tagSci-Fi & FantasyMistress Moon Ch. 01

Mistress Moon Ch. 01


This is the first chapter of a two-part exploration of life on LUNA1, a permanent colony of Earth which was set up by a Chinese-Indian consortium to exploit Luna`s abundant He3 a vital fuel for fusion reactors on Earth. The central characters Sadie and Jorge work as miners LUNA1 but also serve as extras in VR porn, the colony's second-leading revenue generator.

All characters are over eighteen.

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Fascinating rhythm, you've got me on the go
Fascinating rhythm, I'm all a-quiver
Fascinating rhythm, the neighbors want to know
Fascinating rhythm, what makes me shiver

Fascinating Rhythm - George and Ira Gershwin, 1924

Sadie was never sure which rhythm old Ira had found so fascinating. Jorge ventured that it was the delightful waggle of a woman's buttocks as she walks and dances away from you. The movements of a woman, particularly those of a woman of African descent were so much more accentuated than those of men. It had something to do with the width and position of the hips, the tilt of the pelvis and perhaps the lack of a dick between them. The song was over a hundred and fifty years old but fit so well to Sadie and life LUNA1.

So, there she was again, Sadie on Saturday night sashaying down the alley to join the rest of the cast for a Special Show when Earth eclipsed Sol. Although she could and did use the money, Sadie knew she would do it for nothing - it relieved the dull monotony of 3He mining on Luna.

Sadie was in demand because she was black; most everyone else here in LUNA1 was oriental or South Asian. The USA had landed men on Luna as early as 1969. But it wasn't until 2033, that a Chinese-Indian consortium established LUNA1 as a permanent colony on the moon, to exploit its precious 3He, which was vital to fusion reactors Earthside.

Then too, it didn't hurt that she was tall (1.85 m) and slender (70 Earth kg) with an ample bosom (90 cm - D) which undulated nicely under Luna's reduced gravity Then too Sadie had pouty lips (both sets) and of course her great ass, which Jorge described as a bubble butt. On Earth she had thick curly black hair but here on like the other moonies, she took her weekly depill pill and was smooth as a billiard ball all over. You had to be to wear those suits and work outside the dome. Only the big porn stars and the tourists had hair. The lack of head hair upset a lot of women but it was the loss of pubic hair that got to the men, perhaps because many had already come to terms with the loss of scalp hair. But they usually got over it when they discovered how much Sadie loved the feel and taste of a hairless scrotum, especially when it was attached to a well proportioned and interestingly decorated body. Yeah, body art was big among the moonies, who inside the dome wore as few clothes as permitted and were nearly always naked inside their residences.

And in case you just emerged from a time capsule, porn was big here on LUNA1, by some accounts the third highest revenue generator after 3He m mining and tourism. Although she'd come to Luna1 as an electrical engineer, porn was a rewarding sideline. In the light gravity, even big boobs like Sadie's looked perky and the cum shots were amazing. Then too, there wasn't all that much else to do after work anyway and if you could be paid for doing what came naturally. By now, Sadie and Jorge were well established among the extras and this time they were getting their own scene, high on a platform backlit by the eclipse.

It had taken some time for Sadie to get used to the VR hookups, especially the sensors in her tits, labia, clit, vulva and, yes, anus. But hey, people pierced themselves voluntarily at the Millennium and called it fashion. And they used needles rather than lasers for body art. As the 21st century drew to a close, VR porn was a lot more than visual, everyone was totally wired. No faking the big O when the audience shares your neural input/output. But she did sympathize with Jorge for all those microprobes embedded in his delicious prick and hairless balls. Even in the 21st Century, a small majority of porn watchers were male and the probe density was much higher in the male's external genitals. MMMM Sadie could feel herself moisten at just the thought of teasing the microchip just below Jorge's cumhole with the chip on her uvula (and yes we're talking deep throat, not typos). Of course, all input/output was monitored and analyzed by Priscilla, the sex-mad AI program, who directed the whole production through her nest of neural probes which were attached to both the actors and audience.

Then there were the custom designed drugs, starting with a lot of THC, one of the active ingredients in marijuana to make things slow and mellow. Ingested not smoked, smoking was not allowed on LUNA1 and even Earthside most of the smokers died out by 2030. To this was added a couple of vasodilators to puff up Sadie's labia and to maintain Jorge's erection almost indefinitely, a touch of Spanish Fly which made her cunt tingle, and two hypothalamic boosters, the first increased their sensitivity to human sex pheromones while the second boosted their production of these magic compounds. Ohh Sadie wished they'd just hurry up and get the rest of the probes aligned so she could get on with it.

Jorge had been in the second year of his doctoral program in non-parametric historical analysis when he met Sadie, dropped out and followed her to the moon, LUNA1, the 3He mines and yes sex and then porno. He gave a shrill wolf whistle as he approached the platform where Sadie was waiting expectantly. From a distance, her probes glittered in the reflected Earthshine, her nipples, clit and thick nether lips all bejeweled, with brilliant LED's set in the pulsing holographic dragon, the special effects nerds had printed over her dark torso. Even sitting still, she moved, swaying to her internal rhythm and the vision was well, 'fascinating.' She was so big, 5 cm taller and10 Earth kg heavier than him. with those massive tits and prominent nipples that he loved to nibble and suck. He knew she wanted him above all others but at times he was unsure if she wanted to love or devour him.

As Jorge approached, Sadie felt sexy, a feeling reinforced by Jorge's wolf whistle and Priscilla's comforting "Yo one hot bitch tonight!" She was pleased to see that the appendage she was most interested in was already at attention. At 25 cm, Jorge's cock was significantly greater than average and just right for her. She teasingly ran her tongue along his length, playing lightly as they tested the probes. As Jorge's shaft twitched, Priscilla's feedback came quickly, all was in order. Sadie sighed as he reciprocated, mouthing her nipples, cupping her pudenda in his hand and fingering gently - yes her probes were working to specifications as well. She could smell and taste the pheromones and everything was starting to move so slowly.

Jorge was relaxed, centered, his performance readiness enhanced by Priscilla's, appreciative murmur, "Looking good stud" at the back of his consciousness. As the drugs began to take effect, he felt the curious combination of languor and arousal performance always elicited. The drugs enhanced and prolonged all the sensations, especially climaxes for the benefit of the audience. Although with the various levels of neural feedback compounded by Priscilla's prattle, it was sometimes difficult to differentiate between performer and audience.

As they walked to the platform, Jorge's attention was drawn to the iridescent shifting colors of the LED pearl affixed to Sadie's navel and he idly wondered how long it would survive their contortions. As they reached the podium they turned to face each other. He drew a deep breath as he beheld the voluptuous Nubian princess shimmering before him. Sadie smiled in admiration of his gnarly frame and the rampant cock projected straight before her. Already Jorge could feel his blood pulsing along its length and he drew a quick breath as the ring at its base constricted under Priscilla's neural directive. She wanted him hard but long-lasting, slowly building the stew to a massive climax. He grinned, as she activated the low setting in Sadie's nipple and clitoral piercings. What was good for the gander would be good for the goose - a fine stew indeed. Priscilla tut-tutted then joined their play, giving them both a sudden pulse to their anal sensors.

Jorge kissed Sadie deeply and their tongues deeply entwined before he moved lower, mouthing each nipple in turn. He pressed her breasts together, as his tongue traced slow figure eights round one aureole then the other before he sucked and nibbled her erect tits. They heard a muffled gasp from the audience below, at least 50 % of whom were patched into Sadie's feed. The audience too was primed, must be earth-madness related to the eclipse. It was going to be a good show.

Sadie sighed as she felt the first ripples of power emanating from her naval chakra as they approached the platform. His gleaming bronze skin and compact muscular build contrasted well with her dark, curvaceous body. As they stood opposite each other, his dark eyes smiling, she felt a pang of remorse knowing she had torn him from his beloved history studies to follow her to LUNA1. For Sadie, it was an escape from the hellhole that was WASHDC, if she could make enough, she might even be able to breed. But Jorge came from a good family, well placed and all was falling into place for him until he followed her to LUNA1.

"Mmmm," she whimpered as thought vanished, replaced by primal instinct when Jorge kneaded her breasts and nuzzled her erect nipples. Her heightened arousal was compounded by her exhibitionistic disposition and further stimulated by neural feedback from the synced in the audience below.

There was a muffled gasp from the audience and glancing up they saw Earth take the first bite out of Sol. No need for special goggles here, the Dome automatically adjusted light transmission to prevent retinal burn out. Sadie turned to Jorge and returned his tease, running her hands, mouth, and tongue from the outstretched Griffin talons tattooed around his nipples, then tracking down to his navel before bypassing his straining prick to lightly mouth his tight scrotum. She paused briefly, then her tongue skated past his perineum to explore his anus. Her fingers splayed to cup his buttocks, then slowly massaged their way up his spine and the iridescent Griffin wings which spread from his lower back to his scapulae. Sadie mouthed each earlobe in turn, extending her tongue deep into his earholes while pressing her full breasts and hard nipples against his muscular back. Yum, she was just a bit taller than Jorge and they spooned so nicely. He shuddered as she ran her fingers down his crack, then moaned as she grasped his hard shaft in one hand, his balls in the other and whispered, "Mine all mine."

Jorge groaned, "Yes all yours!" as Sadie claimed his cock. He sensed his groan ripple through the audience. Most of those sharing his sensory feed were male, some trans, and a few females who linked to his input to experience a man's perspective. Caught in the moment, he was enjoying the sensations too much to think of it as work, yet they were paid for it! As Sadie rubbed her body against him, her hot nipples pressing into him, her hands cupping his ass, he reached back to pull her tight against him and felt her wetness at the base of his spine. Talk about having your cake and eating it too!

Knowing that Sadie was ripe, Jorge turned around in her arms for a deep tongue thrusting kiss before kissing a moist path down from her pouty lips to her tits. The probes in her dark nipples sparkled, the pulsing holographic dragon coursed over her shoulders and down her back. Her nipples responding to his attention, swelling from wrinkled raisins to turgid grapes. The flashing of the dragon quickened, as Sadie's arousal increased. Jorge's mouth and tongue followed the dragon's snout down her belly. The slight roundness of her tummy was especially attractive to him - one day, maybe, she might swell with their child. His mouth explored her navel, an outie, with its ruby stud before moving lower, tracing the forked dragon tongue circling the perimeter of her musky sex. He paused to savor her rich fecund aroma before his tongue lapped her moist slit and flicked her engorged clit. Sadie gasped as did the half of the audience patched into her sensory output. Mmmm he loved the taste of this woman and the wetness emanating from her pussy as he alternately nibbled her labia, greedily slurped her juices and sucked her clitoris, The light around them dimmed, signaling the beginning of Earth's eclipse of Sol but he did not look up. He was captured by the far brighter light of Sadie's pulsing jeweled sex.

As Jorge's kisses moved from her lips, his own bits became available for Sadie to touch and taste. She ran her fingers over his hard chest and nipples, flat belly down to his belly button, an innie pierced, by a silver ring which shimmered just above the tip of his very erect cock. She traced her stud at the tip of her tongue along the ridge on the underside of his shaft, circled his rim, licked the pre off his cumhole then withdrew. Her hand took over, moving slowly, tracing the crease of his groin, not quite touching his shiny prick. She cupped his taut scrotum in her hand and slowly squeezed his balls together. Her mouth replaced her hand, sucking one then the other of his testicles squirming in his hairless sac. Sadie drew a quick breath as Jorge mirrored her actions and mouthed her labia, and succumbed to the mix of direct sensation and neural crossfeed. Yes, the new neural feedback loop was working; one part of her was floating in Jorge's perceptions as she sucked his balls while the other part was lost in the direct sensory input of his mouth on her cunt. Another 20th-century song. Simon & Garfunkel's "Feeling Groovy" flashed through her brain and then the 3D sound playing in the background - Priscilla having her jollies.

Sadie could stand it no longer and reached for Jorge's ass bringing his cock closer to her mouth. She released his scrotum and ran her tongue slowly up his shaft while her fingers drew back his foreskin to reveal his mushroom cockhead, then licked the precum seeping from his cumhole. One hand pistoned his straining rod, the other cupped his balls, as she took his cock deep into her throat. Jorge grunted, the vibrations of his guttural moans reverberating through her liquid cunt as he inserted, one then two fingers into her vagina, pressing hard on the soft G spot while sucking her labia hard and tonguing her clit. The darkness intensified as Earth covered more of the sun, and Priscilla murmured, "Five minutes to full eclipse!"

"Yessss Sadie!" Jorge hissed, feeling the spectators exhale with him. If their eyes were open, he suspected the audience were watching Sadie and him, rather than the Earth eclipsing the flaming corona of Sol. But at this point, most would have their eyes closed, focussing on the non-visual sensory input, and maybe inputting a bit on their own. He knew from his time spent in the audience how satisfying it was to partake of the actor's VR feed while at the same time sharing direct caresses with your seatmate.

When Priscilla chimed, "Five minutes to full eclipse!" Jorge withdrew his cock from Sadie's mouth and focused on bringing her to her first climax. He was somewhat envious of multi-orgasmic women but knew that when he fucked Sadie doggie style just as Earth fully covered Sol, her pulsating vagina would spasm the moment he entered and milk his rampant cock to his own multilevel climax. He pushed a finger deep within her vulva then arched it forward to hit that spot and sucked her clitty harder. Sadie writhed, whimpered and came almost immediately, he knew her that well. Below there were low moans as the audience shared her first climax. Jorge paused, gently lapping her inner lips, prolonging her afters, before turning her over onto on all fours, with her beautiful ass full before him. His hands spread her cheeks and his cock tracked her cleft before pressing against the entrance of her sex. The tip of his cock circled her labia as he waited for her to beg for his entry. Below the audience opened their eyes and looked up at the couple silhouetted above them against the waning sun. The dome grew darker and darker as the audience prepared to join their descent into the realm of the senses.

As she came hard against Jorge's mouth and tongue, Sadie reveled in the sensations pulsing from her cunt through her spine and radiating through her chakras. But not her mouth, although she could taste his pre, Jorge, ever the professional, with a little help from Priscilla, had reserved his cum for the next scene. Sadie shuddered as the last afters of her climax subsided, replaced by the need to have her cunt stuffed with Jorge's rampant prick. She moved to all fours, doggie style was one of her favorite positions and sighed as she felt Jorge behind her rubbing his cock between her buttocks, then pressing against her engorged labia. Looking back, she saw his cock pressing against her cunt framed by her tits in front and behind Jorge's legs framing the Earth's dark orb which had almost completely eclipsed Sol. She whispered, "You bastard, stop playing and fuck me now!" His hand moved to her tits and pinched her nipples "Fuck me hard now!" she babbled, yet still he toyed. His cock touched her asshole, Sadie quivered and moaned "Yesss, fuck my ass, my cunt, my tits, my mouth, just put your cock in me now!"

Jorge smiled to himself, he loved it when his woman begged. Yes, she wanted him! As Sadie wriggled her ass and hips obscenely to get his cock into her, he positioned himself for a long comfortable fuck, even though he knew it would not last too long. that they would come together at the moment of total eclipse. As he slowly entered her steaming cunt, Sadie pushed back to impale herself fully on Jorge's long 25 cm cock. Jorge grunted, Sadie whimpered; their groans echoed by the audience below. Overcome by their rut, they abandoned all pretense of a long slow fuck and raced toward mutual climax and the total eclipse.

Sadie shuddered as Jorge finally pushed his cock beyond her labia and slowly, slowly entered her cunt. She gasped as ripples of pleasure streamed from her vagina as it adjusted to his thickness and impatiently thrust back to take him all in. All her nerves were staining, screaming for fulfillment until his tip bumped her cervix and his taut balls pressed against her ass. She heard moans and cries from somewhere beyond but that was outside, her focus narrowed to her cunt filled by his fat cock.

As Sadie's cunt enveloped his cock, Jorge began to thrust, slowly at first, then faster. The air was redolent with the rich fecund aroma of sex and their universe contracted to his cock pumping in Sadie's welcoming cunt. Jorge leaned forward and pressed deeper into her, crying, "AIEE" as the monitors released the tension on his cock ring and his sperm flooded her vagina. One spurt, two spurts before Priscilla tightened the tension on the ring, stopping his cum, saving it for the rest of the performance. The last of Sol disappeared, and they lay in total darkness.

Sadie hissed, "Yes!" as her pussy pulsed round Jorge's spurting cock and his cum gushed inside her cunt. A myriad of sensations coursed through their consciousness as they entered a state of both deep relaxation and heightened awareness. I/you/we/God/Goddess/performer/ audience merged in Tantric union. Self-consciousness slowly returned and she was aware of the fluids slowly dribbling from her cunt, Jorge's hard cock still deep within her and she squeezed it affectionately with her practiced inner muscles. They slumped to the floor, replete for the moment. Then as Priscilla chimed, "Fifteen minutes until Sol emerges." she began to mentally prepare for the next scene.

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