tagBDSMMistress Helene and Mandy

Mistress Helene and Mandy


This is a story of domination and submission. It contains watersports.

Thank you to Bob_Aganoush for his review and suggestion of a sequel.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, merchandise, companies, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. All characters are 18 years or older when in sexual situations.

Chapter One

Mistress Helene was in a particularly foul mood. She had been working with Grace for over two years and had settled into a very pleasant D/s relationship with her [ed. note: see "Mistress Helene and Grace" for the backstory on how they met]. Grace's rough edges as a butch lesbian were rounded off under Helene's tutelage, and all of her friends agreed that Grace was the best sub she had ever had. Helene was in full agreement with their assessment, and even had thoughts of a longer term relationship with the young ebony haired beauty. But that was not to be. Grace had been transferred by her employer to the other side of the county, and it had been over two weeks since she'd left. Grace's departure, needless to say, left a yawning gap in Helene's life.

The tall curvy blonde was eyeing a large pile of laundry, a pile Grace would have tackled with aplomb, eagerly washing, folding and ironing their clothes. That chore now fell to her, and she hated to do the laundry. She made enough money to pay a full-time maid, in fact an army of maids, but her lifestyle wouldn't allow it. Helene had long ago started jealously guarding her privacy, and having a regular maid poking around her house just wouldn't do. There were times after sessions with her subs where harnesses with dildos, vibrators and butt plugs were casually scattered throughout the house. No, Helene and her subs would maintain the interior of the large estate, with only an occasional contractor coming in to help.

Reminding herself once again why she couldn't have a maid, the seasoned Domme was just getting ready to sort the clothes into piles when her phone rang, signaling welcome relief from this mundane chore.

"Hello?" the blonde haired Domme answered, her fingers absentmindedly twirling the long straight locks between her fingers.

"Helene? This is Keisha. Do you remember me from the Club?"

There was a pause as Helene searched her memory. Keisha ... Keisha ... oh yes ... it was at least a couple months ago that she was introduced to Keisha and her sub at a Club event. Helene had thought little of the interaction, other than to note that her sub seemed to be young and pretty. "I wonder what she wants?" the tall elegant blonde wondered.

"Yes. I believe we were introduced a few months ago."

"That's right. Through our mutual friend Eloise. You've got a good memory."

"What can I do for you?"

"Unfortunately I need to have back surgery. I have a slipped disc, and the operation needs to happen soon. I've arranged to have my sister come and stay with me to manage my recovery. She's a registered nurse."

"I'm sorry to hear about your back, but glad to hear you've got support."

"Well, my sister doesn't know about my sexual proclivities. She doesn't know that I'm a lesbian and that I have a sub living with me. I may be laid up for a few months, so I'm going to have to find a new home for my sub. I heard about Grace's transfer, and was wondering if you might be willing to take her?"

Helene's interest was piqued. The call couldn't have come at a better time.

"Tell me about her."

"Her name is Miranda, but I call her Mandy. She's 24, just a couple years out of college. She's working as a fitness instructor and is living with me and learning to be a sub. I hate to give her up."

Helene was of the mindset "nothing ventured, nothing gained."

"I'm interested."

There was a slight pause before Keisha formed her response. "If you like her, how about we then work out the terms of compensation?"

Helene, giving no thought to the outcomes, responded quickly. "Sure, we can work that out later if there seems to be a fit. How about we set up an interview at my house? Maybe this Friday at 7 p.m.?"

"I'm pretty sure I have your address. She'll be there at 7."

Helene went back to sorting laundry, her mood improved as she at least saw light at the end of the tunnel. Grace had basically fallen into her lap, and it was such a pain to locate and train a new sub. She made a mental note to call Eloise and ask about Keisha.

The next morning Helene went about her usual business, tending her clients as a financial advisor at a well-known brokerage house. Midway through the morning she remembered that she was to give Eloise a call. Thankfully she had a 15 minute gap in her schedule. She rolled her chair towards her door to call out to her assistant, whose desk was located right outside her office.

"Jim, can you see if you can locate Eloise Havenhurst? I'd like to talk to her."

Helene rolled her chair behind her desk and attended to paperwork until Eloise was located. A few minutes later her line buzzed.

"Eloise on line 2"

"Thanks Jim."

Helene hit line 2. "Hi Eloise."

"It's been a while. I'm sorry to hear about Grace. I can't believe how much fun we had with her and how much she enjoyed the humiliation and the sex."

"Tell me about it. She was a gift."

"So what's up?"

"Keisha gave me a call."

There was a pause. "So she told you about her back surgery?"

"She did."

"And she offered you Mandy."


"Take her," Eloise said emphatically.

Helene's spirits were lifted. "I like what you're saying. Tell me why."

"She's kind of the opposite of Grace. She's naturally submissive and very feminine. But like Grace she's very young and beautiful."

"Sounds like my kind of girl. I'm supposed to interview her this Friday."

"Helene, I've known you and your collection of subs over the past ten years. I'm pretty sure this is a good fit."

"I owe you one," the blonde said gratefully.

"Maybe a drink sometime. Let me know how it goes."

The conversation continued with a discussion of their respective careers, Eloise being a successful commercial real estate broker. They also discussed the Club, and Eloise's current sub, Nikki, who was about three months into her training. Eloise was having difficulties with Nikki's anal training and solicited a few bits of advice from her more experienced friend.

That night Helene thought about the Friday interview, which was only two days away. She hadn't had sex in the two weeks since Grace departed and was feeling particularly randy. She sat in her soaking tub, the hot water opening her pores and draining away the stress of the day. Her hand wandered between her legs, rubbing her sex as her mind started dreaming about her new sub. She would teach her the art of making love to a woman. She would teach her to love pain and humiliation. She would invite her friends over and they would use her new sub in every way they could imagine. Her fingers moved deftly over her pussy, parting her lips and letting the warm water wash inside her, increasing her already overheated desire. She used her other hand to manipulate her anus, massaging the tight ring of muscle that guarded her back channel. The combination of the hot bath and the skillful fingers brought Helene to a gut wrenching orgasm, her body thrashing in the tub, splashing water over the sides, as she mentally pictured the sub worshipping her pussy.

Helene spent much of the rest of the time between then and Friday night trying to stay busy, keeping her mind off of her new sub, trying to avoid the endless cycle of speculation and anxiety. Finally, the work day on Friday ended early and it was back on the train to her home in the suburbs. Helene gazed out the window, watching the grayish black tones of the gritty underbelly of New York City pass through her view, but seeing her faceless sub kneeling between her legs.

Chapter Two

It was Friday night at 6:58 p.m. There was a failing light outside as the last vestiges of the day's sunshine disappeared. Helene stood in her living room, footing tapping nervously, periodically peering out the large living room window to witness the arrival of her new sub. She was wondering what she would look like. She was so used to Grace's hardened looks that to have a feminine presence in her house would be an interesting change. While she was musing there was a faint knock at her door. She looked at her watch. It was precisely 7:00 p.m.

Helene flipped on the outside light and expectantly opened her front door as the cold night air rushed in. There was nothing at eye level but an instant later she saw the sub, kneeling and nude, her clothes carefully folded next to her, on the frigid concrete porch. The outside light that she had turned on illuminated the entire porch area, so the sub's naked body was exposed to neighbors and passersby. Helene saw first the top of her head, long curly auburn locks trailing down her back, her head slightly bowed. She was kneeling, her legs spread slightly apart, exposing her cleanly shaven sex. Under the harsh artificial light her skin was almost a pure white, looking as if she was a beautiful mare blanc with a chestnut colored mane, paying homage to her new master.

Her appearance startled even a seasoned Domme as Helene. She gasped as she saw the naked form before her, posing as if a statue in a museum, so perfect in a submissive position. Helene broke her routine as a Domme, reaching down to help up her new submissive and bring her into the shelter of her warm house, leaving her clothes behind. Helene wanted desperately to hug and hold this beautiful creature, to caress her every curve, but resisted those maternal impulses. Instead, she said, "Inspection."

The sub scrambled to her Inspection position, kneeling, knees wide apart, eyes straight forward and hands behind her head. Helene intended to critically watch the sub as she assumed the position, but was so taken by the grace of her sub's movements that she watched as if an admirer from afar. The older Domme snapped into the present as the sub settled into the Inspection position, staring straight ahead, avoiding her Mistress's gaze. Helene approached her sub, walking in a slow circle around her, admiring the perfection of her body, the inside light now making her skin luminescent.

Helene's mind was a swirl of thoughts, wonderful thoughts, as she viewed this work of art as an inheritance from a rich relative. Prior to Mandy's arrival, she had tried to tame her expectations. She told herself after that conversation with Keisha that she could be disappointed. She didn't know if the former Domme did a good job of training the sub, and of course didn't know what she looked like. But this! "Why had she been bestowed with such a treasure?" she thought. It could be nothing less than the act of a diety.

Helene held her arm out, tracing her finger about the sub's nubile body, outlining the face, feeling the soft line of the back of the neck, tracing around the shoulder blades and down each vertebrae to the small of the back, raising the small hairs on the sub's quivering body. As her finger was making its magical journey her mind wandered, as if on the best high of her life. It wandered to areas of her mind that hadn't been accessed in years, opening the doors to Helene's youth. Helene had once been the young beauty, being trained first as a sub to the best Domme in New York City, and then asserting her dominant side at the shoulders of other well-known Dommes. Now she was Mistress Helene. It was a long road going through years of training and even more years learning the art of managing a submissive.

Helene knew at a young age that she was different. She knew to her core at a time when kids were more concerned with less important matters. She watched people. She was fascinated by their movements, their motivations, and their outward emotions. In another life, she once thought, her level of sensitivity was akin to a dancer, and more particularly a ballerina. She could communicate with her body.

When she was a new sub, her then Domme had two other subs living with her. Helene was able to learn with these other more experienced women about the art of serving their Mistress. It was as if she was a new dog joining the pack. Helene knew her place was at the back of that pack, having to earn her position closest to their Mistress's bed. But earn it she did, consciously with perfect attention to detail, but also unconsciously with the unspoken words from her body. Her Domme was in love with Helene's body, constantly praising it as Helene was between her legs, eating her juicy, ripe cunt and her delectable ass.

All these thoughts came to the fore. Helene had once been the girl kneeling before her. If she could rewind her life fifteen long years, she would be on her knees, looking straight ahead, yearning for the opportunity to serve. It was as if she was in the past and present at the same time.

Helene was ecstatic. So much to think about, so much to plan.

Eloise was emphatic in her advice. "Take her," she said. Helene respected Eloise, and her advice if anything, was understated. "I not only want to take her, without her speaking a word, I never want to let her go," Helene thought. Now the new Domme's thoughts went the other direction. Could Keisha change her mind? Would her sub accept her? A chill went up Helene's spine. She wasn't mine yet, she thought. I could lose her.

But first, the new Domme had to act out her part, making minor corrections in the sub's posture and arm position, testing the firmness of her muscles, while thinking about her new treasure. So this is how a pirate captain felt, standing on the deck of a new plundered prize, dreaming about what pleasures lay ahead.

The sub felt the finger of her new Domme, pressing down on her lower lip so she could see her teeth. The sub's mind was elsewhere. As she surveyed her surroundings Mandy thought the entranceway to the house was classic and beautiful. The Oriental rug beneath her knees she judged to be of fine quality, as were the paintings from a well-known local artist that adorned the walls. The sub could see this woman had impeccable taste. Mistress Keisha was a real estate developer and had a magnificent home not far from Helene's. The sub knew that Mistress Keisha would only give her to someone she knew would be suited to her. And the sub knew that Mistress Keisha was in mortal internal pain, both from her back and the knowledge that the two of them would have to part.

The sub's adrenaline also surged when she first saw her new Domme. She too had had a few days to think about her new role. She was only told that Helene was well respected in the community and had nothing but glowing references. However, there were no pictures, and then only talk that Helene was a handsome, elegant woman.

The sub was overwhelmed by her first real look, in the entranceway, in the revealing inside light. She saw a tall woman, accentuated by heels, with straight blonde hair in an elegant upswept hairdo, crisp business attire and striking legs. The jacket did nothing to disguise the impressive swell of the Domme's breasts. The sub noticed the confident stride, the cadence in harmony with her body's movements. She also noticed Mistress Helene's precise movements and restrained dispassionate facial expressions, both signs of the exercise of practiced dominance.

The sub too was overwhelmed by her good fortune. She too had tried to manage her expectations. During the two days she had to ponder the change she imagined a shorter, sterner woman of average physical appearance. The house would be modest, but tasteful. But this! The entranceway itself overshadowed the value of a small house. And the Domme was a tall woman, an elegant beauty of impeccable taste.

The sub's heart was pounding as Mistress Helene circled her. Mandy was already hardwired to serve, but she was beyond motivated as she processed her flood of positive emotions. Mistress Helene stalked Mandy like a lioness stalks a gazelle, eyeing her prey while walking around her. Mandy could feel the Domme's eyes raking her body as Helene memorized every curve and swell of her body and admired the well-defined nature of her muscles, no doubt the product of hundreds of hours of work in the fitness studio. Mandy knew that she had meticulously followed the instructions of Mistress Keisha, and that her adherence to the strict rules of discipline should be reflected in her outward presentation.

Mistress Helene had already concluded that she was going to keep Mandy if Mistress Keisha would surrender her. Her perfunctory movements in the entranceway were necessary to instill in her new sub the mindset that breaks in discipline would not be tolerated. Yet, she could barely resist the temptation to take this delicious creature right there and right then on the Oriental rug. But her years of training allowed her to resist that temptation, instead indifferently waving her hand to signal to the sub that she was to crawl behind her.

Mandy admired her new Mistress's restraint, minimizing her commands and economizing on her movements. She had clearly managed many subs before her. She crawled, following Mistress Helene, up the stairs to the Domme's sleeping chambers. No detail was missed by the naturally curious sub as she climbed the stairs on her hands and knees. Mistress Helene never looked back, knowing that to do so would imply that her commands would not be followed precisely. The sub was now on her knees on a cream colored wool berber carpeting that covered the entirety of the master suite. Her knees nestled into the soft carpeting as she watched her Mistress sit in one of the two upholstered chairs in the bedroom. The Domme slowly spread her legs as far apart as her skirt would allow, revealing a shadowy space between them that was Mandy's ultimate goal.

The sub stared at that space, the tip of her tongue inadvertently slipping out from between her lips. The Domme saw the small break in discipline and smiled, knowing that her new sub wanted her as much as she wanted her new sub. She had other things in mind first, now closing her legs and extending her heel clad foot forward, pointing the toe towards the expectant sub.

"You've been trained in the art of pleasuring a woman?"

"Yes ma'am."

"Show me."

Mistress Helene's body was already buzzing with an energy fueled by anticipation. She watched as the sub drew closer to her foot, her soft hands gently slipping off the new black patent leather pump. She licked the top of the shoe, which was to be expected, but then suckled on the heel, moving it in and out of her mouth, showing her Mistress her will to submit. Then to underscore her submission, she turned the shoe over, taking the flat of her tongue and licking the bottom of the shoe before placing the shoe on the carpet. Mistress Helene marveled at the ease at which her new sub demonstrated fealty to her new Mistress.

Mistress's bare foot was next. The carefully painted toes were each rolled between Mandy's fingers, relaxing the muscles, and then placed one by one in her mouth, each to be worshipped by her tongue. The well-trained sub then licked the bottom of the Domme's foot, causing it to curl and for Helene to suppress a laugh induced by the tickling sensation of the wet tongue.

Satisfied, Helene offered the other foot for the same painstaking treatment. By now, the place between the Domme's legs was now sticky with the warm discharge from her pussy, her body now anticipating the pleasures to come. Helene simply nodded her head, signaling her assent for the sub to go further, kissing up the inside of her legs, pressing them apart.

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