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Mistress Lily Of Ottawa


Playing with taboo requires a lot of trust and hardiness, and a lot of us are turned on by the very thing that we loathe and fear. Many of us are sexually aroused by that which we feel repelled by. Consider the case of Stephen Valentin, a big and tall, burly Black man who is quite outspoken in his criticism of police, racial profiling, and North America’s changing demographics and culture.

This self-styled ‘racial defender’ has a secret fetish that would surprise most people who knew him. Simply put, the brother is fascinated by White female dominance of the sexual kind. Stephen Valentin is a strong Black man who appears to be a very dominant personality at home and at work, but in the bedroom, he is quite the opposite. Well, it has been said that no one is exactly what they appear.

Stephen Valentin is a graduate student at Carleton University, and if one were to judge by his Facebook activity, the brother in question is trying hard to be the next Malcolm X. In his criminology classes, Stephen often speaks about racial profiling, the need for police reform and civilian oversight into judicial matters. From his hero-worship of Black female celebrities like tennis star Serena Williams, singer Alicia Keys and First Lady of the U.S. Michelle Obama, Stephen definitely seems like the type of brother who is looking for his Black queen.

Things are never what they seem, and most of Stephen’s friends would be surprised if they knew what he looked at on the Internet. A frequent viewer of the infamous BDSM website known as Kink, Stephen seems to gravitate toward a certain type of sexual activity. Videos featuring dominant White women and Black male submissive types totally tickled his fancy. For a strong Black man who condemns White racism and is quite vocal about speaking up for his rights, to be turned on by such things is the ultimate taboo.

Stephen is definitely not what most people would expect, that’s for sure. When he’s not working at his security guard job, he’s in the campus library, writing fiction or browsing the web for the kind of porn he craves. Fortunately for him, the world of femdom ( female domination ) was expanding and becoming more racially diverse. The website Kink featured lots of scenes of White women and dark-skinned male submissive types. Stephen’s kink was becoming more mainstream.

Stephen was overjoyed about that. One of the earliest was when short, slender and fair-skinned blonde porn star Aiden Starr dominated the hell out of muscular, dark-skinned African American stud Jack Hammer. Stephen must have jerked off a thousand times to that scene alone. Lots of White female porn stars didn’t like doing scenes with Black men, although that was slowly changing. The world of interracial porn was slowly becoming more mainstream, thanks to sites like Blacks On Blondes, for example.

Lots of Black guys loved the website Blacks On Blondes, and its affiliate Spring Thomas, which featured a beautiful young White woman with a Southern accent, who went around picking up Black guys and hooking up with them. Stephen was definitely no exception, and he did enjoy watching Spring Thomas get fucked by tall, lean and athletic, well-endowed Black porn legend Wesley Snipes. Yeah, the porn he loved was slowly becoming more mainstream, but Stephen still wasn’t satisfied.

For a time, Stephen Valentin explored the BDSM scene in Ottawa. The few mistresses Stephen dealt with were okay, and he was particularly fond of Mistress Tina, a lovely, forty-something Asian lady whom he had occasional encounters with. Still, Mistress Tina traveled a lot and Stephen only saw her every few months or so, and the brother was left frustrated.

Stephen tried hollering at the pretty ladies he saw on his campus, but most of them were NOT into what he liked. These young women were vanilla for the most part. Stephen saw absolutely no future there. They were too normal for him. Too conventional. Stephen was a most unconventional man, that’s for damn sure. Stephen had to navigate these uncertain waters carefully because the Carleton community was small, and he didn’t want people talking about him. In fact, it wasn’t long before Stephen gave up on finding romance on campus altogether.

For a time, Stephen Valentin dated a young Black woman named Annie Andrade, and their relationship was fulfilling at first because Annie seemed to understand his needs. They were both from Afro-Caribbean culture, and seemed to relate to each other. Stephen was a church-going, hard-working young man with a serious interest in all things related to Kink and BDSM. Annie Andrade was a sex freak hiding behind the façade of a prim and proper, hard-working college student. They were made for each other.

When Stephen Valentin wrote the kind of kinky, salacious erotica that few could stomach for their wickedness and wanton lust, Annie Andrade was the first person to read them. Much to Stephen’s delight, Annie was turned on by his erotic fiction and seemed to embrace most of his kinks. His lust for White women was temporarily abated due to the fact that he had a wonderful, kinky young Black woman in his life. Stephen Valentin was one happy camper, and he thanked his lucky stars that he had Annie Andrade in his life.

Around the time that Stephen Valentin was dating Caribbean beauty Annie Andrade, he met a seemingly innocuous but ultimately remarkable woman. Lilith Allston, a petite, blonde-haired and blue-eyed beauty of a certain age living and working in the suburbs of Kanata, Ontario. As luck would have it, Stephen Valentin and Lilith Allston became fast friends, even though they couldn’t be more different.

Opposites most definitely do attract, and Stephen Valentin and Lilith Allston are living proof of that. They forged an unlikely friendship. The two confided in each other about their respective problems. Stephen told Lilith about his problems with Annie, his mercurial Caribbean goddess, and Lilith confided in Stephen about her marital problems. Over the years, they kept in touch and enjoyed a beautiful friendship.

Fast forward a couple of years, and Lilith Allston is divorced from her passive-aggressive, abusive husband Troy, and Stephen Valentin is single again, jaded after the demise of his long-time romance with Annie Andrade. Stephen has become a recluse, burying himself in his class work and his security gig, and longing for the days when he had a good woman in his life. A sad state of the affairs for these two friends. Loneliness haunted both Lilith and Stephen, until the day Lilith revealed her newfound interest in BDSM to her long-time friend.

Stephen was thrilled by Lilith’s curiosity about BDSM, and set out to educate her about this wicked, fascinating new realm. Hell, when Lilith told him she was curious about exploring her dominant side, Stephen even volunteered his, ahem, services as a submissive. For months Stephen waited for Lilith to move back to Ottawa from Thunder Bay, Ontario, where she was doing contract work for some company. When Lilith came back, with her “Mistress Lily” persona in tow, Stephen Valentin gave her one hell of a welcome home party.

Mistress Lily lay in bed, clad in a Black bra and matching panties, and smiled to herself as her submissive, Stephen, gently sucked on her toes. The big and tall, ruggedly handsome young Black man sucked her toes, and then worked his way up. Sliding her panties down gently, Stephen buried his face between her legs. A sharp cry escaped Mistress Lily’s lips as he licked her sweet pussy. Good negro, Mistress Lily whispered and Stephen looked up at her and smiled, then continued licking her pussy.

When Stephen told Lilith what he was into, she felt conflicted. For Lilith Allston is a very moral person who definitely believed certain boundaries weren’t meant to be crossed. Nevertheless, the more Stephen told her about the controversial practice of race play, the more turned on Lilith became. Stephen assuaged her feelings of guilt, and now the two of them were free to play.

Stephen licked Lilith’s pussy with gusto, and soon had her squealing in delight. Afterwards, Lilith laid Stephen on the bed and went to work on him. Taking his dick in her hands, Lilith stroked it and then gently began sucking it. Stephen sighed happily as Lilith sucked his dick, and in no time he was hard as a rock. Grinning, Mistress Lily looked at Stephen, grabbed his face and told her favorite negro to fuck her hard. Stephen smiled wickedly and pulled her on top of him. Rolling a condom on his dick, Stephen was finally ready. With a swift thrust, Stephen penetrated Mistress Lily’s pussy.

Mistress Lily licked her lips and wrapped her arms tightly around Stephen’s torso as he slammed his dick into her. Hard and fast they went at it, and rocked together for the better part of an hour. Much later, Stephen rolled the used off of his dick, and tossed it aside. Mistress Lily looked at him and smiled, for the innocuous-looking but tempting she-devil had much more in store for her favorite submissive.

Mistress Lily smiled at Stephen as he got on all fours, and she fastened the strap-on dildo about her waist. The day before they’d gone to the adult video store near Rideau Street, Pleasures N Treasures, and bought it. Mistress Lily lubricated the strap-on dildo with Aloe cream as Stephen assumed the position. With a wicked grin, Mistress Lily grabbed Stephen’s hips and worked the dildo up the sexy negro’s ass. Stephen gasped as Mistress Lily penetrated him with the strap-on dildo.

Spanking Stephen’s cute brown butt, Mistress Lily grabbed his hips and fucked him with gusto, sinking the dildo deep into his ass. While fucking Stephen, Mistress Lily really went to town on him. At first, she was hesitant but now, with his permission, Mistress Lily really let Stephen have it. As she pegged him with the dildo, Mistress Lily called Stephen a punk, a sissy and most of all, a negro slave. Stephen squealed in delight as she fucked his ass and humiliated him, and begged his mistress for more. Mistress Lily fucked Stephen’s ass and berated him until he begged for mercy.

Much later, the two lovebirds lay side by side, happy as can be. Stephen Valentin cradled Lilith Allston/Mistress Lily in his arms, beyond thankful for the sensual experience of a lifetime. Race play is definitely the most taboo of experiences within the realm of BDSM, and not one to be undertaken likely. At last, Stephen found someone to explore his most forbidden fantasies with, and he was a happy camper. Out there in the world, Stephen was tall, dark and outspoken, ready to take on any comers. In the bedroom, he was Mistress Lily’s devoted submissive. All is right with his kinky and twisted world.

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