tagBDSMMistress of Man and Beast

Mistress of Man and Beast


Melissa rode like the wind, her long blond hair flowing behind her like a pennant. She gripped the galloping horse with her muscular legs, every movement of the horse flowing up into her body. Melissa's strong hands held the reins securely but gently; there was no need for force. She felt at one with the animal. Melissa always loved riding her stallion, Star, but her ride today was extraordinary.

Star was a strong horse with a strong spirit and there was often a battle of wills between them but this afternoon she bent him to her will. Melissa had been able to buy Star for a low price because nobody else wanted him. He would not permit himself to be ridden. Melissa first approached him gently, with loving strokes, soft words and snacks of apples. She also utilized a severe bit that she had chosen for its selective ability to inflict pain. She used deliberate movements of the reins to hurt him when she wanted to punish bad behavior or gentle, painless movements when he did what she wanted. Melissa used her whip with discretion, but forcefully, when she needed to correct Star's behavior. It had taken a long time but this afternoon her patience and determination were rewarded. She physically felt the moment he submitted to her. There was a subtle shift in the way he moved under her, almost a welcoming acceptance of her mastery. He seemed to finally understand that they were a team but that she was in charge. She exulted in the fact that she had mastered this powerful male horse using her will power and determination. It felt right, the way it should be. This afternoon Melissa barely had to touch Star with her crop for him to know what she wanted him to do. Riding him today reminded her of having the only kind of sex she liked, sex with a very responsive man, one who did what she wanted, when she wanted.

The ride over, Melissa removed Star's saddle, blanket, bit and reins. He drank water and ate as she brushed him down and ran her hands over him lovingly. She murmured to him, as she would to a lover, "You gave yourself to me today. You're really mine now and I take care of what's mine". She didn't plan to but as she stroked his belly her hands continued down, lower down. She reached down and touched his massive penis. It moved, responding to her attention. This was the first time she had done this. She knew it was kind of pervy to play with her horse's cock but she was 'in a zone' where it felt okay. Star reached his head around and nibbled her neck with his lips, encouraging her. His penis got huge, extending out of its sheath. She squatted so she could use both hands to pull and knead his enormous cock. She felt his body tense as the moment came. Jets of white cum sprayed out, spreading over the floor of the barn and spattering on Melissa. She continued kneading his massive cock as it jetted out white, sticky sperm. Star made grunting sounds that she had never heard him make before as his orgasm continued. Finally, he was done. His massive penis withdrew into his body. Melissa hugged his face, stroking him as she laughed and cried. Star nuzzled her in return.

Melissa sat heavily on a nearby bench. She wiped off her face and just sat there, breathing deeply and rapidly. She had just had mastered her horse and then had sex with him, sort of, and part of her thought "You should be ashamed of yourself" but she wasn't. It had been a blast! Melissa was 26 years old, tall and lithe with attractive features. Her blue-green eyes were captivating; men would often stare into them for a moment before realizing what they were doing and look away, embarrassed at staring at her. Most men would then do a quick scan of the rest of her, usually pausing at her bosom and her hips. They always seemed to like what they saw. She had had a few serious boyfriends but nothing had lasted. Melissa knew what was expected of her: she was supposed to be spirited and adventurous but ultimately submissive to the man. In the rural, conservative area where she lived all the subtle messages around her told her that but ... it didn't feel right. She had tried to do what she thought she was supposed to but, damn it, she wanted to be in charge! She knew that was what she needed but she was scared to acknowledge it. She was scared of the labels people might pin on her: bitch, domme, dominatrix, man hater. Melissa didn't hate men; she wanted to be with them. She wanted a man to love but she wanted him to know his place. Like Star knew his.

Just then Aaron came into the barn, wheeling a wheelbarrow loaded with two bales of hay. The muscles and veins of his forearms bulged as he handled the weight easily. He had been working hard; his T shirt was wet with his sweat, revealing the muscles of his back and shoulders. Aaron had served in the army in the Middle East for 4 years. Now he worked at the riding club part time to help pay his expenses while he went to community college. He was 24 years old and had long admired Melissa from afar. Aaron was infatuated with Melissa but he was shy and didn't know how to approach her. He was in awe of her beauty and the way she carried herself, afraid she would laugh at him if he asked her out. Melissa was aware of his interest but hadn't paid much attention to him until now. Coming off her encounter with Star, Melissa was in a raunchy mood. She wanted to see how far she could get Aaron to go for her.

"Hi Aaron"

"Hi Melissa, did you have a good ride?"

"Oh yeah, it was great. Would you help me for a minute?"

"Sure, what do you need?"

"Could you be a dear and help me with my boots."

Aaron was taken aback by this request but ... it came from Melissa! She was paying attention to him!

Aaron wasn't sure what to do but he knelt awkwardly in front of Melissa, in the straw on the floor of the barn.

She slowly extended one foot, keeping the other on the floor. Aaron pulled on the heel of her boot, holding back on her knee with his other hand until the boot slowly slid off her foot. As her boot came off he moved the hand on her knee until it was supporting her ankle. He held her ankle a little longer than necessary, squeezing it a little more than he should have. Melissa raised her other foot but was momentarily unsure where to put the foot that now had just a sock on it. She didn't want to put it on the dirty barn floor. Aaron saw the problem and solved it by putting her foot on his thigh. He slowly removed her other boot and held her foot in his hand, looking at her. She softly instructed him

"Take the socks off"

Aaron peeled back her sock, put that foot on his thigh and stripped the other. As he held her naked foot Melissa hoarsely whispered

"Kiss my foot"

Aaron' heart was pounding. This was so much, so fast. Not only was Melissa talking to him but she had asked him to touch her, to strip her feet, to kiss her feet! He wasn't particularly attracted to women's feet but this was different. It didn't matter to him that they were sweaty. They actually didn't smell bad; they had the aroma of fresh perspiration and boot leather. The important thing was that they were Melissa's feet and she had just asked him to kiss them.

Aaron bent over and tentatively kissed her ankle, her heel, the sole of her foot, her toes. Melissa encouraged him.

"Yeah, that's good, that's my boy, Oh, that's very good ..."

He worked his tongue between each toe, alternating between sucking and licking, ending with her great toe.

As Aaron was kissing her foot Melissa felt a tremendous stirring in her groin. She gasped as his tongue licked between her toes and sucked on her big toe and unconsciously put her hand on her sex. Although he wasn't looking at her Aaron certainly knew that Melissa was getting off on his licking her foot, especially his licking her between her toes. Her excitement became his excitement. Melissa saw his cock grow hard, bulging obviously under his pants. She slowly extended her other foot and massaged his cock through his pants, squeezing his penis with her toes. It became hard for Aaron to stay focused on her feet while she played with his cock. Aaron had had lap dances in a strip club that he sometimes went to with the guys. This was similar but so much better because it was Melissa doing it. She stopped her 'massage' before he came and languidly lifted the foot that a moment before had been stroking him until he almost shot his load.

"Now do this one."

Melissa was delighted. She had asked Aaron to do some pretty over the top things and he had obeyed her every instruction and then some. Instantly. He was putting his all into pleasing her and Wow! He was doing a good job!

Aaron put her first foot, wet with his saliva, on his thigh and gave her second foot the same loving attention as he had given her first. Melissa noticed a crop that she had left on the bench. She picked it up and gently struck his back, just hard enough that he knew it was there. It wasn't necessary; it was obvious that he was in her thrall but she liked the symbolism. Aaron seemed to like it too. He lavished even more attention on the second foot than he had on the first. On a whim Melissa reached down to Aaron's crotch with the crop and very gently tapped his cock with the leather whip. He squirmed with pleasure as he continued with his work.

Melissa hadn't known that her feet could be so sexily sensitive. Aaron's licking and probing with his tongue sent shivers up her spine and tingles into her pussy. It thrilled Aaron when he did something that Melissa especially liked. He felt her pleasure in his body, almost like he was experiencing it himself.

As Aaron was pleasuring her feet Melissa had visions of him in various positions of helplessness. In her mind she saw him tightly bound in rope, his arms outstretched, his cock standing at attention as she prepared to whip him. She imagined him with his hands cuffed behind him following her as she led him on a leash. She saw ... so many possibilities! Melissa didn't have a lot of actual experience with submissive men but she knew that she wanted to control her men. She wanted to tie her men, to spank them, to have them at her mercy and she felt that Aaron had a great deal of potential. He would be a great catch. She had him hooked. Now she had to reel him in.

Aaron and Star the horse had a lot in common. They both wanted to please the same woman and they both knew and accepted that she was in charge. Aaron didn't know about the horse but he was instantly head over heels in love (lust) with this amazing woman who was asking? telling? ordering? him to make love to her feet.

Aaron had long known that he was different from most guys. When they were having beers in the bar they would talk about their exploits with women. The talk always came down to the guy saying how he had conquered the woman, making her do what he wanted her to. Aaron kept up his end of these conversations; he didn't want to seem different but he knew he was. What really turned him on was imagining a woman who took charge of him, commanding him, tying him up. But he was ashamed of what he wanted. He understood that wasn't what a real man wanted and he wanted to be a real man. He just didn't know how to do that when he wanted the woman to be in charge.

Melissa tapped Aaron on his hip with the crop

"You can stop now. You did very well. Please hand me that towel and my shoes over there."

They had just had a really intimate experience, from out of the blue, and now it felt awkward. Aaron stood there, shifting his weight from foot to foot, not knowing what to do or say. Melissa spoke first.

"Aaron, we seemed to be on the same wavelength there."

Aaron was trembling. He wasn't able to get many words out but he managed to indicate that he wanted to lay his head on her lap. Melissa patted her lap in welcome and Aaron knelt and lay down his head. She stroked his hair and made little comforting sounds, just like she had with Star. After a minute or two Aaron looked up. His eyes were filled with emotion.

"Melissa, I'm not sure what we just did but, uh, I liked it. I liked it very much."

"Aaron, I think we're going to be very good friends. Sit up now. Tell me, what did you like?"

He sat next to Melissa on the bench but had a hard time looking at her in the face. His words came out slowly.

"You were in charge. You told me what to do. You had me do things that gave you pleasure. It was very intimate. I could feel your pleasure and I wanted to give you as much as I could."

Melissa reached over and drew his face towards her. She wanted him to look into her blue-green eyes.

"I need to be in charge. It doesn't work for me otherwise and, Aaron, I liked it very much too. You were great."

She leaned over, kissed him softly on his lips, and stood up.

"I'm sure we're going to see a lot of each other but I have to go now."

"Okay but can we plan on getting together again, soon?"

"I guess, but we'll see each other around." Melissa wanted him to pursue her, and he was.

"How about tomorrow afternoon around 6? At the Starbucks on Main and 4th?"

"Well, okay, if you want. I'll see you then."

Aaron touched her hand for a moment as Melissa left, wanting to maintain his contact with her for another moment.

She walked over to Star and led him to his stall, leaving Aaron sitting on the bench, his mind astir with his hopes for the future.

Melissa was excited and hopeful about the possibilities with Aaron. She knew where she wanted to see Aaron: bound hand and foot with his skin striped with marks from her whip. He was young, handsome, strong and, most important, seemed absolutely eager for Melissa to lead the relationship. Not just willing, but eager. She knew that she needed to be in charge. She wasn't particularly introspective and didn't much care why it was important to her, it just was. She didn't question it any more than she questioned why she was a woman. It's how she was wired.

Aaron got to the coffee shop early. He nursed a cup of coffee as he thought about yesterday. It had been a tremendously erotic experience for him and he wanted more than anything to continue his new relationship with Melissa. She was in a serious mood when she joined him at his table in the corner.

"Aaron, yesterday was a lot of fun and I know you really got into it. I did too but here's the thing: I've been in a number of relationships that didn't work out. They started out well but guy always got unhappy with my being in charge. It hurt their male ego, or something. I'm not putting them down, but it was painful for me to go through that. I'm not so sure I'm ready to risk that again, with you."

As she spoke Melissa toyed with a napkin, tearing it into little pieces and pushing them around on the table.

"Melissa, I don't know who those guys were or what went on but I'm not them. I really want to get to know you better. I think we can have something special. Please, can we give it a chance?"

"Tell me about yourself, Aaron. What makes you tick?" She fixed her eyes on him intently. "Tell me who's inside you."

Aaron swallowed. This was going to be difficult.

"I've always thought that I was different from other guys although I can fake it pretty well. In the army I carried my weight, and then some."

"What did you do in the army?"

"I was a Special Forces Medic. I served in Afghanistan. Now that I'm out I want to go to medical school but I have a lot of education to complete before that can happen."

"How are you different from other guys?"

"When I'm in warrior mode I'm 100% tough guy and very decisive. They train us to both follow orders and to take individual initiative. All the guys in my unit were like that; really good. But ever since I started to notice girls, like when I was around 13, all I could think of was being allowed to serve them and them being in charge and forcing me to do what they wanted me to. That's what has always gotten me excited. Like, when I was a boy and we played cowboys and Indians I always wanted to be the one who was captured and tied up and the best thing was if it was a girl who tied me. It wasn't sexual then; I didn't know what sex was but I just knew that I wanted it. I don't think the other kids I played with were like that.

I don't think most guys are like me. I don't think I'm supposed to feel like this but I do. That's why yesterday was such a turn on for me. Also, it seemed so spontaneous. It seemed to come out of you so naturally."

"I'm going to ask you something really personal but I want you to tell me. What do you think about when you jerk off?"

Aaron's face turned bright red. She hadn't even asked him if he masturbated; she just assumed he did. It was a safe assumption, of course. What guy didn't?

"Well, uh, do I really have to tell you?"

This was too sweet. Aaron had just given Melissa the right to tell him that he had to tell her. Of course she said "Yes, you have to".

"I think about dominant women; about being tied up and maybe whipped by a beautiful woman. She acts real sexy with me and touches me and spanks me until she finally frees one hand to let me jerk off. Sometimes she masturbates me."

"That's hot, real hot. I like that. Did you jerk off yesterday, after we were together?"

"Whew, you're asking really personal questions."

"When I ask a question I expect an answer." Her voice had a hard edge. "Did you jerk off after we were together?"

"Yes, I did." Aaron looked down.

"Look at me. What did you think about?"

"Not what, who. I thought about you and how amazing it was to be with you like that."

"I like that, very much. What exactly was amazing?"

"I loved how confident you were when you told me to do everything. And I could feel what you were feeling. I mean, I've never had that before. When I licked you in an especially sensitive spot I felt it in me. I don't know how that can be but I did. I knew exactly where you felt it the most because I was feeling it too."

Melissa was floored. She believed Aaron but didn't understand how it could be either. She had a really good feeling about him. He was definitely a keeper.

"Melissa, please tell me about yourself. Why is it so important to you to be in control all the time?"

Now it was Melissa's turn to hesitate. She didn't really understand herself although she knew she should.

"I'm not sure how to answer you. If I'm not in control I'm afraid I'll be hurt in some way and also I'm usually sure that my way is the best way, whatever it is. So we should do it my way because it's best. Kind of circular, isn't it. Whatever the reasons, it's how I roll and I think you like me that way, don't you?"

Aaron lowered his eyes and nodded. "Yes, very much. Last night I couldn't stop thinking about you. I mean, I didn't want to stop anyway."

"What were you thinking?"

"I know I'm getting way ahead of myself but I've read about how some women 'own' their guys and how it would be to be 'owned' by you. I got hard thinking about it. I'm getting hard now talking about it." Aaron lowered his head a little. He was bashful about revealing these things about himself but he felt that Melissa was the woman who he could be open with.

Melissa's heart melted for this guy. He was like a gift from heaven. Then she tensed up a little. It was too much too soon. She mustn't get her hopes up so soon.

"We'll see, we'll see. Let's walk some."

Melissa took his hand, kind of leading him, as they left. They walked through the early evening, talking about themselves, their families, what they hoped for the future; getting to know each other. The talk flowed easily, even as they spoke about their sexual interests and experiences. Aaron was more open about what turned him on and Melissa was delighted as she saw that almost everything that he desired were things that she wanted as well. He wanted to be put into bondage -- She liked thinking of herself tying him into helplessness. She talked about some of the possibilities: rope, cuffs, leather straps, chain, special furniture. Aaron loved hearing her enumerate the equipment she might use on him. He wanted to feel the sting of her whip -- She imagined lashing his body and talked about the tools she would use: riding crop, short whip, leather paddle, wooden paddle. He dreamed of being 'owned' by a lover-woman -- She got a little wet as she painted a word picture of his possible future collar: tooled leather with D rings for attaching ... a leash, his wrist cuffs, a crotch rope ... there were so many possibilities!

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