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Mistress Sometimes


Once upon a time there was a mistress. Mistress Sometimes. And she kept a small stable full of bright and sexy young men to attend to her. But she was no ordinary mistress. No, not Mistress Sometimes. For this mistress enjoyed her young men to be strong and willful, that she might discipline them.

With Mistress Sometimes, though, the punishment was often much better than the pleasure, so while her young men were actually extremely obedient, they enjoyed being naughty because it meant that they would be punished. And punishment was always a pleasure.

On this particular day, Mistress Sometimes found herself very annoyed with a young slave-boy named Greg. For while she had found Greg to be a good boy and had rewarded him with a gift of a lovely story about him and another young man, the slave-boy Greg insisted on the vanity of having his name in the story. This vexed Mistress Sometimes as she had been extraordinarily kind to the young man, so she made a plan to teach Greg that the only appropriate phrases to utter to her were "Yes, Mistress," and "Thank you, Mistress."

On the same day she received an lovely invitation on gilt paper for a party for her dear friend of many years, Mr. Duchovny. Mistress Sometimes had personally trained Mr. Duchovny some time ago on how to be a proper gentleman in much the same way she was training Greg; who will henceforth be addressed as "Greggles."

Mistress Sometimes read over the invitation along with Mr. Duchovny's handwritten and sincere apologies for the short notice. She handed the note to her butler, Mr. Hat, and said briskly "Please reply in the affirmative for myself and one very naughty slave-boy." Mr. Hat nodded and looked longingly at Mistress Sometimes' shiny calf-length platform boots. Mistress Sometimes sighed haughtily and said "Oh, very well." Mr. Hat sounded a short moan and licked her boots clean until she was quite tired of this, upon which she turned and headed up the spiral staircase to her room where she fetched her favorite collar and fur-lined leash.

"Oh Greggles..." her musical voice called with great whimsy down the long corridor. She only needed call once, for when she did, a young man in his mid-20s with medium brown hair (that really could do with some highlights) and a more modern form of a goatee and glasses scurried into the hall and stood at attention. His eyes admired his mistress's fine curves that were exaggerated by her scarlet corset that she had put on for Mr. Duchovny's party.

Greggles was wearing nothing but a silken thong in leopard print, the standard uniform for a Thursday night. "Greggles," Mistress Sometimes commanded, "put on your party thong. Tonight your punishment will be entertaining Mr. Duchovny." Greggles responded with a gushy and excited "Yes Mistress! Thank you, Mistress!" And he turned quickly to put on his black evening thong.

Mistress Sometimes packed a quick joy pack including her silken purple whip, her fur and leather paddle and her rubber whip with a dildo on the end, just in case Greggles got too excited and needed real discipline. Once she was ready, she sent for her boy and fastened his collar around his neck and secured the leash. Greggles could hardly contain himself and was springing around and yapping not unlike a small dog. Mistress Sometimes yanked on his leash and pulled him close to her. He could feel her hot breath and her large breasts brushing against his exposed skin. "Calm yourself, or you may have to stay the night in the doghouse," she purred. And she wasn't kidding. There really was a dog house...

Mr. Hat rushed up the stairs and said breathlessly "Mistress, Mr. Duchovny's limo has arrived for you!" She checked her watch and noted that it was ten minutes early. "Very well... " she said and descended the stairs with Greggles following behind, sheer excitement glittering in his eyes.

She was met at the door of the limo by a beautiful young woman who introduced herself as Anne, the entertainment for the car ride. Mistress Sometimes looked Anne up and down, obviously and unabashedly checking her out. Mistress licked her lips quickly and breathed out, "Well, it seems that Mr. Duchovny has not forgotten my taste in women." She got into the car and instructed Greggles to ride up front with the driver so she could have some time alone with Anne.

Mistress Sometimes leaned back in the back seat of the limo and looked at Anne slyly and said "OK Entertainment, entertain me." Anne pulls out the little bar and takes out a bottle of Mistress Sometimes' favorite St. Michaelsberg Piesporter and pours her a goblet-full. Mistress Sometimes takes the goblet from her and drinks it all in one gulp. "Please tell me that's not the sum total of your entertainment value. Greggles would be under my foot by now if he were this slow to please me," Mistress Sometimes said crossly.

The Mistress watches as Anne hurriedly removes all of her clothes other than a sleek black leather corset and vinyl boots. Mistress Sometimes sighs slightly boredly, looks out the window and without warning turns and pushes Anne down so that her back is on the seat. Anne's eyes register surprise and then excitement as she feels the fur side of the Mistress' paddle working its way from her heels to the crux of her inner thigh.

Anne slithers her way more completely under the Mistress as she slowly brushes over Anne's pubic hair with the fur paddle. Then again, without warning, the Mistress strikes, this time whirling Anne over onto her front where the Mistress proceeds to redden her bottom to a bright, hot pink for her delay in pleasing the Mistress.

After the spanking, comes the oral sex. Mistress Sometimes turns Anne back over more tenderly this time, then slides back on the car seat and pulling up her sleek and slinky long ballgown skirt revealing her soft, moist, but not overly wet, neatly trimmed pubis. "Unless Mr. Duchovny has totally lost his mind and sent me a complete novice, I believe you should know what to do with this," Mistress Sometimes said coolly.

Anne looked up at the Mistress with great happiness in her eyes and licked her lips in anticipation. She ran her tongue along the inside of the Mistress' porcelain white thigh. She marveled at the ginger and cinnamon taste and smell of her skin on such a hot evening, and at how cool her skin was to the touch.

Mistress Sometimes rested her head back against the window and was just beginning to close her eyes when she saw Greggles spying from the driver's area. "Greggles! Turn around and face front! NOW!" she barked. Immediately Greggles did as he was told. As exciting as it was to watch and as excited as he was watching, he knew better than to cross his mistress' direct order.

Anne keeps her eyes locked on the Mistress' face, hoping for a sure sign of pleasure as the Mistress relaxes back into the flicking of Anne's tongue on her pulsating clit. The Mistress gives herself over to Anne's rhythm and sighs slightly as she feels Anne's fingers gently probing into her. Mistress Sometimes reaches down to Anne's corset and pulls them out of their binding and circles her fingers around the nipples, slowly and lightly circling and as her clit pulsates she tweaks Anne's nipples quickly, but with force. Anne sighs gratefully and feels honored at the attention of the Mistress after she had been so naughty.

Anne licked the Mistress' pulsating clit slowly and gently, then faster and harder while the Mistress moaned softly, silently thanking Mr. Duchovny. As the car slowed, Mistress Sometimes reached her final throws of climax as Anne's fingers stroked her and her tongue and teeth flicked and nibbled at her hard and hot clit. Tiny beads of sweat had formed between her brow and after Anne had licked her free of her wetness, she dabbed away at the dew on her brow and breasts.

When the car stopped, Mistress Sometimes had regained her composure and barked to Greggles to get her door. As she was scooted herself back out of the car, she leaned forward and kissed Anne passionately, their tongues entwined and Anne could faintly taste the vineyards of Germany as the Mistress faintly tasted herself. While she kissed Anne, her hand reached down between Anne's legs and she slid her middle finger delicately between the folds of Anne's labia and she pushed her finger inside, then pulled it out, running it over her clit and as she disengaged her kiss she sunk her middle finger into her own mouth and without a word, she was out of the car and the door closed and Anne was alone with herself and her memories of the Mistress.

Greggles was practically hopping in his excitement. "Mistress! What will my punishment be? I was bad, wasn't I? Really bad?" he questioned. The Mistress smirked to herself and looked at him out of the corner of her eye, "We're going to pass you around the party like a joint because of the nasty little slutpuppy you are," she said barely above a whisper. "REALLY?!? Oh, Mistress!" exclaimed Greggles with great adulation. "Actually, Greggles, no," his Mistress said. "I am actually going to hand you over to Mr. Duchovny for the night."

"OH MISTRESS!" Greggles gasped. He could scarcely speak and his Mistress grinned sweetly at him and gave him a sweet kiss on the nose. "That is right my sweet Greggles, I am lending you to Mr. Duchovny. Now, Mr. Duchovny is very used to my way of handling things and he will be expecting nothing less from you," she said while removing his collar and pulling tight leather pants and a beautiful tight black T-shirt that would fit his form and highlight his exquisite muscles out of her bag.

Greggles could hardly believe what he was stepping into. Not only would he be in the service of his Mistress leant to Mr. Duchovny, but it would seem that he would also be his master!

As Greggles pondered his incredible luck, he saw Mr. Duchovny sneaking up behind his Mistress. Her smirk gave away her awareness of his presence and she even tolerated him wrapping his arms around her waist and cupping her large breasts and squeezing. "Oh how I've missed you, Mistress!" Mr. Duchovny said intimately in her ear. At this she reached back and cupped the hard knot that was his penis and smiled, "So I... ahem... see," she quipped.

Greggles quickly stepped into his pants and yanked on his shirt. Mistress Sometimes' eyes roved back to Greggles and she smiled at how well the leather and tight shirt suited his frame. "Mr. Duchovny, this is Greggles, you will be expected to treat him with... ahem... the same reverence you would treat me," Mistress Sometimes said.

At this Mr. Duchovny moved down on all fours before Greggles and Mistress Sometimes straddled him to affix the collar around Duchovny's neck. Then she stood up, tested that the collar wouldn't come undone by jerking it a few times and then handed the leash to Greggles.

It looked as if the leash were a live wire the way Greggles stood up so straight and tall. Suddenly he took on the persona of his Mistress and started pulling the crawling Duchovny behind him. It made a Mistress proud. Her eyes welled up with tears of pride as three new attendants came forth with presents of wine and sharp cheddar cheese.

Meanwhile Greggles was walking cooly down the well-lit pathway obviously intended to direct him straightaway to the appropriate room with Mr. Duchovny in tow. Although part of him was still unsure, he had great confidence in his ability to dominate after his time with the Mistress.

Once in the room, Greggles took stock of his surroundings to see what he had to work with. It appeared to be a very plush bed with a deep burgandy velvet duvet cover and shams and silken fringe. There were all manner of "soft" toys including furry cuffs, virgin whips, small dildos and a large tube of KY gel. Obviously Mr. Duchovny wanted soft play which was exactly what Greggles loved the most.

Greggles also observed a chandelier of the slightly overkill with the crystals variety that looked as if it would be secure enough for soft play. He tugged upwards on Mr. Duchovny's leash and Duchovny pulled himself up to standing next to Greggles.

Greggles reached over and felt the softness of Duchovny's beautiful soft brown short-cropped hair. It was courser than bunny fur but that same sort of fluffy-soft. Greggles dug in and pulled Duchovny's head back as he moved in and over him and covered his mouth with his. Their soft lips met, their tongues explored one another. Duchovny let out a soft moan. Greggles was melting but he had to keep his composure as he was the Master this evening an he had certain responsibilities, he no longer had the freedom to give in to the feelings.

Once Greggles was satisfied that Duchovny was sufficiently aroused by the kiss, he immediately pulled out of it, leaving his slave kissing at air, savouring the moment, then looking at Greggles, eyes pleading for more. Although Greggles would have loved nothing more than to throw Duchovny to the floor and have his way with him right then and there, he knew that there was so much more he needed to do before he could be satisfied.

Groping over the bed with one hand, Greggles grabbed the fuzzy cuffs and pulled up Duchovny's wrists to the chandelier and cuffed him on. The he pulled Duchovny's shirt up and over his head so that he could not see and exposed his lean and slightly tanned back. Duchovny's muscles rippled like a lean cat's and his body seemed to be purring at Greggles. Greggles ran his fingers softly from Duchovny's waist up to his shoulders confirming that the skin was a soft as it was radiant.

He took hold of an off-white silken virgin whip and dragged it slowly around Duchovny's back, then around to his chest, then back around his neck. Then he railed back and popped him between the shoulder blades. The whip made a solid thud and Duchovny involuntairly arched his back at the very slight sting of the small silky cords individually hitting different places on his back.

A little more dragging and a few more pops of the whip and Greggles was very ready to see what was creating that very painful-looking bulge in Duchovny's pants. He really hoped it wasn't a penlight.

Greggles settled himself behind Duchovny breathing on his neck and settling himself through his pants and Duchovny's between his buttocks. Greggles dropped the whip on the floor and reached around Duchovny barely scraping his belly with his short nails, reaching and spiraling his nails up to and around Duchovny's nipples. He wrapped his thumb and index fingers around Duchovny's nipples and gave them a hard and sudden twist. Duchovny arched his back again, sudden pain and warmth rushing to his nipples. Duchovny felt the hardness of his new master behind him and started rubbing his buttocks against the firmness.

The feeling of the friction from his slave pleased Greggles greatly, but he still had so much more to do, so he backed away and left his slave rubbing against air. Duchovny's head drooped a bit, but a smile was slowly spreading across his face. After a moment to regain his composure, Greggles nestled back in and started running his index fingers around the waistband of Duchovny's pants.

Air escaped the slave in the form of a gasp. Greggles unbuckled and unbuttoned Duchovny and pulled the pants down along with his boxers and Duchovny assisted by raising his feet so that his clothes could be disposed of properly.

Greggles moved around to the front of his slave to observe the condition of his erection. It was obvious the man was extremely aroused. The master wrapped his thumb and index finger around the circumference of the head of his slave's penis and gave a light squeeze. The sensation sent Duchovny into a slight convulsion of trying to create more friction. At this, Greggles removed his hand entirely and from behind his back in his other hand he produced the fur paddle.

He ran the fur side of the paddle up and down the shaft of his slave's penis. Then he ran it around and over the head. A small dot of liquid appeared at the end of Duchovny's now painfully erect penis. Greggles pulled the paddle back a couple of inches and gave his slave's penis a small twack mid-shaft. Duchovny moaned. Greggles twacked from the other side. Duchovny's knees began to give out.

Duchovny was then unfastened from the chandelier and moved over to the bed. Greggles set him face down on the bed and turned the paddle over to the leather side and procedded to smack Duchovny's bottom a bright, bright pink for his inability to keep standing.

The slave turned over, a mischevious glint in his eyes, and said "Are you gonna bark all day, little doggie, or are you gonna bite?" Greggles felt his face flush a hot, bright red. The audacity of this slave! The sheer nerve! He was going to need punishment, but good!

Greggles flipped Duchovny back over, yanked his pants off, and grabbed the KY and threw some on his own erection. The then rubbed some on his finger and pushed it roughly inside Duchovny. He felt his slave's anus quickly contract and then relax on his finger as he worked the first one, and then the second one in quickly. By the time he had the third one in, he was shifting his hips into position to enter his slave.

The slave's breathing turned to great excited gasps and moans as Greggles entered the head of his penis into his anus. The feeling was tight and compressed to Greggles. The muscles were firm and as he pushed himself in further and further he could feel each rippling one down the whole length of himself. Duchovny began to buck to make his master lose control and after a moment of sheer bliss, Greggles came to and spanked his slave a few more times till he stopped and Greggles was back in control.

Greggles pulled Duchovny up to his knees so that the slave was on all fours. He reached around to the slave's painful and extremely hard erection and encircled it with a hand lightly coated with KY. As he thrust, he pulled on the slave. Greggles whispered to the slave "You don't deserve this, but Mistress Sometimes has taught me mercy." The slave smiled.

Their rhythm increased with their intensity. Both giving the other pleasure. Greggles bit into his slave's shoulder as the both came. Duchovny felt small bits of his skin separating on his shoulder as his own hot, steamy fluid shot onto his chest and the velvet duvet cover. "Hmm... that's going to be hard to clean," Duchovny thought briefly.

Greggles moved himself out of his slave and took a couple of steps back. He observed the muscular roundness of his slave's ass. The claw marks he left on his buttocks and the teeth marks on his shoulders with pride. He smiled to himself about what a great Master he'd become, and of how proud Mistress Sometimes would be of him.

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