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Mixed Blessings


Laslie paced back and forth in front of the perfume counter and dredged his memory for a simple, little, fact. Dammit! What the hell was that scent she likes? He knew it was something earthy, something with more of the smell of trees than flowers or musk. He stopped pacing and sighed.

The very first time they had met had been at Yosemite National park. He'd been visiting friends in Washington and decided to stop by on his road trip out. He'd been reading the plaque for Old Faithful when she walked up to him. "In a place of well preserved nature, why is it that you smell more of evergreens than even the forests?" She had a musical, mezzo-soprano, voice with the slight trill of an accent he couldn't place.

She was astonishing. Her light brown hair bobbed just above her shoulders, to frame her round race and accent her bright blue eyes. And she had curves, oh how she had curves. Very nice, firm, breasts, wide hips and the hint of meat around the middle. She was untroubled by the summer heat in the pleated black skirt, that flared out almost immediately, and loose blue tank-top. Both the shirt and skirt looked like the slightest shift of position and Laslie would know what color her underwear was. But it was more than her body or revealing clothes that had made him stare, open mouthed. This woman simply had a presence that could not be denied.

Alicia claimed it had been his scent that had drawn her to him. She claimed it had told her he was something different, something other than human. He had tried to deny it at first, but there had been a light in her eyes that told him she knew far more than he would expect. And she did. Her expression told him she was truly guessing, but she had successfully declared him Sidhe.

That fact alone had made him nervous. He was Sidhe; an elf, faerie, fae, or countless other names through the centuries and lands. For fear of humans, as they began to populate the globe with their iron and steel weapons, his kind had developed strict rules about revealing themselves to the more prolific race. Too often had they been hunted, and their low birth rate made each loss more precious and painful.

Instinct had guided him to switch to other-sight to view her. While her body remained unchanged, oddly, her outfit suddenly changed. He could see the revealing, modern, clothing, but superimposed over that was the ghost image of something far older. He'd never been much for historical movies, but her spirit seemed bedecked for a primitive, tribal, culture; possibly something Celtic. What was most unusual was the intensity of her astral form. It was as if she truly existed simultaneously in the spirit and corporeal realms. For a moment, he had thought one of the nearly mythical 'Get of Titania and Oberon' had revealed herself, but a look at the perfectly rounded ears of her Astral form proved she couldn't be Sidhe.

Laslie smiled as he remembered the rest of that trip. Intrigued, he had invited the mysterious woman, whom he'd learned was named Alicia, to lunch. She hadn't eaten much, but had sampled a little of a great many things. That discontinuity had perplexed him, and it hadn't been until much later that he'd learned how she could maintain such a wondrous figure while barely eating. Alicia ate entirely for the taste, the sensation. Food provided no sustenance for her. It hadn't been until almost a week later, as they curled, exhausted, amidst the wrinkled sheets of their first lovemaking, that she had revealed her secrets.

Alicia was Dhase. The word had meant nothing to Laslie. She explained that it meant she was, what most people would understand to be, a vampire. The Dhase, however, did not feed off of blood, but the spiritual energy of mortals; their Chi. She explained that, while she could simply steal energy, she preferred to engage them in an activity which helped build even more energy.

Laslie understood this. It was a basic premise of magic that activities like dancing and sex built one's personal energy very quickly. Alicia further explained to him that the person's emotions 'flavored' that energy, and that nothing was more delicious to her than contentment and euphoria. Laslie half-joked that if that had been how she fed, she could feed from him for the rest of eternity. From there it had been a simple matter of inviting her on his road trip.

Through the months that followed, Laslie fell in love with her. By the time he returned to his home, he begged her to move to New York, to stay with him. She had agreed without hesitation. She only insisted that she needed her own apartment, that she could not stay with him at his Freehome. Not only did he understand but was, in fact, somewhat relieved that he would not need to explain her over and over to the other Sidhe. He knew none of them had heard of the Dhase, or he would have been taught of them. Vampires were as mythical to the Sidhe as the fae were to humans.

Laslie brightened suddenly. Mystique! That was the perfume she loved. That was the fragrance she said smelled like him. He virtually melted at her glazed eyes when she said it. It was obvious to Laslie that she was as much in love as he was. That was what this whole excursion to the cursed mall, with it's blasted metal framework, was all about. He was planning the perfect evening for Alicia. He had never understood this 'holiday' personally. Virtually every other holiday the mortals truly revered based somehow based around the cycle of the year. The Sidhe understood that, as they reveled in th cycles of nature.

Alicia still thought as a human, even if she had not been one for a century. She followed their trends and understood their desires. So he had been to the lingerie store and the jeweler's already. He had left the perfume for last, under the assumption that it should be the easiest. After all, he'd known what her favorite scent was, hadn't he? Like the other gifts, he had the bottle wrapped and returned home.

Peter, the caterer, was there already. Laslie knew he couldn't cook worth a damn, so he had hired a chef to prepare a platter of as many different foods as possible, each cut or cooked into the shape of little pink hearts. Alicia loved to taste, so there was enough diversity of flavors, on the tray Peter handed him, to satisfy even her insatiable palate.

Laslie glanced at his watch. He had just enough time for a shower before she got home. He used his key to her apartment, set the gifts and food strategically on the table, set out two candles and dashed into the bathroom.

He needed the shower to free his body from the prior discomfort of the mall. So much metal! It was no wonder his kind had begrudgingly given up hunting humans. If a true war had ever broken out between the species, his would have lost. Between their promiscuity, ingenuity and the blasted metal, the Sidhe would have been wiped out. And that church of theirs would have laughed as they congratulated the victors.

Slowly, the water massaged the tension from his solid muscles. A quick peek around the curtain revealed he had only minutes left. He quickly turned off the water, toweled himself off and rushed to the bedroom. He had a suitcase with clothes prepared just for tonight. He moved over to the full length mirror to watch each piece go on. He needed tonight to be perfect in every way and his outfit bore no exception.

Naked, before the mirror, he looked at himself. His body didn't ripple with the well toned muscles he saw on her TV. Although he was very strong and well built, he would never have the sharply defined muscles some women found handsome. Laslie shrugged. There was nothing he could do about that, and Alicia swore she liked his body so much more than the bodybuilders. She never lied, and seldom even bent the truth, probably because her kind could literally taste the deception of those around them. Why bother lying when everyone is going to know?

The first to go on was a pair of blue, silk, boxers. Laslie normally avoided silk underwear, as he found he would sweat if he wore it for too long. Alicia loved the sensation of it gliding beneath her skin. She could drive him crazy just by running her hands across the slick fabric. Even more amazing was when she luxuriated in running her cheek over the material, as if she were a cat, scent marking her territory. The boxers pressed forward, as he grew at the simple thought of her head in his lap.

Next came the black leather pants. Like the boxers, these increased the likelihood he would sweat profusely the longer he wore them. He had already turned on the air conditioning, slightly, in anticipation of the problem. He would turn it off just as she got home. Between the combined heat of his outfit and their passion, he felt secure that he would not be wearing either long enough for sweat to be a problem.

The final piece of his outfit was a silk, button-up, shirt that matched the underwear. The blue contrasted perfectly with his pale skin. What's more the primary color seemed to emphasize his olive green eyes. He had always loved the color of his eyes, but most people never even noticed past the exotic cheek and jaw lines that marked his Sidhe nature. Compared to that, his eyes seemed almost bland. And as much as Laslie loved to watch her eyes devour his body, tonight he wanted to capture those blue pools with his own.

The watch, now resting on her dresser, chimed. Alicia would be home any moment. He raced over to turn off the alarm and then back into the small table in the kitchen. He hadn't bothered with shoes so his socks slid on the tile floor until he almost toppled the chair on the far side. He lit the candles, skated over to the light switch, and barely made it back to his chair when he her the key hit the lock.

Alicia froze just inside the door to stare at the scene before her. She was still dressed for her meetings with the accountants and brokers. Like the Sidhe, Alicia took the world in a long term view. Her style demonstrated that, in some things. She refused to forget the past however. Laslie had never seen her wear pants. She refused to. So now he gazed back at her and enjoyed how the grey skirt and matching jacket not only clung to her contours, but seemed to accent them. The white blouse beneath remained slightly unbuttoned to reveal the soft mounds of her cleavage. It was her 'concession to sexuality.' Although Laslie felt her every choice of outfit was amazingly sexy.

Her mouth opened slightly, as if to talk, her jaw even moved, but she couldn't get past the surprise. Laslie treasured the look of wonderment in her eyes. Very quietly, almost meekly, he whispered. He knew she would hear. "Happy Valentines."

She was across the room, in literally an instant, and wrapped around him lovingly. "Oh Las! You didn't have to! I know how you feel about this."

Laslie lifted her easily, as he stood, so that he could hold her more comfortably. Her hands rested easily, crossed behind his neck, as his arms slipped comfortably into the supple curves of her side so that his hands could lock in the small of her back. He never thought so much of the drastic difference in their heights until he stood with her, like this, their bodies pressed together. He was a little taller than average, at six foot even, but the roughly foot and a half she lacked on him marked her as decidedly tiny by modern standards.

His hands found her soft butt and his Sidhe strength lifted her into a more comfortably position, until her eyes were even with his. Distantly, he felt the tight skirt ride up as her legs shifted to capture his waist. "I never object to an occasion that allows me to dote upon you. How could I forsake an opportunity to demonstrate my love for you?"

Alicia's mouth was pressed against his so quickly, that it took Laslie a moment to realize. In her excitement, the supernatural speed of her kind came out. Within a second, however, he pressed back with every bit as much passion as she. His head tilted right in unison with hers and lips parted to invite his questing tongue. Together they danced and felt and tasted each other.

Even with eyes closed, he found himself carrying her to the bedroom. He left the candles lit and the other sundries on the table. They could get back to that later. Laslie could sense Alicia had other intentions as she subconsciously projected her empathy.

He shuddered, and his legs nearly buckled, as Alicia's body pulled away from his just enough to slide her hands across the smooth fabric of his shirt. She paid special attention to his nipples. With each pass she alternated a light caress with the palms of her hands and the more forceful torment of her nails. His breath quickly became ragged as he breathed through his nose; her mouth once more sealed against his. His body began to burn with the twin flames of asphyxiation and lust.

At the bed, she surprised Laslie once more. Somehow, her tiny, seemingly weightless form twisted. Without disentangling herself from him, she spun him around and threw him to the bed in one smooth maneuver. His only consolation, from the shock to his masculine pride, was that the move brought her head back. As he crashed, he managed to draw a single, deep, breath. She fell atop him and her weight pressed pillowy warmth across his torso. Her hands slid from his nipples to his sides. Her nails raked across his body through the silk. All of his precious breath exploded from his body, as his head snapped back, in a scream of ecstacy.

Once more her lips sealed with his. Laslie had never dared try something as dangerous as this during sex, but the first time Alicia had kissed him he discovered he could die happy if she sucked the very breath from him. She didn't do it often. Perhaps she feared they would lose themselves and forget his need, for Dhase had as little need for breathing as they did food. He knew she was lost to her passion, that she drove him so forcefully. His mind surrendered itself to his body as he returned her need.

She pulled back and once more he could breath. His eyes flared open. It was not enough that she remained locked around his waist. He needed every inch of her flesh pressed against his. His body strained painfully against the confines of the tight, leather, pants. Laslie growled, from deep in his chest, as he began to reach for her. Buttons flew as she tore the front of his shirt open. He almost had her shoulders, intent on thoughts of her trapped beneath him as he thrust himself deep, when his hands appeared by his own sides.

Surprise, and even a little terror, cleared his mind, slightly, of the primal forces that dominated him. Only her speed could seemingly teleport his arms from one place to the next. He knew she had the speed, but he hadn't felt any resistance. She couldn't be that strong. Even a young Sidhe was fully the match for most humans, and Laslie was well muscled, even for his race. To do as Alicia had done, for he could not deny that she had done this, meant that her strength was truly incomprehensible. He had always dominated her before, but her simple action proved who had truly held control.

With eyes full of surprise, he met hers. The blue veritably sparkled and filled her eyes. As he gazed into those primal orbs he felt the beast, his own base nature, flare to life. This time, instead of viewing a most beloved prey before, or rather above, him it saw the hunter. He knew he was caught, but for the life within his body, he could not care. As the realization occurred, Alicia, too, knew all of this.

Slowly her legs uncoiled. Still, knowing her power and dominant spirit, he could not understand how she had let him take her for so long. He shuddered, hands secured by his silk shirt and trapped by his weight, as her hands glided down the tight flesh of his chest and stomach. She leaned forward. Her hands dove between her own legs, spread to straddle him, and began to unfasten the leather pants. Her breath caressed his chest as she growled a whisper. "Even the mighty lioness allows herself to be taken, when she so desires."

Laslie tried to formulate a response when he felt the button release and her hands dive for his pulsing heat. As she squeezed, all thought fled but desire. He was hers to do with as she saw fit. She had the strength to take him, to his fundamental, primitive, nature, that gave her the right to do what she would. That she wanted him in the same way that he wanted her was irrelevant. As she squeezed, and began to pull the loose skin along his firm shaft, a whimper escaped him. Her eyes spoke for her. If he was now hers, he would suffer lifetimes of euphoria every moment he remained beneath her. He gasped and whimpered his unconditional surrender.

He shuddered. His eyes closed of their own volition as she pressed that loose skin downward, against his body. It was slightly painful, but forced the remaining skin perfectly hard. She leaned forward as she did it. One hand sank deeper into his pants and began to caress the soft flesh beneath the hard form. "I need to thank you properly for the welcome, still awaiting us, in the kitchen." Her voice played against the coarse hairs of his chest.

He was already moaning when Alicia forced a yelp of mixed pleasure and pain from him. She leaned to the side to take a nipple into her delicate teeth. Without the need to pierce flesh, the Dhase did not have the fangs of legend. Alicia, however, knew how to bite to add just the right amount of pain. In his more lucid moments, Laslie occasionally theorized that she could use her empathy to make their intimacy the most unbelievable he'd ever experienced ~not a mean feat considering the years of encounters the long lived Sidhe had managed. As Alicia nibbled on his chest, and stoked his desire, Laslie was anything but lucid.

With each stroke he writhed all the more. His skin burned with need for her. His veins sparked with desire. His very flesh longed to explode within her. She worked him slowly as she continued to nibble and lick and suck. First one nipple then the other. For the first time, Laslie felt truly helpless before someone who tormented him with desire. All at once it was both amazing and terrifying.

And as quickly as she started, she was gone. It wasn't just that she had stopped teasing him, her weight no longer held his waist. He began to sit up, even as his eyes opened. Once more Alicia was there, a single hand against his chest, to push him back down. Her hand held the weight of granite and was as implacable as cold iron. His eyes remained closed with the thrilled fear that she would bind those as well, should he try to watch too closely.

For another few seconds there was nothing. Then the bed shifted and he felt her knees pressing against the side of his body. She lifted her leg over his solid bulk, to straddle him once more. This time, however, she turned to face away from his head. As her skirt rode up, digging slight furrows against his body, he felt the satin of her panties settle against his chest. Even through the cool fabric he could feel the intense heat, that was her own desire, and his body responded to it, to the closeness, the connection, and surged his manhood fully erect.


Alicia growled in delight as he hardened literally before her eyes. She had leaned forward to drag his leather pants from him only moments before. Now, with her goal literally filling her sight, it was all she could do to keep herself from tearing the precious clothing to get to him. She always loved the way Laslie looked in silk and leather and it would be a shame to replace these just because she could not control her own strength.

She couldn't help but feel his muscled chest through the press of such sparse protection as her satin bikini. Her hips shifted slightly as she maneuvered to push the pants down his body, at least part way. That slight adjustment caused her most sensitive area to press and drag across his solid body. Tendrils of passion arced through her. Her very body convulsed from the current that such simple contact wreaked within her. With his pants still about his thighs, she collapsed against his body and enjoyed a slight aftershock of the brief foreplay.

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