tagSci-Fi & FantasyMistress of the Air Ch. 10

Mistress of the Air Ch. 10


Lady Sally's airship powered away from Essen. It was the first occasion Captain Wyndham had tested her acceleration, and he was not disappointed. She easily reached a cruising speed of 80 mph and sped away, leaving the smoke and grime coated Ruhr receding in the distance.

They were many miles away before the embarrassed man from the Ministry was discovered and untied from the mast.

"I must take my frustrations out on my slaves," announced Lady Sally. "I fear I've rather neglected them today. Set the course for Vienna, my next stop."

Captain Wyndham looked anxious, "Have you seen the weather forecast, your ladyship? Thunderstorms and lightning are forecast!"

Victoria looked terrified, "Please madam don't go through lightning."

"Really, just because you had an unfortunate experience with lightning." Lady Sally explained to the captain, "I tied her onto a tree with iron chains once, and whilst I retired to the summer house for a cup of tea, there was a freak storm, so the poor dear got struck by lightning. She got a bit of a shock."

"It singed my pubic hairs off," added Victoria.

"Madam, I would strongly advise against taking The Corseted Domme through a thunderstorm. It's very risky."

Captain Wyndham recalled recent history of airship travel, and the cases of dirigibles brought down by lightning strikes with no survivors: the German Zeppelin, von Cockenberg, crashed into the North Sea in '02; the USS General Dick, crashed into the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco in '04; the British R-101, exploded during a test flight above Windsor in '05, and the Italian airship, Il Phallusini, caught fire in mid-flight in '07 after being struck by lightning, with all crew and passengers burnt to a frazzle.

To be honest, the captain had to admit airship travel was not particularly safe; in fact, with the hydrogen bags on board, they were pretty much floating explosions. Although the duralumin frame of The Corseted Domme didn't conduct electricity, and was safer than other metal-framed airships, it was nevertheless a hazardous business taking an airship through a storm.

But Lady Sally was having none of it, "Don't be such a wimp, captain. Besides, I have an appointment for tea in Vienna. Let it not be said Lady Sally Rudston-Chichester would ever be late for tea!"

With that she left the control room to go and punish her submissive gentlemen, taking Victoria with her. Talk of lightning had given her an inspired idea, and she went via her private quarters to get changed and pick up one of the devices from the chest secreted there.

Lady Sally had the men assembled in her playroom. She had changed into one of her corsets, a fetching, turquoise, satin one with whale bone stays, which left her breasts exposed. She decided to give the men a treat as she had spent much of the day occupied with her business in the Ruhr, and the unfortunate incident with the man from the Ministry of War.

She carried a teak wooden box with brass fittings. This was the first of the devices she had brought on her travels from the Rudston Hall workshop. She would test it on Victoria first; as her maid was used to being the guinea pig for any new toys she acquired.

The group of men gathered around the object, gazing upon it with curiosity, which on Lady Sally opening the lid and pulling down its drop-sided front, turned to alarm. The box contained an object like a metal rattle with wires attaching it to a battery cell contained within the box. It was an electro-vibrator. Devices of this kind had been on the market for a while, ostensibly as a cure for female 'hysteria' but, in reality, to give women a rip-roaring orgasm. Lady Sally's ingenuity in developing the basic model was in the variety of attachments she had made for it. These were designed to stroke or probe different parts of the male anatomy and inflict a new and exciting style of discomfort on them.

Lady Sally turned a brass handle to charge the battery and send the current to the hand-held device in which the various attachments could be inserted. She charged the battery for several minutes before pausing. A humming noise emanated from the box. She couldn't have the current wane in the middle of her play so she wound the handle furiously to charge it more. The hum turned into a buzz. She hesitated. Best be on the safe side, she thought, as she cranked the handle again. The volume of the buzzing increased so that it now sounded like a swarm of wasps.

"There, that should do it," she announced. "Now Victoria, pull up your petticoats and pull down your underwear. I want to give this toy a test run."

Victoria looked apprehensive. He had been on the receiving end of Lady Sally's experiments in male torment before, sometimes with disastrous results. Nonetheless, he did as he was told. He gathered up the layers of petticoats with one hand and pulled down his lacy, frilled knickers with the other. His cock dangled invitingly. He was too anxious to get an erection.

Lady Sally selected an attachment; it consisted of long copper wires. The box buzzed expectantly. As she held the device in front of Victoria's eyes the thin wires vibrated and throbbed.

"You could perhaps test it on the back of your hand, madam," suggested Victoria tentatively.

Lady Sally gave him a hard stare, "Certainly not. Besides, I want to test the effect of the current on a penis."

She lowered the device and brushed it against Victoria's cock. When it made contact, blue sparks shot out form the copper threads. The effect was instantaneous, and dramatic. With a loud yelp, Victoria was propelled across the room by the force of the current. When he eventually sat up, he had a glazed look in his eyes and his hair, formerly tied into a tight bun, had sprung out of its binding and stood on end. The other men looked on in alarm.

"Oh. I think I may have the current just a tad on the high side. But, other than that, the effect appears to be most agreeable," said Lady Sally in a tone exhibiting complete indifference to Victoria being electrocuted.

"Is it safe?" asked the judge, demonstrating a concern for the legalities of knowingly using a dangerous machine, and momentarily forgetting he was there to submit to his mistress.

"But, of course. After all, I only gave my maid the tiniest shock, I didn't actually kill her. Besides, there's no damage done. It's even aroused her; she's got a hard-on." And remarkably it was true, Victoria had a massive erection as a result of the experience. "And for questioning my judgement, I will try it out on you first."

She ordered him to stand underneath two brass rings hanging from the ceiling and proceeded to tie his wrists to them with rope. She secured his ankles to a corresponding set of rings set in the floor. As a result was left suspended with every part of his body exposed to Lady Sally's ministrations.

Having worked out the charging mechanism, she did reduce the current by winding the handle in an anti-clockwise direction. She was pleased she could control the flow of the electricity as this would make the wielding of the electro-vibrator far more interesting.

She decided to keep the same attachment on. She brushed the copper wires against the judge's cock. Blue sparks shot out from the tips of the wires. The judge squealed in response to the sharp pain, like pins being pressed into his sensitive flesh. Lady Sally turned the current up. The wires touched the swollen tip of his prick, and this time the shock waves caused him to writhe against his restraints.

"Well, here is a curious thing," said Lady Sally, taking his cock in her hand, "this device appears to have a stimulating effect on the male member. I wonder if it will get harder if I increase the current?"

The motor in the hand-held device whirred as the current flowed and the vibrating mechanism throbbed. Lady Sally held it against the judge's cock. A shower of blue sparks spurted against his member.

"Aargh," screamed the judge his body flailing against the sharp pain... though his cock remained hard.

Lady Sally wrapped her fingers around the throbbing penis, squeezing it hard.

"How remarkable. The stimulating effect is not reduced... or maybe the pain just turns you on? How does that feel, slave?" she taunted as the copper wires brushed along the length of his hard cock.

"Aargh." After recovering his breath, the judge continued, "It's a sharp, spiky pain, like my cock's being penetrated by sharp needles, mistress."


Lady Sally turned her attention to one of her other submissive men. She soon had the bishop strapped onto the whipping bench, his bare backside raised invitingly up for her, but this time for treatment more devilishly fiendish than a whipping. She knew which attachment she was aiming for, pushing a long-bullet-like fitting into the device. It was made of brass, with less conductivity than the copper wires, but that was not the property she wanted to test; she wanted to try out the electro-vibrators vibrating qualities.

The brass fitting was long and sleek and felt deliciously smooth. Because the bishop had not been warmed up she, rather considerately, coated the shiny brass with lubricant-not engine-oil, though she was tempted by that.

"So, bishop, you have taken a vow of celibacy?"

"Yes mistress. I am wedded to God and, therefore, cannot take a wife or indulge in the sexual act because sex out of wedlock is a sin," he explained, sweat dripping from his brow as he watched Lady Sally handle the brass object.

"Do the scriptures say anything about anal penetration?"

"No mistress, provided it's not sodomy by another man, I don't believe they do."

"Ah, so your faith allows you to be abused in such a way?"

"Yes mistress, I suppose so," he replied nervously. "I can see no Biblical impediment to that, just as I can find none that prohibits mistress from whipping me."

"How splendid that the scriptures can be so accommodating to the needs of a dominatrix!"

Lady Sally stepped around the bench. She parted the bishop's smooth bum cheeks and inserted the brass bullet into his hole, gradually working it inside him. The bishop strained and gasped, but could do nothing, indeed revelling in the feeling of being filled by the shiny object as it penetrated deep inside him.

Once inserted and nestled snugly in his backside, Lady Sally switched the device on. The electrical current was mild, and she was disappointed at not deciding on a similar attachment in copper, but it did vibrate. Using the crank on the hand unit, she was able to change the pace of vibration. The bishop was already groaning in pain... or pleasure; it was hard to tell which.

The bishop moaned whilst the motor in the device hummed loudly as the vibrations increased in intensity.

"Oh please, mistress. It feels like my arse is being stretched and pounded at the same time."

Lady Sally laughed. She was enjoying her new toy. Her only disappointment was there was only one and she could only inflict her torment on one gentleman at a time... but that would soon change when she opened the crate and introduced her accomplice in punishment. That would mean double the fun.

She ratcheted up the vibrations and delighted in seeing the bishop wriggle and squirm on the bench.

Lady Sally was so preoccupied with administering the punishment she didn't notice the darkening sky or the build-up of heavy clouds as the airship headed south.

She left the vibrating object inside the bishop as she tied the duke onto the wall board, tightening the leather straps around his torso so he couldn't move.

"Damn," she cursed, "I should have bought two of these electro-massagers with me, then I could leave one vibrating in a slave's arse. Never mind. Victoria, make a note to pack two... no, three, of these on my next trip."

"Yes, madam," her maid concurred.

There was nothing for it but to remove the object from the bishop's arse. She peered into the box, pondering which attachment to use next. She chose one with a comb fitting, in copper.

Out of the slaves she invited, it was the duke who had the sexiest body. He was well-toned and muscular, with a well-formed abdomen and a tight backside. He had a shock of unruly dark brown hair that gave him a jaunty, self-confident look. She would soon change that expression.

Lady Sally directed her attention to his torso, pulling the comb over his abdomen and chest. Blue sparks cascaded from the teeth of the comb. He withstood the treatment stoically, but she soon got a reaction when she dragged the comb across his sensitive nipples. The squeals, and the tightening of his fists with each stroke, indicated to Lady Sally she'd hit the right spot.

She suddenly became aware of how dark it was. In fact, she could barely see what she was doing, and was using the light from the sparks to illuminate the duke's body. It was a combination of the approaching dusk and the thickening, dark cloud. Also, she noted, the airship was gradually ascending. Lady Sally didn't think to question why, she was confident Captain Wyndham knew what he was doing. She didn't want to switch on lights for fear of ruining the dungeon-like atmosphere generated by the shadowy pieces of equipment lit up only by the sparks from the electro-vibrator.

She turned her attention to the duke's cock. She raked the comb across it, making it spark and vibrate at the same time. There was the same fascinating effect. His prick twitched with the shock and vibrations, and then immediately rose to an erection. She pulled the comb along the duke's shaft. He certainly had the best-looking cock. It was beautifully proportioned with a long smooth shaft, not marred with thick blue veins like the judge's. She must have that inside her soon... she was getting quite damp at the sight of it, though that didn't stop her from tormenting it further, digging the teeth into his glans.

The sound of rumbling thunder rolled in the distance. The airship was still ascending. The captain appeared to be heading into the clouds, and the centre of the on-coming storm. Lady Sally stepped over to the viewing window and saw why. In the distance, and in the last glowing embers of sunlight, she saw mountains... the Alps. How exciting!

She returned to the duke, flaunting her bare breasts. She had his beautiful, long cock in her hands, and started to rub. Then she had an inspired idea. She turned the electrical current right down and the vibrations right up and ran the comb along the shaft. His erect cock twitched with arousal and delight.

"Oh mistress, please mistress," he gasped.

"You're not going to come, are you? You know you mustn't come," she teased.

"Oh, please mistress, I can't stop."

The little teeth were throbbing against his hard flesh. Lady Sally turned the vibrations up one more notch, which proved too much for the duke as his come spurted out over the floor, thick and sticky.

"Oh dear, Well, you didn't show much restraint there did you," she scolded, secretly wishing that spunk was inside her.

She was disturbed by the hysterical voice of her maid.

"Madam, there's lightning ahead. The captain is driving us straight into the storm!"

"Well, of course he is. After all, that was my instruction."

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