tagInterracial LoveMitzee and Neena Meet John

Mitzee and Neena Meet John


The buzz of an incessant fly, buzzing around her bed, gently woke Mitzee from her afternoon nap. She was lying across her double feather bed, dressed only in her bloomers and a blouse, and curled up on a soft goose down comforter that her maid Neena had quilted for her. Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. There it was again. It was becoming annoying. She wanted it to stop, and stop now.

There was hardly a breeze filtering through the open windows of her second story bedroom in her plantation home in the Louisiana delta. The hot summer sun was doing a grand job of baking the countryside and generally, making life miserable for her. It was difficult to keep her makeup from running in such stifling heat. If it was that torturous for her, she could hardly imagine how severe it must be for the three dozen slaves who labored from sunup to sunset in her 640 acre plantation.

Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. "Neena!" she hollered. "Neena, come here right now." That darned fly had to go.

"Yes, miss Mitzee. What can I do for you?" Neena was an attractive 20-year old negra who had been born on the plantation. Her long muscular legs, well developed buttocks, and slender waist supported an athletic upper body, accentuated with two pert breasts which bounced freely beneath the soft cotton material of her white summer dress. Mitzee's father had treated her special, from the day she was born. Shortly after her birth, he had brought Neena's mother into the house to cook. Mitzee was 18 at the time. She had spent many a day playing with and caring for young Neena, to the point where she was like a second mother. Neena's skin, smooth and blemish-free, was a lighter shade of brown than her mother, almost creamed coffee color. That was quite unusual since all of the other slaves were much darker.

Mitzee's father had been killed during the civil war, and her mother had died a year later from the heart ache of losing him. Now Mitzee, and her husband Lawrence were left alone to run the plantation. They had no children, because of a medical condition with her husband. She had yearned for children, but had resigned herself to the fact that it was impossibility.

The slaves who had stayed behind after the war, were not really slaves anymore. Something called the Emancipation Proclamation had given all slaves their freedom. About half the slaves left the plantation, heading up north to look for a better life. The rest stayed, of there own free will, because Mitzee and her husband were very kind to them, and the plantation provided a good living for all concerned.

"Neena, swat that dreaded fly for me. He is buzzing all over the place and bothering me something awful." As Neena tracked down the fly and shooed it out the open window, Mitzee stretched languishingly, as she lay on the bed, admiring the gracefulness and beauty of Neena's sleek body, silhouetted against the bright light of the noonday sun, shining through the window. She was attracted to Neena, in a sexual sort of way that she just couldn't put into words. She had never felt like this toward another woman, but Neena was so innocent and beautiful. Moreover, she and Mitzee had a very special relationship, which had developed over the years.

"Neena, honey. I would kill for a cold drink of your mama's fresh squeeze lemonade. How about running down stairs and bring me big glass full." Neena, quick to please her misses, bowed in a polite curtsy and left the room. Mitzee sat upright on the edge of the bed and stretched again. She stood up and sauntered over to the open window, reaching up to tie her shoulder length brunette hair in a pony tail, as she gazed out across the fields. Her cotton blouse was unbuttoned to the waist, and her large melon sized breasts stood out, supported by her brassiere, as if being offered up on a platter. She brought her hands down to her chest as her long slender fingers cupped each large mammary, reveling in there weight and fullness.

She suddenly got the urge to tweak and tease her sensitive nipples. As she pinched and rolled her swollen nipples between her thumbs and fingers, she looked down onto the lawn and made eye contact with a young black buck named John. He quickly looked away and ducked his head as he made his way toward the stables. Mitzee realized he had been watching her fondle her half naked breasts, while standing in front of the open window. The thought made her become quite wet in her crotch as she moved back from the window. She made a mental note to deal with young John later.

Neena returned with the glass of lemonade as Mitzee stood in front of the dresser mirror, admiring her 38-year old body. She still looked young and healthy, though she was getting up in years. She took the glass from Neena and sipped on the cool, sweet, and tart yellow liquid.

"Your mamma makes the best lemonade in the whole world," she said as Neena stood behind her, admiring her reflection in the mirror. "Help me get these clothes off so I can get dressed for lunch, Neena honey."

Mitzee set the glass of lemonade on the dresser as Neena reached around her waist, from behind, and finished unbuttoning her misses' cotton blouse. She and Mitzee made eye contact in the mirror as she slipped the blouse off her shoulders. As she stood in front of the mirror, in her brassiere and bloomers, she marveled at the erotic contrast of their skin. Mitzee was Lilly white, while Neena was milk chocolate.

"Unhook my brassiere Neena," Mitzee said. I want to change into something more comfortable for lunch. Mitzee had a favorite stiff white cotton sun dress she loved to wear in the heat of the day. She could wear it without a petticoat and brassiere, and it gave her great freedom of movement. She really liked the way it pressed firmly against her full bosoms, and the cotton material stimulated her nipples, so that they stayed hard, pressing against the material like two glass marbles.

Neena's hands began to tremble with sexual excitement as her nimble fingers began to unhook the small buttons holding together her misses' brassiere. The bra was imported from France and made of the finest silk. Neena yearned for the day when she could have a brassiere like that for herself. Her misses had offered her one, for herself, but it was much too large.

Mitzee watched the reflection of Neena's face in the mirror as she deftly unbuttoned the last button. She was so pretty. She craved to lie with her on her bed and to hold and squeeze her firm body, pressing her firm naked breasts against her own, softer and fuller mounds. Just then, the brassiere fell free in the back and Mitzee slumped her shoulders forward, allowing the straps to fall down along her shoulders. Neena gently pulled the straps down as the silk brassiere fell away, revealing the objects of her affection.

Mitzee looked into the mirror as Neena reached around her naked body and began to cup and squeeze the soft white flesh of her melon-sized breasts. Her slender dark fingers contrasted sharply against her creamy white skin. Only her dark brown, silver dollar-sized aureoles matched the skin tone of Neena's deft fingers, as she rolled Mitzee's turgid nipples between her thumbs and fingers.

"Lets move over to the bed where we can be more comfortable," Mitzee sighed as her knees grew weak with sexual energy and excitement. As Mitzee and Neena made their way to the large feather bed, they both stripped off their remaining garments and slipped between the crisp cotton sheets of the bed.

Mitzee admired the beautiful body of her dark negra maid as she snuggled up to her and began to caress her firm flesh, paying particular attention to the twin globes of her full buttocks. Neena sighed as Mitzee squeezed each full ass cheek and ran her fingers up and down the dark crevice of her bottom. Even though the heat was sweltering outside, and their bodies were covered with a glistening sheen of perspiration, they could not keep their hands off each other.

As Neena ran her fingers up and down Mitzee's thighs and hips, she raised her head upward and flicked her wet, pink tongue in and out like a snake. Mitzee leaned down to meet her as their lips met in an erotic kiss. Mitzee began to nibble on Neena's full bottom lip, sucking her wet flesh into her mouth. Neena responded by plunging her tongue into Mitzee's mouth reveling in the feeling of their tongues intertwining as she sucked and was sucked in the gentle loving way, that only another woman understands.

Mitzee's dark tangle pubic bush was soaked with a mixture of perspiration and natural body lubrication as she rubbed her soft slick body against the firm hard flesh of her black lover. Neena's own pubic bush was cropped closer and her fine curly black hair intertwined with Mitzee's longer strands as both women rubbed their pubic mounds against one another. Mitzee was no longer the mother figure for Neena, but was enthralled by her voluptuous body. Neena pulled her slick tongue from Mitzee's mouth with a slurping sound and lowered her head to nurse on Mitzee's turgid nipples. She sucked each one, then flicked her tongue rapidly against her nipples, sending shock waves of lust throughout Mitzee's body. Mitzee cradled Neena's head in her arms as the young negra continued to nurse at her ample breasts, as if she were a child at her mamma's teat. Gently, Mitzee pressed on top of Neena's head to urge her to continue lower, to pay attention to her throbbing pussy. Neena did not disappoint.

As Neena kissed her way down her misses' soft belly, Mitzee lay back in erotic bliss, spreading her thighs open and allowing Neena full access to her most private regions. Neena knelt between Mitzee's knees, licking the moist pale flesh of her upper thighs, circling toward the object of her lust. Mitzee's tangled pubic bush was untrimmed. Her curly strands grew wildly down the inner thigh of each leg, and deep between the crevice of her ass cheeks. Neena gently ran her fingers through Mitzee's damp pubic bush, caressing the thick folds of her out labia, and reveling in the sight, smell, and feel of her luxurious pubic hair. A musky sexual odor wafted upward from her heated sex as Neena breathed deeply of her woman scent. As Mitzee grasp her head, gently with both hands, Neena lowered her face into her misses' most private crevice and began to lick and suck on her moist pink inner flesh.

Mitzee could feel her orgasm begin to build, uncontrollably, as Neena sucked and licked her rigid clitoris, which had poked its head from beneath its sheath of wet flesh, like a miniature erect penis. As Neena devoured her sex, she felt her orgasm build to the point of no return, deep within her loins. She grasped Neena's head firmly between her hands, and squeezed her thighs tightly together as her orgasm swept over her body. Neena gasped for air as pressed her face deeply between the wet folds of Mitzee's vagina, licking and sucker he sweet flesh in an attempt to pleasure her mistress.

Soon, Mitzee relaxed and lay still, panting for breath, as the final wave of pleasure released her form its dominion. She pulled Neena up toward her and gave her a deep kiss, full on the mouth. As Neena pressed her firm, thick tongue into Mitzee's mouth, she could taste and smell her own musky sexual scent. It served as a natural aphrodisiac, and stimulated her to desire even more sexual gratification.

"Neena, get dressed and go get that young buck, John, and tell him to get up here on the double." Mitzee's voice was stern, but mimicking at the same time. "He was peeking on my nakedness earlier, when I was standing in the window, and he knows what's a coming."'

Neena hurriedly got dressed, in anticipation of what was next, and flew down the stairs to run and find the big Negro called John. He was 24-years old, over six feet tall, and weighed over 200 pounds, all of it solid muscle. Mitzee lay beneath the sheets of the bed, totally naked, and her damp pussy itching for the feel of a long hard penis. Her husband was not due to return until the evening, so she was going to enjoy herself. John had pleasured Mitzee once before, a few years ago, when she had caught him masturbating in the stables one evening. She had coerced him to copulate with her, or else she was going to tell her husband what he had been doing. His long, thick erection measured a good 10 inches if not a foot, and was as thick as her wrist.

Soon Neena returned, almost breathless, John in tow. He came into the bedroom, dressed only in coveralls, bare-armed and bare-chested, sweating form the hot summer sun.

"I saw you peeking at me in the window, John," she mocked in a playful but stern voice from beneath the sheets. "What were you looking at?" she demanded. John could only look at the floor, as he uncomfortably rocked from one foot to the other, unsure as to what to say. " Were you looking at these," she asked as she lowered the sheet to expose her naked breast to his view?

John shyly glanced up and nodded in agreement, as Mitzee began to fondle her naked flesh. "Neena, get out of that dress and come over her beside me," she demanded as Neena quickly disrobed and climbed onto the bed beside Mitzee.

"John, as your punishment, you are going to have to pleasure both Neena and myself, do you understand?" John again nodded his head, but still he stood his ground, unsure what to do next. However, Mitzee and Neena both could see his coveralls beginning to tent at the crotch, as John began to develop an erection at the sight of these two naked women, ready for him to ravish.

"Get out of those coveralls and get over her on the bed, John," Mitzee demanded. John quickly unbuttoned his straps, dropped his denim trousers to his ankles, and stepped out of them. His long black penis stood at attention as he faced the two women, awaiting the next command.

Mitzee's eyes sparkled with lust as she eyed John's long, thick penis, and low hanging scrotal sac. This was a prime young buck, and back during the days of the slave trade, he would have brought a handsome sum on the open market. Now, however, his only value to Mitzee was as a sometime lover.

"Neena, lay back and let John mount you." I want to see his big black dick slide all the way inside of you. But mind you John," she scolded as he knelt between Neena' s thighs. "Don't you dare shoot your load inside of her. I don't want her to get pregnant." When you are ready to cum, you pull out and mount me, do you hear?" John grinned a white toothy grin as he nodded in agreement. He then pressed forward and placed the swollen plumb-sized head of his penis directly between Neena's thick outer labia, and gently, he began to press inside of her.

Mitzee nursed at Neena's breast as she watched, inch after inch of John's long, thick shaft slide into Neena's loins. As Mitzee sucked on her swollen nipples, Neena sighed when big John hit bottom. She wrapped her legs around his back as he began to saw in and out of her pussy. His muscles rippled with a sheen of perspiration as he pistoned his hips, sliding his monster shaft in and out of her tight wet vagina.

Mitzee was beside herself with lust as she anticipated John mounting her and filling her own pussy with his creamy syrup. She nursed on Neena's nipples, she slipped a finger between her wet slit, and began to masturbate her self.

Son Neena could no longer hold back, as she whimpered and grunted in pleasure. Her orgasm swept over her just as John pulled out, himself ready to cum. Nevertheless, he remembered the warning of his mistress, and controlled himself, just at the brink of ejaculation. Neena cried out in pleasure as her orgasm swept over her body. Mitzee quickly lay beside Neena, and gapped open her thighs, inviting John to mount her. This he quickly did, for he was ready to release his load.

Mitzee immediately felt another orgasm building inside of her as the young buck pressed his well lubricated shaft between the swollen outer lips of her vagina. With just a few pumps of his hips, he was soon buried to the hilt and began to fuck his mistress with authority. No longer did he feel like a slave, but he felt as if he was in total control of this white woman, as he felt her respond to his every move. She relished the feel of his rigid shaft, buried deep within her belly. Soon Mitzee could hold back no longer and she groaned that she was cumming. She urged big John to fuck her hard and to pump his sperm deep inside of her. This was more than he could bear, and her words tripped his orgasm as he thrust deeply inside of her with his powerful hips, burying his shaft against the innermost walls of her cervix. He began to ejaculate several long ropes of sperm, depositing his seed directly into the mouth of her womb.

Mitzee cried out in pleasure as her own orgasm rushed throughout her body. John collapsed on top of her, his black sweaty chest muscles pressed hard against the creamy white flesh of her full mummeries.

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