tagBDSMMistress Doreen Ch. 06

Mistress Doreen Ch. 06


Chapter Six - Consummation

Author's Note: This is a story of a female dominant/male submissive relationship between mature people. This is fiction. If you enjoy such stories read on and please comment and vote. If not choose another story more to your tastes. This Chapter is the sixth in this series. Please read the preceding chapters for context. To the gentle readers of the previous chapters I want to express my deep appreciation for your votes, encouragement and comments. Enjoy!


The drive to my new home - Doreen's home - allowed some time for reflection.

In a few short months I had changed from a happily - if sexually unfulfilled - married man to one divorced, humiliated, bereft of most of my material possessions, wearing Doreen's locked collar, sitting on Doreen's butt plug, legally bound to Doreen by a personal services 'slave contract', cock still hard and dribbling precum!

Doreen - my Mistress and virtual owner - had indicated that the day, now fading into evening, was not yet thru. Almost reflexively I remembered her admonition and the brown sack of food and plastic bottle of water she had given me. Obeying her directive, I opened the sack to find three large oatmeal raisin cookies. I began munching on them between sips of water as the miles slipped by.

I had finished both the cookies and the water by the time I pulled my car next to Doreen's car and home. The entrance was brightly lit and Doreen stood waiting impatiently, almost regally, at her door. She helped me unload my few possessions into her living room and smiled at the empty brown sack and water bottle.

"Enjoy the cookies, Frank" she smirked.

"Yes," I replied puzzled by both her interest and her attitude.

"Good. You will need the nourishment for the special homecoming I have planned for you," Doreen continued in a light, bantering tone. "Just like all the cookies your former wife Jane has been baking for you these past months - they have been laced with Cialis at my insistence."

"Every morning from now on, you will take a dose. You will always be ready, eager and able to serve me sexually," Doreen stated with a wicked smile on her lovely face.

I began to kneel as had become my custom when in Doreen's presence, but she quickly grabbed me by the locked collar around my neck and dragged me to our(!) bedroom. The king size bed was covered in a thick, black silk sheet. Arrayed on it were a short, braided white and black whip and one of Doreen's strap on dildo's already secured in its leather harness.

To be clear, while Doreen had been 'training' me with and for anal play for the past few months, she had never fucked my ass with her strap on - tho she often alluded to its inevitability in our relationship.

"Oh My God!" I gasped on registering the display. These were 'toys' Doreen had dared not used when I was still married. But now she had no such need for restraint. I began to realize the depth of submission Doreen was intent on extracting from me.

"No Frank, your Goddess!" Doreen half joked at my reaction.

"By your own choice - many choices really - you are now in fact my chastised, cuckold, slave husband!" Doreen almost sang with satisfaction and lust. "And tonight we consummate our marriage!" she continued.

She was right. I had made my choices. Now my only choice was to obey Doreen or leave. We both knew I could never, would never leave her.

She spun me around by my collar so we were face to face, me looking into those intense grey green eyes, "For the rest of your life you will obsess about me. It is your fate, now, to think about me all the time," Doreen stated with conviction and pleasure. "You will serve me, as I please, for the rest of your life," she concluded.

"Yes Mistress Doreen!" I agreed with equal parts conviction, anticipation and trepidation.

"Strip!" Doreen commanded.

I obeyed, placing my folded clothes neatly on our dresser.

Doreen began fondling my cock and balls, spreading my copious precum over my genitals and stroking my rigid rod. She moved both her hands to my mouth. Without a word, I began licking my goo from her fingers and hands. She cooed in approval.

"Help me off with my clothes," Doreen instructed.

I lifted Doreen's blouse over her extended arms to reveal her massive magnificent breasts barely constrained in a black satin bra. I knelt by her side and lowered the zipper to free her tight white slacks. Hooking my fingers in their waistband I began to slowly strip them from her toned, smooth thighs and down her long firm legs. Below her waist, Doreen wore only the black satin thong which matched her bra and her modest white shoes.

I extricated her slacks from her feet and placed it on the neat pile of clothes on our dresser.

I stood looking into her sharp, commanding eyes and she nodded.

Without a word being exchanged, I moved forward reaching around to her back, holding her closely to me, slowly undoing the clasps which held her bra in place. Removing the straps from her shoulders, I slid her bra forward to release her breasts. Despite having seen and suckled at them many times before, I gasped as they sagged slightly, sexily on her chest.

Doreen smiled as I wantonly admired her twin mounds of pleasure and comfort. Reaching for my leaking cock she gathered a dollop of my precum and smeared it over her boobs. Searching her beautiful face for permission, Doreen nodded.

I eagerly lowered my face to her left nipple and began to lick my precum from it. I felt her nipple harden in my mouth and diligently worked it gently with my tongue and teeth. Taking hold of my hair in either hand, Doreen directed my questing mouth and tongue over her luxurious titflesh, ensuring that every trace of my goo was cleaned and swallowed.

Too soon for me, Doreen pushed me lower until I was kneeling before her, my face now even with her full, mature pussy covered only with her thin black satin thong. I could see and smell that it was soaked!

"Lick!" she commanded.

Gladly I pushed my tongue into the covered folds of Doreen's cunt. I was amply rewarded by the taste and sound of her squishy thong on my tongue. I sucked a portion into my mouth, covered it with my saliva and drank the heavenly nectar gratefully. Doreen allowed my indulgence, sighing with pleasure and satisfaction at my efforts.

"Remove it!" Doreen next directed. I began to slip the thong from her wide hips with my fingers. Doreen slapped them aside. Puzzled, I gazed upwards as Doreen snarled, "With your teeth!"

I began the tedious, awkward but erotic task of grasping Doreen's drenched thong in my teeth, slipping it a few inches down one gorgeous thigh, then moving to the other side to repeat. I loved the taste of her juices and her flesh as I carefully moved her thong past her thighs. Doreen was patient, enjoying my struggle to please her and the feel of my lips on her skin.

Finally, I dragged Doreen's thong past her knees and followed it down to her feet. Raising each leg in turn, she allowed me to completely remove the garment, still clenched in my teeth. Standing, I placed Doreen's soaked thong with my teeth on the pile of clothes on our dresser.

Turning, I gazed in lust and longing at Doreen, completely naked except for her shoes. Smiling, she said, "Change my shoes, Frank."

Dropping once again to my knees, I noticed Doreen's 4 inch, black leather spike heels under the bed. I carefully, with Doreen steadying herself on my shoulders with both hands, unbuckled each of her modest heeled white shoes, replacing them with her 4 inch black heels.

Doreen spread her legs and commanded, "Worship me now, Frank!"

I rose to my full kneeled height and was looking up into Doreen's glistening, swollen pink pussy. My eyes chanced to stray even further upwards where I saw her coiled braided whip gripped tightly to her massive tits.

Doreen's grey green eyes flashed as she intoned ominously, "Begin!"

I reached around to firmly grasp the globes of Doreen's glorious ass. I looked in wonder at the succulent cunt which had enslaved me and began licking her puffy outer folds. Her taste, as always, was intoxicating - viscous, tangy, sweet. I savored each flavor as her lips began to swell and open. I felt Doreen move and heard the hiss of her whip as it slashed thru our bedroom air and into my naked, vulnerable back.

The pain exploded from my ass to my shoulder blades driving my face suddenly deeper into Doreen's quivering quim. She allowed her whip to lay on my skin. I swear I could feel the welt growing - red, hot and painful - beneath it.

"Ugh!" I gasped into Doreen's cunt before renewing my slavish laving of her pussy lips.

Doreen sighed deeply accompanied by a slight shiver which shook her whole body.

I pulled her pelvis forward and shot my tongue deeply up and down her slimy slit feeling her pussy lips wrap around my mouth and straining face.

I felt Doreen's whip slither from my back, I felt her body tense, I again heard her whip cut the air and again I felt the incredible pain from my ass to my shoulders.

My grunt was muffled in Doreen's enveloping pussy folds. Her second stroke crossed the first, reigniting its pain. Again she let her whip lay on my tortured skin. I was no way prepared for this. Tears began to well from my eyes and roll down my cheeks. I clung to Doreen in desperation.

Doreen pressed her cunt against my face fucking it frantically. Her pussy gushed her scented juices as I sucked them down desperately.

"MY CLIT!" Doreen screamed. "Just one more my love!" she added between gasping breaths.

Despite my pain and thru my sobs I searched for, found and began sucking Doreen's swollen clit. She shuddered slightly, raised her whip and sent it crashing down harder than ever on my back.

Simultaneously my entire back was aflame in searing pain, I sucked wantonly on Doreen's tender pink impossibly enlarged clit, she dropped the offending whip to the floor with a thud and she grabbed two fistfuls of my hair to force my face even deeper into her sex.

"YESSSSSSSSSS!" Doreen screamed in orgasmic ecstasy, shuddering in my embrace and gushing her cum into my waiting, wanting mouth.

Her orgasm seemed to last forever. My face was now deep within the mature folds of Doreen's sloshing slit. I sobbed and sucked and swallowed her sweet cum as she continued to fuck my face, painfully pulling my hair to increase and prolong her pleasure.

But the pain that I felt in my scalp was overwhelmed by that radiating from my back! I could feel the agony of each whip lash. The pain of each began to merge adding a throbbing, bruising component to the whole.

I clung to Doreen, holding her ass flesh in my hands, licking, sucking, nibbling at her engorged pussy lips as much to give me comfort and stability as to bring her pleasure.

Doreen's beautiful, lusting body gradually slowed its sexual dance and she deeply sighed, momentarily sated. Pushing my face from her pussy, thru blurred eyes I could see her cunt was still dribbling her sex cream down her strong, smooth thighs.

Thru the pungent odor of Doreen's spend, I gasped for air. The pain which suffused my back began to subside.

Slowly, we both began to regain control and breath more evenly.

Doreen's eyes fluttered open as she looked down on me with contented and satisfied bliss. Looking past my face a mischievous smile graced her lips.

"You are such a beautiful man Frank. MY beautiful man," she said.

I followed her gaze and realized that I was still rock hard. A pool of precum had accumulated on our floor.

Doreen was obviously pleased that I had not only survived her whip and simultaneously willingly pleasured her as she directed, but that my sexual arousal remained undiminished thru it all!

I was simply stunned.

Doreen looked deeply into my upraised adoring eyes from her impossible height. We both knew then that nothing she could ever do to me or ever ask of me would diminish my lust, love and devotion to her.

"I have waited my entire life for you and for this moment," Doreen intoned in her deep, sexy voice. She gently lifted me to my feet, drew me to her and looking up into her now quiet grey green eyes shared a warm comforting embrace and lingering, tongue exchanging kiss.

As Doreen gently embraced me, her hands grazed my welted back. I winced, but held her steadily. She played gently upon my bruised back with her left hand sending little jolts of sharp electric pain into the background of general soreness. She dropped her right hand between us to cup my sore, swollen balls and stroke my hard slick cock. The pleasure she evoked in me was both blissful and demanding. I needed to cum so badly! We both knew she was embedding deep into my mind her ability to elicit both blinding pain and blinding pleasure in me. Pleasure and Pain. Doreen controlled both my pleasure and pain completely. And we both loved it. We both needed it.

It was another moment of willing surrender on my part. And Doreen accepted my deepened submission as her right.

When she broke our kiss and embrace, she pushed me again to my knees. Her compelling grey green eyes once more smoldered as a wicked smile appeared on her lovely face. Reaching behind her to our bed, she retrieved her strap on dildo, complete with harness.

I knew this was one of her collection of only middling size, tho it looked huge and threatening to me. She slowly displayed her toy, revealing that in addition to the lifelike veined tan cock and balls, a somewhat smaller fleshy protrusion would fit deeply between her glorious pussy lips.

Doreen reached behind her again, this time producing a bottle of lube. Wordlessly, she slowly slickened her toy and inserted it into her already sopping, red cunt. In a slow, choreographed dance, she stepped thru the straps, tightened them and presented her cock to my face for inspection and adoration - always holding me in thrall with her steady, predatory gaze.

"Suck!" Doreen demanded.

With a sigh of surrender, I raised myself on my knees and began to worship Doreen's cock. I gently laved the bulbous head with my tongue. I stroked up and down its shaft coating it with my saliva. I licked her balls. I repeated the process several times until finally taking the head into my mouth and began the humiliating, difficult, but oh so necessary and erotic task of engulfing my Mistress's cock into my mouth and throat.

All the while a renewed sensation spread from my anus, still fully filled with Doreen's butt plug. And of course my own cock remained stiff and dripping.

It didn't fit! Not surprising I suppose. Doreen placed her hands on either side of my head, slowly backed her cock out a bit and then moved slowly forward as I stretched my lips, teeth and jaw. It pushed my tongue down and to the side as the head abutted the back of my throat.

I gagged!

Again Doreen slowly drew her cock back a bit, tilted my head slightly with her loving hands and pushed forward. Her cock again stuck the back of my throat, but a tad further down this time. Doreen was training my lips, my teeth, my tongue and my throat - me! - to accept her cock fully, lovingly, adoringly, slavishly. She proceeded with a quiet confidence that could only come from experience.

'She's trained other men to her cock!' the thought flashed thru my fevered brain.

"You're doing fine Frank," Doreen encouraged me. "Soon you'll be able to take me ALL in!" she continued as she pulled her dick out completely with an audible 'plop'!

"On our bed now husband mine!" Doreen commanded with anticipation and impatience.

Crawling fully onto our bed my face at the head stared with wild eyes in the mirror as Doreen followed behind me. Radiant, dominant and voluptuous, Doreen positioned herself and me for the long awaited consummation of our marriage.

She spread my ass cheeks and gently removed the butt plug which had been my constant companion all afternoon and evening. Tossing it to the floor Doreen said, "You'll be carefully cleaning that for me later won't you my submissive husband!"

"Yes Doreen," I gasped as my anus felt empty and cold. Not for long.

Doreen smeared the lube generously on the glistening phallus she held erotically in her hands. Once again spreading my ass cheeks, she slowly began to insert the bulbous head of her cock!

Thank goodness Doreen had thoughtfully plugged my ass all afternoon! Her cock still stretched my anal ring as she slowly, but relentlessly pressed forward. There was discomfort and then actual pain. I almost balked at this point, but providentially looked in the mirror to see the supreme pleasure and command in Doreen's face. Her vision both calmed and excited me.

Letting out a deep sigh, I relaxed and the head of Doreen's cock slipped into my protesting anus. I sighed again in relief and pride at accepting Doreen's deflowerment of my ass.

Looking pleased, but no less sexually hungry, Doreen encouraged me, "Good Boy, my Frank. Soon, you will be begging me to fuck your ass - and I will, joyously!"

"You will cum only on my command my husband, now and for the rest of your life!" she said with a hardened, sexy voice which brooked no discussion.

Our eyes now locked. Taking my hips in both her large, powerful hands, Doreen began to steadily insert her cock into the deepest recesses of my ass. It slid across my prostate and I gave an involuntary jolt.

A knowing, salacious smile spread across Doreen's lovely face as she commented, "Nice, huh!"

It was! I had felt a small sample of this pleasure as Doreen had slowly trained my ass in the previous months, but this was something else entirely. Yes my entire ass ached, but the intense pain was gone. Doreen wriggled her cock from side to side in me, reproducing the pleasurable prostate sensation. It was now obvious that Doreen's part of her strap on was working itself on her tight pussy and clit sending pleasure coursing thru her body.

Knowing that Doreen too was receiving great sexual pleasure gave me a new and special feeling of submissive contentment and even joy! As I became more responsive physically, emotionally and spiritually to every manifestation of Doreen's dominance over me, the certainty of her pleasure and happiness encouraged me to eagerly, gratefully submit to even more of her dark, sinister, humiliating, enslaving pleasures. She was training every part of me as her slave - and I loved it!

After a seeming eternity of kaleidoscopic feelings, Doreen finally pushed her cock balls deep into my ass. She was a dominant, erotic vision - pelvis flush to my impaled ass, her key dangling seductively between her large breasts which drooped slightly over my welted back, her beautiful face transformed with commanding, deep erotic pleasure and - of course - her grey green eyes which held me in submissive thrall.

With a slight, sly smile Doreen began to slowly pull her cock from my anus, bringing the head to my anal ring. My disappointment at losing her presence within me must have been written on my anxious face.

"Don't worry Frank, I am not leaving you yet!" Doreen smirked as she steadily drove her cock back into its full length, her balls and pelvis gently smacking my ass.

"Oof! Thank you Mistress," I gasped in pleasure and relief.

Doreen's smile faded as she began the serious business of consummating our marriage and my submission. With her strong hands grasping my ass, she began a slow steady rhythm of withdrawal and impalement. Almost naturally, and without urging, I began to match her movements by pushing my ass back onto her penetrating cock.

A savage smile now lit Doreen's face as she recognized my movement and my need.

"Good Boy!" she gasped before her face transformed into a look of transcendent bliss.

We both began to move with greater urgency - crashing together in escalating ecstasy. Though now inextricably linked physically, sexually and emotionally, we became trapped in our own world of mind numbing, dark sexual pleasure - Doreen's dominant, mine submissive.

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