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Mistress's Creature


Hello again, this is my second story for Lit. I've tried to greatly increase my literary complexity (to my fill-in editor's chagrin ) and try for more eros and less down and dirty sex. I'm submitting this to the 2010 Halloween story contest so please vote, vote, vote.

I hope you enjoy,



It was an overwhelmingly sultry night in Louisiana. The kind were you couldn't quite tell the end of the sweat that made your clothes cling like a lover to your body and the beginning of the damnably hot, moist air.

On a little rise a scant dozen yards for a madly verdant swamp sat a ancient manor house. The kudzu wrapped tightly around the grayish brown skeletally dilapidated structure, fondling and strangling it.

Somewhere in the near inky blackness within, she sat. A high back antique chair, shiny black and throne like, stood on a stone slab allowing her unnaturally keen eyes a view of the cobweb strewn vaulted chamber. A single, massive crimson waxed candle stood sentry at her left elbow.

She was deathly pale, paler than the gibbous moon that waxed outside. Her raven hair nearly reached the floor as she reclined, ruling over her Queendom of one. Her eyes were oak brown with flecks of sea glass green. Her plump, full lips were naturally blood red, she needed no makeup. Behind those lips, hiding waiting, were two surgically sharp fangs. She wore a death black, lacy gown that trailed low, kissing at her ankles which were clad in similarly colored stiletto boots. Her massive breasts strained against her corset with an alarmingly low décolletage. Down the center of her corset from her cleavage to her sex was a row of tiny blood drop shaped ruby jewels.

She gave a feline stretch, feeling the soft fabric of her red garter embracing the mid portion of her right thigh, thighs that gently squeezed her bare sex.

It had been so long since she had a servant that she snapped her sharp, black nailed fingers forgetting that they were long gone. Her preternaturally sharp mind washed over the problem. Humans were such weak little insects. A few scant decades and they lost their usefulness. She pressed her thighs together once more, administering to a slight tingly ache. Their bodies grew weak, their beauty faded, and it hardly took many turns of the seasons before they no longer served... other functions.

Shaking her head imperceptibly she turned to the task at hand. She brandished a small curved dagger from the plinth the candle stood upon and swayed to the center of her chamber. Languidly pulling on the sleeve of her gown she bared her porcelain white wrist. She licked a fang and purred as she drug the blade across her wrist, the pain momentarily renewing the sensation between her thighs.

As the blood trickled from her sliced vain she drew symbols of power with exquisite precision on the marble floor. The letters were in her native script, which anthropologists of prehistoric Greece called "Linear A". She licked her wound clean of the excess blood and by doing so closed the wound. Her dark heart sank at the thought of the flow stopping, of the lovely sting subsiding.

She bent fluidly at the waist and slowly tugged down her garter. fingers lightly brushing her nether lips for a mere instant. She drew out the act removing the lacy piece of cloth, finding pleasure in it. She straightened up, tall and regal like an empress or goddess. Her gown flowed, whispering against the floor as she walked back to the candle and lit her garter.

Returning to her bloody calligraphy she lit the symbols and huskily whispered words older than the the ruins peppering her childhood home on Crete. The night was perfectly clear but as her sibilant murmurings died on her tongue a single mighty bolt of lightning struck somewhere in the swamp.

From the bottom of foot after foot of fertile mud some dark animating principle stirred microbes, and mold, and small shoots. For the first time since the orb of the Earth started spinning "it" had a mind. Rising slowly from the muck a shape emerged. Vaguely human in form, it stood eight feet tall with colossally wide shoulders, rippling musculature and tiny steely eyes deep in it's smooth, handsome face. In place of hair and a beard and clothes it dragged slimy, green gray plant debris.

It began its trek to the manner, one eighteen inch foot at a time. Fist at an achingly slow pace, weakly and unsteady, it gathered power, strength and speed. The creature gleamed in the moonlight as it shambled towards the front door. The silence of the swamp was momentarily struck dead as the creature crashed through the four inch thick sold wooden doors with their wrought iron hinges as if they were dry kindling.

He stood before her now. Their eyes met and she gestured grandly for it to kneel. For a moment it stood there frozen. Its will, an eons old force of generation struggled against her powers of death. The air between them crackled with intangible yet palpable energy. Slowly the dark magic of the vampiress forced the creature down to one knee, head bent in fealty.

She raised her arm, commanding it to stand. She gazed at her new slave. Sturdy, strong, beautiful and horrible. Locking eyes with it, hers flared red as she admonished it. Her voice came out husky and brazen. "I am now and forever your mistress, you have no will but my own!" The creature nodded slowly.

"That's a good boy!" she cooed as she stood up from her seat. Ordering him to fetch an ancient vintage of spirit mixed with blood from her wine cellar she brushed her hand across his crotch to find...nothing.

"Damn her spell!" she though, "It gave me a n unstoppable servant Inexorably bent to my will but I have 'other' needs as well". As it strode to procure its mistress's drink she wracked her incalculably vast mind for a solution to her infinitely vexing problem.

When her beverage arrived she had it. "Creature!" she shouted, "You will soon receive what you are lacking to be my perfect slave!" She licked her lips and cocked her head to the side. "We merely need a virgin sacrifice!"

That day she slumbered in her box of earth as the creature stood unsleeping guarding her, seething with resentment.


The vampiress stood in the doorway to the night club. She wore a strapless black latex cocktail dress, just long enough to hide her panties, how she hated wearing them! She had her hair in a ponytail, tied intricately with a shoelace thin strip of rawhide. The tip of her hair brushed her ass as she walked. Mid calf black latex platform heeled boots and a black leather collar with a tiny silver bell rounded out her blatantly sexual ensemble.

Her super acute sense of smell detected minute traces of sperm in the sexes and mouths of several of the woman which she quickly dismissed. She whispered a short mystic phrase and scanned the room. She noticed a bright white light radiating from a tall, petite blond girl. She new by the pure hue that this girl was untouched. Her target! The girl wore a somewhat tight pink t-shirt, blue jeans and running sneakers.

It would have been so simple to merely force the girl to come with her but the vampiress thrilled at the thought of playing with her prey. The girl sat at the bar while the vampiress slithered into a booth in the shadows, stalking her, savoring the hunt.

The girl sighed as she downed a shot of tequila. The vampiress swayed up to the bar and sat next to her, pretending not even to notice the frail young waif. "I'll have a tequila shot." She purred to the barkeeper then "noticed" the girl. "And one more for my friend!" she winked. The girl tried to refuse the drink but soon relented. Something bothered her about the dark, sexy woman, but she was just being paranoid right?

Between the drink and a subtle hypnotic spell by the vampiress the girl, Polly, opened up about the trials of her first year at near bye Tulane, her stepfather with the roaming hands, and finally, about the heady night she kissed her best friend Gail.

The vampiress plied Polly with drink after drink. When she had a few shots in her system it seemed perfectly reasonable to let this strange woman who seemed to have just stepped out of a fetish porn film escort her to her car. The bartender, balding, barrel chested and beer gutted tried to put up an obstacle. "Are you all right ma'am?" he asked eyeing the vampiress wearily. He was met with a glance that shut him up immediately, a glance that would haunt his dreams for the better part of two weeks.

The vampiress led Polly into an alley behind the club. Cooing she brushed the girl's blond hair with her long, soft fingers, eliciting a drunken giggle from Polly. Cupping her chin the vampiress reached for her shirt and bared one of Polly's breasts. Bringing her lips to the girls nipple Polly let out a little delighted whimper. She began to lick the hardening nub, flicking it with her tongue, tracing slow circles around it and sucking it, pulling back a bit, just barely distending Polly's breast.

The vampiress smelled the girls moistening sex as she pulled of Polly's jeans and white cotton panties. She slid on finger into her, gently but firmly. Parting her labia, the vampiress continued her ministrations on Polly's breast as her thumb found the girl's clit.

Polly's moans became louder and more desperate as the vampiress worked her to climax. Polly ground her crotch into the dark woman's skilled hand as her muscles began fluttering and contracting wildly. "Are you about to cum baby?" Purred the Vampiress. "Oh yes! Mmm!" came the ecstatic reply.

"Oh good." laughed the vampiress harshly and coldly as she slid her fangs deep into the side of Polly's neck.


Back at her manor the vampiress had changed into her preferred attire, the fresh air on her sex brought a renewed, tingling pleasure to her. The creature stood, covered in Polly's fresh blood. The vampiress climbed up onto a stool and massaged the thickening red fluid into the creature's chest and howled a vulgar sounding incantation. She licked her lips in triumph as flesh began to sprout from the creature's crotch.

"Let's see how big this can get!" called the vampiress in a low, husky growl. Clambering off the stool she took the creatures member into her moist, waiting mouth. She sucked gently, running her tongue around and under his glans. The creature tilted his head back and let out a low clicking moan as she took him deep into her throat, all the way up to his massive, low hanging balls. "What a good sign!" she thought.

A thrill of panicked alarm shot through her as she quickly disengaged her mouth from his member. She stared in utter lust at the creature's penis, standing out hard and proud. It was about a foot in length and nearly four inches across. The vampiress sucked her bottom lip as goosebumps crawled along her entire form. "Mmm, good boy!" she breathed.

The last thought that entered her hyper stimulated mind before lust clouded it entirely was, "Oh, this is going to hurt so good!"

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