tagIncest/TabooMitchie Ch. 03: The Masked Woman

Mitchie Ch. 03: The Masked Woman


"Bugger," Sarah cursed softly under her breath as she slightly crunched the gears as she steered the hire car into the village near her English home. Smiling to herself she thought how it will be a lovely surprise for husband John and her daughter Mitchie, who weren't expecting her home until Sunday, and here she was nearly home on Friday night, albeit it nearly midnight. Sarah had been back in the US working and was due a week's vacation with her family in England, but originally had only been able to manage to book a Sunday flight.

Sarah thought about how yesterday she had gone to O'Hannigans, a bar near her office, for a quick drink after work and had bumped into Karen, an old college friend and the two of them had caught up in more ways than one.


Sarah looked Karen up and down before hugging her tightly and exclaiming admit squeals of laughter, "You haven't changed a bit in 20 years."

"Still the brassy blonde bimbo," Karen laughed easing down her short mini dress that hugged her figure as she tossed her blonde curly hair over her shoulder. Karen had the longest legs that Sarah had ever seen and for all her 'bimbo' looks was highly intelligent. After graduating Sarah had gone into accountancy and then got married and had a daughter and had lost touch with Karen.

"So... what are you up to these days?" Sarah enquired as they sat in one of the booths ordering drinks.

"I am vice-president of customer relations with American Airlines," Karen said proudly as she arched her back and Sarah couldn't help noticing that her nipples were poking against the thin material as she clearly wore no bra. "And also," Karen went on lowering her voice and leaning close to Sarah and whispering in her ear, "a full time pussy licker."

Sarah felt her face redden, but at the same time a dampness between her legs as she recalled their time together. They had a little bit of history back in college when both of them had dabbled with lesbianism and Sarah recalled how Karen was always more interested in women than men, though always claimed to be bisexual. Changing the subject Sarah spluttered a little, "Wow you are the clever one and American Airlines as well that's the same airline I am booked to fly with on the Sunday to England."

Karen looked at Sarah inquisitively inviting her to go on as Sarah explained, "It was the earliest flight I could get as everything before is totally booked up, and I so miss my husband John and my daughter Mitchie."

"You have a daughter?" Squealed Karen with excitement, "and a husband as well," she went on with a little less enthusiasm.

Over a couple of more drinks Sarah told Karen about how Mitchie was 19 and nearly grown up and living with her father while he worked in England. When Karen enquired if things were OK between them Sarah reassured her that her marriage was fine, but didn't go into detail about how close they were as a family since her husband had fucked her daughter. Instead she told Karen how she was missing her family but couldn't contain a giggle when Karen enquired, "Missing his cock as well?"

"Well if I am honest," said Sarah, by now more than a little drunk, "yes I do." Sarah decided not to tell Karen about the other cocks she had in the woods near her home when out dogging.

Sarah felt a hand on her knee as Karen looked into her eyes and said quietly, "And what about pussy? Do you still enjoy licking pussy?"

Sarah paused for a moment and wondered if she should tell Karen about how she had licked her husband's cum from her daughter's pussy a few days before she flew out but decided against it as she said, "I am a respectable married woman I will have you know," Sarah pouted and then they both dissolved into drunken laughter as they hugged each other.

"Wel I might have some solutions for you," Said Karen looking into Sarah eyes and licking her lips in a wanton display of lust. "If you take me to the ladies restroom and lick me until I cum screaming into your mouth then I will see if I can bounce you to an earlier flight."

Sarah thought about it for a moment before saying with almost a straight face, "Business class?"

"For that," smiled Karen, "I get to fuck your pussy with the feeldoe I have in my bag."

Sarah couldn't resist as she said, "And first class?"

Karen laughed out loud as she pushed her hand up under Sarah's skirt and pulling her panties aside thrust two fingers deep into Sarah's pussy causing her to moan. Leaning forward she whispered in Sarah's ear, "Don't be too greedy my little slut," remembering that was what really turned Sarah on. Karen smiled as she had guessed correctly that beneath her now prim and proper exterior Sarah's inner desires hadn't changed that much as she felt Sarah push onto her fingers moaning softly. Removing her fingers Karen held them to her mouth and sucked them deeply before murmuring, "You still taste as good as you ever did," then taking Sarah by the hand led her to the Ladies room.

Finding the large cubicle Karen pushed Sarah inside kissing her as she did, her hands running over Sarah's body. "Strip," hissed Karen as she sat on the toilet to give Sarah the room to move. Sarah wasted no time in divesting herself of her clothes and hanging them on the peg on the back of the door until she stood naked before Karen. "You have kept yourself in good shape." Karen said as she ran her fingertips over Sarah's curves before sliding her hand between Sarah's legs and cupping her pussy. "And I see you still like being the inner slut," Karen laughed as she curled a finger up into Sarah's soaking pussy.

"Yes," Sarah moaned as she rocked onto Karen's fingers.

"Now earn your flight change," Karen said as she removed her fingers from Sarah's pussy and shucked her dress up round her waist revealing she had no panties and her pussy was shaved totally bald. Sarah needed no encouragement as she eagerly dropped to her knees and buried her head between Karen's thighs. Grabbing Sarah's hair Karen pulled her close and hearing the bathroom door open began to moan, "Oh yes lick my good you little slut, taste my juices." Karen could feel Sarah's tongue lapping at her and by the sounds coming from the next cubicle the woman was listening and doing more than having a pee. As Sarah found Karen's clit making her moan Karen was sure she could hear a moan next door and yelled with vigour, " That's make me cum in your slutty mouth before I fuck you like a bitch in heat." At that point there was no doubt what was going on in the next cubicle as the woman moaned loudly as she orgasmed. This set Karen off who gushed into Sarah's mouth as she screamed in pleasure.

Karen's every nerve ending was on fire as she leapt to her feet dragging the feeldoe from her bag and inserted the bulb end into her own pussy settling it tight. Karen paused to unlock the cubicle door as she bent Sarah over and made her brace against the wall, her ass sticking out. "And now your upgrade," Karen growled in lust as she drove the nine-inch plastic cock deep into Sarah open and soaked pussy. The door to the cubicle swung slowly open as Karen grabbed Sarah's hips and pumped into her and the woman from next door watched open mouthed as Karen slammed into Sarah making her breasts wobble and shake. Karen looked at the woman and smiled like a cat about to devour a mouse, "And I will fuck you as well once I have finished with this slut," renewing her efforts as she pressed the feeldoe deep as she could. Sarah was screaming and moaning as orgasm after orgasm tore through her body until she slumped, almost passing out.

Sarah tried to regain her composure and breath as she felt the feeldoe slide from her body and Karen leant and whispered in her ear, "We must catch up again next time you are in town, will call you in the morning," Then turning to the woman who had watched the scene in awe and now had a glazed look in her eyes as Karen said, "We will go to my hotel opposite, room 337 and I am going to fuck every hole you have, but first clean this." With that Karen handed her the feeldoe with both her's and Sarah juices on it and smoothed her dress down before leaving the bathroom.

The woman looked at Sarah half in shock, half looking for approval and Sarah simply smiled at her as she dressed watching the woman start to lick the juices from the feeldoe, knowing she would be for the ride of her life later.


The phone rang by the side of her bed and Sarah groaned as she felt for it, still half asleep and only half awake she mumbled a gtreeting and heard Karen's sultry voice ooze down the phone. "Your ticket is at the desk at JFK, you are on AA142 leaving at 10:15 AM arriving Heathrow at 10:10 PM." Then Karen's throaty laugh came down the phone, "And because I had such a great evening last night it's first class, enjoy."

Sarah stared at the dead phone in her hand, then glanced at the clock on her bedside table and swore as it showed 05:10. Muttering to herself Sarah stumbled into the shower before dressing, throwing a few things into a bag before grabbing her passport and running outside to hail a cab. As she sat in the back catching her breath she realised the her cell phone, or mobile as the Brits called it, was still sitting by the side of her bed. Shrugging to herself that it would be a nice surprise as she couldn't warn John and Mitchie she was coming home early.

Luckily she had told work that she would be working from home so she knew she could work on the plane then send everything in when she got home, it would be easy enough to hire a car at the airport so everything was sorted.


As Sarah drove those last few miles she saw the turning to Silver Birch Woods where her & John discovered the joys of dogging, or public sex as it could be described, and felt her pussy flip in anticipation. Parking the small rental Sarah fished out her door key and let herself into the house, hearing the voices of her husband and daughter upstairs. When Sarah reached the top of the stairs she could hear them quite clearly in the bedroom.

"Oh yes daddy," moaned Mitchie, "stick your big cock in my ass and make me moan." This was followed by an even louder groan as John, Mitchie's father and Sarah's husband obviously complied with his daughter's wishes. "That's wonderful daddy you feel so good in my ass."

"Seems my little girl loves anal more than her mother." said John as he buried his cock deep into his daughter's anal passage before going on, "and now I am going to fuck your pretty little ass harder than those men did in Silver Birch Woods when we went dogging last week."

Sarah stood outside the door raging inside at what she heard. It wasn't that they were having sex, she knew about that and had even joined them before, it was the fact that her husband had taken their daughter dogging without discussing it first.

As she stood listening she heard Mitchie say, "and can we go dogging again later Daddy before Mummy gets home?"

"Of course we can and with Daddy's seed still in your ass," said John and then renewed his assault on his daughter's ass.

A plan formed in Sarah's head and as silently as she entered she left the house and drove away needing to buy a few things before putting her plan into action that evening.


Mitchie & John pulled into Silver Birch Woods and Mitchie was bouncing around the seat in sexual anticipation, feeling her father's cum dribbling from her ass. All the action was at the other end of the car park with a crowd gathered round a small silver car. Parking up John & Mitchie walked over to see what was happening and joining the circle saw that a masked woman was straddling one man, his cock buried in her pussy while another was banging away at her ass.

"That's her second double penetration this evening," said a man who had his cock in his hand and working himself to hardness, "and l'm next if you fancy joining me," he said to John with a leer.

As he said that the two men double penetrating the woman began to grunt and slam harder as they both emptied themselves into her. Mitchie was a little disappointed when her father said, "will be with you in a moment Mitchie," before moving to the woman to join his new companion who was already on his back, holding his cock pointing upwards. As Mitchie watched the woman sank easily onto his cock and some of the previous cum oozed out around his balls. John had dropped his trousers and his cock was rock hard as he wiped the head in the seed oozing from the woman's before savagely thrusting in, drawing a gasp of pleasure from under the mask.

Turning away Mitchie saw that the two men who had just fucked the woman were standing watching with their leaking semi-hard cocks still on display. Kneeling before them Mitchie took a cock in each hand and sucked on each in turn. On one she could taste the sweet nectar of the woman mixed with the last few drops of his sperm, and on the other the more earthy musky taste from her ass. Mitchie continued to suck deeply on each of them until they were both clean of all juices. Just as she had finished she heard her father grunt loudly as he unloaded into the mystery woman before pulling out leaving her ass gaping. "I think she likes anal as much as you Mitchie." John laughed.

The woman had rolled onto her back and putting her hands behind her knees pulled her legs up and apart revealing her three times filled pussy and ass. "Clean" she mumbled, her voice muffled by the mask and Mitchie knew this command was directed at her. Kneeling between the woman's thighs Mitchie took a long lick from anal star to clit collecting the juices and seed. The taste was intoxicating and Mitchie started to lap and probe at both openings gathering more of the delightful cocktail as the woman thrashed about in orgasm with Mitchie's head firmly clamped between her thighs.

John felt his cock grow hard at the sight of his daughter's face covered in cum when she lifted her head for air every so often before diving back in to continue her feasting. Looking round he could see that the show was having the same effect on the rest of the men and one of them lifted Mitchie's skirt to reveal her up turned naked ass. Pausing only for a brief moment to take aim he buried his cock deep into Mitchie's soaking pussy. John was now hard and needed relief and moving round stood at the masked woman's head and forced his cock into her mouth through the opening. John soon found himself shooting his load into the highly talented mouth sucking him draining every last drop from his balls.


The next day John & Mitchie sat at the breakfast table when the doorbell rang. "That will be your mother," said John, "remember say nothing about the dogging until I have discussed it with her as she won't be happy about your involvement."

"Of course, Daddy," said Mitchie happily as she flung open the door but instead of her mother came face to face with a woman wearing the same mask as last night in the woods. John joined his daughter at the door and the pair stared at her open mouthed as the woman removed the mask and John found himself looking at his wife and Mitchie her mother.

"I think we have some things to discuss," said Sarah as she gently pushed past them and closed the door.

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For his punishment have mum take him into the woods for 5 DP rounds bound and blindfolded ! !!!!!!!!!
And have the daughter clean !!!!!!!!

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Damn That Made Me Cum...

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AWESOME. What a surprise.

Love to see their faces.
Hope you have another chapter with Dad trying to explain last night.

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