Based on a false story.


Jamie's parents finally left to take her little brother trick-or-treating. Alone at last, Jamie couldn't wait to get back online. This backward town offered little fun for a high school senior, but the internet was there for her, at least now that she knew how to get around the filters. She booted up the computer.

The phone rang and, by force of habit, Jamie picked up. "Hello?"

"Hi, is Katie there?"

For a moment, Jamie flashed on her old friend Katie, but she quickly suppressed those memories drudged up by this weird coincidence. "No, you've got the wrong number," Jamie told him.


"That's okay," she said.

"What was that sound?"

"I'm just booting up my computer."

"Oh," he said. "I only use my computer to go on the internet."

Jamie found his voice warm and sexy. She liked talking to him. "That's what I'm doing," she said as she poured herself a glass of brandy.

"Oh, yeah? What are you going to do online?"

She smirked. "I'm just going to read some sexy story." She wouldn't have shared that with someone she knew. In this town, the risks were too high. But since this was some guy she would never meet, she figured, why not? If things went in a direction she didn't like, she could always hang up on him.

"I like doing that," he told her. "What's your favorite sexy story?"

She looked out her windows as she considered. It was a dark night and her windows showed little but the reflections of her well-lit living room. "I guess my favorite would be the first story by electric1."

"Is he that preachy writer who always stops in the middle of a porn story to remind us going vegan is good for the environment?"

"Yeah," she laughed as she lay on the couch and took off her slippers. "He's always entering that Earth Day contest and trying to tie sex to environmentalism. It's lame, but his stories are sexy. I like the way he does femdom." She sipped her brandy, letting the liquor warm her taste buds.

"Is that what you like?" he teased. "Femdom?"

She smiled as she unbuttoned her blouse and swallowed. "Yeah," she said. "I like imagining I'm in charge and can do anything I want with a sexy guy." She slipped her hand inside her blouse and caressed her firm belly.

He asked her, "Do you like S & M stories?"

"No. That's too extreme. But sometimes I'll read CFNM stories."

"Are those the ones where the women stay dressed but make the men get naked?"

She rubbed a braless tit. "Yeah. That's fun to think about: playing with men's penises while I'm totally in control."

"You sound like a fun woman. How come you're reading about dominating men instead of doing it?"

"I live in Bumfuck, Tennessee. Everyone in this town has to take a virginity pledge, and anyone caught breaking it is sent to prison."

"Wow. That sounds draconian."

"I'd move out if I could afford to. Damn, I wish I had been adopted by parents in a normal city."

The caller chuckled. "It all sounds like the setup to a bad porn story."

"I know," she agreed as she removed her skirt. "Maybe I should write a story about this town."

"What would happen in your story?"

Jamie pealed off her panties as she considered. "Maybe some civil disobedience. People show up at city hall and have wild sex right there."

"Maybe a CFNM protest?"

"Yeah! We could have the guys line up naked. Chicks could stroke them and try to shoot their cum at the city council members. That would be awesome!" Jamie spread her legs and slid her fingers in between as she imagined that delicious scenario. How sweet it would be to see a cock in person, to touch it, to stroke it, to make it shoot. How cool it would be to cover those prudes on the city council with cum.

The man told her, "I guess the stories I like most are voyeurism stories."

"Oh," she said (almost moaned). "You like men peeping on naked women?"

"Yeah. I like to think about watching some woman home alone, naked, spreading her legs, rubbing her pussy, making herself feel good."

Jamie chuckled to herself. Maybe she should tell him she was doing that right now.

The man asked her, "What's your name?"

"Why do you want to know my name?" she teased.

"Because I like to know who I'm looking at."

Jamie's finger stopped right there on her clit. She looked out the windows at the darkness. Could he really be out there? After a second, her hand moved again, but just a little bit over her clit, comforting her. Maybe he was just playing. "What did you say?" she asked.

"I said, 'I like to know who I'm talking to.'"

"That's not what you said the first time." She hung up.

She stood and approached the windows. Wearing only her unbuttoned blouse, she had nothing hiding her blonde beaver except the hand she kept there.

She drew the curtains. She peered between them but saw no one outside.

Jamie didn't know how to feel about this. It was probably a prank. But what if he really was out there and he'd seen her naked body? What if he'd seen her pussy? Seen her playing with it?

After all these years of virginity, a part of her liked the idea of showing her naked body to a man. But a stranger peeping at her was creepy. Worse yet, it could be someone she knew disguising his voice. Hell, if he knew her phone number and her address, what else did he know about her?

The phone rang again. "Hello?" she asked.

"Do you want to fuck tonight, Jamie?"

"Who is this?"

"Someone with a long, throbbing cock waiting for you to play with it. I'll let you dress if you like, cover up that sweet, blonde beaver, that firm, creamy white ass of yours, if that makes you more comfortable, while you play with my naked cock. You could touch me any way you like. You could curl your fingers around my balls. You could stroke my long, fat shaft all the way to the plump head of my cock."

She hung up again. The image he'd put in her head was powerful, and it was dangerous. If he was here, and if he seduced her, they would both be taken away.

Yet she was so horny! How would she hold out till morning?


The day Principal Marsden gave Jamie and her classmates their virginity pledge was a Friday, and Jamie spent that night in the cabin again with her friends, isolated in the dark woods. A single light bulb hung over their heads. Katie asked the group, "How are we going to keep our pledges?"

"It's easy," said Randy, "if we just follow the rules." He waited for someone to ask the question.

"What rules?" Jamie said.

"If you read any porn story, it's clear what leads to sex," Randy answered. "There are three rules you have to follow to remain a virgin. The first rule is, never tell anyone you're 18."

"But we are 18," Sarah said. "All of us are. That's why we had to take the pledge."

"No! Don't say that out loud," urged Randy. "When people find out you're legal, they want to fuck you."

Matthew chuckled. "They're coming," he said in a creepy, horror movie voice. "They're coming to fuck you, Sarah."

"Shut up, Matthew," Katie said.

Randy continued, "Rule number two: don't have sexual fantasies about anyone you know. If you fantasize about someone, it sends a lustful energy that guarantees that person will desire you, too, and before you know it, you'll be fucking."

Randy, Jamie noticed, looked kind of sexy when talking about any of his three passions: porn, literature, or porn stories.

Freddy asked, "So what are we supposed to do while masturbating. I mean, there's no way to remain a virgin without masturbating."

Jamie laughed to hear her boyfriend ask such a blunt question. And yes, just for a moment, she pictured the sight of her boyfriend with his pants down, stroking a cock she imaged as thick and firm and gorgeous. The image was seductive, but she quickly pushed it out of her head.

Don advised, "Just think about Angelina Jolie."

"No," said Randy. "Angelina Jolie is a real person. If you fantasize about her, she'll fuck you, too."

"Hasn't worked for me yet," joked Matthew.

Randy ignored him. "It's safer to think about a fictional character Jolie has played, like Acid Burn or Legs. Since they don't live in the real world, there's no danger you'll have sex with one of them."

Don commented, "When she played Legs, Legs had some nice fuckin' tits!"

"And," Randy continued, "be sure you do masturbate, because otherwise you'll have wet dreams you can't control. And dreaming about someone has the same effect as fantasizing about them."

"Ut-oh," said Katie.


"Nothing," she said.

"And rule number three: never drink alcohol," Randy told them. "Alcohol gives you the excuse to do things you want to do when you're sober but don't want people to know you want to do: like have sex."

Matthew stood, stretching his legs. "I'm going out to the car. I'm going to get that bottle of bourbon out of the trunk." He bulged out his eyes in mock startlement, putting his fingers over his open mouth. "Oh, no! I'm gonna be fucked!" He laughed and stumbled out of the cabin, into the dark night.

Randy shook his head. "He doesn't know the risk he's taking."

They didn't wait for Matthew's return. He was too unpredictable. Instead, Sarah played the DVD they'd rented for tonight. "Watch," she announced. "When Richard Gere dances in the shower, you'll see his penis flopping around."

Freddy groaned.

"Don't worry," Don said. "Later on, that French chick gets naked, too. She's hot!"

"Full frontal?" asked Nick.

"Yes! You can totally see her bush."

As they watched the DVD, Jamie cuddled with Freddy until they heard it outside. It sounded like a quick scream or a moan.

"What the hell was that?" Randy asked.

"That was the movie," Katie said.

"No!" said Jamie. "That was Matthew!"

They threw open the door and peered out into the darkness. It was raining a little. Jamie charged out, followed by Freddy and Randy and the others.

Then they saw it. Matthew was lying on his back, pants down. A woman straddled him, fucking him like crazy.

"No!" Jamie yelled. "Stop!"

The woman, interrupted, looked up at Jamie with the wildest eyes Jamie had ever seen. "Did you want to join us?" the woman asked with a wicked grin.

Even as the rain came down over the woman's long black hair, over her plush lips and her large breasts, the woman looked sexy. Jamie had never seen a female form look so inviting, or lips look so luscious. Jamie had never thought she could be drawn to a woman, but this wet brunette exuded a sexual chemistry that was hard to resist. Jamie could understand why Matthew was willing to fuck her even in the rain and even knowing the punishment that would follow. This town was full of informants and security cameras, but a woman like this could make a man forget the risks.

Frightened by her own arousal, Jamie turned and ran back to the cabin, followed by several others. Only Don remained to help their buddy. The rest would never see Matthew or Don again.

In the safety of their cabin, Jamie asked, "Who was that woman?"

Randy said, "You didn't recognize her? That was Angelina Jolie."

"Oh, bullshit. It couldn't have been," said Sarah as she opened the door again and tried to see.

Freddy looked over her shoulder. "Can't see from here."

Randy shut the door. "Don't look. Whoever that woman is, it's too late for Matthew and Don, but we can still save ourselves." He looked around the room at Jamie, Freddy, Sarah, Katie, and Nick. The survivors. So far.

The rain tapped louder against the walls of the cabin. The wind rustled the trees. And still in the faint distance, they could hear Matthew and Don sealing their fate with the black-haired siren.

The survivors felt helpless, and the more they heard the sounds of pleasure -- the moaning and sighing and grunting -- the more they feared they might be drawn into joining, tempted to believe such ecstasy could be worth the price. Jamie could already feel her panties dampening.

Randy locked the door. Everyone knew, however, that the real danger was not that wild woman breaking in to get them. The real danger was the survivors breaking out. And the door was easily opened from inside.

Nick said, "We can't just leave them out there."

"There's nothing we can do now," said Sarah. "We need to get our minds off them. It's our only chance."

"We better watch the rest of the movie," Randy said.

"No, we better not," said Jamie. "Not unless we want Richard Gere busting in here."

Sarah said, "Think about the character, not about the actor."

They followed that advice, determinedly thinking about the hot-looking characters and not the movie stars with the same bodies. They watched the film for another hour until the power shut off.

"What the hell?" said Nick.

"The storm must have knocked down a power line," Randy told them. "I'm sure it will be back on soon."

Sitting in the darkness, Katie kept thinking about the sexy movie they had been watching, wishing she could see the rest. When she felt a gentle hand on her thigh, she wasn't sure how to react. She couldn't even be sure who was touching her, though it was probably Nick, considering where the hand was coming from. Maybe that was just wishful thinking. Nick was the hottest guy in the room.

In complete darkness, there wasn't much else to do. And it wasn't like they were having actual sex, right? Just touching.

The touch seemed perfectly innocent, too, at first. Then his hand slid up and down her thigh.

Katie thought it was cool that someone, Nick, could touch her and no one else in the room would have any idea. It was pitch black, and as long as they were silent, no one would hear anything but the storm outside. The only communication here was tactile.

In this environment, it might even be safe to have sex. If absolutely no one could see them, maybe they could get away with it. Of course, she didn't dare risk going all the way, but a little of the way should be fine. Right?

His hand slid up Katie's body, over her belly and her chest. She suppressed a moan, desperate to stay silent. She put a hand on his arm, not to stop him, but to trace her way up to his muscular chest. Nick's body was as warm and as firm as it had been in that dream she'd had about him the other night.

She thought about what Randy had said about the power of wet dreams. If she had dreamed about Nick, did that mean he had dreamed about her, too? If so, this could be a magical moment for both of them. It could also be a dangerous trap, though maybe the cover of darkness would let them get away with a little fun.

Katie wondered if others were coupling. Surely she wasn't the only one taking advantage of the dark.

Nick slid one hand down her body until he found her belt. He slipped that hand inside her pants, gently rubbing her fur. Katie wasn't sure what scared her more: the danger that she might give in to temptation, or the danger that the lights might suddenly come back on. Maybe, she thought, maybe she should stop him.

But it felt so damn good! She had wanted a man to touch her like this for so long. Finally it was here. Her dream was coming true. She let him continue sliding his finger over her slit. As long as she didn't let things go too far...

Katie slipped her arms around Nick and pulled him close to her. She quietly -- oh so quietly -- kissed his face, then found his lips and kissed those. She allowed her hand to wander down his firm chest, over his abs, and down to the bulge in his jeans. That bulge was big and hard. She had never felt one before, and it made her heart pound. She kissed his mouth with more passion.

Suddenly, Jamie asked, "What was that?"

Katie froze.

"What?" asked Freddy.

Katie didn't even breathe.

"It sounded like ... someone making out."

Randy said, "No one give in to temptation here. We've already lost two of our friends tonight."

"You're right," agreed Nick, composing himself. "I'm going to check the fuse box. See if I can get the lights back on."

"Good idea," Jamie agreed.

"Wait," said Katie. "I've seen enough horror movies to know you never go into the basement alone. I'll go with you."

That was the last Jamie saw of Nick or Katie.


Jamie looked regretfully at her half-empty glass of brandy. She dumped what remained in the sink.

The phone rang again, and Jamie picked up. "Yes?"

"Why won't you talk to me?" Him again.

"Please, leave me alone."

"I thought you enjoyed our conversation. About CFNM? About how much you would enjoy playing with penises?"

Damn! Why had she told this man her weakness?

"You looked so happy a few minutes ago," he continued, "laying on your couch, rubbing your pussy. Let's go back to that."

"What do you want?"

"I want to see what your insides look like when you spread your lower lips," he told her. "Do you know what it feels like to be penetrated with a long, hard tool thrusting into you over and over while you cry out in pleasure?"

"I'm about two seconds away from calling the cops."

His voice got more threatening. "You call the cops and your boyfriend's fucked."

"What?!" she asked.

"Take a look in your backyard."

Cautiously, Jamie flicked on the floodlight and peered into her yard. There was Freddy, tied to a chair. Except for the ropes around him and the gag in his mouth, Freddy was naked. For the first time, she could see her boyfriend's entire body. Even his dick, which was pointing up to his chin, hard and ready for a woman's touch.

Jamie had heard that even being in the same room with a naked erection could be enough to risk prison. She didn't dare go outside.

Freddy wasn't alone out there. Also in the backyard stood a man in a Halloween costume, a white mask and a black robe, holding a cell phone to his ear. She could tell he was a man only because under his robe he had something at waist-level pointing out. He must have been naked beneath.

One other person stood in the backyard: a woman dressed for Halloween as a sexy nurse, her costume displaying nearly every inch of her firm legs. The woman's face was uncovered, too.

Into the phone, Jamie asked, "Is that Sarah?"

"It sure is," the man answered. "And if you don't do what I tell you, Sarah's going to fuck your boyfriend. Is that what you want, Jamie? To see Sarah wrap her pussy around your boyfriend's hard cock and take him inside her?"

Jamie looked at them. She felt bad for Freddy being tied up out there. Yet she had to admit, part of her also liked seeing him naked at last, seeing his penis. But she didn't want to lose her boyfriend, and she didn't want him inside another woman.

"You're bluffing," Jamie said. "Sarah wouldn't do that."

"Maybe you should talk to your friend." The costumed man handed his cellphone to Sarah.

"I'm sorry, Jamie. He made me do this."

"Sarah, what's going on?"

"It started a few months ago. I thought I used enough protection. I drove beyond the city limits. I picked up a man and didn't tell him my real name."

"You had sex?!" Jamie asked.

"No. I mean, not really. We just took off our clothes and I stroked his naked body a little. His dick was so sexy, I wasn't sure if I could resist having it in my pussy. But I did. I put his hard cock in my mouth and sucked and licked until his cum shot down my throat. Then I buried his head in my pussy and let him lick me to a screaming orgasm, and then another one. But I didn't think that would get me in trouble."

"Are you crazy? In this town, everything counts!"

"I know, I know. But this was out of town, and I never even saw him again," Sarah said. "But then this creep sent me a note that said he knew what I did last summer. He threatened to tell the authorities unless I did what he wanted. He made me come here, Jamie. I'm sorry."

"Who is he, Sarah? Who's doing this?"

"You'll never believe who it is, Jamie. It's -- "

"I'll believe you. Just tell me."

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