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Mixed Wrestling


Lulu was my first real girlfriend. She was 5'3" and about 105 pounds. I had a good 5 inches and 15 pounds on her. The first time we wrestled, I was stunned not only by her strength and speed, but by her confidence. She expected to win, and technically, she did. I fought hard in the beginning and nearly had her pinned when I felt her legs clamp around my torso and squeeze the air, and the fight, out of me. She rolled me onto my back as she dug in with her thighs, releasing me briefly to rearrange them as she pinned me. Her legs were locked around mine, squeezing them together, as her feet hooked my ankles so I couldn't bend my knees. Still gasping, I tried to push her off me, but she had my wrists locked in her hands in an instant and slammed them down against the floor. I struggled my hardest and lifted my arms about two inches before she slammed them down again, this time for good. I squirmed a little bit and laughed as she stared down at me. I told myself that we were just playing; that of course I could get her off of me if I really tried my hardest. I took it for granted that if it was a real fight, I could beat her, and that she did, too. And it wasn't like I really wanted to get her off of me. It was difficult enough to get a sexy girl on top of me in the first place.

I tried again to push her off of me and she dug her elbows into my biceps, still gripping my wrists. I was completely immobilized and my arms were starting to ache. She started trying to bite my neck and I instinctively panicked and tried to push her away. I managed to lift her a few inches whenever her mouth was just about to reach me, but I couldn't get her off of me. Just as she was about to bite me she would relent and I would immediately collapse, holding her off of me was exhausting, but before I could catch my breath she'd be at it again, chomping her teeth as she moved toward my neck. She repeated this three or four times and I was completely wiped out.

After she eased up and I stopped struggling, she kept me pinned for another good 10 seconds, long enough to satisfy herself that I was beaten, and got off of me, telling me she'd spare me the humiliation of asking to be let up.

Later that week, when we were getting dressed to go out to a bar, she smacked my ass as I walked by her and told me to watch my mouth; that she wouldn't defend me if I got myself into any trouble. She was teasing me, but there was an edge to it. I gave her a puzzled look and she reminded me that she'd had me pinned. That I'd tried my hardest, and I couldn't get up.

We wrestled again a week or so later. She was wearing just her bra and panties and I was trying to make out with her. She asked me if I wanted to wrestle her, in just our underwear? We squirmed and struggled for a few moments, groping at each other. We were both on our sides facing each other, each trying to roll on top of the other. She managed to slide one of her knees against a soft spot of my inner thigh and dig it in and the rest of my body rolled with my leg until she was on top of me, my wrists pinned in her hands and my legs spread open and pinned by her knees. I tried to struggle and could barely move. I looked down at her stomach at panties, at her firm white thighs holding mine open, and looked back up at her, surprised and embarrassed. She smiled down at me and shrugged like it was nothing. "Did you really think you'd be able to beat me just because you're a boy and I'm a girl?" I nodded slowly and she shook her head, like she was disappointed in me both for thinking that and for losing.

"There are girls out there who could wreck you. And I'm one of them."

A few days later we were messing around in bed and started to wrestle playfully. She separated herself from me and propped up facing me on her knees, and I did the same. "Okay, come one." I moved in to attack her and she had me pinned in two seconds. Before I had time to think she was off of me and back in position. "Again." I came at her again and tried to grab her arms, but she twisted out of my grip and grabbed my wrists as she launched herself forward and knocked me on my back. I was pinned again. She popped up. "Again." This time I tried to go low and she looped her right arm over the back of my head, when I tried to rise back up to escape she drove her thigh forward into my stomach and locked my wrists in her hands as my back hit the mattress.


She paused on top of me, still holding me down.

"What did you say?"


She had teased me to say uncle before, but I never had until now.

"Why are you saying uncle?"

She looked me in the eye and I looked away from her face, down past the rise of her breasts to where her shirt had ridden up to reveal her firm stomach.

"I can't beat you."


I shook my head, but felt I had no choice but to answer. I couldn't bring myself to look up at her.

"Because you're better at this than I am."

She made a sympathetic noise.

"How humiliating for you."

She lowered her face down to mine and started making out with me. I was completely helpless beneath her and we both knew it.

"Is this what happens when I say 'uncle'?"

She smiled and shrugged her shoulders, then kissed me gently but prodded her tongue into my mouth.

The next day she called me into her room when she had finished dressing for school. There was something commanding about her voice. I went into her room and stood in front of her with my back to her bed.

"Sit down."

I sat down and she sat down on top of me facing me, her legs straddling mine and her breasts in my face.

"I had you completely helpless yesterday."

That had been the third time she had decisively physically beaten me. I thought about trying to fight back and looked down at her crotch. Her thighs were already on top of mine, and if I tried to grab her shoulders, she'd throw me down on my back and pin me. She'd done it plenty of times before.

"When someone is better at something than someone else, that means that person is the boss."

I was about to argue with her when she put her hand over my mouth.

"Just nod if you understand."

I nodded and she moved her hand from my mouth to pat my back, like I was a good dog. She stood up and turned her back on me as she slowly walked away. I watched her tight ass and hated myself for being so sexually aroused. I thought about attacking her from behind but imagined her forcing me backwards onto the bed and breaking loose, then eventually pinning me. It would be too humiliating to bear, to have attacked her from behind and lost anyway. She didn't even bother to look back at me. She knew that I was beaten. Physically and psychologically, she owned me and she knew it.

Even after all of this, I still told myself that we were just messing around. That in a real fight, of course I would win. But I had lost every time we'd wrestled, and it wasn't even close.

We wrestled a lot, and it was usually playful, but she ended up on top every time. The few times I tried to roll her over she'd gently restrain me and ask me what was the matter? Was everything okay? I'd mumble everything was fine and she'd keep kissing me. She had pretty much established her dominance at this point, but made sure to remind me every now and then.

One time when we were running late in the morning I mocked her. She asked me if I had a death wish and I imitated her voice and said "do you have a deathwish?"

There was quiet in the other room, then she came quickly through the door at me. I unconsciously started to back away from her and explain myself as she lept at me and knocked me backwards onto her bed. She grabbed my wrists in her hands as I fell and dug her knees into my biceps as she landed on me and pulled up on my arms. I cried out in pain before I could control myself.

"Lulu, please!"

I couldn't move my arms and my biceps felt like they were on fire. I could have tried to buck her off or grab her with my legs but was afraid to try. She pulled up on my wrists a little harder and forced her knees deeper into my biceps and pain shot through my arms. She looked down at me, helpless between her legs. Ashamed or afraid to look her in the eye, I tried to look down and away. Her crotch was just inches from my face. I was so turned on and humiliated and ashamed of both.

She looked down at me for a few seconds just to make sure we both understood what had just happened, then hopped off of me and walked away. Again, she didn't bother to turn to check if I would try to attack her. She either knew I was too intimidated or didn't care if I tried. It was her confidence as much as anything that scared me. None of this was a surprise to her. Even the first time we had wrestled, she was fairly confident that she could beat me, and now, she knew it.

I walked in on her dressing in her bedroom. She was just in her panties and a t-shirt, crawling across her bed to try to find a pair of pants half buried in a pile of clothing. She made some comment about me being a pretty little guy.

"I'm taller than you are."

"I can beat you up."

I watched her ass as she continued to dig through her clothes.

"Do you really think you can beat me up?"

She laughed.

"I know I could."

She arched her back, supposedly to get a better view of some clothes on the floor, but really to flaunt her ass.

"You know that we're just goofing around, right? That I'm not really trying."

"Yes you are. You're afraid to try your hardest because you know you'd lose anyway."

I was about to argue when she turned to face me. She caught me looking at her thighs and her ass and smiled.

"You want to wrestle over it right now?"

I shook my head no before even thinking about.

"That's what I thought."

She went back to sorting through her clothes and I let out a little laugh like she was just being silly, but looking back, I was trying to save face. I had just backed down from my girlfriend, and I was still in denial.

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Doesn't Really Matter

The next time she comes at you, take your fist and pop her in the mouth. End of story. End of relationship. Right now? You've lost. Everything. She has no respect for you as it is. At any given time, themore...

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Interesting is it real

Very nice story. Got to ask is this a true story I’ve seen some of those hope there’s a sequel

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