tagFetishMistress Continues the Party

Mistress Continues the Party


Note: This story picks up where "Mistress Begins the Party" left off. You may want to read it first, but it isn't strictly necessary.

Note: This story contains some male-male sexual activity.


"Now let the orgy begin!" Mistress called out to the crowd. Around her were almost 50 people in a circle, all robed in white, a stark contrast to her own black catsuit. Her red hair was in a ponytail extending half way down her back. Joe and Tina, both naked, were still standing beside her in the center of the circle, recovering from their orgasmic performance.

People in the circle began moving about, shedding their robes, caressing each other. Some simply slipped to the floor where they stood to begin their play; others moved to the beds, benches, platforms, and sex swings along the walls of the room. Tina began to step away from Mistress toward one of the groups that was forming, but Mistress put a hand on her shoulder to stop her.

"I'm not finished with you yet," she said, eyeing both Tina and Joe. "There is more in store for you both. Come with me." She led them to a group of mostly men congregated by a chest-high padded platform, about 8 feet long with stairs on its two ends. "Tina, you cum-slut, was Joe's semen enough for you tonight?"

"No, Mistress," Tina replied, her eyes down and her voice containing both meekness and excitation.

"I thought not," said Mistress, stroking Tina's hair. "I took the liberty of asking these fine men to help satisfy your needs," she continued, gesturing to the group around the platform. Several of them were climbing the stairs as she said this. They sat on the edge of the platform, facing Tina and the rest of the group, erections poking up from their laps. "And I know it is a need," Mistress said more softly to Tina, "that grows in your mind until you have to sate it. That is what these nights are for. You will go down on each of these men, sucking each one's cock until he cums for you." As she said this, Mistress eased Tina forward to the first of the men on the platform. Tina needed no more encouragement; she lowered her face to his lap and took is cock in her mouth, her arms resting on his thighs her breasts nestled between them as she stood before him.

"Good girl," Mistress cooed to her, stroking her back. Tina was engrossed in her cocksucking, stroking the man's shaft and massaging his balls as she bobbed her head up and down, licking and sucking and anxiously hoping for him to cum. The need to have men cum for her had been occupying her mind all week. A part of her was ashamed of it, even as she confided her needs to Mistress last weekend to seek her help. Mistress had helped her to understand that it was a need like hunger or thirst or the desire for warmth, and there was no shame in fulfilling it. She had thought the performance with Joe was Mistress's solution for her. She hadn't dreamed that the night would have so much more.

The man's breathing grew deeper and louder and he grasped Tina's sides as his hips began bucking on the platform. Tina continued stroking him until she felt his cum in her mouth, making it wet and sweet and musky all at the same time. Then she stopped stroking but continued to suck on him, wanting all of the cum he could give her. As Tina raised her head from his lap, Mistress gently guided her to the next man to her right. His cock had precum trickling down its head. Tina took it in her mouth, loving its sweetness, and began her ministrations again. Within minutes he was cumming for her too, and a touch from Mistress moved her to her next patron. It was Tina's dream come true, each load she received slowly quelling the hunger that had been eating at her mind. As she moved to each next man, the one who had cum for her would leave the platform and be replaced by another. Tina didn't count how many came for her, how many ejaculations she felt and savored and swallowed; she just felt her hunger being sated, her desires being satisfied, her stress being relieved.

Joe had been watching Tina work her way down the platform of men and then back toward where she started as new ones took the places of those who had cum for her. He was rock hard from the excitement of watching her. While she had been guiding Tina along, Mistress had also been keeping an eye on Joe. Seeing that Tina no longer needed her direction, Mistress stepped away from her and moved back to him.

"You have been very attentive to Tina's activity," Mistress observed. "Tell me why." Joe was dumbstruck, unable to speak. He knew what she was asking, but he couldn't say it here. Mistress stepped closer too him, holding his gaze, and firmly grasped his very hard cock.

"You have told me before. Tell me now. Why are you so excited by watching Tina go down on these men?" Joe still looked back at her, unspeaking. He couldn't say it here, not in front of everyone. Mistress's firm grip was now on his balls, squeezing just on the edge of pain. "Joe," she said to him, "I'm helping you. Why are you so excited by watching Tina go down on these men?"

"I've wondered what it would be like to suck a cock," Joe finally said, eyes closed, wishing he couldn't be seen. He wished she hadn't made him say it here in front of other people. He could say it to her in a session almost as a confession. This was a whole other level of exposure for him.

"Does seeing hard cocks make you horny?" Mistress asked.

"No," he replied, quietly. "Seeing Tina suck cocks makes me horny and it makes me wonder what it is like for her. I know she likes it, and I know I like her doing it to me. I just wonder sometimes what it is like for her to do it."

Mistress relaxed her grasp on his balls, fondled them soothingly, gently moved her hand to his cock, and led him by it toward Tina. She had just moved to a new man on the platform, and the next one in the line was erect as he watched her begin lick him.

"Does watching Tina this close make you want to suck one yourself?" Mistress questioned. Joe barely nodded his head. "Say it aloud," she commanded firmly.

"Yes," Joe said quietly.

"Yes what? Say it all."

"Yes, seeing Tina sucking cocks like this makes me want to try it," Joe said. He was shaking lightly.

Tina heard Joe say this and a thrill went through her. Mistress glanced to the next man in Tina's line with a question in her eye. "Sure," the man replied, smiling. He put his arms behind him, leaned back slightly, and opened his legs.

Mistress moved Joe forward toward the man's lap. "You should try it then, you should learn why Tina enjoys it so much. You both like to please. See what it is like to please someone the way she does," she said, guiding his head toward the man's lap.

His resistance gone, Joe moved forward. It was almost surreal for him, having his face so close to a cock, let alone an erect one. It was shining with precum, just like Joe's was. He felt Mistress's hand replaced by another on his own cock. It was Tina's. Her other hand was rubbing her own clit as she went down on the man in front of her.

Joe leaned forward and lowered his mouth onto the cock. The first thing he noticed was the taste of the precum on his tongue. It was a little bit sweet, much like Joe's own. The next thing he noticed was how the head was both firm and soft beneath his tongue. It also had a texture, it wasn't just smooth. He started to rub his tongue across and around the head, being careful not to touch it with his teeth. Relaxing into it, Joe brought his hands up to rub the man's hard shaft and roll the his balls in his fingers. He knew he liked that, and the man's soft moan said that he did too. Tina's hand began stroking Joe's cock.

Becoming more confident, Joe moved his mouth up and down on the man's cock while he sucked on it, go a little farther down it each time. Finally he moved his mouth down until his lips met the top of his hand that was stroking the shaft. He stayed there sucking for a few seconds, then moved back up to lick the head more. He briefly lifted his face from the man's lap to lick his own hand for lubrication, then moved it back to wetly stroke the cock while he sucked on the head more. As he was doing this, Joe felt a lubricated finger press into his ass. He moaned. His ass lubricated, Mistress removed her finger and pressed something larger into him. Joe pushed back against it, loving the sensation of it opening him up and then sliding into him. Mistress had reinserted the plug she had removed from him earlier when she fucked his ass.

Joe felt his cock harden more as Mistress played with the plug in his ass. He stroked the man's cock faster and began flicking his tongue back and forth across the underside of its head. The man started thrusting his hips and put his hands on Joe's back, pulling Joe into him. Joe could barely concentrate, his own orgasm rising into his cock, as he actually felt the man's cock enlarge in his mouth. Then his mouth was filled with a warm, musky wetness that Joe knew was cum, having tasted his own before. The man groaned and held still, keeping Joe pulled in against him. Joe's own orgasm erupted into Tina's hand and onto the floor as Mistress continued to work the plug in his ass. The sensations were overwhelming. Feeling that the man's spurting had stopped, Joe slowly lifted his mouth off of his cock, sucking lightly and then swallowing as his mouth left the head.

Overwhelmed by the experience, Joe rested his face on the man's thigh next to Tina. He reached over to rub her hip and ass. She was still fingering herself as she went down on her man. Then she made a humming squeal as her man stiffened, his spurting cum and her fingering triggering her own orgasm. She lifted off of his cock and rested her face on his thigh, looking at Joe, legs trembling, smiling.

With their orgasms subsiding, the two men eased their grips on Joe and Tina so they were able to stand upright and step away from the platform. They moved toward Mistress and kneeled at her sides, hugging her and each other. She stroked their hair, accepting their thanks, glad that her plan had gone so well.

"You have both done well tonight, I hope this will carry you for the many weeks until our next gathering. I need to attend to other people now, but I will find you again before the night is over. Please stay until I speak to you again." Mistress then left them, walking across the room toward a couple standing expectantly by a padded bench.

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