tagBDSMMistress Starla Proves Her Point

Mistress Starla Proves Her Point


Porky was weeping bitterly, and at the same time, his dick was straining, and quite excited.

Who was this girl?

Starla was his friend Spalding's cousin, and he'd seen how she enslaved him--Olivarius, the school's intramural lacrosse coach had told Porky that Starla had taught him how to suck his own dick...

Several young women of Porky's acquaintance followed Starla around campus like mesmerized drones.

Not only was Starla beautiful, but she'd skipped second, fifth and ninth grades, and quit twelfth at age fifteen to go to college early...now, at eighteen, she was the youngest Yale senior, and perhaps also the youngest in the state of Connecticut.

She was a hot property...

And she was now focusing on Porky!

Porky stared at Starla who looked just stunning, her curls were so blonde and she was wearing this tiny black dress. Her usually bored face was somewhat animated...

And the little black dress had a plunging neckline and her boobs were practically falling out of it.

Porky had been with quite a few girls in his time, but he was absolutely bedazzled by Starla. Other women had referred bitterly to Porky's "indifference" towards them--

But Starla was more and more unusual.

Porky loved it that Starla would wear a sexy dress and six inch spike heels just to hang out.

Starla was now running her red nails up and down long leather split tawse. It was a vicious instrument, and Porky had been sobbing because his body was covered in welts thanks to the tawse's effectiveness.

"Like my tennis elbow, eh, Porky?" Starla giggled. "I can swing like the best of them. And you need more, lots more."

Fearful, Porky began crying again.

"Porky you said this turned you on, corporal punishment. You showed me your Instagram, filled with shots of cute girls in hose and heels, holding tawses and whips and such."

She giggled.

"I even get all dressed up just like your fantasy, and now you don't want it?"

"It-it just hurts so much." Porky still felt very exposed, being naked in front of this beautiful girl. His training was going along slowly, but he was so hot for Starla, and he kept hoping they'd get into bed at some point.

Or did he? Whenever it looked like they might start screwing, he'd go on about how he had these weird fantasies...

Starla interrupted his thoughts.

"Whine, whine, bitch and whine. Why don't you get over the couch again, bend over the armrest and try not to make a scene?"

Starla seemed to be having a great time. Porky had seen Starla whip her cousin Spalding with canes bigger than this and he'd been able to be silent throughout.

Porky had watched Starla take Spalding's chastity belt off and have him masturbate and then order him to stop and start again and again "Red light, green light" until Spalding was crying and frustrated and then Starla would lock him back up again.

Porky had seen Starla knock mousetraps off Spalding's nipples. And her cousin took it and came back for more.

Was Spalding tougher than Porky was?

But Porky bit his lip and lay over the side arm of Nana's antique divan, his penis hardening as it pressed against the velvet.

What might she do next? Porky had seen Starla melt a long trail of candle wax from Spalding's neck, across his back to his bottom, and set fire to it, as he lay supine...he wasn't injured, but sweet God.

It was true, he'd fantasized about this kind of thing from time to time, but the reality was far more intense than the dream. And much more painful.

Porky felt Starla's pretty, soft, tiny fingers gently spread his legs apart, and her long nails tickled his nut sack.

Her hand reached further under his bent body and stroked the stiff cock.

"Remember to be strong for this, my little man."

Porky could smell her Chanel No. 5, and the whisper was just against his ear seductively. He had to prove he was worthy of her.

He felt her tickling and stroking his foreskin.

"And what a nice ass. I'll really enjoy driving my big black ten inch plastic cane-on dildo into this tight little anus, again and again until you are loose and incontinent like an old man."

Porky's erection subsided a bit.

Remember when I put those blind contact lenses in Spal's eyes? He was staggering around, and these gay dudes kept peeing on him? We could do that to you, too."

Starla's' soft voice was driving him insane.

"I'm attracted, Porky, to a fellow who will take discipline and be just as tough and cool as he was making rude remarks about the waitress's ass at Club Calypso last night."

"I'm sorry, Starla, I shouldn't have--"

But she blandly interrupted him, as her little hand expertly ran a finger up his quivering butt hole.

"No, Porky it just seems that if you can humiliate a young woman who is dependent on tips, you could learn to take a little grief."

Her fingers surrounded his ball sack again.

"I especially thought it was fake macho when you put that pile of bills on the table and told her every time she annoyed you with slow service, you'd remove one."

Suddenly her fingers squeezed his scrotum hard, and Porky nearly blacked out.

It was true. When they'd been out with their law school friends, Starla hadn't said a word as Porky had gone on arrogantly about poor service, and how he'd like to hump the waitress's tits as she stood there politely.

And it was great having Starla out in public.

His friends liked the way she seemed to hang on him. Arm candy.

But of course that was probably objectifying.

Suddenly, Porky's musings were rudely interrupted. Starla had taken her hand away and slashed his tender buttocks with the cane, hitting the exposed scrotum, which she'd pulled to the outside of his butt and legs.

"I got in touch with the bartender, Onyx, who says you walk checks there all the time, and also the e-mails of Lilac and Bonnie, the waitresses you were so crappy to." WHACK!

"I think next week, Tuesday, maybe? I'll dress you in a pink apron, mousetrap your nipples and put alligator clips on your dork and have you wait on THEM for change if they come over."


"Then they can tell your friends at the bar what a real little sissy you are."


"It's too bad I made you cut off your ponytail, Porky. I could've bleached and curled your hair so you were a pretty little princess."


Porky was weeping silently, and his ass cheeks and penis felt like they'd be run over by a hot iron.

Starla's voice was venomous now.

"You like being the big braggart, the macho flirt, don't you, Porky?"


"No (sob) I'm quite liberated--"

"Coulda fooled me!"


The pain was searing. Porky's rear was burning as if a volcano had exploded on it. Every time the cane hit his butt it bounced off his cock and balls, which made him dizzy.

Also, he'd had to complete a "challenge" for Starla that day, keeping a five-inch butt-plug up his ass while he was in school, and although it had been removed, it really made his anus rather enlarged.


It felt like volcano lava was pouring into the Grand Canyon.

"You think this is bad? Wait till I give you the strap. That'll really get your attention. This cane is nothing."


Your buddies don't know what a little sissy faggot you are when we're alone, do they?"


"They don't know about the butt-plug, or that you can't shower in the school gym anymore because your toenails are painted pink, right?"


"If they did know, they'd probably make you suck them off in the shower, wouldn't they? I can see you sucking off your Rugby team, the softball squad, all those big cocks."

Finally Starla stopped hitting poor Porky and he fell off the armrest onto the floor, sobbing.

Porky crawled up on his knees, to put his arms around Starla's shapely thighs and began weeping harder.

Starla had gotten Porky to give up doing pot and blow, but he could really use a bong hit about now.

"I-I'll be a good boy, Starla (sob) I didn't mean to be sexist--please no more cane."

He heard her cold voice, congealed with scorn.

"There's the big bully, the big man. You and your tobacco spitting and doing shots and snapping your fingers at bartenders. Such an egomaniac."

"I can't wait till I get the bartender here to see you naked on the floor, like a stunned poodle."

Porky cried harder but he felt Starla's fingers rubbing his hair affectionately, the long nails tickling his scalp.

"You're a good boy, you just need a little adjustment, realignment as it were. You should also get a haircut."

"You cut off my ponytail already--

"Yes, and more's the shame, no curling iron for you, but now I think we should cut more."

"What?" Porky loved his hair.

"A nice crew cut, like Spalding has. You don't need hair product for that. That kind of sexy hair is for players. You're a little queer boy."

"I love my hair, Starla. I've had it this way since seventh grade. I pay a fortune to stylists--"

"I love my hair, Starla." Starla repeated in a horrific falsetto that made Porky blush and angry tears run down his cheeks.

"I know. I am tempted to put it into curlers anyway, and polish your fingernails, but I think the crew cut will be a big help."

She snorted. "Shit, it will be the only manly thing about you."

Porky babbled.

"Maybe you need me to get my tawse. It always produces results from Spalding. You are really so argumentative. You like dating me, don't you, Porky?"

Starla sat on the couch and guided Porky to sit (gingerly on his welts) beside her.

Starla pulled down her plunging neckline and exposed the tops of her gorgeous vanilla cleavage, framed as it was in an adorable frilly bra.

Starla waved her boobs in his face.

"My girls here like a guy who does as he's told. Nice boys get to kiss my little nippies and very good boys get to play with them. Are you a good boy?"

Porky leaned over towards Starla's cleavage but she slapped him hard across the jaw.

Porky felt a little blood coming out of his mouth.

Starla's pretty fingers sported several heavy rings, and they had been instrumental in such a powerful slap, almost worse than brass knuckles.

"It's all that ego you have. That's why you lunge at me like a common animal."

Starla smiled at Porky, who was again near tears.

"Your Environmental Law professor, Mr. Sidranksy? He's really full of ego, and it's killing him. I cured him of it, I accompanied Mr. S. to his Harvard reunion, and instead of letting him brag about his teaching, I made him tell his old friends that he'd spent the last thirty years as a male prostitute."

"Seriously?" Porky was staggered.

"Yup, and I even had Mr. S. suck off two or three of his more macho classmates to prove what a sissy he was."

"Good God."

"If you gave up the ego and learn to be a good boy, I might let you get a little nourishment here." Starla said softly, waving her boobs in his face...

As if this jutting whack upside the head had not occurred.

Jesus, Porky thought, maybe she's schizophrenic. Or manic depressive.

This was so "Three Faces of Eve."

Starla's hand travelled down to Porky's penis and she began stroking the glans slowly, rubbing her fingers around the tip as if it were a cute marble.

Starla's legs crossed in the tight black dress, and she casually swung her black pump.

"I have Professor Sidransky in a chastity belt, and he has to go down on his old, fat wife every night and give her lots of satisfaction along with cleaning the house and doing the meals...

...Or I don't unlock him on the first of the month for a brief masturbation!"

Porky recalled that he'd seen Professor Sidransky following Starla around, staring at her twitching little ass in the miniskirt. And she wasn't even a law student!

"Think how much more fun it would be for you, you might get to go down on tight little me. But if I had you in chastity you could only come out every two months."

She giggled. "I'm cuter than Mrs. Sidransky, so the sacrifice would be a little higher, right?"

"But you need so much more training, Porky. If, of course you want to be my boyfriend."

Starla opened her compact and put on a little lip-gloss.

"You might be happier dating some poor loser with crappy self-esteem and having her blow you every night."

Porky's dick got quite hard as he watched Starla apply the lip plumper while discussing blowjobs.

Porky's pals had speculated that Starla must've put collagen in her lips, they couldn't look that good naturally.

Porky shook his head, trying to be firm. "I really want to be with you, Starla. It-it means so much to me."

Porky stared into Starla's cleavage, but then looked up again at her full shining lips and her dimpled, dancing cheeks. God those dimples were incredible.

"You seem to want me." Starla paused.

"But you are such a wimp, Porky. I have a girlfriend, beautiful, shy, and I whip her big tits and her butt every Thursday night. And then I coat m vagina with sawdust and maple syrup and make her clean me out with her tongue and she doesn't whine and bitch nearly as much as you do, honey."

Starla rubbed her nose absently.

"Poor Lavigne. We were best friends, and I started an affair with her husband and tied her down and made her watch, and now we aren't friends, she's just my little sub-pig. But she takes it with a smile!"

Porky considered the depravity of the whole thing

Starla ran her fingers lightly up and down his shaft.

"You aren't really a true submissive. You just object and whine too much."

Starla rubbed faster.

"You think getting femdom training is so tough. A woman I met through Spalding at the PainCafe? Her name is Peony Smathers..."

Starla stroked even faster.

"Peony's husband is having such a hard time, so to speak, getting used to sleeping in his cock cage though the night."

Porky got all shivery thinking about this.

"He can't sleep because in the middle of the night he gets, you know midnight erections, and the steel device squashes his wee-wee. Now there's a guy with problems"

Starla rubbed the tip of Porky's cock head and stuck her tongue in his ear before resuming her conversation.

"Poor Gareth. He's a musician you know. Used to be the Myopic Ophthalmologists?"

"Oh yeah, Gareth Londrich. He's brilliant."

"Yeah.Gareth left that band and is now lead guitarist in "Doctor Proctor and the Indecent Muffins."

She giggled, tickling Porky's frenum...

Porky gasped in intense desire.

"Apparently Gareth likes bands with medical names."

She stroked slower, frustrating Porky a bit.

"So now that Gareth is in chastity, he can no longer cheat on Peony and get laid on tour, but he can still go down on his groupies, serving them with his tongue and coming home even more frustrated, if he can just adjust to the cage."

Starla laughed softly.

"And the chastity device, other than the nocturnal difficulties, seems to have made Gareth super considerate and sweet to Peony....

...You need to be more like Gareth, Porky."

Starla toyed with a vein on Porky's shaft.

"For instance, you don't think enough of me. You're so forgetful."

"N-no I--"

"Yes, you're very bad. You keep forgetting I don't like mustard. When you go get my sandwich from the deli, that kind of thing. You screw up my order."

"But I paid for lunch that day, and I was being nice, helping you paint your room--"


Oh,those rings.

"And you have such a mouth on you, Porky." Starla went on, as Porky's head rang and she continued stroking his burgeoning penis happily.

"You're lucky, though. When Spalding gets on my nerves, I don't let him pee. I forbid it."

"What's that?"

"I put a urine tube in his bladder through a catheter in his urethra. It's part of his chastity contraption. I told you that before."

Starla rubbed Porky's dick really fast, and then, as he felt the semen about to rise, she let go.

"Don't touch yourself, sit on your hands. Either you can touch you, or I do."

Porky obediently sat on his hands, wondering if he would get a release at all.

"Sometimes, when I have the catheter in Spal's wee-wee, I attach a bottle to his leg and he pees into it, like a dude in a wheelchair, and then I have it ready to go down his hatch."

"L-like lemonade?"


Porky was now a little uneasy.

"See, if you drink enough of your own piss, you don't complain if I ask you to clean another dude's semen out of my snatch."

She began slowly stroking Porky's cock again.

"I think it would be real cute to brand my initials on the tip of your cock. It's barely big enough."

"Um, that's like a tattoo, right? My mom's Jewish, Starla, and we don't--"

"Sidransky's Jewish, and I branded his dick. What, you think you're better than your law professor?"


"Believe me it only hurts for a moment. Caldito, a guy I'm kind of sleeping with? He does it for me. Spalding cried like a little bitch when Cal did his, but I know you're manlier than that."

"I really don't--"

"See, all these objections. You're topping from the bottom, trying to tell me what to do all the time."

"I really--"

"But I think that if we put you in a chastity device, it would be a nice, non-violent behavior modification tool."

She rubbed his foreskin.

"See, then if you go a few weeks without cumming, you'll become a good boy, and if you go a day without peeing, you will become a very, very obedient boy, don't you think?"

"There's got to be another way, Starla."

The long, manicured nails glided up and down the empurpled, straining shaft, and truly it resembled a boiled half smoke sausage, the kind one gets at Costco for a dollar and fifty cents with a free Dr. Pepper.

"But Porky, darling, whenever I leave you alone, you're choking your chicken, pounding your pud. Javier and I sneaked up to your picture window and watched you the other night."

Porky blanched.

"And you're freakin' weird. One night you attached clothespins to these two strands of a rope that connected to your nut sack, it was wild."

"It's personal--"

"I mean, knots are for the Boy Scouts, but what a Scout you must've been. So then, when you got hard, the nut sack pulled the clothespins on your nips, and it was real creative--"

Starla toyed with the tip of Porky's pulsing penis.

"Watching you jerk off and your dick getting all big while your clamped nipples were being pulled--"

Starla ran her nails up and down the shaft again.

"It kinda made Javier sick, but I took a vid with my Iphone and it's on Fetlife now."

"That's a violation of my civil--"

But what could he do?

"Javier was a bit grossed out, for sure, because he doesn't understand being a sissy-sub."

So humiliating, being looked at with disdain by a so-called "real man." The landscaper at the college, for God's sake.

"I tried to explain that in order to get your little tiny dick hard, you had to go through all sorts of creepy shit."

Porky watched his dick get harder as she rolled his foreskin back and forth over his glans.

"But back to my original point. We can try having you not masturbate, and if I caught you I could do little penalties, if you really don't want to do the chastity belt."

Now Starla was jerking Porky with abandon.

Porky tried desperately, to concentrate on the discussion. His dick was at stake, right?

"Starla, you won't sleep with me." Porky said this weakly.

Porky's hips began swaying and he lifted his butt up slightly off the couch, in an effort to orgasm.

Starla flicked Porky's scrotum with a long sharp nail, and he calmed down a bit.

"What's that got to do with anything? I am not interested in your horniness problems."

"I get horny, though. I am a normal male." Porky said defensively.

His cock was once again swelling in her little white fingers.

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