tagBDSMMistress Kim's Pet

Mistress Kim's Pet


We had been swinging for around 10 years now and had fulfilled so many of our fantasies. My wife Jayne loves group and interracial sex; she has been having a relationship with black lover who often joined us. We also ventured into some domination type fun, as Jayne is very submissive and loves it when she is used as a submissive slut. However what had always fascinated me was female domination and I had always wanted some fun with a dominatrix. This fantasy started to look more like a reality when we met Kim and Stuart at a swingers club. Jayne and I didn't get to have fun with them when we first met, however we did chat and learn about their relationship and I was fascinated as she told us about how she dominated and cuckolded her husband.

At the club we exchanged email addresses and after some mail between it was with my wife's blessing that I drove over to Kim's for an arranged meet.

As I made my way to her house she texted me and told me she was ready now. She greeted me at the door, wearing high-heeled black stilettos and a wrap over dress. She looked fabulous dressed like this, I was speechless as she ushered me in, pushed the door shut behind me, smiled and moved closer. I looked up at her, in heels she is about 6' tall and a couple of inches taller than me.

"You look happy to see me Gary." Her hand brushed the front of my trousers and touched my cock.

"You're husband is out I trust?"

"Yes, he's at work and he knows it's my playtime with you so he won't be coming home. He really gets off on being cuckolded like this; he even helped me dress to look right for you. How do I look? I'm wearing stockings for you."

"You look stunning, I am so happy to be here, Mistress Kim," I whispered as I reached for her.

"Slow down, stand still. You are here to submit to me," Her voice is cool and confident, yet commanding.

I looked down in respect and answered quietly. "Yes, Kim. I'll follow your lead."

A long manicured red fingernail dug under my chin lifting my face so we make eye contact. "Are you ready to play?"

"Yes, Mistress. Please." I said quietly.

"Strip! Take your clothes off, all of them. I want to see you naked." She walked around me, scratching me with her nails as she walked, the click of her heels on the floor the only sound as I obeyed. She stood behind me as I quickly removed my clothes, piling them neatly on the chair, not daring to turn and look at her. She slowly walked round to my front again and as I look at her my cock stirred as she looked down and smiled.

"You are very pleased to see me aren't you, let me see you play with your cock." She said bringing a long red fingernail sharply down my chest, before she took a nipple between her nails and squeezed firmly.

"Yes Mistress Kim."

I stroked my cock slowly until it hardened and pointed firmly at her.

"Now be a good boy and let go of your cock. You are nervous aren't you Gary? Don't be, I have done this before, I won't hurt you." She took my face in her hands and kissed me, her tongue deep in my mouth and then abruptly pulled away. Again she walked behind me, a fingernail scratched sharply against me as I heard her rustling behind me.

"Hands behind your back, now pet," I felt my wrists secured together as she buckled leather straps tightly, then she walked around and faced me again.

"Now kneel down, get on your knees and kiss my feet, you know what to do, don't you?"

I quickly knelt and pressed my lips against her stiletto heels, then moved my mouth up the heel slowly and kissed her ankles.

"So, you can be a good boy after all?"

I looked up at her as she undid the belt on her dress, letting it fall to the floor behind her; she was naked except for hold up stockings and her shoes, her hips just inches from my face. Abruptly she turned and took a few steps over to the leather chair and sat back. She reached over and picked up a large silver dildo.

"I want to moisten this first." She said quietly. She ran the dildo over her lips dribbling saliva over its length, teasing me.

"Jayne said you enjoy watching her have sex with other men. Is that true?"

"Yes I am a watcher, I love it."

"Mm, you are so like my cucky husband. Come closer, stay on your knees." She said coolly. I shuffled on my knees to between her legs. Her hand slowly went between her legs caressing her inner thighs, a long painted fingernail moving in a slow seductive circle as her other hand brought the dildo closer.

"Just watch, but don't touch until I say."

Slowly she inserted the dildo into her pussy, my face only inches away as she slowly slips it deep inside, her pussy slurped as she fucked herself with it. She moved the dildo in and out in a slow and steady pace, I leant forward, hands secured behind my back as she pulled the dildo out wet with her juices.

"Gary, open your mouth. Taste it." I opened my mouth and lowered my head toward the dildo, closed my lips around as she leant forward and grips my head. She moved it over my lips and gently pressed; I stiffened momentarily as the dildo entered my mouth and she started to ream it in and out as I licked her juices from it. I continued to move my head up and down sucking it clean. Finally she pulled it out of my mouth, I stayed kneeling between her spread thighs as she lifted a leg onto each arm.

"I'm horny now, get closer and lick me."

Her beautiful hairy pussy was sopping wet, I stuck my tongue into her as she grabbed my head and pulled my face into her soft mound. I loved the taste of her as her juices flow over my tongue and I swallowed every drop.

"Tongue me, suck on my clit. That's good." She said as her stiletto heels dug in my back. She was so wet that as I touched her, my tongue slid along her skin, delving deeper. Then I felt her thighs closing around me as gently she placed a hand on my head. Her legs trembled and tensed, reacting to my tongue and she grabbed my head and forced my mouth hard onto her cunt. She began to shake and scream out and climaxed really strong before she collapsed back into the armchair.

"That was very good," said Kim.

She relaxed and pushed my face away from her, smiling at my inane grin. I knew I had pleased her, I felt my face wet with her juices.

"That was good, but I want some more fun with you, stand up." Still handcuffed I struggle to my feet, my cock juts out horizontally level with her face so excited by what we are doing.

"I know what you're thinking. You're wondering if I'm going to suck you?"

I stepped closer as she slowly stroked my cock, then leant forward wrapping her mouth around it. Her mouth opened and went down the length of my penis, her lips close and her tongue starts licking me, her fingernails dig into my rear to held me still.

"Oh fuck Kim that's gorgeous."

"Don't you cum yet! If you come, I'll make you regret it." She said abruptly pulling me out of her mouth.

In one smooth movement she took my cock back in her mouth, I slid my cock between her luscious lips as she started to suck and slurp noisily. Suddenly she stood and pulled me close, my cock nestled against her pussy.

"You are getting what you want from me, I intend to get what I want too. Do as you are told and get on your back on the rug now."

Quickly I got down and lay back, legs outstretched on the soft rug. She stood astride me, her legs apart. I could see her pussy was moist as she easily slid two fingers into her pussy as she stood over me.

"Touch yourself Gary, wank it for me. What do you want from your mistress?"

"I want to fuck you Kim, please!"

"Maybe, but not yet."

She stood over my face facing down my body and slowly descended onto my mouth with her very wet pussy right on my face. As I tongued her slit she started stared licking the shaft from top to bottom and then every once in a while swallowing the whole thing down her throat and swirling her tongue around the shaft.

"I'm nearly cumming," I murmur from beneath her thighs.

She sat straight up on my face and ground her pussy on my mouth until she turned around and straddled my throbbing cock. Silently, she lowered herself until I gently pushed my rock hard cock into her soft pussy. "Use me Mistress," I murmured.

"I need a good fuck," she said pressing down until I was deep inside. Her head fell back and she sighed, "How does that feel, Gary? I'm fucking you, want it harder?"

My hands ache as the handcuffs dig painfully into my back.

"I want to fuck hard," I whispered.

As she ground her hips down on me I knew I couldn't last much longer, my breathing was ragged, I was almost there and she knew it!"

"Come for me Gary, do it in me." She orders.

I began to pump into her, short strokes, our bodies tight against each other as we fucked. Both panting until my balls ached and I felt myself cumming.

With a loud moan, "Oh fuck, take it!" I pumped into my mistress.

As I was cumming Kim gave a long moan of pleasure and I felt her pussy tighten as suddenly I was pumping my spunk deep into her, her nails scratched down my chest, until I was spent. We lay there for a time, close, intertwined.

"I'm not done with you yet Gary, you came too quick you bad boy!" she said as got off my hips and climbed back over my chest. She relaxed her pussy and slowly my spunk mixed with her juices started dripping out.

"Open your mouth." she demanded.

My heart sank for as the reality of what she was doing sank in, the thought of eating my cum from her disgusted me. Dominantly she sat on my face pushing her sopping pussy on my mouth and gripping me with her thighs to hold me in place.

She began grinding making it hard for me to breathe without swallowing my own cum.

"You're going to make me cum again before I release you."

On my back with handcuffs on was painful anyway and having Kim's oozing pussy plopped down on my face at the same time certainly added to the pain. She was rotating her pussy back and forth on my face, I hesitated at first but then I stuck out my tongue to lick her. She ground her cunt onto my face, rubbed herself back and forth over my soaking wet face. The taste was aromatic and not as unpleasant as I feared. Her thighs tightened and I drove my tongue inside her.

"Open your mouth, open it and eat. I'm cumming!"

Her muscular thighs tightened around my cheeks as she ground out a quick, drenching orgasm soaking me. She rolled off me and I got to my feet.

"Come here lover," she said tenderly as she undid my handcuffs, my wrists red raw now. I looked in the mirror and saw my face a mess of dried and wet pussy juice and cum.

"Thank you for your submission but play time is over, time to go Gary. My cuckold husband is due home soon and I want to tell him exactly what we have done."

I quickly dressed and without another word Kim saw me out the door but already I fancied some more of her!

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