tagInterracial LoveMitzi Dupree Ch. 04

Mitzi Dupree Ch. 04


Mitzi had adjusted well to her new life with Joe Boxter. He was a noted psychiatrist and somewhat of a celebrity but they both had issues that they helped each other with. She had been a crack whore and he had a more painful, dark and destructive addiction.

She looked at herself in the mirror, not believing that she had come through all that she had. Her hair was longer now than before and she wore it tight, wrapped back and in a braid that ran to her shoulders. Her fingernails, again were manicured and her feet pedicure. She went to salons and received full body scrubs and facials, electrolysis and the like. Though she had not totally regained the weight that she had lost on the streets, she was in much better shape than then. Still able to look elegant and slinky all at once and her age was a mystery.

The dress she wore was long and white, as pale as her skin used to be but of such a fine silk that the tattoos she'd received for her man were clearly visible, not exposed, but through the material their darkness came through. The dress was a low cut front and back which hugged her slim hips and legs to the calves. On her lower back, just beneath the V cut was a tattoo that read, "Queen Of Spades" a spade was also tattooed on her thigh. Her inner right thigh had the word, "Nigga's" and the left read, "Only" both written with tribal markings that wrapped completely around her legs. Just below her ears, on her both cheeks, coming forward like an erection were two black cocks, which if not stared at could be mistaken for odd earrings or a curl of hair, on her fingers she had letters tattooed that read "Black Dick" and her thumbs both were tattooed with spades in the center of the male symbol and female symbol, the female symbol was tattooed in white ink which showed up clearly with her well cultured tan. Just beneath her belly button, where the front V on her dress ended, were the words, "Black Anacondas Only" and on her mound, above her pussy was a skull with a snake wrapped around it and words in a circle that said: "Under 12 need not apply" on her ankles she had a tattoo of a snake wrapped around like a chain, it was black and silver. and behind her left ear she had the words: "Black Cock Queen" written in an Aramaic looking script. Apart from the typical pierces, such as her tongue; not once but three times, her eye brow, and her belly button he had her also pierce her pussy with three loops and her nipples with bars and a long bar at the center of her chest. All of the exposed pierces, the chest bar, her eyebrow, and her belly button, were pierced with 24 carat gold and diamonds. She also wore a diamond anklet and necklace, privilege of being a noted psychiatrist's bitch.

The day was a special one, it was their second anniversary and she wanted it to be perfect- to show her man how much he mattered to her and how he had changed her life. Her only regret about the day was that he had planned a gala in recognition of some of his most notable clients. He had gained national fame as a psychiatrist no doubt because of his race but also because of his build- and style. She had curbed his appetite for homicide by encouraging him in fighting and he had since been runner up in the USA's prestigious, "World Fighter Championship" two years in a row. They called him the "Psycho Killer" they just didn't know how right they were. She was proud of her man, and attended every fight he was in,. She was also in the studio audience when he was a guest on such shows as Oprah! Though she had been introduced to people as his Fiance' he hadn't actually proposed to her- she never questioned him about it, understanding just how on the edge their relationship was.

For his part he took away her craving for crack cocaine by seducing her with near death experiences and violently painful sex, it had become her addiction now and he administered the thrills like the cold calculating son of a bitch he was- and she loved him for it.

Mitzi gave herself a final look over just as the door chimed. It would be the caterers for his gala. She greeted them at the door and showed them where to put the ice sculptures, the basin's and where the tables would be set up.

His house was a step below a mansion. It sat on the beach just off A1A, behind a clump of palm trees which gave them cover from the road. Their was a stone fence which surrounded the house, complete with camera's and a three car garage. The triple story house had two decks, from the front deck which overlooked the cobble stone drive way below and the ocean beyond, there was a wood bridge that reached out to the white dunes. The deck above came off their bedroom, where there was a hot tub and a shower, spiral stairs led down to the main deck. Also, there was a deck behind the house. It faced A1A but was concealed from it by the trees, however it did have a commanding view of the space pad and from there they had watched several launches, naked.

At night he would release Pitzer and Shobo, his two Doberman's to the yard, the house itself was secured by motion devices and magnetic locks- it was a fortress with an indoor pool, liquid plasma televisions hidden in the walls and a full bar. There was also his private office where a league standard pool table sat. As she showed the caterers where to put things she remembered the time he had her lay naked on the pool table. He had just discovered the porno's those street thugs had made of her. He bought the DVD's and played them for her. She was nervous not knowing how he would handle seeing her being with so many other men. It aroused him. He ordered her to lay naked on the table while he stood at one end, where her head was. He made her scoot up so that her head could lay backwards and he allowed her to suck his dick while he watched the movie. He shoved his massive cock in and out of her relaxed throat again and again, she gagged on it, but he did not stop, she had to swallow her own saliva, mucus and vomit to keep from choking, but he kept thrusting in and out of her. She exploded vomit through her nose and it ran up her face but he didn't stop, mesmerized by watching her eat the large fat man's ass. Finally he pulled out of her and let his dick rest on her neck. She was gasping for air. His balls hung next to her mouth, "Suck them!" he ordered. She took the large dark purple balls in her mouth and messaged them with her tongue, "Say it!" he commanded.

She popped the balls out of her mouth: "You worthless fucking nigger, you'll never please me as they have!"

He groaned, his knees buckled and he came all over her chest, stomach and as he stepped back, her face too.

The rich memory played in her mind as she stroked the top of the soft pool table.

It took them two hours to set up for the party during which time she received a phone call from him. "How is my angel?" his deep voice, similar to that of Darth Vader, from Star Wars sent cool shivers down her back.

"Missing you." she replied, "As always."

"I will be a little late..."

She frowned

"I know this time is special for us, so I am expecting something special when I get home."

Her smile returned.

"The party will start on time and I will need you to 'entertain' the guests until I arrive, will you do that?"

"You know I will."

"There is a special guest too, a Miss Clara, a very sad girl- I was hoping you might bring her a special cheer."

"As you wish." she knew what he meant by that, and folded the phone. With no time to lose, she brought the things she thought she would need for Miss Clara.

In the basement, which was really more of a closed off car port as there are rare to no basements in Florida, they had set up a sort of S&M playroom. There was a bed and camera tripods as well as mirrors, suspended baskets, chains the cross and whips- riding crops, candles, prods etc... They rarely used it together, as he would normally work alone. She had gotten him to reform some of his murderous tendencies but in no way had fooled herself to believe he had stopped all together. Just the like, she would occasionally snort a line of cocaine, but the crack she had left in the hotel, when she joined his life- there's was a deep passion of near death and berated bemusements.

Mitzi gathered, from a lockbox near one of the cameras, a roll of duck-tape, handcuffs and some oil. She then took the items from the wall: some rope, heavy duty garbage bags, a hammer and a bone saw kit- to the master bedroom. The heavy duty garbage bags she put on the mattress of the bed and the floor around the bed. She taped white bed-sheets up on the wall and around the bed posts so that everything in the room was covered. She then made up the bed with more linen and covered the garbage bags on the floor with rugs.

The police had been around before and seemed to suspect them for more than a few disappearances but they had never been able to produce any evidence. When the room was ready, Mitzi allowed herself the memory of when they had both been picked up and questioned by the police. They had tried every tactic on her but she stayed solid, and her loyalty to him firm. She was sure he had played mind games with them as they were getting madder and madder EVERY time they came back to her with a different story.

Once released, they came home and he kissed her at the door, a long kiss, a lasting vile wet one for the police who were watching them with a scope. Sure to be on camera, he opened the front door and pushed her to the floor, taking her ass right there in plane view.

She ran a hand across the silk over her butt in memory of that forcefully quick and hard sodomy she had received. There were blood spots at the threshold from what he had done to her ass that morning, and he made her clean them up with her tongue as he pushed her head around with a fist full of hair. Goose bumps rose on her arms as she remembered his hot spray raining down on her as she lay broken on the floor beneath him. All the while he was telling her, "They have it all on film baby, they are going to masturbate tonight because of you." She ran a hand to the front of her silk dress but stopped herself before she made a wet spot, the guests would be arriving soon and she didn't wear underwear.

True to form, agents arrived first hoping to scoop on each other's clientele should any arrive early. Mitzi greeted them at the foot of the spiral oak stairs that connected the split level living room. The televisions were on and music played above, caterers set to work and the agents mingled. Some sports celebrities arrived next and she took them each around introducing people to each other and offering advice on what drinks they might like.

It was an hour into the party when Miss Clara arrived. She was a well educated looking Black female of average height and build. Mitzi brought her a drink and showed her around the party, introducing her to several players and one suspected dealer. She also left her to mingle with the crowd for a while before catching her alone and asking her to come away privately. Clara was shy and personable and had no inclination to suspect anything from Mitzi but that she'd be the hostess, "You are a very beautiful woman." Mitzi said to her as she lead her outside, where they were alone.

"Thanks." Clara said looking away, "You have a very beautiful place and you very pretty too."

Mitzi finished her drink and set it down on the railing, "Can I be honest with you Clara?"

The black woman gave her a look of uncertainty, "Sure."

"He talks in his sleep."

Clara eyed her for a second, "Who?"

Mitzi gestured with her eyes to the bedroom, "Him." she scooted in towards the black woman and took the drink from her hands. "It is a beautiful night... to share beautiful things."

Clara was obviously nervous and taken back by Mitzi's advance, but she didn't pull back either, "Do you like women?" she asked.

"I like you." Mitzi said frankly, "I like this moment... I like to live and I like to feel..." she ran a hand up Clara's arm, "Soft skin."

Clara's hair rose on her arms but before she could react, Mitzi spoke again: "Look at our skin, the contrast- I have gotten a tan this past year but still wow... you're so black, just like him."

Clara looked at Mitzi's small soft hands, she wondered what a nice big brother like Doctor Boxter would want some skinny little strumpet for, but she could see Mitzi had a quality... "You are lucky to have a man like him."

"Fortunate indeed." Mitzi agreed as she sipped from Clara's drink and handed it back to her, her bright lipstick still on the rim. This would be the test if she should proceed.

Clara drank from the glass, without looking for the lipstick or trying another spot.

It was a green light.

Mitzi took hold of Clara's free hand, intertwining her fingers with her own. Without another word she leaned in and slightly up to Clara's mouth and kissed her.

At first, Clara froze and her large lips were stuck shut but as Mitzi messaged them with her tongue and caressed Clara's neck with her long fingernails, Clara opened up, giving herself to the moment. Mitzi pressed her little body against Clara's full frame and injected her tongue up deep into her mouth- probing and searching. Clara returned the favor, letting her drink fall to the floor where it broke and took Mitzi full in her arms drawing her even tighter and kissing even harder.

"Oh yes." Mitzi gasped, pulling Clara back into the room. She groped her body and sucked on her neck as she guided her back into the dark room. Their mouths locked together and Mitzi stepped out of her dress, the silk fell to the floor like a slight breeze and she was naked save for the transparent glass heels and diamonds she wore.

"You're body is so firm and small." Clara gushed as Mitzi helped her off with her things.

"And you are voluptuous and beautiful and free." Mitzi countered as she stooped and took Clara's large nipples in her mouth. "So soft!" Mitzi caressed Clara's skin and gently guided her back on to the bed.

The black woman didn't resist but lay down before her, with her legs spreading easily for Mitzi who, with her knees on the edge of the bed stooped down, wrapping her mouth around the Black woman's pussy. The taste was fowl, unkempt- but Mitzi had much worse in her mouth than that. Clara's underwear didn't match and clearly she had not groomed for sex, so whatever the young girl had secretly hoped for- sexually- it was only a fantasy. Mitzi licked Clara's pussy making her giggle and moan. She nibbled on the sides of her lips and her thighs then returned to the black over grown muff. The overwhelming odor of sweat and musk led her to believe that she was a virgin or at the least unaware of how to care for herself down there. Mitzi thought about what Clara had that caught her man's attention, was it the innocence or the dark gloom? She knew that he targeted suicidal people, or dope heads like she had been before- but this girl had no marks on her arms and she seemed to clean to be a crack head, so she must of tried to overdose with sleeping pills or something- somehow he knew she wanted to die... somehow.

Clara stroked Mitzi's head, assuring her that what she was doing was right and felt good- Mitzi already knew it. She knew how to satisfy both men and women, without even focusing, she'd had a lot of practice. Mitzi brought her finger's up to Clara's clit and rubbed it softly pulling at the lips to get deeper strokes with her tongue.

"Oh! Oh! O! O! Ohhhh!" Clara purred and moaned and her body writhed under the delicate and learned care of Mitzi's affections.

Finally the Black girl began to gyrate her hips, thrusting up and down as Mitzi continued to work her over with mouth and tongue. Her hands stabilized the girls legs as her head bobbed up and down with her. "OH! OH! oh! oh! OH FUCK!" the girl stammered more words as her body trembled and she came in waves into Mitzi's mouth. Her cum ran down her legs, sprayed out the sides of Mitzi's mouth and soaked the bed-sheet which all the while had been rumpling and crackling beneath them, concealing the garbage bags.

The door to the bedroom opened up and Mitzi sat up, wiping off her chin.

Clara struggled to gather her thoughts but couldn't: "Doctor Boxter!"

"Hello love." Mitzi said as she waved and got up out of the bed.

"Bring it to me baby." he said.

Mitzi went to him and kissed him as he locked the door behind them.

"Have you been naughty?"

She liked her fingers, "We've been very bad daddy..." Mitzi smiled and went to get the things she had brought up into the room while he stripped off his clothes.

"Oh Doctor!" Clara gasped, realizing that she had been caught, "Um... I"

She was distracted as Mitzi put a sock on her hand and cuffed it to the top bed post. "It's OK." Mitzi said, smiling at her, "This is part of the fun."

"But I!"

Mitzi took her other hand and cuffed it to the same post in the same manor with a sock between the cuff and her skin, and the cuff drawn tightly closed. She then scooted back on to the bed and kissed Clara's breasts, her neck and her mouth, "Don't worry." she whispered, "He likes this and I will be next." she kissed Clara again then plied her little body under the larger black woman's so that her head was under Clara's but and her legs were at the head of the bed, and the girl's head was resting on Mitzi's thighs. When she moved and squirmed or through her head back, the sensation of her ruff hairs stroking Mitzi's pussy gave her a little thrill.

Before her man climbed on to the bed though, Mitzi calmed Clara down by pulling her butt cheeks apart and lying her tongue into the girls anus. She flicked at the sides and drilled it into the crevasse lapping up her sweat an juices as they ran.

"OHHH!" Clara began to moan again.

"You like the way she does that?" the large black psychiatrist asked as he positioned himself on the bed, he laughed: "So do I." without further hesitation he rammed his long thick dick strait into Clara's opened pussy. Mitzi had done a good job of softening her up and plying the pussy with juices but nothing could ready the woman for the physical bruiser that he inflicted mercilessly with his long thick dick. He went to a hammer action fuck session which bounced his balls against Mitzi's forehead as he fucked Clara.

Clara let out a screeching bellow, or tried to, but was muffled instantly by a pillow which he shoved in her face.

Mitzi licked, ;lapped up and bit at the girls ass and juices as they came forth from her. Her hands could barely restrain the girl's efforts to escape the pain, but the cuffs and the strength of her man kept Clara in place. She continued to eat her ass as he pounded her pussy and his balls slammed into her forehead.

Clara bit at the pillow but the sensation of pain and pleasure were too much, she eventually lost the will to fight and went limp.

He stopped and pulled out his long dick.

It unsheathed from Clara's pussy like a sword and he slapped it down against Mitzi's face. "Clean it." he ordered.

Mitzi tasted Clara on Joe's dick and sucked it clean. She licked at the balls and the head and the sides of his massive cock.

Clara regained consciousness and found herself turned around, her arms twisted over themselves as Mitzi was still beneath her and again eating her pussy only now the white girl's pussy was facing her and Clara could only lick at it herself.

Mitzi's was sweet and tasted clean with a hint of a rubbery sweat, but Clara quickly found that she loved it. She lapped at Mitzi's white pussy making her gyrate beneath Clara as they ate-out each other.

The lap session came to a close as the good doctor shoved his tree-trunk sized dick deep into Clara's ass. Again, he just began to assault it, there was no warning or slow and careful entry- just balls deep merciless assault. She yelped, screeched and tried to bite Mitzi's pussy but the doctor was too quick for her and he gripped her mouth with his hand, turning her face back to him as he pounded her back side. He shoved a hand into her mouth to keep her silent, causing her to gag.

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