tagErotic HorrorMistress's Creature Ch. 02

Mistress's Creature Ch. 02


The creature stood towering over his mistress. His massive member was engorged from the expert ministrations of her mouth. Though newly created, the dark ritual had imbued him with certain instincts. He knew, though he lacked a member scants seconds ago, exactly how to please a woman like the greatest of experienced lovers. He closed in on her as she panted with lust, still standing before her throne. Her breasts strained against the tight confines of her corset. His steady hands reached for them, bending low to massage her porcelain globes. Globes he somehow needed to touch.

Her eyes flashed Red as she planted a stinging slap across his face. "No one touches my breasts except the goddess who blessed me with my dark gift." Her passion arose once more as the creature's mind struggled to comprehend her outburst. "But will, please me in other ways."

Standing, up from the stool, she knelt on her throne, facing away from her slave. Languidly she hiked up her long black gown exposing her bare sex. Never being one to wear panties the extra air on her sex sent a thrill up her spine and her nipples hardened to tingling nubs. The monster guided his member into her. He was much too large to fit inside her and the pain was almost unbearable, but it was nothing compared with the unimaginable pleasure. She could scarcely tell which she preferred.

He knew exactly how to pump in and out of her, when to drive himself in deep and when to pull back. For a creature that lacked animation, or even a mind, scant hours ago he knew how to please her like no mortal could have dared

She ground her sex into her slave's manhood and panted. It had been far too long since she had a penis inside her. Her long hair swayed as he pumped. Tickling her stomach and breasts, which swung in time to his concussive thrusts. If either of them had been capable of sweating, they both would have been woozy and dehydrated by the time her vaginal muscles began to flutter and contract. She let out a primal howl as the walls of her sex milked her creature's cock as they orgasmed simultaneously.

A husky clicking sound like a thousand mating cicadas escaped the monster's throat as he shot copiously into her sex.

After bathing momentarily in the afterglow she stood up. Her entire body tingled, it was almost as if she were properly alive again. The vampiress felt the creature's cum deep inside her. She dipped two fingers into her sex, pausing to squeeze her still tingling clit, and scooped up some of the semen still running down her thighs. It was not quite human semen, it was much thicker, and the intoxicating aroma of brackish water and mushrooms was more than she could stand. Her eyes grew wide as she brought the viscous fluid to her lips for a quick taste. It was so salty, so sweet, and so maddeningly sexual. If it possible, it was better than blood. She purred "MMM good boy."

Suddenly she felt that the fertile moss and soil that clung to her slave had stained her sex, bottom, and thighs. "You naughty beast!" "You will draw me a bath this instant!"

As they entered a slightly less cavernous room, gently lit by candle light, she stood by a black stone slab almost ten feet by almost four a basin carved into it and smoothed to near slipperiness. Her "tub" had more than a passing similarity to a sarcophagus, shrugged out of her gown and squeezed one of her nipples.

The creature returned with a colossal bucket full of well water and filled the sepulchral basin. The vampiress slipped one long nailed finger into the water and stirred, instantly purifying it, while mumbling a soft incantation. Her eyes flashed red as she stared at the water until is began to steam. She submerged herself into the water, slightly above the body temperature of a human and gave out a contented sight. For just an instant she seemed almost human.

"Flowers!" she said pointing to the corner of the room. His hulking form off to retrieve a bunch of black roses from a nearby Grecian urn and peppered the bath water with their petals. "Just one more thing!" she said as she sent out an intoxicating mental trap.

About two miles away a haggard young workman sat bolt upright in bed and followed an invisible and mysterious trail of sexuality out into the swamp. His mind ran mad with lust as traveled single-mindedly toward the swamp. When he reached the mansion, he was compelled to shamble inside though something instinctual in the depths of his mind was pleadingly with him not to. There he saw her, the most gorgeous, sexual creature he had ever seen, nude in the bath. She beckoned with one finger perilously close to her breasts floating in the warm water.

She didn't like the look of him, gangly with unkempt dirty brown hair and a farmer's tan, but then again handsomeness wasn't what she wanted out of him. Curling a finger and sliding it into her mouth the vampiress stretched and in a coquettish schoolgirl voice said, "May I suck your cock daddy?"

The man was instantly hard and struggling to undo his jeans. She slinkily rose from her bath and kissed the tip of his penis. "Mmm daddy so tasty!" she purred as her hand encircled his shaft. She began to lick her way around the underside of his glans as he moaned and let out lewd little grunts. She began to stroke him harder and faster and took one of his balls into her mouth. His breathing became more and more ragged as she slid his length back into her mouth and massaged his scrotum. "I'm gonna come! Drink it all down!" He began to spurt stream after stream of thin semen down her throat. The creature looked on in aroused fascination from a shadowy recess

Before the man's member could become too flaccid she drove her fangs deep into it and retracted them causing his blood to spray into her bath. "Now this is what my soak has been missing!" she cried out. The blood of a human male during release."

The creature sprang into action to keep the freshly bled corpse from tumbling into the water. "Throw that thing out for my wild dogs to take care of." The monster's mistress said dismissively waving her fingers as if shooing a swarm of flies.

When the creature returned the vampiress commanded, "Now you will watch! And only watch." she said, delighting in driving her creature mad with lust. She gently glided her hand across her nether lips and slowly began to stroke her labia. Licking her lips she cooed as she dipped one finger, then another inside her sex. She squirmed as she pressed her clit with her thumb and massaged her breasts. The creature's member began to stiffen and grow once again as he watched his mistress minister to herself. After some time she began tapping her sex with one hand and parting her labia with the other. Switching from tapping she drove four fingers deep inside her vagina as she shuddered and writhed. Finally she had worked herself to the perilous edge of orgasm. Biting her tongue with her dull back teeth to keep from screaming in ecstasy she felt her vaginal muscles contract. Drawing a hint of blood from her tongue she shrieked as a few small spurts of fluid escaped her sex.

"What do you have to say?" she teased her slave when she regained her breath.

From deep inside his massive bulk came an impossibly deep low muddy rumble. "Name". He said

"What?" She asked, taken aback.

The creature pointed at itself and repeated, "Name."

She snarled at his insolence, "You do not get a name." "You are my slave. When I say 'wine' you fetch my blood wine, when I say 'bath' you draw me a bath like this one. "When I hunt you wait here for me. When I slumber you guard me and kill anything foolish enough to disturb me, and when I say 'Phallus' you will fuck me."

The creature seethed in anger at this slight. He was a primal force of nature not some animal object to be treated this way! His rage fought against his enchantment-induced impotence in the face of her will. His eyes glowed a grayish blue as the mystical bonds that tied him to his mistress's will began to weaken. Smooth out this description.

An unnatural slow wind that neither cooled nor heated the room blew and thick white smoke pored into the chamber, it smelled of incense and clover. As it subsided there she stood. The vampiress screamed, "Down on your face insect, it is the Goddess!" She instantly fell to one knee and bowed.

The Goddess was over half a head as tall as the vampires, with creamy white skin, short blond hair and the lean muscle of one used to running marathons. Her eyes were white, as was her sheer robe that clung to her so tightly that it displayed her dark hard nipples. Her already excited moisture dampening the fabric by the ample thatch of hair between her thighs.

"You are trifling with powerful forces Kroata." She whispered telepathically to her progeny. "We are creatures of death, that is a force of life. It would be disastrous if you lost your control of it." She smiled warmly. "Let me show you."

As the Goddess blew a gentle kiss at the creature helurched forward and balled a giant fist and slammed into the side of his mistress's face launching her across the chamber and drawing blood as the Goddess looked on in faint amusement. It swiftly turned on the elder vampiress and placed one fist into the other and held them high above his head to deliver an ax handle blow. The white-eyed woman blocked it with one hand. "Shh." She whispered stretching up to lock lips with the monster. She snaked her tongue into his mouth and ran hers along the length of his. Her ministrations instantly subdued the creature that hung its head and stood still as a statue

The ancient blonde woman swayed over to Kroata and licked her wound clean. "That should hold your new toy for some time." came her gentle psychic prodding. "You'll have to be more careful in the future. Now commune with me"

The gossamer gown of the elder vampiress wisped away like smoke and she gently rubbed Kroata's breasts. "Oh, Goddess!" It had been far to many centuries since she had felt this touch. They began licking each other's ears and neck, purring like ecstatic cats. The goddess nibbled on Kroata's earlobe as she felt her student's hand reach for her sex. They tumbled to the floor kissing, licking, and, panting. As they worshiped each other's sexes and breasts with inhuman passion they fluidly assumed all the positions they new each other's bodies craved from countless nights together

The vampiresses slid their long, supple tongues into each other's love boxes. Mauling each other's breasts passionately, as well as their own. They rolled about the marble floor changing positions in a blur of inhuman speed for what felt like an immortal lifetime when a psychic whispered tickled Kroata's mind. "Now!"

The two vampires sunk their fangs into each other's throats and continuously fed, filling themselves with their lover's blood over and over even as their own was emptied. In this eternal moment of sexual union they orgasmed together time after aching maddening time. Before long, Kroata realized she was embracing air. She sighed in sexual contentment She knew that the Goddess would be gone perhaps hundreds of years, but that she WOULD be back

Tingling all over, covered in goosebumps of unbridled lust the vampiress stood and glanced at her slave.

"Name?" he said.

Emboldened by the passionate love she had just made she thought.

"No!" She said wickedly "Now I must slumber. Guard me through the day slave!"


As the sun slowly dawned over the swamp the monster had been standing still as a statue pondering its fate. Could it try to escape Kroata's bonds again? Pure hatred filled every fiber of his being. The thought of breaking her neck over and over soothed him like a lover's voice. Suddenly the lid to the vampiress's crypt slid open. She had a lustful smile and intoned, "Phallus!"

The monster sighed to itself. Maybe one day he would rebel against Kroata but for now his manhood hardened. Knowing the physical pleasure the vampires doled out along with psychological degradation he thought, "there were definitely some perks to being his Mistress's creature.

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