tagBDSMMistress Kendra

Mistress Kendra

bySean Renaud©

"Do you know what I do to perverts?" James felt his body go cold when Sakura spoke. As absurd as it sounded part of him was holding on to the idea that if he stayed perfectly still and didn't make a sound she'd forget about him and he could slink away. "I asked you a question maggot. Do you know what I do to perverts?" She'd caught him with his pants down. Literally. They were around his ankles and his hard cock was in hand.

"Nothing?" James squeaked. Everything seemed to be happening in slow motion giving him ample time to consider every option available to him. It would have been nice if there were actual options open to him but she was somewhere between him and the door and she could definitely see the massive thirty inch flat screen she used as a monitor.

"Wrong." James's back stiffened when something snapped right behind his head and his terror kept him from turning towards it. "Care to guess again what I do to perverts?" She was close enough for him to smell her perfume.

"Not really." He sheepishly answered. He had a pretty good idea what she did to perverts just by looking up at the screen. Apparently innocent, mousy Kendra also went by the name Mistress Kendra. Mistress Kendra had thigh high black leather boots with six inch heels. She had a black thong and matching corset that left her breasts free.

"Don't want to spoil the surprise?" That awful snapping sound came again only this time he could feel the air coming off what had to be Mistress Kendra's riding crop. Every fiber of his being wanted to run but he couldn't move his body. "I see you got my computer working." James nodded his response even though she probably couldn't see him over the high backed chair.

That was why he was in this situation to begin with. Her computer had gotten a nasty virus and she'd invited him over to fix it. He'd expected it to take all of ten minutes to fix but when it became obvious it wasn't going to be quite that simple Kendra headed out to run a few quick errands. It took over an hour before he had it up and running well enough for him to check the internet. He honestly hadn't been snooping, he just needed to make sure that it was connecting properly. It wasn't his fault that her favorites list automatically came up on the screen nor was it his fault that the first thing on the list was Mistress Kendra's Dungeon. He was suddenly wishing that he hadn't let his curiosity get the best of him and he was quite certain he should have gone home before trying to rub one out.

"You like what you see?" Kendra hissed. James simply whimpered. The chair creaked and groaned as Kendra slowly turned it towards her. She was dressed just like she was on her website. The only differences were she was wearing black lipstick and her hair was pulled back in a ponytail instead of a bun.

James was suddenly fully aware of how mice felt when they were cornered by a cat. That was what Mistress Kendra was, a great cat licking its chops in anticipation of the torture it was about to inflict. It was jarring how different Mistress Kendra looked compared to Kendra. Kendra was this small delicate thing that always wore loose sweaters and baggy pants, she never spoke unless she was spoken too. She almost never made eye contact with anybody. Mistress Kendra however was a predator. She looked like she was a full foot taller than Kendra and her gaze was strong enough to hold James in place without even the thought of running.

Kendra smirked slightly bringing her boot onto the chair between James' legs. "What a naughty boy you are." She inched her foot forward until the toe of her boot was pressed against his scrotum. "I think I need to punish you." She brought the crop down gently on his shoulder. "Strip."

If the idea of noncompliance had ever entered his mind it was quickly squashed when Kendra lifted the tip of her boot and placed it on his balls. That was more than enough of a threat to get him fumbling at the buttons of his shirt with what suddenly felt like plump sausages instead of fingers. Once she started applying just a hint of pressure he realized that two buttons undone was enough for him to pull it over his head and he did just that. "Everything." James couldn't reach his shoes or socks with Mistress Kendra in the way so he had to pry them off with the opposite foot while she stared down at him.

"I see you can follow instructions. Perhaps there is hope for you." Kendra said removing her foot from and walking towards the door. "Come Puppy." Fast didn't accurately describe what Kendra was. She was so sudden that he didn't see her move, he just felt the crop connect with his shoulder. "Puppies remain on all fours." James did not need to be told twice.

There were much worst things than being forced to stare at Kendra's ripe rump as she walked through the apartment to her bedroom. She sat down on the edge of her bed and crossed her legs. "Let's see if my Puppy knows any tricks." She quickly brought her crop down on her knee. "Sit." James brought his feet up under him. She stood back up and walked over to James. "Straighten you back and keep your head up." James immediately corrected his posture. "Good boy. Down." James quirked a brow and immediately regretted it when her crop came down on his shoulder faster than he could register. "I said down Puppy. I do not like repeating myself." This time James was flat on his stomach without hesitation.

Mistress Kendra took a moment to just soak in his soft pale flesh. "You know you're very lucky that I find you so cute." She whispered. "Roll over." James rolled over onto his back and found himself staring straight up between Kendra's legs. "That's a good boy." She knelt down pulling her thong to one side before sitting on his face. "Lick." She commanded grinding her hips against his face. It the first time that James had found himself smothered in pussy. The entire world seemed fade away and the only thing left was Kendra's cunt dominating his senses. The flavor of her arousal on his outstretched tongue, the scent flooding his nostrils, the pressure of her weight on his skull. The only sense that wasn't lost in her was his sense of sound which was blocked by her calves clenching down around his head.

Kendra didn't seem to be overly concerned for her Puppy as she kept sitting on his face until he started to wriggle and then for and entire breath longer before rising just enough to let him suck down a breath. "Now for my ass." She scooted forward and then sat back down on James' face. James was perfectly still when Mistress Kendra lowered herself back onto his face this time expecting him to tongue her asshole. "You wouldn't be disobeying would you Puppy?" Kendra growled running her crop down his chest and over his nipples. All it took was one snap of the crop against his nipple to get his tongue eagerly lapping at her ass. "Mmmm. That's good." Kendra's legs clamped down around James' head again this time almost painfully. At the same time she braced herself against his chest while her body started to quiver and shake. "Don't stop, don't you dare stop Puppy!" Kendra moaned.

James didn't stop. He kept darting his tongue in and out of her puckered hole wriggling it as deep as he could manage before stealing precious breaths of air. He was helpless beneath Mistress Kendra and surprisingly he liked it. When she stood up and walked back to her bed she didn't even need to tell him to stay. He remained exactly where she left him.

"That's a good Puppy. Come here." She patted her thigh beckoning him and he obediently crawled to her resting his head on her thigh. Mistress Kendra ran her fingers slowly through his hair. "You did very well for your first time Puppy." She leaned down and gently kissed his forehead. "Of course if I ever catch you being a disgusting down dirty dog again I won't be so kind. Now get dressed and go home."

James took a deep breathe and rose to his feet painfully aware of his still unsatisfied erection. "Mistress Kendra?"

She smirked already knowing what he was about to ask. "Nope, you haven't even learned to beg yet. If Puppy wants he can come over tomorrow at six in the morning for my daily run." James felt his heart sink.

He hated running.

He hated mornings.

He was going to be there on time and ready to run.

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