I can feel your presence and know that you just entered the room. Silently you tread over to where I'm standing and slide you arms around my waist. Pulling me back against your chest you whisper "I love you." I smile as I feel you nuzzling my neck, nibbling on it as though I were your dessert. I love it when you do that; you make me feel cherished and wanted. Slowly you move your hands under my shirt all the while nibbling and kissing my neck. My heart starts pounding and throbbing, I almost fear as though it will beat right out of my chest. I can feel the heat of your body through our clothes and feel your heart beating as well. I want you, I always want you, and this simple fact is part of my very existence.

I turn around to face you. I cup your face in my hands and look at that beloved face. I see my future in your eyes along with my past. "I love you, Craig. I need you more than I need my next breath." You smile at me, making my heart melt and beat faster. I pull your face down to me and kiss you ever so gently on the lips. I love the feel of you lips so sensuous and soft they fit my lips to perfection. I wrap my arms around your neck and run my fingers up the back of your neck and into your dark hair loving the texture of it.

I slowly unbutton your shirt and run my hands ever so lightly down your chest feeling your inhalation and holding of breath as I slowly bend down and lick your chest. "God, I love the texture and taste of you." Your taste is unique a combination of salt and sweet. I'm addicted to your taste, smell, and feel. Your shirt falls to the floor mine follows soon after. I once again put my arms around your neck and rub my naked breasts against your chest. My nipples harden from the friction caused by this motion. God this feels so good, I hear you moan gently. And then I gently bite your nipple and suckle it like an infant.

I feel your hands moving down my body to my skirt. You're touching my thighs and I'm loving it. Slowly your hands slide up my thighs raising my skirt to my waist. You made me lose track of what I was doing to you. I can feel my pussy getting wetter and hotter, I feel as though I'm melting, and maybe I am. Your hands run up between my thighs getting closer to the mark but not close enough. I want to beg for you to touch my clit but the words are frozen in my throat. I run my hands down your chest and down the front of your jeans feeling the throbbing heat coming through them. I feel this rush of feminine power knowing that I turn you on so bad.

I unbutton and unzip your jeans, slowly pulling them down your legs. I look up into your beautiful, masculine face and see the hope and desire there. You step out of your jeans and underwear and there you are in full naked masculinity. I love looking at you; your body and all its reactions fascinate me and turn me on. Some surprisingly so. I touch you cock and feel it throb insistently, knowing that it would like nothing better than to plunge into my wet hole. Which hole is the question. Suddenly I surprise you and take you into my mouth. Once again I suckle you. I run my tongue and teeth the whole length of your beautiful cock. Its so smooth and velvety both hard and soft at the same time. I hear you moan and know that your enjoying what I'm doing. I look up at you and your head is thrown back and you look as though you're in pain. Maybe you are an exquisite kind of pain, one that you may beg for mercy from.

Finally I push you past your limits and you grab me by my hair "come here!" You push me against the counter and set me on it pushing my skirt out of the way and tearing my panties off. Just that nearly sends me into orgasm. Suddenly I feel your cock push its way into my maidenhead. I scream from the pleasure of it and our lips meet in a frenzy of kissing. Suddenly both of our bodies stiffen as we are surprised by our sudden orgasms. I feel you coming hard and deep inside me and I feel my walls massaging your cock with my orgasm.

I sit on the counter panting and you stand there breathing as though you ran a five-mile run full out. Our heartbeats slow down and we pull apart. We then go to our bedroom and curl up into bed together my head on your chest listening to your heartbeat. "You are my love, my life and my soul." I tell you. You look at me smile "I know, your mine and I couldn't survive without you." You kiss me and hold me tighter, and I know that I'm safe, loved, cherished, wanted, and protected; everything I ever wanted in a relationship and marriage.

My life is as perfect as humanly possible.

----please be gentle with me on critique my story. its my first, hopefully not my last.

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