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Mistress Whitney of Ottawa


"Samuel, you're a frigging waste of my time, I don't want anything to do with you, so lose my fucking number," Mistress Whitney, one of Ottawa's top professional dominants, screamed into the phone before hanging up. The curvy, caramel-hued biracial gal sat in the living room of her townhouse located near the Bayshore Mall in Ottawa, Mistress Whitney shook her head. The nerve on that Haitian switch-hitter, Mistress Whitney thought, quietly fuming.

Six years ago, Mistress Whitney met Samuel, at a time when the big and tall young Black man was new to the City of Ottawa. Having moved to the Canadian capital for university studies, Samuel did what a lot of college and university students have a habit of doing when they find themselves in a new metropolis, far from home. The brother with the dopey sweet smile and hidden naughtiness started to experiment with his sexuality, and at the time, Mistress Whitney felt that Samuel came to the right place...

Of course, this was back in the day. Before Samuel admitted to himself that he was a bisexual man, and then wasted Mistress Whitney's time by not showing up when she arranged to make his ultimate fantasy come true. Samuel told Mistress Whitney about his 'Black cuckold' and 'forced male bisexuality' fantasies, and she brought a trusty strap-on dildo and a bisexual male friend to entertain him. And then Samuel bailed out on her, thus souring their once-promising sensual friendship...

Mistress Whitney went back to updating her online profile, still tickled pink by Samuel's audacity in calling her again after all this damn time. If this Haitian bozo ever comes my way again I will kick his ass, Mistress Whitney thought to herself. Lying in bed, she went back to getting her beauty rest. She found herself thinking of her last lover Mr. French, a well-endowed White guy whom she sometimes used as a bull to cuckold her paying male customers. Too bad Mr. French was out of town. In his absence, Mistress Whitney took out her dildo and worked it into her already wet vagina...

"Dammit, it's like that, huh?" Samuel said to himself, looking at his cell phone long after Mistress Whitney hung up. Lying in the basement of his home in the suburb of Barrhaven, Ontario, the big and tall, dark-skinned and burly Haitian kink enthusiast and university student sighed. After logging onto his Wi-Fi, Samuel looked up Mistress Whitney online, and smiled as her decidedly lascivious pictures scrolled up on his phone.

Operating primarily in the City of Ottawa, Ontario, but also in nearby places like Aylmer and Renfrew, Mistress Whitney had quite the presence in the BDSM world of Ontario, Canada. Curvy, with large breasts, wide hips, thick legs and a big round ass, the mixed-race cutie with the angelic face, flexible morals and sensuous smile mesmerized many people and Samuel was definitely one of them. Although he and Mistress Whitney were no longer in good terms, Samuel had many fond memories of her...

"Now that's more like it," Samuel said, admiring the hell out of Mistress Whitney's pictures on her professional dominatrix website. A shot of her, light-skinned and green-eyed temptress that she is, looking tauntingly at whoever was holding the camera when her picture was taken. Samuel looked at another picture, one of Mistress Whitney lying in bed, big round ass swallowing a slick dark thong, and he sighed happily and took his dick out of his pants.

Years and years ago, when Samuel was new to the City of Ottawa, Ontario, by way of Boston, Massachusetts, he became fascinated by the BDSM lifestyle. One of the first people he met in said lifestyle was Mistress Whitney, the most eager dominatrix of them all, offering experienced domination and fantasy...for a fee. Samuel, a tight wad if there ever was one, actually forked the bucks to give his long-time fantasy about female domination a try, and Mistress Whitney was more than happy to help a brother out.

"Your ass is mine," Mistress Whitney whispered into Samuel's ear as she bent the big and tall Black dude over, spanked his ass and then pegged him good and proper. The two of them got down and dirty in Mistress Whitney's makeshift dungeon, a private room inside the hair salon where she worked, somewhere in downtown Ottawa. The illicit nature of the encounter, and Mistress Whitney's sexy wickedness turned Samuel on immensely, even as her dildo filled his ass...

"Yes, Mistress Whitney, fuck me," Samuel groaned, and Mistress Whitney fucked him gleefully, packing his tight Haitian ass with her strap-on dildo. Mistress Whitney fucked the hell out of Samuel's ass, and afterwards, she made him kneel before her. Samuel eagerly kissed Mistress Whitney's feet, and thanked her profusely for one of the most intense sensual experiences of his life. That's when Samuel's obsession with Mistress Whitney began...

Years after this encounter, Samuel still couldn't get it out of his mind. Oh, he'd had plenty of sexual encounters with women and men, but he couldn't forget Mistress Whitney. There was something unforgettable about the beautiful, bossy, sensually wicked, and cheerfully sociopathic biracial dominatrix. I know that Mistress Whitney is poison but I don't care, Samuel thought to himself, amazed.

Nowadays, Samuel was done with his university studies and was now working as a manager with a security company. He didn't have a girlfriend or a boyfriend, preferring discrete encounters with random women and the odd man instead. Although family and friends urged Samuel to find a good woman, or a cool guy, to settle down, he laughed off their advice on a regular basis. The drama of relationships, with either women or men, definitely didn't appeal to the forthrightly bisexual Samuel.

"Damn Mistress Whitney and her curves," Samuel murmured, and he stroked his long, hard dick, while thinking of the curvy mixed beauty. To really spice things up, Samuel took a foot-long candle, which was left in his room by his nosy Pakistani landlady Miss Bhatti, Samuel dipped said candle's end into some Aloe cream, and slowly, gently worked it up his ass. With the dildo halfway up his ass, Samuel stroked his dick furiously, loving the doubly enjoyable sensations.

Samuel closed his eyes as he masturbated, and in his fantasy, it was Mistress Whitney pegging his ass with her strap-on dildo. In his mind, Samuel revisited some of the most erotic, and disturbing fantasies he'd ever had. Unbidden, his fantasies came to the forefront of Samuel's consciousness, and the bisexual Haitian sensualist smiled to himself, as things got steamy in his kinky mind and aroused body...

"Take that dildo up your ass, Samuel, and suck Mr. French's dick while you're at it," Mistress Whitney ordered, as she bent her tall and chubby, dark-skinned sub over and worked her thick dildo up his ass. Samuel did as Mistress Whitney commanded, and she laughed as she watched her dildo disappear inside the burly bisexual Haitian stud's asshole. Mr. French, a tall, pale-skinned, masked man with a huge, pale cock, stood by, smiling wickedly.

"Happy to help out," Mr. French said, and he pushed his cock down Samuel's throat, and the sub began sucking it eagerly. Mistress Whitney gripped Samuel's hips and kept working the dildo deeper into his ass. The biracial dominatrix felt her already wet pussy twitch with excitement as she watched her Black male sub suck a White dude's cock. Working in tandem, the mistress and the bull worked the sub/cuckold over, and they fucked Samuel silly.

Lots of women enjoy watching male on male action, and Mistress Whitney of Ottawa is definitely one of them. After pulling her dildo out of Samuel's ass and lubricating him some more, Mistress Whitney guided Mr. French's pale cock into the burly Black man's asshole. Mr. French smiled at Mistress Whitney as he pushed his cock into Samuel's asshole. Talk about reverse interracial cuckold and forced bisexual fun, Mistress Whitney thought, fingering her pussy while watching the two bisexual fellas go at it...

"Hot damn," Samuel cried out, and the burly Haitian stud's whole body shook as he came, shuddering violently. With the dildo still embedded in his asshole, Samuel came violently, spewing cum all over himself. Sighing deeply, Samuel looked about in his room, and smiled. For a moment, he wasn't sure where it was. It all came back to him. He was in his basement, having masturbated while thinking of Mistress Whitney and her friend, Mr. French, the bull with the big pale cock. Samuel smiled as he headed to the washroom to shower. One way or another, he had to get back into Mistress Whitney's good graces...

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