tagBDSMMistress Jeniffers sweet Punishment

Mistress Jeniffers sweet Punishment


Camilla was 27. She had been bi sexually orientated ever since her sexual awakening at the age of 15. And she had always been somehow especially fascinated by strong, dominating women and had always loved the fantasy of being submissive, but never had she really tried any kind of domme/sub relationship. A few months ago she got to know somebody in a special bdsm chat room. She called herself Mistress Jeniffer and the had started chatting and talking about bdsm. Soon it was clear that Camilla loved her role as an online sub and it was only a few weeks later that they had met in real for the first time.

Mistress Jeniffer lived a few hours away and Camilla had visited her at her home. It had been a perfectly erotic weekend of hot lesbian domme/sub sex. There was no real pain involved but a lot of dominance by Mistress Jeniffer.

From that weekend on they tried to see each other as often as possible, but that was still not more than twice a month or so. They also were doing a lot of cyber sex via e-mail. Camilla had to travel a lot due to her job and so there recently had been to less time for her to mail to her Mistress or visit her.

This was the first weekend in two month, when they would meet again at Mistress Jeniffers home. Camilla was really excited to see her again.

Misress Jeniffer was about 5' 8" in size. She had long blondish red hair, blue eyes, and was kind of plump. She was not fat, but not at all skinny either. You could refer to her as 'BBW'. But her voluptuous body still was really sexy and erotic in a special way. There were enough curves on her body that could be very, very sexy, when playing around. Her great breasts measured 42DD and she had a wonderful big, round ass. Her age was 36.

Camilla was a bit smaller than her Mistress. She had brown, curled hair, going down over her shoulders. Compared to her Mistress she was quite slim, but still with enough meat on her bones to have a soft body with some good curves and a good handful of nicely shaped, quite firm breasts.

Camilla had been ordered not to come to her mistress with any cloth on. She had to be completely naked and she had to completely shave her cunt. Camilla had obeyed her Mistess´s wishes and for the first time in her life she had completely shaved her pubes.

She knocked at her Mistress´s door and was called in. She entered into the hall and immediately started stripping. She was already very aroused. Her nipples were already hard just thinking of her mistress and her cunt was moist.

Naked she finally entered into the living room.

Mitstress Jeniffer sat in a chair with just her bathrobe on. She looked up and down Camillas naked body. Her eyes almost ate her. She quite obviously loved what she saw, loved the look of Camilla´s breasts, her hard nipples and she licked her lips sexily when starring at her shaved cunt and seeing the moist shimmer at it. But she did not say a word. It was her little slave-slut´s duty to obey her commands. She loved a shaved cunt and Camilla had a real beautiful, sweet looking pussy.

“Crawl to Me, slut!! Kneel at My feet with your eyes cast downward in total submission.”, Mistress Jeniffer finally commanded with a tough voice.

Camilla immediately went to all fours and with her eyes downcast she crawled from the door of the living room to her mistress´s seat. Her arousal was rising immediately. From her crawling position Camilla could see between her mistress´s legs, could see her pussy. Camilla loved the look of Mistress Jeniffers pussy and even more she loved her taste.

“Pour Me a drink. A glass of Cognac.”, Mistress Jeniffer commanded when Camilla just had taken a kneeling position in front of her.

Immediately Camilla got up to get her mistress a glass of brandy and brought it to her and after she handed it to her she returned to her knees in front of her strict mistress.

All the while Mistress Jeniffers eyes had been following her, taking in the wonderful, sexy sight of her slave-girls firm arse cheeks, as they swayed when she walked for the glass and taking in the sight of her well shaped breasts.

“Even though you are a very good little girl sometimes, you must be punished for ignoring your Mistress for so long, for not writing to me, for not visiting me and pleasing my dripping pussy for so long!” Her voice was hard as she spoke.

Camilla´s eyes were downcast. She wanted to be a good slave, wanted to please her mistress, but also the thought of the punishment to come, made her even wetter. She did not answer and just remained in her submissive position.

“I do realize that your job takes you travelling all over Europe but I find it very hard tounderstand why you cant just take two minutes and at least have the courtesy of saying helloto Me. It doesnt take but two minutes to just log onto the computer quick and call up My address and say hello does it?”, she asked with her commanding, dominating voice and her hands stroke Camilla´s hair.

Her legs were slightly ajar, so that Camilla´s downcast eyes directly looked at her pussy. Camilla could see the wetness in between her mistress legs. She had to lick her lips, due to her arousal.

Her eyes were still downcast, as Camilla finally replied shyly:”Yes, my Mistress!”

“You have been a very naughty girl, Camilla, and Mistress is displeased. Your punishment is you will be spanked. That is about as harsh as I will be. Stand before Me, and lay over My lap. As I spank you, you will count out every stroke that is delivered.”

Camilla submissively followed her mistress´s order. She was aroused to the edge now. She lay over her 10years older BBW-mistress lap. She loved that position in some way.

Mistress Jeniffer started spanking her and she cried out, "One!"

Mistress Jeniffers hand rubbed her soft round butt and than smacked it again, and Camilla cried out "Two!"

With each smack on her ass, she rubbed her cheeks, watching them get redder and hotter. At about the count of six, she slipped her finger between her legs and felt her unshaven pussy.

“Hmmmmmm,” Mistress Jeniffer moaned. “My little sub likes to be spanked. You are such a naughty slut, slave Camilla; a naughty, wet pussy-licking slut. A little slave whore! Aren´t you?” “Yes my Mistress! I´m a naughty slave whore and I love my Mistress´s pussy!”, Camilla whispered submissively.

Mistress Jeniffer continued over and over again, rubbing, fingering, and spanking her little fuckslut till the count reached 20.

Camilla´s body shaked and convulsed with each touch of her mistress finger to her pussy. With each smack of her hand to her ever reddening butt, she cried out for mercy. Yet her Mistress showed no mercy.

“You have behaved disrespectfully to your Mistress and you must be punished!!” Mistress Jeniffer laughed.

By the time she reached the count of 25 however she noticed that Camilla´s crying had turned to moaning. She reached between her legs and found her slave-slut soaking wet.

“What a slut you are,” she growled! “Only a true slut would be trying to get off on her Mistress's punishment. Are you My true, dirty slut-slave, camilla? Are you My whore?”, she asked again.

Camilla eagerly responded “Yes!”.

She pushed her to her feet and made Camilla kneel before her again.

“All this talk about how bad you are, how slutty you are has made Me very wet and horny!”, Mistress Jeniffer said.

She spread her big legs over the chair and her wet, slippery, bald pussy stared at her slave girl.

“You will eat your Mistress till she cums in your face, and dont you dare touch yourself or cum at all.!”

Eagerly Camilla started licking her BBW mistress. She sucked her, fingered her pussy till Mistress Jeniffer was in a state of such arousal that she grabbed her head and pulled her slut-girl deep inside her and her cum splashesd all over her face, her hair, down her neck and even over her tits.

“MMMMmmmmmmmm, such a nasty slut you are.” The mistress moaned satisfied, enjoying her huge orgasm.

She pushed her off her pussy and made her lay down on the bed. She took her hands and tied her hands to the headboard and her feet to the foot of the bed. The burn of Camillas ass became more and more intense when her butt hit the sheets of the bed.

Mistress Jeniffer put her 12-inch strapon around her waist and crawled over top her. She rubbed her cock over her pussy lips and got it nice and wet. Then with one thrust she pushed inside her and started fucking her till Camilla was almost about to rip apart.

“Dont you dare cum till I say so, whore!!”, the mistress commanded.

In and out, in and out, harder and faster she fucked her. Her cock got so slippery from her wet cunt that it glistened with her cum. Then with one single thrust she push so hard into her and told her to cum.

“Camilla cum hard all over My cock!” And she came, came over and over again that she nearly passed out. Mistress Jeniffer collapsed on Camilla and she took the weight of her BBW body on hers.

Finally, the mistress pulled out of her. Camillas body was still shivering from her mistress´s fucking.

Mistress Jeniffer kissed her, gave her deep and long french kiss. Camilla eagerly sucked her tongue, enjoyed her mistress´s kiss. The mistress Jeniffers fondled all her naked body, felt her out.

“We are not done yet, my naughty slut!”, Mistress Jeniffer finally said. “You are still at My mercy, just where I want you, my slave-whore!!”

Mistress Jeniffer had still worn her bathrobe. Now she stood up and removed her robe, showed her voluptuous body to her little slave. Camilla loved her body, loved to worship every inch of her skin, every sexy curve.

Naked now she lay over top her slave girl covering her much smaller body with her voluptuous one.

“Your next punishment is to endure Me rubbing and cumming all over you but you WILL NOT cum again at all, do you hear Me, whore?? I will touch you and cover you with My scent all over your body, but you may not cum. You may not even groan or moan, you must endure Me on top of you. You will feel My pussy, naked and wet, grinding over your body. you will feel My arms caressing you, you will taste My kisses, you will hear Me breathing in your ear, but you WILL NOT cum. If you cum, or allow a moan or a groan to escape from your lips you will be denied even further not to cum as I use the 12" strapon on you again.” She said in her hard voice again, pressing her full weight into her slave, moving her big boobs against the firm breasts of her little slut.

She could see her swallow hard and heard her reply:

“Yes my Mistress!”

“You will feel Me shivering as I rub My pussy over your sweet body, you will feel Me tremble as My orgasm flows through Me, you will smell the juices that pour out of Me, and feel them run down your legs and over your belly. You will listen to My cries of passion as I cum all over you. When and only when I have decided that you have been good enough to endure My actions, I will decide for you when you may cum. You understand, My nasty little carmen?”

She heard her sex-slave gulp and breathe hard:

“Oh yes, my Mistress!”

Mistress Jeniffers was still rubbing her breasts, her hard nipples against Camilla´s hard nipples.

Then she began. Rubbing and touching her as she felt the passion rise inside herself. Camilla was obedient, not allowing herself to cum. But Mistress Jeniffers could see in her eyes that It was a hard struggle to maintain calm as she punished her with pure sexual pleasure.

Camilla knew, she must be good, otherwise her Mistress would not be pleased. Mistress Jeniffers was grinding so hard against her now, that sweat poured off her. Her pussy was soaking wet rubbing her slaves skin and her pussy. She licked her slut, smell her and tasted her with her lips and tongue.

She started rubbing faster, faster, faster, harder. Her own orgasm building fast. But through it all Camilla, tied to the bed, obeyed her Mistress.

Finally Mistress Jeniffers orgasm exploded all over Camilla. She cried, she screamed, she Yelled.

She softly bit her slave-whore and kissed her. And she took in the sight of her cum-covered slave girl, trembling with arousal, hard nipples and wet pussy, being on the edge of what she could bare, but she had obeyed her mistress.

Satisfied Mistress Jeniffer released her hands and untied her feet. She lied back on the bed, and pulled her slave Camilla overtop herself. She spread her legs, her pussy juices still creaming and pooling inside her cunt lips. Camilla looked at her questioningly. Mistress Jeniffers put her hands on her shoulders and pushed her gently to her hot pussy.

“Clean Me, Camilla, and allow yourself the pleasure of knowing you have satisfied your Mistress greatly. Let that pleasure explode through you as you clean Me, and cum for your Mistress.”

Camilla eagerly followed her mistress wishes. She licked the pussy, worshiped her mistress´s cunt, made her cum again, by licking her and she fingered herself to a huge orgasm.

“So this was my punishment to you, little slave-whore,” Mistress Jeniffer said “How will you know please your mistress, to get forgiveness?”

“I will caress your wonderful, sexy, big breasts and your hard nipples with my hands, fingers, lips and tongue, even with my naughty, wet pussy and make you cum by just that and then I will pleasure your beautiful, big arse, will kiss and lick your arse cheeks and will please your anus with my mouth and fingers till you cum again and finally I will just pleasure your tasty pussy till you cum over and over again, My Mistress!”, Camilla whispered.

This story is dedicated to a wonderful Mistress Jeniffer….kisses to her soaking wet pussy from her slave-whore girl Camilla.

Feedback, Comments and Votings very welcome!!!

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