tagInterracial LoveMistress Habesha of Ethiopia

Mistress Habesha of Ethiopia


Why is a tough Saudi guy like Mohammed Ibrahim crying like a little bitch? Well, it might have to do with the fact that Mistress Habesha, the Ethiopian dominatrix from Montreal, Quebec, has her fist up his ass. The big Arab man squirmed on the table, but to no avail since he was bound hand and foot by thick steel chains. Mistress Habesha cackled gleefully as she continued fisting the big Arab man, who had stopped crying and was moaning softly, with tears streaming down his rough, bearded face. The towering, absolutely gorgeous Black dominatrix smiled to herself. Saudi guys are the most sexist guys on the planet, so convinced of their superiority as Muslim men that they treated all women and all non-Saudis like second-class citizens in their little desert kingdom. Well, he was in her kingdom now and she had absolute power over him.

Standing five feet eleven inches tall, the curvy, busty and big-bottomed young Black woman knew she cut an imposing figure. Clad in a black leather dress and bright red tank top, she looked every bit the professional dominatrix. Born in the City of Montreal, Quebec, to Ethiopian immigrant parents originally from the City of Bichena in Western Ethiopia, Bethlehem Berihun, better known by her nom de guerre Mistress Habesha, considered herself as Canadian as maple syrup. She lived in Montreal her whole life, had a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice from Concordia University and was presently in the MBA program at McGill University. She decided to choose business over law, even though she had a passion for both. Oh, and somewhere along those lines, she needed to make some fast cash and combined her business savvy and her sensual appetite for kink to become Mistress Habesha, the only Ethiopian BDSM expert and professional dominatrix in the continent of North America.

In the six months since she'd been operating the website, Mistress Habesha had dealt with quite the diverse clientele. Paolo Sanchez, a Mexican-born businessman from the City of Toronto, Ontario, visited her regularly during his business trips to Montreal, Quebec. The guy was really kinky and he loved to be tied up and spanked while she called him every name in the book. Antoine Mbakwe, a Nigerian-born police constable from the City of Ottawa, Ontario, also required her services regularly. The big Black policeman loved BDSM and he liked having a Black dominatrix even more. He was really into the rough stuff, and she delighted in tying him up and whipping him before bending him over for something really kinky.

The Nigerian cop was really into anal play and loved it when she stuffed his well-lubricated asshole with her strap-on dildo, among other things. Mistress Habesha delighted in having a Black male among her slaves in the BDSM kingdom she was building for herself. So far, she'd only had one female client, a tattooed, muscular and short-haired white woman named Marion Sparks A.K.A. Sparky. The butch lesbian biker from hell and part-time professor of kinesiology at Seneca College in Toronto, Ontario. Sparky was dominant in most other aspects of her life, and she enjoyed getting topped by a tall Black dominatrix like Mistress Habesha. As for Mistress Habesha, she delighted in flogging, smacking and spanking Sparky the butch lesbian before fucking her cunt and asshole with her strap-on dildo. What great fun that was. Yeah, Mistress Habesha always had fun with her submissive types and she enjoyed pushing their limits.

Pushing the limits, that's exactly what she was doing right now to Saudi millionaire and all-around self-involved bastard Mohammed Ibrahim. The big Saudi contacted her online, and professed his fondness for women of African descent. Mistress Habesha wasn't surprised. She ran into a lot of Arab and North African guys in the City of Montreal who seemed to crave women with dark skin, even though they were often racist as hell and only acting out of lust. In her professional life as a dominatrix, Mistress Habesha dealt with men and women of all races. In her private life as Bethlehem Berihun, Ethiopian-Canadian sweetheart, Montreal native, church deaconess and MBA student at McGill University, she mainly dealt with men of her color. Her boyfriend Joseph Laban was a corporal in the Canadian Armed Forces. Bethlehem met the tall, dark-skinned young Ethiopian-Canadian soldier at church a while back and they were still an item after three years together. He had no idea about her other life, and she liked it like that.

Mistress Habesha shoved her fist deeper inside Mohammed Ibrahim's well-lubricated asshole, and the big Saudi man squealed like a little bitch. Mistress Habesha laughed, and smacked the Arab. She expected more from a Saudi, the so-called princes of the Islamist world. Saudis were arrogant pricks, even by Muslim standards. They acted like the world belonged to them, and they were ruthless, mean as hell and intolerant of others. And yet, she had one of them on her table, in her basement, and he was squirming like a little bitch as she fisted his asshole.

Mistress Habesha fucked Mohammed Ibrahim's ass with her strap-on dildo a few times in the past, and he seemed to really like it but he always wanted more. That's why she decided she would fuck his ass not with a strap-on dildo or some kind of butt plug but with her fist. Mistress Habesha had fisted her share of women during her lesbian experimentation days and Sparky the butch lesbian from the City of Toronto, Ontario, could certainly testify to that. Mistress Habesha dipped more oil down Mohammed Ibrahim's ass and then shoved her fist right back inside. The big Saudi howled loud enough to wake the ancient dead, and it was sweet blissful music to Mistress Habesha's ears. She fisted him until he begged for mercy, and she pulled her fist from his ass, admiring her handiwork. The Saudi millionaire's once-tight ass was now a gaping hole. Smirking, Mistress Habesha spat in Mohammed's sinkhole of an ass. Nice.

After this memorable session, Mistress Habesha allowed Mohammed Ibrahim to take a shower before going back to his place. Next, she showered and got ready. Tonight she was meeting her long-time boyfriend Joseph Laban at the Cineplex. They were going to see James Bond's SkyFall together. The young Ethiopian-Canadian beauty smiled to herself as she got ready to meet the man she loved. Someday when she was done with her studies and could finally retire the Mistress Habesha persona, she could finally become Mrs. Laban. Until then, the deception and the wicked fun on the side continue.

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