tagInterracial LoveMixing it Up at Manhattan's

Mixing it Up at Manhattan's


Description - 3 girls, all of different races give the African American bartender more than he bargained for at the local hot spot.


Jeannie had been frequenting the new local hotspot every Friday night after work with her girl friends. They had some great live bands there on the weekends. When the girls, Jeannie, Sandra and Katie had gone in on Friday night they had attracted the attention of the management. And of course why not, they turned heads everywhere they went—at this point they'd gotten used to it. After all they weren't the typical looking circle of small friends you'd normally see out having drinks together.

Jeannie was a beautiful young college student who worked at the local Hooters restaurant a few blocks from the club. She waited tables as much as she could—working her way through school.

She had a fine redbone complexion and the prettiest green eyes you'd ever seen. Her part Caucasian part African American ethnicity gave her lovely, long, coca-colored locks—not too curly, but curly enough to hold a style all their own. She had a toned body, fit and shapely with an extremely tiny little waist. You could tell she spent the most of her down time as a gym rat.

Sandra was the resident all American girl next door with long straight blonde hair and crystal blue eyes. She was buxom, tall, long-legged and beautiful, but naïve.

College had taught this little country girl that there was a whole big, bad world out there waiting for her to explore it. She worked as a consultant for a marketing firm in the city.

Jeannie and the other two girls had all met in a mass communications class they'd been taking at the university and they'd gone from work/study group acquaintances to life long friends in a hurry.

Katie was Korean born, with deep, dark, soulful brown eyes. Medium length straight black/brown hair. Her lips and eyes that were so dramatic and shapely you couldn't resist their pull. She had a cute figure, nice hips and little perky tits that so often went braless and refused to be ignored when they did.

Her parents still tried to cling to many of their old customs. But it became harder and harder as their children had assimilated themselves into Korean-Americans in school and the community. Katie didn't like to practice the old ways here in America much.

To her it was fine to do so when in Soul, visiting their grandparents, after all respect played a huge role in her heritage. But since arriving in the states at age 11, her parents had droned into her head to try to blend in as much as possible, and to become as Americanized as she could—and she had—in her eyes she was:

"Just another American—period—I mean we all came here from somewhere different—America is a nation made up of mainly immigrants anyway."

Unsurprised by the usual stares and leers headed their way from every type of guy in the room—the girls did their best to milk it for all it was worth. As the local band took a "pause for the cause" Jeannie made her way to the bar for her first drink while the others made their way to the ladies room.

Jeannie noticed that the African American bar tender happened to be quite cute himself... so she ignored the barmaid and went a little further down the bar to be sure he would be the one to attend to her needs—and she really hoped that he would attend to them all by the end of the evening.

"Hey there—what'll it be?" The hot bartender asked.

"Ummm, make it a rum and coke." Jeannie replied.

"No problem...haven't I seen you in here before?" He questioned as he tried to make small talk while making her drink. Just as Jeannie answered the quick "Yes..." Sandra and Katie pushed their way through the crowd and up behind her at the bar rail.

Sandra being the come-on artist of the bunch starts out with a "Hi ya handsome—can I get a vodka tonic on the rocks Please"

"Sure thing Miss and what about you little lady, what can I do for you this evening?" He replied.

"For now lets start with a Corona Light—no glass—maybe we'll talk about what else you can so for me later..." Katie winked.

With all their drinks received the girls headed back to their table in front of the band for an evening of fun. As the band took their place and began to play again the girls decided that they wanted to dance—who needed men to dance with anyway—they were the three hottest people in the joint—and they damn well knew it.

After six or eight more songs and dances the girls decided to leave the floor and return to their table. They ordered some appetizers—hot wings and nachos. This time it was saucy Sandra that made her way to the hunky bartender to get the next round. When she was returning to the table she couldn't help but notice that his eyes were following her the entire way.

"Don't look now ladies but we have a very hot, dark, muscular audience watching us." She said.

"Well, let's make sure we give him something to look at..." Katie laughed.

As she did she leaned in and kissed Jeannie passionately on the lips, naturally catching the attention of every male in the room—including her hunky bartender target.

"Hey now, don't think your gonna leave me out of all that fun over there..." Sandra remarked, sliding around the booth on the other side of Jeannie as she said it.

"You just come on over and we'll make a sandwich of this hot little dish!" Sandra replied.

"You two are nuts." Jeannie replied with a giggle.

As they ate there food and finished up their drinks—laughed talked and groped each other they couldn't help but notice that the bartender was keeping a faithful eye on them.

Suddenly there favorite song, "Brick House" was being played by the local band and they all jumped up and headed for the dance floor. As it played the three friends danced, groped, fondled, and grinded on each other. This time they put Katie in the middle and Jeannie got behind her and Sandra got in front.

Jeannie was grinding her hips into Katie's tight,round ass. Katie Reached in front of her to Sandra and put her hand down low right over Sandra's crotch and started rubbing her hands back and forth grabbing her by the hips and letting all the passion of her and Jeannie's grinding slide through her body and into Sandra's.

When the song was finished the girls decided to head to the ladies room again, all of them knowing but none of them voicing the fact that everyone had slightly damp panties at that point.

When the three emerged from the ladies room they were going to head straight up to the bar, but as Jeannie passed by a closet that read "Employee's Only," Someone reached out from inside and grabbed her by the wrist she started to squeal, but a hand quickly covered her mouth and drew her back...she was leaning against someone's shoulder and heard a soft whisper in her ear,

"Shhhh...it okay I'm not going to hurt you, I just thought maybe we could all have some fun together."

Jeannie whirled around to find the dark, muscular figure of the sexy bartender standing there in the low light of the supply room closet. Before she had a chance to reply Sandra and Katie were coming through the door, having just realized that she was no longer behind them on the way back to the bar.

"What the hell's going on here?" Sandra yelled out.

But just as she said it she saw him, the dark handsome bartender she'd wanted all night.

"Calm down, I thought maybe we could all have soon fun together...That's all. You ladies looked like you had yourselves pretty worked up out there on the dance floor. I was hoping that maybe you'd like for me to help you all out with that..." She heard the bartender sooth and question them all at once.

What a sexy, smooth, deep voice he had—it matched his smooth caramel complexion and deep, dark brown eyes—now brimming with gold specs in the amber glow of the dim fluorescent light.

"What'd ya have in mind big guy?" Katie replied. With that he leaned in and kissed Jeannie, while pulling Katie and Sandra to him with both arms. There the four of them stood exchanges kisses back and forth.

"You girls turned me on so much, I have never seen two women together, let alone three. I was kind of hoping that you'd let me watch a little more back here, away from prying eyes, I won't touch if you don't want me to—I just have to see what it's looks like—one woman going down on another." He confessed.

The girls already very hot from there kissing and dancing needed very little convincing.

Sandra instructed, "Over there, on those boxes—sit--if we want you closer we'll come and get you."

The bartender followed her directions without a single word; they could already see the growing bulge in the front of his pants. The girls began to giggle and make some plans.

"So, who should go first...I vote Jeannie in the middle since she's been the center of his attention all night anyway." Sandra Replied.

Katie shook her head in acceptance and the rest became mere semantics as lips caressed lips and fingertips inched all over bodies. Katie began kissing Jeannie longingly and rubbed her hands across her soft breasts making her braless nipples stand at full salute instantly. She teased them through the fabric, pinching, and rolling them between her thumb and forefinger.

Katie licked her way down Jeannie's long slender chin and cocoa neck and began to tease the taught nipples—biting and nibbling them right through the fabric of the shirt until she had the cloth soaking wet. She then made her way down kissing and licking every inch as she slid done the V-neck of Jeannie's shirt and buried her face between two luscious tits. Finally as Jeannie's moans got to be too exciting for her—pulling Jeannie's shirt down over her shoulders her lips found their target. She licked and sucked and bit the beautiful, dark chocolate nipples. As she bit down she pulled back at them, stretching them out as far as she could from Jeannie's body.

"Oh—God damn you bitch—that feels so fucking good--I can't wait to feel you doing that to my sopping wet pussy lips." Jeannie gasped out in both pleasure and pain simultaneously.

Sandra was busy by that time starting at Jeannie's black stiletto boots and licking her way up to the middle, she grabbed at Jeannie's legs with such fury that she was leaving finger marks as she went. Now finally arriving at the short red leather skirt—gently raising it to expose the black and red floss Jeannie was wearing beneath it. She gave the strap between Jeannie's ass cheeks a good snap and listened as a corresponding "Mmmmm..." rose from Jeannie.

As Sandra exposed Jeannie's sweet muscular ass, she spread Jeannie's legs open wide—dropped to her knees and gave Jeannie's cunt a slow rub.

"Oh my aren't we just the wet little kitty" Sandra remarked.

They could hear the gasping, short, strong breaths of the bartender in the corner who was shadowed somewhat now in the darkness, but they knew he was watching in complete delight--they could see the gold flecks flickering in his eyes as he stared at the site he'd longed to see his entire life.

Sandra rubbed her fingers up the sweet chocolate lips and touched Jeannie's clit, which was already completely erect. Jeannie moaned in approval. Then Sandra slid a finger inside of Jeannie's hot, dark snatch. Bringing it out she took a lick,

"Your pussy is so juicy and tangy baby—you're a hot horny little slut aren't you." Sandra teased.

"Yes, oh yes, horny for you to fuck and suck me good you nasty bitch." Jeannie groaned.

"Damn Sandra, shove your fingers way up in that hot thing and bring me a taste—quit hoggin' it all for yourself." Katie demanded.

Laughing Sandra said, "You bet girlfriend, let me really work one up in there for you."

"Oh, fuck, damn! Your finger is so deep in my pussy, shit that feels incredible..." Jeannie screamed out.

As Katie decided to come down and get a lick of her own, the shadow of the dark man in the corner moved, and caught their eyes. The bartender was so turned on by what he was seeing that he was rubbing his cock through his pants.

Katie and Sandra decided to share the sweet wet spot they'd found. Sandra withdrew her fingers from the deep, hot wetness of Jeannie and Katie immediately devoured them. Then Katie took her turn with her fingers inside Jeannie as Sandra got down on all fours beneath her and lapped at her pussy from underneath.

Katie finger-fucked the hell out of Jeannie's dark folds until she had Jeannie screaming out in ecstasy, her pussy walls clamping down tightly around Katie's fingers. Sandra's hot, wet mouth there—waiting and Ready to receive each and every spurt of Jeannie's white sticky juices.

The shadow in the corner again started to move and this time Jeannie Knew she'd heard the distinctive sound of a zipper—going down. As she and the other two girls looked over to the stack of boxes on which the bartender was perched, they saw a wonderful site—at least Jeannie thought so.

She loved to see a strong handsome man with a strong, hard cock in his hands stroking it back and forth so gently, yet with such strength and precision, it got her so completely hot for him. She crossed the room to him and knelt down.

Taking his big, dark-chocolate cock in her hands she gave is a hard squeeze and a stretch and then she popped it into her mouth. Deep inside her dark brown lips she ran her tongue up and down the length of his steel rod. She tasted precum on the head and sucked it as hard as she could, trying to get a good taste of him.

"Oh, Fuck Me!" The bartender screamed out.

"You...You..saidddd...I juuuusstt got to watchhh..." He stuttered.

Katie looked at Sandra and they gave each other a subtle wink and a nod, and strutted over to the bartender as well.

"I guess it's you're lucky day dude!" Katie proclaimed.

"I'll sssayyy!" The bartender stammered.

Katie proceeded to come over and perch herself under Jeannie, and began eating her again. Sandra walked across and climbed up on a stack of boxes behind the bartender's head. Squatting on all fours her back arched like a cat, Sandra mounted her pussy directly on top of the bartender's face. And he began to eat, wildly, with abandon.

"Oh damn girl, your little blonde pussy is so sweet—I never tasted a white girl before." The bartender confessed between sucks and slurps.

"Mmmm, your tongue is so hot and wet, fuck me with it, fuck me deep so I can shoot my hot cum down your throat you nasty boy!" Sandra squealed in Pure enjoyment.

As she began to cum she laced her fingers into the shelf in front of her and bucked her ass wildly against the bartender's face—feeling his nose buried deep in her slit and rubbing back and fourth as he sucked her hot, pink clit.

As she came so did he, shooting an enormous load down the back of Jeannie's soft throat and she swallowed it all, only a small trickle escaping from the corners of her mouth. It didn't stay there long though, as Sandra gladly licked it off to get her first taste of the dark stranger.

Katie decided it was her turn, he tasted good, and she'd never had a big, black cock in her mouth or her little tight Korean body—but tonight she wasn't leaving without it.

"Big boy, you taste awfully good tonight—think you have something left in there for this hot tight little Korean slit of mine? Lets see if I can't suck you back to health here..."

As Katie sucked and teased his cock, Jeannie went down on Katie, and Sandra went down on Jeannie--the chain complete—the group was in for even more fun.

"Holy crap girl, you're soaked, come on in her a little closer and let me lick that hot cunt of yours clean." Jeannie commanded.

"Your cock is so thick and long, I've never had anything that big before..." Katie admitted.

"Don't worry, I'll be gentle and you'll love it, I'll be so deep up inside of you--it'll feel like I'm part of you."

The bartender ready to go to bat, bent Katie over the nearest set of boxes, as his thick black cock entered her tight little cunt she screamed out, feeling as if she'd just been speared. It was so big that she could feel her cunt hole stretching and tingling, as it ripped a bit.

"Oh! Fuck, it's so big, oh shit, it hurts, but it feels so good!" She screamed out.

The bartender pumped and pumped wearing out both Katie's tiny Korean pussy and himself until they could take no more and they both came to a screaming finish together.

Sandra and Jeannie taking turns with each other couldn't hold out when they had seen and heard the release of their friend and the dark stranger. Cumming together they all landed in a heaping pile among the boxes.

The girls decided not to get the bartender's name or number, after all he was new here at Manhattan's and they frequented it pretty regularly—if they wanted him again, which they were sure they would—they knew where to find him...and how to turn him on all over again.

The bartender thanked them all, and headed out to the bar, hoping that he wouldn't be getting fired for being gone so long—after all—he had to see this 3some again—they had to have a round two—a second chance to mix it up in the backroom at Manhattan's. Maybe the next time he'd get the opportunity to fuck the other two. That would sure be what he'd be fantasizing about in the meantime, about all of it really.

He'd come to Manhattan's to mix it up—behind the bar—but he never thought he'd have the chance to mix it up like this...who knows what the future might bring...

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