched. I'd love to see that slave, I'd probably sit right here and cum all over my dildo as I watched, and then, when you couldn't take any more punishment, I'd make you suck it until it came all over your tongue."

Claudia turned away to apply a thick mess of gel to the end of her strap-on, then turned back and roughly pulled Dean's ass cheeks apart to reveal the chain stretched tight across his asshole.

"Oh dear, that's going to be in the way. I suppose I could undo it, but then it would probably be more fun to work around it...don't you think so slave?"

"Yes Mistress."

"Even though it will pull tighter on your balls and dig into your ass?"

Claudia dragged her long nails over Dean's tight ball sack causing him to take a sharp intake of breath.

"If it pleases you Mistress." he winced.

"Good, I don't like my slaves to be wimps. I don't expect to hear you whinging when this thick cock is in your arse either - do you understand?"

"Yes Mistress."

Claudia pulled the chain to one side and pressed the sticky tip of the strap-on against his puckered rim. Dean tensed as he waited for the cock to penetrate him, his teeth clenched as he waited for the intrusion to begin, hoping desperately that Mistress would ease him into it.

"Does my slave want his ass fucking today?"

"Yes Mistress Claudia" he said, none too convincingly.

"Ask me nicely than slave."

"Please Mistress, please fuck me with your strap-on."

"Do you want it hard and fast slave?"

Dean wanted it anything but, but he knew what was expected of him.

"Yes Mistress, please fuck my ass deep and hard."

Claudia smiled as she took another picture, this time showing her dildo sliding past the chain and into Dean's asshole. As she pushed the dildo deeper into his ass, Dean cried out with the speed and force of her entry.

"Oh dear, it seems that my slave is a wimp after all" she mocked as she began slapping his cheeks with her palm. "Does my slave need gagging today?"

"No Mistress, I'm sorry Mistress!"

Claudia deliberately plunged hard into his ass bringing a further cry of discomfort from her slave.


Claudia pulled the dildo out of his ass, allowing the chain to return to it's original position - relieving slightly the pressure on his ball sack. Then she pulled down her sodden knickers and rolled them into a ball, rubbed them against her dripping cunt lips one last time to make sure they were nice and tasty for her slave.

"Open your mouth slave" she said as she pushed the rolled up material between his lips. "Perhaps that will keep you quiet!"

Claudia returned to Dean's rear and proceeded to slide the strap-on back into Dean's ass.

"I wish I had a real cock slave, then I could shoot my load into your ass, you'd love that wouldn't you slave?"

Dean grunted through her knickers.

"Of course you would."

Claudia fucked Dean's ass for several minutes until she was fully satisfied and then pulled the dildo out. She disconnected it from the harness and set it down on the table by the bed. She then picked up another pot and opened the lid. She slid her fingers inside and coated them in the sticky substance within before asking...

"Would you like my fingers up your arse slave?"

Dean grunted again, which Mistress took as a 'yes'.

Instead though she reached between his legs and began rubbing his tight ball sack. Just as Dean realised that her fingers were now coated with heat-gel she moved them higher and forced them roughly into his asshole. He groaned as the gel began to heat up and within a minute his balls and ass felt like they were burning. Laughing, Claudia plucked her fingers from his asshole and walked out of the room, leaving him to stew for a few minutes.

When she returned she held a glass which contained several ice cubes. She pressed the first cube against his overheated balls and held it there until it melted away completely. She pushed the second cube slowly into his ass and the third was rubbed against the tip of his cock until it too disappeared completely. Dean groaned constantly as Mistress Claudia tormented him.

"Are you ready to cum yet slave?" she asked.

Dean grunted his agreement, but Claudia wasn't finished with him yet.

"I'm sure you are slave, but I'm not ready just yet."

She moved away and returned with an inflatable butt plug . She slowly fed it past the chain and into Dean's arse. When it was fully inside she grasped the pump and started to inflate it, watching intently as Dean shifted from foot to foot as his ass became ever more full. Once satisfied that it was at maximum inflation she flicked her finger along the side of the attached box and turned on the vibrator.

"I'm going to remove your gag now slave" she said. "But only so that you can eat my beautiful pussy."

Claudia hooked a finger into his mouth and pulled out her underwear, before sliding in front of him on the bed and jamming her soaking wet cunt into his face. Dean eagerly began tonguing his Mistress, overjoyed at the chance to properly taste her gorgeous cunt, if slightly distracted by the throbbing in his backside.

Claudia was very turned on and as Dean licked her she slid her own finger beneath her and slid it into her ass, her overflowing pussy juice lubricating it perfectly. Within a few minutes Claudia started to cum and Dean was delighted to taste a fresh wave of pussy juice as she spasmed wildly against his face.

When she had finished and caught her breath, she turned over onto her front and pulled her ass cheeks apart.

She backed towards Dean's waiting tongue and he greedily probed her tight hole on command.

"That's it fucker, I know you love to lick my asshole....get it in there, deeper, deeper!"

Dean was happy to oblige and was soon fucking her ass with his tongue as deep as it would go.

When she was satisfied Claudia pulled away and Dean sighed a grateful 'Thank you Mistress' painfully aware that it would be another long month before he had that particular pleasure again.

"Well done slave, your tongue work was excellent as usual.....and now I think I shall allow you to cum."

"Thank you Mistress."

"And because you've pleased me so much today, I'm going to allow you the chance to win back the photo's I've taken of you today."

"Thank you Mistress."

Claudia moved behind him and unfastened the chain from his cuffs, which in turn released the pressure on his balls. Dean sighed as the chain expanded and fell down loosely, finally dropping off completely. Then she retrieved the now empty glass of ice and held it under Dean's aching cock. She grasped his meat and began pumping it hard.

"I want you to shoot your load slave" she said as she paused to turn to the vibrating butt plug up to it's highest setting. "C'mon now, I want to see a huge load in the glass, a huge load of your hot, creamy spunk!"

Dean groaned deeply as his cock started to spasm, Claudia pumped harder still, squeezing every drop of cum he had to offer into the glass. She continued milking him until she was certain she had every drop and then wiped the edge of the glass against the tip of his cock to catch the last drip. Then she pushed Dean down onto his knees and told him to tilt his head back. He did as instructed and opened his mouth, all too aware that he was about to be made to swallow his own load.

"Swallow that if you want to keep your pictures slave" Claudia hissed as she dumped the contents of the glass into his waiting mouth.

Unfortunately for Dean he hadn't realised that there was still some melted ice-water in the glass and this, combined with his heavy load meant that volume of liquid poured into his mouth was more (and a lot colder) than he was expecting. Surprised, he moved his head forward and some of the mixture spilled out onto Claudia's thigh.

"Oh you're in trouble now slave! Lick that off me or I will fuck your ass with the biggest dildo I can find!"

Dean quickly recovered his composure and complied immediately, while Claudia took another photo of him licking his own spunk from her leg.

"Next time you are going to have to work really hard to get these photo's back slave, now get over that bed."

Dean shuffled back so that he was leaning over the bed and within seconds he felt the sting of his Mistress's whip as it slashed across his ass cheeks. For the next few minutes Claudia attacked his skin until it was a bright red hue, the vibrating butt plug still throbbing inside him.

Finally she relented, pulled the plug out of his ass and pushed him backwards onto the floor, where he winced sharply as his burning ass slid across the carpet.

"Has my slave learned anything today?" she asked.

"Yes Mistress, I'm very sorry for my incompetence."

Claudia laughed as she mounted his face and ordered him to open his mouth once more. She reached back and dug her fingernails into his ball sack.

"Don't you dare close your mouth!" she barked as Dean tasted the first trickle of Mistress's hot piss.

"You'd better not spill any either" she said, closing her eyes as she enjoyed the feeling of emptying her bladder into his waiting mouth.

Dean swallowed every drop until finally his Mistress ran dry and opened her eyes to look down at him.

"Lick me clean' she ordered as she mounted his face and sighed as she felt his tongue lapping eagerly at her slippery lips.

Dean willingly licked her pussy clean and Claudia once again reached back and clawed at his cock and balls, eventually feeling his cock grow fully hard once more.

"I think my slave likes the taste of my piss...but now I have something more interesting in mind."

Claudia slid down Dean's body and gripped his cock hard. She slid her sodden cunt over the tip and sank down onto his hips. Dean gasped as he felt his swollen cock disappear inside his Mistress's beautiful, tight pussy.

"Oh God" he groaned. "Thank you Mistress."

"Don't you dare cum until I say so, otherwise every drop of spunk you spray into my hot, wet cunt will end up on your tongue."

Dean groaned as his Mistress spoke.

"You like it when I talk like that don't you slave."

"Yes Mistress."

"It makes it that much harder to resist coming doesn't it?"

"Yes Mistress."

"Because you're a dirty little slut who'll do ANYTHING his Mistress asks, aren't you?"

"Yes Mistress."

Claudia chuckled to herself.

"It pleases me to know that slave...I shall be sure to push your limits next time. But for now..."

Claudia reached down and circled her fingers around Dean's aching balls, squeezing them hard as she bounced up and down on his cock. Dean hissed, but Claudia simply squeezed even harder.

"Not until I say so slave. Can you hold it....?"

"....mmmggghhh, yes Mistress."

"Are you sure slave, because if you can....you will be rewarded."

Dean struggled to resist the building temptation to fill his Mistress hole with his burning cum, but it was getting harder and harder all the time.

"I tell you what slave, if you can resist cumming for another....three minutes, then I'll give you a special treat. I know how much you love licking my ass, so if you can hold on for me for just three more minutes, then I'll let you bury your tongue in my ass again...after all we both know that you don't want to wait another month, don't we?"

"Yes Mistress." Dean breathed.

"Or perhaps you'd rather lick your mess out of my beautiful pussy...."

"No Mistress, I...."

"Still two minutes to go slave. Just imagine the pleasure of reaming my tight asshole with your tongue....or the feeling of your cum oozing out of me and down your throat, because I know you love that really, even though you don't like to admit it. You're my cumslut aren't you slave? Admit it...."

"If it pleases you Mistress."

"It does please me slave, I love seeing you eat your cum....and soon it won't just be 'your' cum."

Dean's jaw clenched and Claudia knew she'd found a weakness to exploit.

"You're going to eat so much cum for me, more than you could ever produce yourself....every night you'll clean me up, and you'll beg me to let you and thank me for it afterwards."

Dean groaned loudly and Claudia knew he was on the cusp of failure.

"Maybe I'll make you clean my lovers' cocks up too...."

Dean tensed as he felt his cock erupt inside her and his dream of licking her ass disappear for another month. Claudia laughed aloud and squeezed his cock with her cunt and his balls with her fingers, draining him of every last dreg of cum. When he finally finished cumming Claudia leaned forward and whispered in his ear.

"See I told you you were a cumslut....there's no use pretending."

She lifted herself up off his cock and mounted his face once more, the cum already appearing between her glistening cunt lips.

"Beg me." She said.

"Please Mistress, please....let me clean your beautiful pussy."

Claudia shook her head.

"Please Mistress, please let me...lick my cum from your beautiful pussy."

"Do you promise to lick your cum out of me whenever I command it, even if it's every time I allow you to cum inside me?"

Dean's eyes filled with pleading, but Claudia wasn't feeling so generous now.

"Every time slave, or perhaps you'd prefer to try a little enforced chastity?"

"No Mistress."

"Then do you promise?"

"Yes Mistress."

"Good slave, now you may taste your cum."

Claudia sank over his face and Dean's tongue probed inside her cunt as he swallowed the first drops of cum, wondering just how far his Mistress was going to push him and if he would ever be allowed to cum inside her again without having to lick her clean.

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