tagInterracial LoveMistress Shay Noir of Ottawa

Mistress Shay Noir of Ottawa


"How does it feel to have my fist up your tight old Black ass, Mr. Nigeria?" I said with a smirk as I worked my gloved hand into the asshole of one Malik Fayose, a sixty-year-old bespectacled Nigerian Muslim gentleman who came to me because he was curious about Black female domination. Suffice to say, I think the older brother got more than he bargained for, folks. Just my sincere and honest opinion. I went easy on him since, well, he was a first timer and all...

I was quite surprised when Malik Fayose came to me, to be perfectly fair and honest. Standing five-foot-ten, clad in a nice dark gray business suit, White silk shirt, red tie, Black silk pants, and Black fedora, Malik Fayose looked handsome and regal the way only older Black businessmen types can. There's something about a brother in a suit that simply gets my pussy wet. I've always been that way. Don't ask.

I have much affection and respect for elder Black men, and respect their wisdom, even when I sometimes disagree with them. I am a good African sister that way. All that affection and respect won't stop me from wrecking them with my strap-on dildo, though. I heard of a Black female dominant named Afro Sensualist or Afro Erotic or Afro something who claims to love Black men yet doesn't like to dominate them. She only plays with White dudes. That bitch needs to retire from the game. I'm the real deal. A Black dominatrix who loves her Black men...and ravages them in her dungeon.

In the couple of years since my female domination website went up, I've dealt with a lot of Black male clients. College students, unhappily married men, closet cases, working professionals, and I like the endless variety of them. Black men from all kinds of social categories and occupations love to bend over for me and I love to fuck them in the ass with my strap-on dildo. It's a lot of fun.

A lot of my fellow female dominants in the Ottawa area and beyond didn't think I would last as a professional dominant because, supposedly, Black male clients are stingy. Well, that's totally not true. Take it from me, a lady in the business, you find stingy men of all colors. As always, Black men get a bad rap while White dudes get to skate free. The Black men that I meet come to me because, well, they've got no one else to come to.

When you check out escort ads and female domination ads on the back pages online, you will often come across the terms "no Black gentlemen." That's right, there's a lot of racist women in the sex industry and the professional BDSM industry. It's a damn shame. The Black female dominants out there only cater to White guys, as though submissive Black men don't exist. Me? I'm all about the sensual Black man who's willing to pay for my services. They seldom disappoint me, and I'm there for them.

"It feels okay, Mistress Shay Noir," Malik Fayose replied, and his dark, handsome face was contorted in pain. Lying on the couch, his legs in the air, his teeth gritted, Malik made for an awesome sight. A dignified and strong older Black gentleman getting fisted in his tight ass by a younger Black woman. I like to fuck Black men in the ass with my strap-on dildo and other toys, and I'm kind of infamous for it, but this was the first time that I've had the pleasure of fisting a Black man.

"Good to know," I said, and I continued tickling Malik's prostate with my gloved hand, causing his chubby body to shudder, and his dick to harden. Before we go any further, let's get some logistics out of the way. First and foremost, the name is Shaima Hussein, and I'm a young biracial Muslim woman living in the City of Ottawa, Ontario.

By day I'm an auditor with the Canada Revenue Agency. By night, I am Mistress Shay Noir, the Black queen of domination. The world's most beautiful sadist. You've been warned. I'm all about sensual exploration and domination. There's a lot of Black men out there whose fetishes and hidden needs are ignored by the professionals of the BDSM world. I'm there to cuckold, spank, tie up, sissify, fist, peg and flog the hell out of these brothers. Lovingly, of course.

A good businesswoman outpaces her competitors by cornering the market and staying ahead of the curve. In the world of BDSM, everything seems to be Whitewashed, which makes dominant Black ladies like myself stand out due to the Melanin in our skin. You don't see a lot of African, Asian or Latina dominatrix types, do you? It's mostly White chicks in bad leather outfits carrying whips who call themselves Mistresses or Dominants out there. Well, I decided to change that.

Standing six feet two inches tall, curvy and bodacious, my caramel-hued skin glistening in the late afternoon sunlight filtering through my basement window, I was certainly a sight to behold. I towered over my latest submissive, Malik Fayose of the Nigerian High Commission. The stocky older Black Muslim gentleman is his country's ambassador to Canada, and like many Muslims in foreign lands, he couldn't help sampling the local pleasures. I guess that's why he came for me.

"How does it feel to be dominated by a strong Black Muslim woman?" I asked Malik, and the Nigerian elder smiled through gritted teeth and nodded. When Malik Fayose contacted me through my website, he told me he sought me out because of my partial African heritage. I am biracial, born in Toronto to a Somali immigrant father and a White Canadian mother. I was raised Muslim, and I am proud of my Islamic faith. Yes I am kinky, and no I don't apologize for it.

"I love it," Malik Fayose all but hissed, and I smiled wickedly as I twisted my hand inside his ass, causing him to scream. While fisting Malik's ass, I stroked his dick, and it got harder and harder. I masturbated Malik until he came, and I let him cum all over himself. Sighing deeply, the older brother said the safe word, which led me to believe he'd had enough. Smiling, I pulled my gloved hand out of Malik Fayose's ass. The elder Nigerian diplomat's ass gaped nicely, and I admired my handiwork, feeling a sense of pride and satisfaction.

"Have yourself a good night, my brother, and get home safe," I said to Malik after he took a shower and got dressed. The handsome elder Nigerian diplomat smiled and gave me a hug. At the end of the day, we all are something more than our skin colors, our occupations, our religions, our postal codes, our genders, our sexual orientations, and our pedigree or lack thereof. We're all human. I hugged Malik Fayose because I'm a human being, and I care for my fellow humans. That's all.

"Shukran, thank you sister," Malik Fayose said, and then he got into the Blue Line Taxi which picked him from my townhouse on Ford Street near South Keys and would drop him wherever he lives. I waved Mr. Fayose goodbye, and then went back into my house. I felt happy and satisfied, having introduced one more brother to the beauty of Black female dominance and Black male submission. It's a beautiful thing.

I think it's a beautiful thing when a Black man lets go of the macho bullshit and experiences the pleasures of submission at the hands of a strong sister who understands his needs and doesn't judge him. Brothers, I have a message for you. For real, you don't need them skinny White chicks or those uptight Black chicks who refuse to embrace your freaky side. Come to me, Mistress Shay Noir of Ottawa. I'll give you an experience your Black asses won't forget, pun intended!

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