tagBDSMMistress, Please Whip Me!!

Mistress, Please Whip Me!!


God, that felt good. Hot water streamed down his body, relieving the stress of the day.

He'd had a very early start - 5 a.m., followed by a 2 hour drive to a customer's golf fun day that had lasted 12 hours. It had been a lot of fun but the business talks had worn him out.

Now he stood in the shower, water running all over his tired body, as he slowly lathered himself up, loving the heat of the water cascading over him. The heady aroma of his shower gel cleared his head as he felt the stress of the day slowly leave his body.

Over the roar of the power shower he heard a noise, or at least thought he did. He listened intently but heard nothing, maybe it was the wind. A thunderstorm had been threatening all day. Just then the whole bathroom lit up with a crash - Yes only a storm he told himself.

He carried on letting the water knead the knots from his shoulders as he rubbed the soapy suds all over his body. As he touched his cock it leapt in his hands begging for some attention. It had been so bloody long since it had seen any action even from him.

Slowly he moved the bubbly flannel up and down his shaft, feeling it harden and lengthen in his hand. It felt good; he gripped it tighter and continued with his ministrations. His other hand touching his nipples, his stomach and his balls in soft feathery touches.

This wasn't going to take long, he thought, as he felt his balls start to tighten. Then the lights went out leaving him in the pitch black. The sudden loss of light left him reeling - what the fuck!!! Must be the storm knocked out the electric he thought. He stumbled from the shower, groping his way into his bedroom, looking for the candles on his dressing table.

He felt a movement to his right and froze in terror. Then a blade was held against his throat and a deep but definitely female voice told him not to move otherwise he'd "get it".

"What do you want?" he asked, his voice faltering. "I've nothing of any value in the house, my wallet is downstairs take it and leave me alone."

"Shut up and do exactly as you are told and you won't be hurt." was the reply.

"What do you want if you don't want money?" He asked.

The blade dug into his throat, not enough to break the skin but enough to let him know to shut up.

He was shoved over to his chair in front of his desk and forced into it. His arms were pulled behind his back and tied together with something, felt like twine of some sorts. It dug into his skin, chaffing and leaving them feeling a little raw, so he stopped struggling.

"Please..." SMACK a hand stung his right cheek. "Don't talk!"

Twine was tied around his legs, one to each leg of the chair, leaving him feeling open and exposed.

He was scared, what the hell did this woman want. He was a nice bloke, never hurt anyone in his life, just got on and enjoyed life as best he could. OK he didn't have much in the way of fun, but that hurt no one but himself. What on earth was going to happen?

He came out of his reverie to hear rustling - what was that? It sounded like she was taking her clothes off. What? What kind of weirdo was this? Breaking into his house, tying him up and slapping him around and now getting undressed.

Then he felt her to his left and could just make out the sheen of her skin as lightening lit up the sky once more. Huge breasts silhouetted against the window. She was about 5'6" he guessed. Who was this maniac?

Then a blindfold was slipped over his eyes.

Matches were being light - candles he thought. She obviously needs to be able to see to do whatever she is here for.

He felt something cold on his chest, cold and liquid, like oil. Then gentle, soft hands moved across his chest, fleeting movements, unsure. Then more pressure as the hands swirled across his chest and lower on to his abdomen, scratching slightly. He felt her kneel before him as she reached up and continued to rhythmically move her hands up and down his torso, flicking over his now erect nipples, kneading his skin. Then more oil but this time over his thighs and yes his cock.

The hands were now all over his legs, rubbing in small playful circles, light rubs, hard pressure with her fingers, moving everywhere but never once touching his cock which was now starting to move of its own volition, getting harder as he was trying, unsuccessfully, to talk it down.

Suddenly nails dug into his thighs, scratching all the way down his upper legs. He moaned. She knew what he liked.

The hand connected with his cheek in a ringing slap - "You dirty boy - getting worked up by a stranger and liking me hurting you."

Slap, another flat hand across his other cheek. His cock jumped as he felt a vice like grip around it.

Something cold was placed around the base of his by now very hard cock and snapped into place. It was very tight, some kind of metal cock ring he thought.

"Now listen carefully my little slut - you will do exactly as you are told, no questions, exactly as you are told otherwise you will regret it."

She straddled his lap and sat down with his erect cock nuzzling against the front of her pussy, a hand placed behind his head pulled his face down to her enormous chest. "Lick my nipples, nibble and bite until I tell you to stop."

How could he resist - he had always loved huge tits but rarely been able to get his hands or mouth on a pair like this.

His head bent forward as far as it could and his tongue darted out trying to locate a nipple in his darkened world. His lips brushed against warm skin and he worked his mouth all around until he felt the huge nub of her nipple and quickly darted his tongue all over it, sucking it in lightly and grazing his teeth over it.

She moaned slightly and squirmed in his lap causing his cock to move against her pussy. He felt the warmth and the moisture against him and his cock pulsated. His head moved over to her other nipple and again he lavished it with licks, nibbles, soft bites and sucks. She was now writhing in his lap, her wetness seeping from her over his cock and thighs. His cock was so hard; he was losing himself in the great feelings.

"STOP!" she ordered as she pulled his head up sharply with a painful yank of his hair.

"I'm going to untie your legs and move you to the bed, do not try to escape or I will be forced to use that knife." She whispered close to his ear, her breath against his lobe soft and wispy.

He stood shakily from the chair and she pushed him in the direction of the bed.

"Stop" she ordered. "Your body is in great shape, the running must be doing you good. Wonderful tone to your legs and great buns."

SMACK a hard slap rang against his left buttock.

"Ow that hurt!"

Slap another, then another. She pushed his upper body over, kicking the back of his knees until he was lying with his torso on the edge of the bed with his ass in the air.

"Whoosh" a sharp sting bit into his buttocks as what he thought could only be a whip of some description came crashing down on him. Three times she stroked that whip across his ass, each time a little more violently than the last.

"Please no more it hurts." he begged.

"Shut up and do what I say." she replied as another one rang down on his raw buttocks. It hurt so much but he couldn't deny the pleasure that was sweeping through his body and causing him to pant in short breathes as his cock pulsated and dripped precum.

He liked this, he had always wanted it but never been fortunate to find a woman who could sense what he needed let alone give it to him. He thrust his ass in the air hoping she would notice and whip him again.

Swish, swish, swish...three more strokes, hard and merciless.

"Dirty boy likes it doesn't he? Wonder what else this raw assed boy would like? I know beg me to whip you. Beg me to lay my leather across your skin. Beg me to caress you with hard brutal lashes. BEG ME, NOW!!!" She bellowed.

"Please Mistress whip me again, whip me hard. Make me feel the sting of leather on my ass."

Smack, another then another rained down until he thought she must be drawing blood. She sure was drawing precum out of his hard throbbing cock.

Then he felt light small touches on his ass, small feathery touches almost like licks of a tongue. She was - she was licking his ass cheeks, rubbing her hands all over where her tongue had just been, blowing cold air over his hot, throbbing painful ass cheeks. Kneading them, scratching lightly, pulling them apart and then her tongue was on his ass hole, flicking softly. Fuck - how did she know? Again something he always wanted but never had.

She continued to knead and pull his cheeks apart, tonguing his hole over and over again, his cock now hurting wanting release. He moaned deep and low,

"Please Mistress let me cum, let me cum all over your beautiful breasts."

Her wonderful tongue was quickly withdrawn from his ass leaving him feeling empty and wanting more.

"Please don't, please come back it was so nice"

A hand slapped his ass causing his cock to jump and leak even more. Oil was poured all over his ass, into his crack and all over his hole. Hands were once again kneading his painful cheeks, pulling them apart, and pushing them together, fingers everywhere. Then he felt her fingers against his hole, pressing against it, pressing harder until it slipped past his first line of resistance.

It hurt; nothing had ever been in there before. He had played with himself before during masturbation because it felt good but he had never ventured to insert anything.

Slowly the finger twisted and pressed, causing him to catch his breath. It continued to press in further, twisting as it went, in and out she moved it - now it didn't hurt it just felt so good. So fucking good.

Her hand was a blur now as she finger fucked his asshole, he was bucking back against her, wanting more. She slapped his ass with her spare hand.

He grunted as he continued to move his ass back and forward on her fingers, feeling himself moving closer and closer to cumming but knowing he couldn't because of that fucking cock ring. He wanted to cum, his cock had never felt this kind of pressure before, it hurt but at the same time he wanted this to never stop.

He felt another finger moving alongside the first one, opening up his ass, causing him to shudder with delight. He had never felt anything like this. Then the fingers were again being pistoned in and out of his ass and her spare hand came around and gripped his cock and moved in time with her fingers buried deep in him.

His world faded in and out, he was gasping for breath, his cock pulsating and aching for release.

"Please Mistress I need to come."

The fingers were snatched from his hole, she moved in front of him and replaced the hand on his cock with her hot moist mouth, sucking hard, bobbing her head up and down fast.

He felt her arm snake between his legs and a finger once more in his ass, moving in time with her hot, wet sucking mouth. Her finger bent forward, stroking his prostate gland as she unsnapped the cock ring and took his cock deep into her throat sucking hard.

His whole body convulsed as stream after stream of his thick ropey spunk spewed from his throbbing cock. He felt her throat constrict around him as she endeavoured to swallow all he was giving her, never losing a drop.

He swayed on his knees, his head swimming as his jism slowed to a dribble. She gently licked the last few drops from his cock.

"Thank you." he whispered and passed out.

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