tagNonHumanMistress Ninou's Submissive Gift

Mistress Ninou's Submissive Gift


This story is regarding one of my characters from a online game. Mistress Ninou is a Erudite Shadow Knight, who use to be a Paladin but then turned evil after years of abuse. I have a long history of tails regarding Ninou and I hope to bring more of them to paper so that you may see her as I do. A Dom, Ninou submits to her friend as a birthday gift. The story was written as a birthday gift for the player of the other character in this story. His name has been changed to keep his privacy. I hope you enjoy...

* * * * *

Ninou eyed the room; everything was in order just the way she wanted it. The bed was covered in white rose petals, to signify innocence, the floor in red to signify blood. The bed's sheets were a royal purple colored silk, smooth to the touch. Laid out upon the bed was a shear white gown, glistening in what seemed to be light blue pixie dust. At the foot of the bed was a wooden trunk opened, inner lining done in red velvet. Inside the trunk was a selection of leather bound toys, handcuffs, silk scarves, and whips.

A slow smile spreads across her lips as she nods to herself. She hangs up her weapons, holding only the Cat-Of-Nail-Tails whip then removes her boots so not to disturb the rose petals. Carefully her bare feet move across the room to stand in front of the door, waiting....

A knock echoed through the bare halls of the Hotel Eramus, a familiar voice speaking up, "Ninou? I received your note, may I enter?"

"Enter." Her voice said almost commanding.

The Dark Elf stepped into the room, glancing around. Raising an eyebrow he peered at her curiously, his eyes moving from the rose petals on the floor to the whip she held in her hands. "What did you wish to speak to me about?" His tone was one of curiosity.

"Remove your shoes Eramus." Ninou slightly grinned as the realization of what may come washed over his handsome Elvin features. "Leave them by the door."

Humoring her, he removed his slippers and crossed his arms over his chest, "What are your plans Mistress, to whip me?" He grinned and looked her over.

Ninou smiled and slowly approached him till she stood in front of him. Towering over him slightly she looked into his eyes, then without words the Erudite dropped to her knees. Bending till her nose touched the floor she raises her arms above her head, whip laid out along the palms presenting it for him. Lifting her face she softly kisses the top of each foot and waits for him to speak.

Eramus blinks his eyes and stares down at the woman submitting to him. After a moment of silence he softly touches the top of her head, "You may rise."

"Does Master wish to take the Whip from my open palms?" She breathes her cat-like green eyes lifting to his.

"Nay, I have no use for it as of yet, now rise." His voice taking on a new tone as he watches her rise to her feet. His eyes scan the room as if he was seeing it anew; they fell upon the bed and the white gown. Gesturing to the gown, "The gown, what is it for?"

"One thought ye may wish to see one wear it tonight." She spoke softly, her voice no longer holding hint of sarcasm or the demand he was use to. Her head was bowed, her eyes not looking into his. "Does Master wish to see one wear it?"

Eramus raises his eyebrows and smiles slowly, "Take off your clothes." His voice held a hint of amusement as he commanded her. Ninou made eye contact with him once more as she slowly stripped out of her flayed skin armor. Her muscles rippled as she pulled her tunic over her, removing each piece of clothing with care till she stood nude before him. Nodding his eyes took all of her in, from her bare feet to the curve of her hip, all the way up to the firmness of her breasts and waves of her short brown hair.

"Very good," He breathed, "Now put on the gown."

Ninou nodded and pulled the smooth gown over her head, the shear material clung to her well-muscled body and left nothing to the imagination. As she moved the light blue pixie dust filled the air, clinging to everything in sight including Eramus. The fabric of the gown glowed in the lamp light of the room, the sheerness showing even the well trimmed patch of dark pubic hair between her legs. "What does Master wish of me now?" Eramus breathed in slowly taking in the scene before him, the thought of Ninou submitting to him stirring the fire in his loins. Yet he had control of his senses, and would not let them get out of control until he had his fill of the situation. He reached out a hand and softly caressed her cheek. Ninou lift her red lips to his hand and kissed the inside palm. Eramus smiled and gestured to the bed, "Lay down, and make yourself comfortable."

Ninou climbed onto the bed, laying her back upon the white petals as she stared up at him. She lowered her eyes from his, and raised her arms above her head, wrapping her hands around the bars of the headboard. She lay there silently, waiting for him to speak, for him to command her. Her heart pounding in her chest, so loudly in her own ears she wondered if he could it. It had been so long since she had submitted to a man, this one be a difficult task for her to perform. Memories and thoughts flooded her head but she shook them free, clearing her mind as best as she could in order to give him complete control. Again she spoke softly, "Does Master wish to take me now?"

"No." He said standing over her at the side of the bed, his eyes scanning her body. He reaches over and touches one of the white rose petals, lifting it and examining the light blue dust sticking to it. "Pixie dust?"

"Yes, Master."

"What is it for Ninou?"

Slightly flushing Ninou lifts her eyes to his, "For endurance, Master. One felt it might come in handy tonight. Does it please you Master?"

A small chuckle comes from Eramus as he looks at the color that came to her cheeks. "Yes, it pleases me." He takes his finger and slowly caresses her jaw line. Ninou closes her eyes and tries to let her body relax for him, calming her breathing.

"What does my Master wish of me?"

Eramus slowly smiled, his thoughts must have been turning wildly, wanting proof of how submissive the Erudite was to him this night. Finally he crossed his arms, "I wish for a drink, go down stairs and get me one. Ask permission of the bar keep first, then return to me."

Ninou rose from the bed and bowed her head, "What is it my Master wishes to drink?"

"That my dear pet, you must figure out on your own. If you know your Master, you will not have trouble in the decision." He raises his eyebrows and gestures to the door. "Now go."

Ninou nods and makes her way out into the slightly chilly hallway. The cool air causing her nipples to harden under the sheer gown, Ninou's bare feet padded across the wooden floors. Never being ashamed of her body before she had no reason to be ashamed of it now as she made her way past customers of the Hotel and down the stairs into the lobby. Her eyes never meeting anyone who stopped to stare at the beautiful Erudite in the revealing gown as she hurried towards the Bar room.

As she entered the room, her eyes met that of the Bar Keeps, and she fell to her knees, "One wishes to enter this establishment at the approval of you kind Sir."

The Barkeeper look a bit confused, "You... may enter, Ninou." He sounded confused as well.

Ninou rose to her feet and approached the bar, "One wishes to get a drink for Master Eramus." She says softly, ignoring the looks on the faces of her friends.

Color rushed into the Barkeeper's cheeks as he realized what was going on, clearing his throat he nodded to her, "What drink do you need?"

Ninou froze for a moment, she had no idea what Eramus liked to drink. Her bright green eyes scanned the bottles upon bottles of wine, beer, and meads. Again her heart began to race, she had to choose a drink to take back to him, but what could she choose. She had seen him drink many things on occasion from Beer, to Red wine, and even Brandy. She concentrated on conversations they have had in the past trying to figure out what he would want more at the moment. Finally a thought came to mind and she smiled, "One wishes to take a bottle of red wine to my Master."

The Barkeeper nodded and handed it to her, "There you go Ninou, and you can pay later."

"One thanks you," She said and then turned to head back up the stairs. She gritted her teeth when she heard laughter coming from the bar after she was half way across the lobby. Shaking her head clear of thoughts again she made her way back up the stairs and down the hall to her room. Knocking on her bedroom door, "One wishes to re-enter the room."

"Did you bring my drink Ninou?"

"Yes, Master."

Eramus opened the door and smiled, "Very good, come join me at the table." He gestured to the small wooden table and two chairs in the corner of the room. "You may sit in this one." He pointed to the one in the corner.

Ninou nodded and sat down then placed the bottle of wine on the table. "One brings you red wine."

He looked at the bottle and then at her, "Why did you bring me red wine?"

She looks into his eyes and smiles, "For endurance, as well as it is a desert wine, Master." She stifled the chuckle that wanted to escape her lips, "Does it please you, Master?"

Grinning, he opened the bottle of wine, "Yes it pleases me." Taking a small sip he eyed her over the rim of the bottle. "Did you ask permission to enter the Bar like I told you too?"

"Yes, Master."

"Good, very good, Ninou." He reached across the table and runs his finger over her lips. "I am rather surprised at your actions tonight, I must say. Never would I have thought of you submitting to any man, more or less me."

"One wishes to make her Master happy on this special occasion." Her eyes look into his for a moment then she removes them and stares at the table.

"I am sure there will be much pleasure involved for the both of us in the taming." He grinned and stood from the table. "Do you wish to drink?"

"One does not need to drink in order to submit myself to my Master. To my Master one gives her mind, body and soul freely." Her eyes met his again as she watched a fire light up within at her words.

Eramus licked his lips and held out his hand, "Come, lay down on the bed, and remove your gown first."

Ninou took his hand as he led her back over to the side of the bed, then her eyes glued to his she lifted the gown over head and let it fall to the floor. Standing there, the glow of the lamp illuminating the dark curves of her skin accentuating her exotic, dark features. She climbs onto the bed on her knees then lies down on her back, slightly parting her legs, but not enough for him to get a full view of her. He stood above her then slowly he disrobed, his bright colored robe dropping to the ground near her gown. Her eyes played over his indigo colored skin, his naturally lithe body slightly muscular. The gleam of the light on his skin arousing her, as her eyes took him in.

He sat upon the edge of the bed and eyed her, a slow smile crossing his face as he ran a finger around her navel. "You wish to give yourself to me, Ninou?"

"Yes Master." She almost stuttered from his touch. It had been months since a man had touched her sexually. The last man being her husband before their marriage had ended, now she laid here, her body tingling from the Dark Elf's touch, wanting him.

Eramus teasingly caressed her thigh, his fingers playing over the smooth brown skin. "Do you want me Ninou?"


"Tell me." He commanded.

"I want you." Ninou said softly.

"Open your legs, Ninou." He watched as she parted her thighs, allowing him the view of her womanly folds. He ran his hand up the inside of her thigh and barely touched her sex as he moved it up to her stomach. His hand moves to her breasts and gently he squeezes the nipples. "You are a beautiful woman, Ninou." Eramus bends and whispers in her ear.

Ninou closes her eyes, feeling the heat of lust taking over her body. It had been too long since she had felt such want. She arches her back, pushing her chest up to him as he massages her breast. She could feel a tingling starting between her legs and she shivers. As he massaged, her nipples hardening, sticking out, begging for attention, she needed him to touch them, taste them. A soft moan escapes her lips, causing him to stop what he was doing and stare down at her.

"Feel good my pet?"

"Yes, Master." She breathed, "I crave more."

He grins and bends looking into her eyes as he flicks his tongue over the harden tip of a nipple. Then he lifts up, "Did you like that Ninou?"

"Please, more...."

Eramus raises an eyebrow and smiles, "What do you want?"

"I want you."

His mouth returns to her breast as he sucks the nipple between his teeth, nibbling gently. He tightens the pull when he hears her gasp, biting almost painfully. Eramus's hand caresses her bare thigh, as he tastes of her breasts. A low, almost animal cry came from Ninou as she fought to keep her hands on the bars, wanting to wrap her fingers in his hair and pull him to her desperately. The agony of her nipples seemed to go on forever, her moans edging him on.

Sitting back up he smiles as he sees her white knuckles gripping the bars, "Something wrong, my pet?"

"It is hard to control my want, my body is aching for you." Ninou whispered, not looking him in the eyes. She felt him leave the bed and looked to see where he was going. Watching as he rummaged through the chest, she was curious to what he was looking for.

Finally he emerged and held up three silk scarves, a slow grin spread across his face. "I think I can manage to take care of the problem you're having pet."

He took one hand and wrapped the scarf around it and one of the bars, tying it close, yet not too tight. Then he did the same with the other hand. Ninou eyed him curiously, "What is the third for?"

"You'll see my dear pet, all in due time." Eramus bent and flicked his tongue over her nipples and chuckled as she shivered in pleasure. He ran his hand over her smooth dark skin, caressing her stomach and playfully circling her navel with a finger. His hand traced the contour of her thigh and calf, then lifted her leg into the air and ran his tongue from the knee up to her ankle.

Ninou groaned, she was not used to all the teasing she receiving, she felt as if her heart would burst from want. Mistress Ninou, tied to a bed for the first time in years, and completely helpless. She tried to resist squirming with each touch, yet she couldn't hold her body still. "Please..." She blurted out, and then froze, realizing she had spoken out loud.

Eramus moved her leg back down and eyed her silently, his face sullen and unmoving. After minutes of silence he spoke, his voice almost cold, "Please what?"

"Master I have spoken out of turn, please forgive me." She stutters looking up into his eyes.

He stood above her reached down spreading apart her thighs, slowly. His hands taking her left foot and pulling her down the bed till it was close to the board of the bed. Then he carefully tied the last silk scarf around her ankle and then around the bar. She struggled against the scarves realizing that even with only one leg free she still could not move. It was almost a tease to have the leg free, she glanced down at him a small whimper leaving her lips. "Master, please forgive me?"

Still he did not speak, only made sure her bonds were tight, and would not give under strain. Eramus almost seemed to smile as she tried to squirm, sweat beading on her naked flesh. He ran his hand over her leg again, back to her stomach and sat down next to her. His eyes burnt her skin as they trailed over her, and then lifted to hers. "You are my pet, you must be honest with me. Please what, Ninou?"

"Please Master, take me." She breathes softly, her eyes staring deep into his.

Eramus dips his head to her breasts again, his warm mouth enclosing over her nipple. His lips clamp over it, and pulling with his teeth, causes small sensations to float through her. A finger circles her navel, then dips down, caressing her pubic bone, teasing her as it comes mercilessly close to her sex. She shivers, squirming under him, needing him, wanting him; a low moan escapes her, Ninou whimpers. He moves his hand down along her thigh, up the inside of her thigh then he pinches her, causing her to jump and yelp.

A chuckle came from him as he saw the scorn in her eyes, which faded as soon as he bent to kiss the red stinging skin. He felt the tension in the air getting thicker as he moved his lips along her thigh, his tongue flicking out tasting the sweet salt of her sweat. Her free leg opened, giving him access to move farther up, her womanly folds glistening with arousal. His hand runs along her leg and pushes it up and out of the way as he moves his lips closer and closer. Shifting his body to reach her better he moved his lips to her other thigh just before reaching her folds, and kissed along it, nipping at the sensitive flesh making her yelp again.

Ninou felt like crying, her body on fire as Eramus teased her, as he controlled her, she needed release. Groaning, she arched her back, lifting her pelvis to him, hoping he would devour her with his hungry mouth. Her eyes begging him to taste her, but her lips not daring to say it out loud. He clutched a hand around her free leg holding it in place as his kisses moved up the inside of her thigh. He looked up at her from his position between her legs and grins evilly, his tongue moves out from between his lips and readies it.

Ninou groans and thrusts her hips' up, trying to rush him along, her breasts heaving as her breathing turns ragged with want. He moves away and sits up, his voice a low whisper, "Calm yourself, my pet, and just let it flow."

She closes her eyes and sighs, trying to relax her body, "Eramus, Master, please take me!"

"Do you want me, Ninou?" He smiles down at her as he moves back into position.

"I need you!" She groans lifting her hips to him again.

His tongue finds it way to her glistening folds and licks all the way up her slit. She cries out as she feels his warm wet touch, her back arching up off the bed. He licks her a few more times before flicking his tongue over her swelling clit. Taking it into his mouth he runs his tongue over it, causing her body to shake. She moans loudly, fighting against the restraints holding her to the bed. Eramus looks up at her, his tongue hungrily licking up her juices, his hand holding her free leg open, pressing her knee to her chest, as he tastes her. She cries out as he ravishes her, his tongue probing the depths of her womanhood. She shudders as she hears him moan softly into her, enjoying her taste as he licks the heat.

The feeling of the Dark Elf's tongue sent her senses reeling; she knew it would not be long before the waves of pleasure would rack her body. She tried to free her hands but could not; she craved to feel him, to run her hands over his indigo colored body. She had never been with a male Dark Elf before, only female, and she longed to taste him. She wanted to hold him in her hands, and pleasure him with her own mouth. She lusted to hear him moan, the sound of his grunt as he explodes, all those wonderful sounds that she loved to hear. She groans and whimpers, lifting her pelvis up, her legs shaking badly.

Sensing the level of her arousal, Eramus stops, and moves away. He then moves to kiss her, her juices covering his mouth and chin. Ninou lifts her head and licks him clean, her tongue moving across his wet lips. "Master, one wishes to be kissed!"

"I wish to kiss you." He passionately kisses her, pressing his naked flesh against her and setting loose a whole new sensation through her body as she feels his hardness on her thigh. They both groan, losing themselves in the moment, their tongues dancing. Ninou sucks his tongue into her mouth and moans, sucking it hard hoping he understands what she wants to do. Finally he pulls away, and reaches up over her head, untying her right hand. He smiles and scoots back down between her legs, holding her knee against her chest again. "Pleasure yourself."

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