Mixing Business and Pleasure


"Let's fix his ass," Harold said.

Both Susan and Grace visible relaxed. Neither of their husbands was on his feet venting his anger at them. Each was happy that someone was taking George on.

The three men had a meeting later that week with Kristina, George's trophy wife. The next day, the three men appeared at George's house again. At the office, Susan had discovered George's tapes of she and Grace, as well as the ones of Diane. Tom, Harold and Warren all looked pissed when they surrounded George.

"You and the Missy sit down. We have some tapes to show you." Tom said with a growl. One by one they were shown. Tom handed George a list of the names, companies, and cities of the men who had sex with Grace, Susan, and Diane. George's face went starkly white when Tom said. "I figure a copy of these tapes to the wives and employers should really liven things up for these gentlemen, don't you think?"

"Oh, my, God. Everything that I have worked for all my life will be gone. Please? Perhaps there is some other way?"

The silence hung in the air. Tom continued. "This is what you and we will do. First, handcuff George to the chair. Harold, Warren and I will spend an hour or so in the bedroom with Kristina. Tomorrow, you will make a brief appearance at the office. You will give the ladies each a five thousand dollar raise. From now on, Kristina will run the company. Kristina will also make herself available for sex with the three of us, or any customers that our wives think need escort services. George was now shaking like a leaf.

Harold, Warren, Tom and Kristina went into the bedroom. The door was slammed. George could hear Kristina scream, "not so damn rough. I'll take my clothes off."

Warren picked up the end of the bed and slammed it down hard on the floor several times. Then shook it so the headboard pounded on the wall. All were still fully clothed. Kristina poured each man a glass of wine. Before she sipped her drink, Kristina screamed, "Wait, damn it, wait. You are too damn big."

Poor George. As far as he could tell, his beautiful wife was being gangbanged. Then it went deathly quiet. As they had planned, Kristina, Tom, Harold, and Warren, snuck out of the window. They met Diane, Susan, and Grace at the outback for dinner.

When the clients of Wolzenburg Fine Gems learned that there were now four lovely women to wait on them, the orders poured in, as well as requests for the women to escort the clients while they are in town.

Tom's alarm business was doing well. Tom took a position as a pilot with Federal express, which meant that he flew five nights a week. Harold and Warren were likewise in jobs that took them overnight a couple nights a week.

The women had a meeting one night after the close of business.

Kristina, the youngest of the four, lit a cigarette, stretched, looked at each of the other wives and said. "A representative of DeBeers diamonds has made a proposal to me that I felt we should discuss. As you know, DeBeers controls over fifty percent of the diamond mines in the world. It is their practice to have a yearly convention in New York for the retailers such as Tiffany's, who as well as making block purchases of diamonds, are interested in other gems. Their offer is if they invited us to attend, with the understanding that we would be very friendly to their preferred clients, that we could have a large booth to sell our wares."

Diane said, "I'd have to discuss it with Tom."

A few days later the ladies explained the offer to all the husbands. Harold looked at George, who had not said a thing, and who sat with a befuddled look on his face. "George, have you been to a DeBeers convention?"


"How many folks will be there?"

"Eighty or so. But I can tell you that you would be rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous."


"Movie stars, The Donald. Kings. They would order a necklace through Tiffany's. Tiffany's would then order the diamonds, which could amount to a million just for that one necklace, knowing that they had a buyer from the get-go.

"If we had a booth, what kind of income might come because of it?"

"I have never heard of DeBeers letting anyone else have a booth. There must be something about this offer that we don't know. But as to income, we could easily be taking several millions."

"I say that we do it." Diane said without emotion.

It was unanimous. Diane added. "I'll ware a wire, and tape everything like I did before."

Warren shook his head, paused, and suggested, "You know, we guys would like some excitement."

Grace giggled. "Warren has been pestering me to join him at a swinger's club. Instead, how about we set up our own swinger's club?"

"I'm game," Grace said with a knowing smile. "C'mon Tom, it has been a long time."

"Yes, it has," Tom said, as he looked at Diane, who already had Warren by the hand.

Grace had George's tie in her hand, dragging him to the den.


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