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Mists of Time

byAradia Zayn©

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. I feel more attuned with the world then. Yet, I have always felt as if there was a piece missing from my life. I had never met my soul mate and I felt as if that person was what was missing in my life. Supposedly there is somebody for everyone. I was starting to believe that was a lie.

My friends were into the scaring the hell out of each other on Halloween. This year it seems that it was my turn to be tortured. They decided that to see how much of a woman I really was. I had to stay locked in a haunted, abandoned mansion overnight. All my life I had dreams of the O’Reilly house named after the man who had built it. I had a wonderful imagination as a child and could always picture myself dancing with some handsome man in old fashioned 1800s style clothes. I agreed to stay in the house simply because I wanted to explore the place and I could never pass up a good dare.

They dropped me off with my camping gear, which consisted of a sleeping bag, change of clothes, food and drink, a flashlight with extra batteries, candles and matches, necessities and a cell phone incase something bad was to happen. I immediately got started looking around. I go into the parlor and above the mantel is a portrait of a woman who looks almost exactly like me. There is a flash of memory of posing for the painting for the man that I loved and becoming stiff from standing there so long. I figured that my imagination is running away again. That is when I decide to explore the attic before it is too late and I lose my nerve.

There was all kinds of antiques stored in the attic. I found a trunk full of vintage clothing. Being silly and knowing no one was watching, I tried them on. The dresses and things were a perfect fit. I decided to take them as a souvenir. My reasoning behind it was that they fit and no one else was going to want them. It was the whole finders keepers rule.

I carried my loot downstairs to the bedroom that I was going to use that night. I unrolled the sleeping bag onto the bed that was still covered with a sheet. My theory on that was that I was safer with the sheet on then to stir up 100 year old dust. I look at my watch realizing it is later then I thought and how tired I am from exploring the place. I crawl into the sleeping bag and am asleep before I get my eyes good and closed.

As suddenly as I went to sleep, I wake up. I realize that the room has a golden hue from candles being lit all over the room. I stretch feeling the softest sheets that I have ever seen and realize that I am wearing the antique nightshift that I found in the trunk. I look over and there is a man with his back to me lighting more candles. For some reason I am not scared, but I am overwhelmed with the feeling that I am where I am suppose to be. “Ah good, you have awakened.” He says as he turns to me and smiles. I gasp as I see the man for the first time. He is tall and well built with long, dark hair and beautiful brown eyes. My heart skipped a beat when he smiled at me. I smile back at him, too astonished to speak. He walks over to the bed and sits on the edge of it, never taking his eyes off of me. I am holding my breath, waiting to see what is going to happen.

He leans down and kisses me. Memories of our past life together flash through my mind. I saw him sneaking out of my window hoping not to get caught by anyone. My father had promised me to someone else for marriage and he knew that all I wanted was to be with Andrew. All my father was worried with was the merging of land between the Barclays and the Forresters. Andrew and I had made plans to sneak off to get married before the wedding between myself and John Forrester was to occur. But someone saw Andrew leaving through my window one night and told my fiancé about it. John caught us together in Andrew’s home and when he drew to shoot Andrew, I jumped between them to stop it and was shot. John then shot Andrew like he had originally planned. “My darling Sera, now you are back with me, even if it is only for one night.” He said to me after breaking the kiss. “How is this so my love?” I asked him. He explained how on Halloween the dead could walk along side of the living and be seen. He knew that I would be reincarnated since I died trying to save his life. He also knew that the O’Reilly house would draw me back to it since it was where we died. “Sera, we at least have this one last night together, lets make it one that we will never forget.” I smiled and kissed him in reply. Slowly we start taking each others clothes off. He lightly runs his hands over my skin. I shiver at his touch, missing it for so long. He slowly trails kisses down my body, starting at my collarbone and slowly descending downwards. I feel his tongue lathe my hard and aching nipples one at a time. I arch myself towards him so that I can feel him more. Then he trails his tongue down my stomach to my belly button. I giggle as it tickles, like it did over a century ago. Slowly at first he runs his tongue along my pussy carefully. Knowing this is my favorite way to be teased he keeps it up with long slow licks. This can only last for so long before I explode. He then teases his way up, finding my clit. He lightly flicks it and I try to grind down on him hard. Pressing myself onto his mouth and tongue desperate for more from my lover, I moan in pleasure and begin to grind in a timeless rhythm, he flicks faster pressing more into me. His lips close over my stiff, aching and throbbing clit and as he sucks on it he begins to hum slightly sending shockwaves through me. He then moves downward and runs his tongue down to taste my entrance. I instantly move against his tongue trying to get him to tongue fuck my wet pussy. He works deeper into me and I move frantically trying to get even more inside of me wanting to cum. I start to tease my own nipples and clit as I fuck his ever-moving tongue. I rise up a little and grab his beautiful long hair trying to push my pussy into his mouth more, getting close to an orgasm. I am desperate to get off and he begins to press harder, flicking now even faster and more precise while removing my fingers from my clit. He then begins flicking my clit with his tongue again while finger fucking me with two fingers. The feeling of his mouth on me and being filled with his fingers are too much for my senses. I begin to shutter and moan going into the throws of ecstasy and the best orgasm that I have ever had. He rises from between my legs quickly and slides up my body, impaling me on his cock sending more waves of pleasure through me. The desire between us flares up again and when he has filled me with all of him he begins to push his cock in and out of me while grinding my clit with each pass. "Fuck me oh Andrew, Fuck me!!" I moan into his ear. I raise my hips even higher to meet him. He impales me with his cock over and over rolling his hips, never leaving my warm wet pussy. He starts to thrust hard and deep inside of me. I moan as he pumps away inside of me faster and faster needing to cum. I run my hands down his body, grabbing his ass and pulling him totally into me, locking my legs around his hips so that he could not get out of me. I felt as if I could not get enough of him inside of me. Like that was where he was suppose to be forever. I lean up softly moan into his ear, "Cum for me baby." His cock jumps hard and I know that his orgasm is drawing near. I meet his thrusts with my own, he is buried deep while he explodes, cumming inside of me, holding on to my hips. I moan softly, loving the feeling of his cum being shot deep inside of me. I feel as if I now have the piece of my soul inside of me, completing me. We both lie there in each others arms for a moment enjoying the feeling of love, closeness and warmth. Slowly he begins to withdraw and I tremble with renewed pleasure as the head of his shaft finally comes out of my opening. I glance at my watch and realize that it will be dawn soon. Andrew realizes that this wonderful loving moment is going to end too abruptly for both of our likings. I cuddle up to him, wrapping my arms around him trying to burn this moment and feeling into my brain forever. “ I wish we could be like this forever.” I tell him, tears forming behind my eyelids. “Do you my dearest?” He replies. Searching my face to make sure of my sincerity. “Of course I do. I love you Andrew. I always have and I always will. You are my soul mate. We were robbed of our happiness and it feels like we are being robbed again.” I tell him. He smiles at me and looks very happy. I gaze back at him confused. “What?” I say. “Well there is a way that we could always be together.” He replies. He begins to tell me that if I wanted to be with him forever then all I had to do was stay in the mist of where the spirits are instead of going back to the living. That right now we were in a sort of limbo and that all I had to do was decide in my heart and soul that I wanted to give everything earthly up. Somewhat like giving up the will to live. He also told me that if I decided to do this and if I was unhappy, since it was my choice and I would still have freewill then all that I had to do what wait until next Halloween and decide that I wanted my life back and the fates had to put it back like it was. I noticed that the sky was getting a little bit lighter and instead of answering him, I jumped out of bed and ran into the foyer. The table there had decades of dust on it. Since I didn’t have any paper to write my friends a note, I decided to write it in the dust so that they thought that I ran off instead of disappearing.

My Dear Friends,

I have found the man of my dreams and I have decided to stay with him. Please be happy for us. I love you guys.

Always and forever,


(As you can see the most ironic part of it is that my name in the past and in the future is almost the same just a little bit of difference in the spelling.)

Andrew read what I wrote over my shoulder while I was writing it and was estatic that I had decided to stay with him. We heard car doors slam and he grabbed my wrist and pulled me into the shadows. We watched my friends read the note and then search for my things to make sure that I went on my own free will. They never found any of the things that I came in with and never found a reason to doubt my note, but they did find the clothes that I had found in the attic. The reason why they didn’t find anything was because I knew in my heart and soul that I belonged with Andrew and I had given up my earthly life to be with him so they disappeared along with me. We raced up the steps past my friends and all they felt was a breeze. We watched them get into the car and leave from our bedroom window. Andrew looked over at me, smiled and said. “Dearest, would you like to go back to bed since we have over a century of lost time to make up for?’ I smile back at him and grab his hand, leading him back to our bed.

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