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Mistress Turn-Around


Bella sits in the chair in the hallway, waiting for her Mistress to come home. Having finally gotten everything ordered and in place, she's ready to turn the tables on her harsh Mistress Miaya. She's wearing a pair of black leather pants that look as if they were painted on her. She loves how they show her lovely legs off, and decided to wear them in defiance of her Mistress, marking the beginning of her taking control.

At the beginning of her tuition by her Mistress, She was very loving after having to dole out a punishment, and only did it when Bella needed correction. As she progressed in her tuition though, Mistress was starting to punish her more and more just for the fun of it. Bella wanted to be obediant, but she couldn't take the punishment her Mistress delt out mercilessly. She knew that most Mistress' gave their slaves a safe word, to use when the pain was too intense. Her own had not.Mistress' punishments were getting more and more harsh, and started really hurting Bella. The last punishment Mistress dealt out had left Bella abed for 3 days, having passed out after being whipped like a slave would.

Her Mistress had been easy on her for the past week since she'd been abed. Bella was not satisfied her Mistress would be gentler though. After she'd been able to start doing her normal routine again, she'd gone online with the permission of her Mistress, but She didn't know what she was going online for. Bella ordered a paddle, some thick leather strips used for bondage, a leather crop, a strap on with a 9" glass dildo, a ruby-studded collar and matching leash, and finally the outfit she was wearing. Thankfully, her Mistress gave her a monthly allowance she had saved up for a very long time.

Thinking her plan over, she decides to go along with her normal routine, then catch her Mistress off gaurd and take control. She quickly goes and changes into the outfit her Mistress had chosen for her that day, then drops to her knees in front of the door just as she hears Her footsteps on the porch. She quickly bows her head and clasps her hands in her lap.

Mistress enters and looks at her little one dressed up as She had wanted. Her emerald-studded collar is around her neck, and the matching leash is hanging on the hook next to the door. She smiles at Bella, though Bella can't see it, then walks to where she is and puts her hand atop her head, stroking her hair. She wipes the smile from her face and puts her hand on the back of her little slave's neck. She has decided her pet has had enough time to recover and may now continue training.

"Look at me, pet."

Bella raises her head to look at her Mistress, inwardly flinching from the sadistic look on her face.

"Come, I want to take a nap, and you may as well."


"What is it pet?"

"May I seek my room first? I have a surprise for you."

Mistress looks at Bella inquisitively, then nods her permission.

"I'll be lying in my bed, pet, when your done go to your side bed."

Bella gets to her feet and curtseys, then goes to her own room. Her heart is thundering wildly, half in anticipation, half in fear. She had already talked to her Mistress' other 2 pets, and they had reluctantly agreed to her plan on the condition that if it failed they knew nothing of it. She gets dressed again in her black leather pants, and adds a tight, black leather corset. She looks in the full length mirror her Mistress had given her as a present on her birthday, and is satisfied at the effect of her new clothes. The corset pushes her full, 32C cup breasts up, with the tops of them spilling over the top, and the leather pants mould to her hips and legs. She takes her collar off and gets the one she had ordered to use on her Mistress.

Looking around, she sees her leather crop and grabs it as well. She heads to her Mistress' other pet's rooms and takes them back to her room and gives them the leather strips. Tabby and Rachel exchange a glance silently agreeing this is what needs to be done.

"You'll both tie one of her hands to her bedpost. Make it firm, but not enough to hurt or chafe Her lovely skin. If it chafes Her skin, or I see it hurts Her in any way, you will both be punished accordingly. Go then darlings, do as I have told you. I shall be in shortly to judge your work."

Bella gets the glass dildo and attatches it to the strap on, then heads to her soon-to-be former Mistess' room. As she pauses by the door, she sees Miaya with her wrists bound snugly to the headboard, and Tabby and Rachel kneeling by the bed with their heads lowered. She enters the room and puts the toy on the dresser.

"What the hell do you think your doing?! Where did all of this come from?! Let me go now, or so help you but you'll get the beating of you life!!!!"

Bella looks over at Miaya's furious tone, then goes over and smacks her firmly on the thigh.

"You are no longer Mistress here, I am. You will address me as Mistress, and that is all. You are too harsh with your pets, and now I shall show you the punishment your error invited. Bring me the collar."

Miaya's eyes get wide, and she stares up at her new Mistress, temporarily stunned. That doesn't last long however, for once Mistress puts her new collar on her, she explodes in a torrent of fury.

"Who the hell do you think you are?! Your MY slave, not the other way around! Release me now! Tabby! Rachel! Untie me this instant!!!"

The command falls on deaf ears, as they stay in position kneeling for their new Mistress. Mistress goes and puts her hand on either head, softly stroking their hair back, then bends down and kisses both of their foreheads.

"You both may stay if you like, or you may retire from this bed chamber and go eat, then bathe and head to bed. You'll cause no offense by either choice. Which shall it be darlings?"

They exchange a glance, then both say in unison, "Retire Mistress."

Mistress tips their faces up and nods, then gently prods them to exit before turning back to the irate former Mistress lying helpless on the bed. She keeps Her face expressionless, knowing She is going to have to put Her new pet in her place, and do it quickly and firmly.

When Miaya opens her mouth to speak again, Mistress grabs a ball gag from the trunk at the foot of the bed and places it firmly in her mouth, then ties it in the back. She stands back to admire Her handiwork, then, satisfied, sits on the edge of the bed. Gently place Her finger to Miaya's lips, she leans in and kisses her forehead.

"You are too rough of a Mistress. There has always been the unspoken rule that you only punish your slaves when they have done something wrong, or displeased you in something they have either done or not done for you. You have broken that rule repeatedly, and now I'm going to show you how a dignified Mistress is to act. Is that understood?"

Her pet nods her head in agreement. Mistress smiles softly, then runs Her hands over her stomach. Miaya had already disrobed, and Mistress loved the soft feel of her stomach on her hands. She leans in and kisses her belly button.

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