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Mistress Diana


The huge mansion sat in the Canadian Northwest surrounded by thousands of acres of virgin land. The mansion was built by a wealthy tycoon in the late twenties before the stock market crash. The mansion was deserted for many years until Mistress Diana moved there and had it renovated for her exotic tastes.

Mistress Diana was an heir to a fortune that was left to her by an uncle. She had the mansion lavishly decorated and modified for her little pleasures. A team of six black servants maintained the requirements of the mansion along with satisfying Mistress Diana's sexual pleasure's

The Mistress had been married when she was young but it soon turned out to be a mistake when she found him screwing their maid. Now she was in her mid thirties and much smarter and wisely and very beautiful and not to forget the extremely rich part of her life.

She was a very beautiful tall blonde with long flowing hair with a body shaped like an hour glass. She was well endowed with a trim waist and full hips. She had a passion for wearing extremely high heels and black corsets.

The muscular handsome black men were carefully hand picked to become Mistresses permanent servants at the mansion. Not one of them was under the height of six-five. They were extremely well groomed and Mistress kept their bodies toned with daily work outs in the mansions gym.

She called them her slaves but they were there by choice, not by punishment or beyond their will. Yes, She played with them but never abused them.

Mistress Diana had hand picked the most well-endowed men she could find. They were measured by length and girth and the size of their testicles. Their diet consisted of the best foods to keep them healthy and virile.

The mansion consisted of several floors including a huge basement which the foundation was built on stone. It resembled something from the mediaeval period down there. Mistress Diana payed very close attention detailing this area of the mansion for her games.

There were barred cells lining the wall on one side with only a cot and a portable commode for its unlucky occupant. The cells were rather cold and damp with only the minimum amount of heat in the harsh Northwest winters.

Mistress Diana had cuffs mounted on the walls and special harnesses and pulleys for suspending victims from the ceiling. She had anything conceivably imaginable put in that basement just for her pleasure.

Of coarse, she called it her dungeon.

Mistress Diana had what she called her penthouse on the top floor which was lavishly furnished with fine antiques and toys and what you might call props.

The black servants quarters were located on the floor below her penthouse and they too were lavishly decorated. The main floor of the mansion resembled a typical large palace. There were a ballroom and huge dinning room and a library where Mistress Diana enjoyed reading.

Her favorite novels were about slaves and bondage and she became very knowledgeable with anything that dealt with that subject.

Two of the servants had just returned in the panel truck which was parked in the underground garage. They had driven to the only private airport within one hundred miles to pick up a very special load of cargo that Mistress had purchased back east.

Mistress Diana was summoned by one of her servants that the precious cargo had been unpacked and placed in its new home. She was anxious to find out what they had brought her and if they followed her specifications.

She used the specially hidden elevator to travel to her dungeon. The two servants were waiting to show her the new arrival and walked toward the room where the cells were located. Mistress Diana walked along the empty cells until she was standing in the second to last, cell.

She peered between the bars starring at a sleeping man.

"Why isn't he awake?"

"Mistress. We had to sedate him upon his arrival. He wouldn't allow us to touch her."

Mistress Diana smiled and walked toward the cell on the end. She peered between the heavy bars and saw the blonde woman seated on the cot inside. She appeared very frightened as she starred back at Mistress Diana.

"Please. Don't hurt us. We'll give you anything you want, just let us go."

Mistress Diana turned and starred at the black servant and motioned for him to unlock the door. The blonde woman stood with fear in her eyes as the tall blonde woman wearing the black corset stepped into the cell with her.

"What is your name?"


"Tell me how old are you?"


"Your husband's name?" "Mark."

"Tell me. How long have you been married?"

"Mark and I have been married for three years last month. We celebrated our anniversary last week because Mark couldn't get off from his job."

"Well. He won't have to worry about that any longer."

Patty began crying and held her hands out and put them on Mistress Diana's waist and began pleading with her.

"Please. I beg you. Don't hurt my husband. He's a very good husband and I love him very much."

Mistress Diana starred into the young wife's eyes watching her cry as she replied. "We'll see."

Mistress Diana removed the woman's hands off her waist and stepped back and pointed toward the opposite end of the cell.

"Stand over there where I can look at you and keep your arms down on your side and look straight forward."

The young wife was frightened but willing to obey hoping that her cooperation would eventually set her free. Her whole body was shaking as tears dripped down her cheeks as Mistress Diana walked near her.

"Tell me how tall you are and how much you way and give me your sizes."

Patty wiped her eyes and sniffled a couple times and starred up at the tall woman.

"I'm five-two and weigh one hundred and three. I wear size three pants and my bust size is thirty-four double D."

Mistress Diana starred at her from her shoes to her long blonde hair.

"Take all of your clothes off for me so I can see for myself."

Patty had a terrified expression on her face as she glanced at the black servant standing next to Mistress Diana. Mistress Diana smiled at her servant and turned back at Patty.

"He'll see you naked soon enough, now get those clothes off and do it now."

Patty continued to cry as she unbuttoned her blouse and started to slip it off her shoulders. She was wearing a black bra which held her amply size tits up.

Patty skipped removing the bra and began wiggling out of her jeans. She slipped them off along with her shoes and socks leaving her standing in a black bra and thong. Patty held her hand up to her face and wiped more tears off her cheeks as she slowly pulled the straps off her shoulders and twisted the bra around and unsnapped the tiny hooks.

She had turned around so her back was facing the black servant and pulled the thong down her legs using one hand as she held her arm across her tits. She stepped out from under the thong and slowly turned around with one hand covering her mound and the other across her tits and starred at Mistress Diana.

"Put your arms down, Now!"

Patty slowly put her arms down along her side and remained standing with her eyes closed. Her nipples were hard from the cold air in the room. Her body was covered in tiny goose bumps as she stood shivering in front of Mistress Diana.

She examined the young wife and pinched one of her nipples causing Penny to jerk backward. Mistress Diana put the palm of her hand on Patty's belly which had the typical little protruding hump below her belly button which gave her appearance a very sexy appeal and rubbed her soft skin.

She lifted her hand and cupped one of the big tits and gave it a squeeze as she felt to see if they were natural. She then slipped her hand down and touched the patch of blonde hair on her mound.

"This is going to have to be removed. I want you completely bald and soft as a baby down there at all times."

Mistress Diana placed her opposite hand down on Patty's ass cheeks and rubbed the soft skin. She smiled at the servant as she moved her hand across Patty's skin feeling its softness.

"Hold your hands straight out for me!"

Patty did what she was told and held them out with her palms facing up. Mistress Diana grabbed each hand and felt how soft her fingers were. She turned each hand around and ran her fingers over the long red nails and examined the large diamond ring on her left hand.

"Remove your engagement ring and your wedding band and give it to me."

"No. Please don't take them. I haven't had them off since our wedding day."

Patty was crying as she held her left hand with her right one.

"So. You lied to me when you told me you would give me anything if I didn't harm you."

Patty kept crying hysterically as she starred at Mistress Diana and knew she was waiting for the rings and finally started to wiggle them off her finger. Patty put the rings up to her mouth and kissed them and griped the rings tight before handing them to Mistress Diana.

She kept crying as Mistress Diana examined them and gave them to the black servant. Patty kept starring at the hand he was holding her rings in as Mistress Diana.

"One of my servants is very experienced in manicuring nails and painting them. I'll have him continue to keep your nails long and beautiful along with your toe nails."

Patty tried to wipe her eyes and stop crying. "What are you going to do with my rings?"

"I have special plans for them in the near future. Don't worry. You'll see them again. I can assure you of that."

Another servant walked nearby holding blankets and a pillow and a short black terrycloth robe. He gave them to Mistress Diana who then handed them to Patty.

"These are your blankets and you can wear this robe for now until we get you fitting for your new wardrobe. The servants will make sure you have everything to keep yourself hygienically clean. I don't want anyone smelling down here."

Patty took the things from her and waited.

"Put your things on the bed and put the robe on and one of my servants will get you prepared for your first day in your new home."

Patty was crying again as Mistress Diana turned to walk out of the tiny cell. She leaned near the black servant and whispered in his ear.

"I want her nipples pierced today with loops with the size I specified to you earlier. We'll do her tattoo once I decide in her future."

She walked out of the cell as the servant closed the door, leaving Patty sobbing next to the cot. She walked back to the little cell where Mark was sleeping and peered inside again.

"I want his cock pierced tonight with one large hoop inside the head and make sure the stainless steel tub is sized correctly before the piercing are done. Tell them to make sure it fits snug. It's a permanent fixture and I don't want to have them do it twice."

The next morning Mistress Diana stepped out of the elevator and walked into her playroom and saw that the servants had shackled Mark to the wall. He was wearing a ball gag to keep him quiet. His legs were spread and shackled to the wall with a three-foot spreader bar.

Mark's arms were extended over his head with another three-foot spreader bar. He was naked and starred at Mistress Diana as she stepped closer and started to examine him. One of the servants stepped forward and gave her his wedding band. She smiled as she starred at him and held it near his eyes.

"I have something very special to use this for very soon."

She gave it back to the servant who walked out of the room. Patty was directly across the room in her cell holding onto the bars and starring at her husband, and watched Mistress Diana kneel down to inspect her husband's penis.

Mistress Diana held his penis in her hand and examined the stainless steel tube that had been fitted on his dick. It was held in place with a loop that resembled half a hand cuff which circled his testicles. They had pierced the head of his dick with a two-inch hoop. The piercing went through the back of the head near the foreskin area.

Mistress Diana stood up and looked directly into his eyes and smiled.

"We didn't have a chance to meet one another last night. I understand your name is Mark and I'm Mistress Diana. I want to welcome you to your new home where you will be trained to serve me as my slave."

Mistress Diana walked around toward his side and made sure he was looking at her as she glanced across the room to see if Patty was watching. She remembered the piercing Patty was supposed to get on her nipples and walked near the cell starring at the young wife.

"Open the robe and allow me to see those beautiful tits."

Patty nervously opened the robe to allow Mistress Diana to see her tits. She reached between the bars and placed her finger near one of the loops.

"Those will do really well for what I have in mind. I'll allow them to heal before I torment them for you."

One of the black servants brought a pair of red high heel shoes and gave them to Mistress Diana. They had six inch spike heels with a strap that buckled above the ankles. She put them between the bars of the cell.

"Put these heels on for me and let me see how you walk in them."

Mistress Diana smiled as Patty sat on the cot putting on the heels. She was going to make a wonderful slut. Mistress Diana walked back near where Mark was shackled.

"I think I'm ready to give you my first lesson!"

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