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My wife of 18 years, Tracy, was bored. The kids were in school and spending time with friends and didn't need her much any more. She tried golf, bridge, ladies club, and volunteer work. None of it was what she was looking for.

Her best friend from college days, Pam, was always trying to get her to be a model for "Pam's Boutique". Don't let her hear you call it a store. It's a clothing "Boutique" for women. Not girls. No see-through, or skimpy outfits. These clothes are for women over 30. They are settled and not trying to show up one another with how much skin they can show in public.

That's not to say the clothes are conservative. It just means that they are sexy in a subtle way.

Anyway, Pam has been trying for several years to get Tracy to model for her "Boutique". She runs an add in the local newspaper at least once a week and she is always searching for a good-looking, 30+ woman to model.

I must admit that my wife is just exactly what she needs. Tracy is 5'6", 36C, 24, 36. Blond hair down to her ass and glowing blue eyes. She doesn't look like a model. She looks like what she is, a beautiful woman, wife and mother. A woman that naturally attracts men.

I finally had enough of Tracy's complaints about not having anything to do and told her she should go to work for Pam as a model. This was quite a change for me, as I don't really care much for Pam. She is a good looking woman and plenty smart, but she has never liked me (you might even say she hates me) since I first came into Tracy's life. I think she wanted Tracy for herself. I'm sure if I were out of the picture she would put the make on Tracy.

Tracy reluctantly agreed to try modeling. She was leery because Pam sometimes advertises panties and bras and Tracy didn't want to pose dressed like that.

Tracy didn't want to go to the modeling session by herself because she didn't know just exactly what was going to happen and she wanted me there just in case. I had to take the day off so I could go with her.

I took Tracy to the photographer's studio at 10:00 and figured on settling in for a tedious morning.

I was surprised when we got there to meet a highly regarded professional photographer. I had seen some of his work published in magazines and books. I was even more surprised when I saw that he is only about 25 years old. I wondered how Pam could afford this guy.

Mike greeted us with a friendly smile and warm handshake. He is a good-looking man, but he has to be the blackest man I've ever seen. His skin is black and shiny like one of those horses in Black Beauty. And he has the muscles of a young stallion too.

He invited us in and had Tracy and I sat down so we could all visit over a cup of coffee. I knew right away that she was glad I was there and she didn't have to be alone with a black man. She says she is not prejudiced, but coming from the South I think there is probably a little, if not prejudice, fear of black people.

Mike thought I was the one worried about leaving my wife there with him and he wanted to put my mind at ease. I didn't tell him she was nervous about being alone with a black man. I also didn't tell him that I had a secret yen to see my wife scantily clad, or even nude, in front of another man. Hell, I'd never confided that to anyone. What I did tell him was that Tracy was nervous about what she was expected to wear. He erased that concern right away.

He pointed to a rack against the wall that was full of dresses that he said Tracy would be modeling for the day's session. She brightened immediately when she saw all the dresses. What woman doesn't like trying on clothes? I groaned, inwardly, at the thought of sitting there all day watching a fashion show. As beautiful as my wife is, a full day of watching her model clothes seemed a little much.

Mike finally got things started about 10:30. He gave Tracy a dress and had her go behind a screen and change. When she came out she was wearing a lovely evening gown. Since Pam had picked it out it was a perfect fit.

Tracy really looked good in that dress. The deep, dark blue, almost black really showed off her long blond hair. Mike danced around her with his camera and shot picture after picture. He gave her quiet direction where and how to look, interspersed with praise for her great job.

After Tracy had posed in several dresses, I could tell it was taking twenty to twenty-five minutes per dress. At this rate we were going to be here long into the night. I volunteered to go out and bring back some food for lunch. It gave me a chance to get out and stretch a little.

My penis stiffened a little at the thought of my wife back there at the studio, changing clothes with just a screen between her and another man. It would be so easy for him to walk around and see her in her bra and panties. I probably took longer than needed to get the food, kind of hoping something like that would happen.

By the time I got back with the food they were working together real well. Tracy was too comfortable for anything to have happened while I was gone. I was glad, but also a little disappointed.

As soon as we finished lunch they went right back to work.

As well as they were working together, I knew I could have left and gone back to work then without being missed. But felt I had to live up to my commitment to stay there.

From time to time during the day Mike would ask me what I thought about a dress or pose. I know he was just trying to be polite and make me feel a part of their work. I think he could tell I was bored and not interested in learning any more about his business.

About 4:00 Tracy came out in a gown that draped across her body. The material seemed to hug her without being tight. It just lay against every curve, molded to her body. After a couple of pictures Mike said it didn't look right. He asked me what I thought and I knew what he meant. Her bra and panties were plain as day. You could clearly see the ridges of the bra and the elastic of her panties. The material was just too clinging to allow for anything to be worn underneath the dress.

I don't know why, but I got a few butterflies in my stomach when I said, "Tracy shouldn't be wearing anything underneath that dress." As soon as I said it Tracy blushed a bright red. She just stood there waiting, then she asked Mike what she should do.

I was kind of disappointed that she didn't just go take off the bra and panties like I suggested. I wanted to see what she looked like in that dress.

Mike looked at her for a minute then said, "Go behind the screen and remove your bra and panties and then put the dress back on and come back out here." He hadn't used that forceful a voice all day. It almost sounded like a command.

My wife got even redder, but she meekly turned around and went behind the screen. It seemed to take an awful long time but she came out wearing the dress.

Jesus! She really looked hot in that dress. Without bra and panties she looked like she was in bed, under a sheet. The dressed caressed every curve, looking like a second skin. Her very hard nipples were plainly visible. The dress was even pressed against her pudenda making it obvious that she trims her pussy hair.

My dick was hard as I watched her every move. With each step she took the material was moving, sliding into each little crevice and rubbing across those ripe nipples.

Her nipples had never been harder. They were sticking out at least an inch in front of her. For the first time that day I saw Mike start to sweat a little.

Mike told Tracy to lay down on a prop couch. She lay on her side and looked into the camera. I could tell from the smoldering look in her eyes that she was getting a little bit turned on. At one point Mike had her lay back slightly and when she did her cunt lips were visible as the material softly caressed them. I thought I even saw a little moisture on the front of the dress where it lay against her slit.

None of us was saying a thing. You could feel the sexual tension and heat flowing from all of us. I don't know about them, but I found it was difficult breathing.

Then Mike broke the spell by telling her it was time to change into another dress.

When she went behind the screen I took a moment to adjust the bulge in my pants. I saw that Mike had to do a little adjusting of his own. It made me kind of proud that my wife had gotten to this young, professional photographer and caused him to get hard.

I told them I had to leave to make a dinner appointment I hadn't been able to get out of. Just then Pam came in. She walked up to Mike, put her arms around him, and proceeded to stick her tongue down his throat. I was startled to see that because I always thought Pam was a lesbian.

After a nice long kiss she asked how the work was going. Mike told her it was going well and there were only a few dresses left. Everybody was ignoring me so I repeated that I had to leave.

Pam looked at me and smiled. "Oh hi, Tom. I didn't know you were here."

Tracy came out and said she had asked me to come and hoped it wasn't any problem. Pam assured her it was OK and told me that they would see that Tracy got home all right.

Tracy walked over to me wearing yet another dress, with bra and panties, and said she would be OK. She thanked me for being there with her all day and said she would reward me for being so nice. She said she would be OK for the rest of the session. Then she gave me a kiss goodbye.

I was glad I hadn't been able to get out of the dinner meeting. It gave me an excuse to finally get out of the photo studio. The account I was meeting with is one of the best income generators for my firm, and we do everything to keep them happy. The company director is from out of town and doesn't get here too often. When he is here he usually only stays a couple of days. He was going to leave early in the morning so I had to meet with him that night.

I met with Robert for dinner about 7:30 in a club we'd met at before. It's not one of my favorite places and if it were up to me we'd have met somewhere else. I'm sure he feels comfortable there because he is black, the same as about half the other customers there.

Every time we've met in that club there were several interracial couples. And I've seen some white couples come in and the woman ends up dancing, and maybe more, with one of the black guys. The place isn't a dive so as a business executive I don't feel out of place. It's just the atmosphere. I'm not prejudiced, but all the mixing of black and white makes me a little uncomfortable.

Just like every other time I've been there the place was pretty crowded, especially for a weeknight. About 9:00 the crowd started thinning out some and I was beginning to relax. By 10:00 the place was almost empty. Our business was done and I was ready to go home.

I glanced in the mirror behind Robert just in time to see the door open and Pam walk in. After seeing her kissing Mike today I wasn't in the least surprised to see her in that club. But I was surprised when my wife followed her through the door on Mike's arm. I think my eyes just about fell out of my head when I saw what she was wearing.

Once again Tracy was wearing that sexy sheet/dress that looked like a second skin. And once again she was wearing it without bra and panties. I could see her nipples from all the way across the club. Robert said "Wow", and I knew he was looking at her too.

I hid my face so they wouldn't see me while I tried to think what to do. I was so mixed-up I could hardly think. I was pissed off that my wife was dressed like that in public, on the arm of a black man. And in a place like that club. At the same time seeing her like that was giving me a raging hard on.

I was proud of the obvious effect my wife had on Robert, and every other man in the place. But I couldn't figure out why she was there with Pam and her boyfriend instead of home with the kids. I was glad most of the people had left.

Even though I had been ready to leave I wanted to stay and watch Tracy. It was really turning me on seeing her dressed like that in public.

They moved over to a table and ordered drinks. They hardly got settled when Mike and Tracy got up and started dancing. Everyone in the place was watching them, I mean her. As they moved around the floor, the dress flowing lovingly across her body was drawing everyone's attention.

The dance lasted for a good five minutes. When the music stopped Robert said, "Wow", again and I just then realized that neither of us had said anything during the whole dance. Mike walked off the dance floor with his hand caressing my wife's ass. I wanted to get up and say something but I would have been too embarrassed to have everyone see the bulge in my pants.

I looked around and saw there was only about twelve people left in the club. The air was feeling hot and heavy. I could feel lust radiating from the bodies around the room. I was starting to get scared. I thought I should get my wife out of there before something bad happened. But I didn't know how to do it without causing a scene.

Even Robert was no longer smiling. His eyes were shining as they devoured my wife and he was licking his dry lips. I knew every man in the place was thinking the same thing, "I want her!"

Before I could figure out what to do Pam got up and kissed Mike. Obviously, she wasn't happy with her man fondling my wife and she was letting Tracy know that Mike was already taken. I relaxed a little then because I knew Pam wasn't going to let things get out of hand. I was beginning to gain a little respect for her and her ability to control the situation.

Then Pam stepped back from Mike and took Tracy by the hand and pulled her up to Mike, pressing them together. It felt like I had been kicked in the stomach when I saw my wife's tongue reach out and caress Mike's lips. He opened his mouth and everyone watched as they kissed, deeply, sucking on each other's tongue.

It was like slow motion in a movie. I watched Pam step behind Tracy and unfasten, then unzip Tracy's dress. I could hardly breathe. My chest felt like it was being squeezed in a vice as she slid the dress off Tracy's shoulders and down her arms. Pam's hands caressed my wife's breasts as she pushed the dress down exposing her white body.

The dress formed a puddle around Tracy's feet. Pam stepped away from them and leaned against a table.

Slowly, Mike pulled away from my wife. When he was free of her she reached out and unzipped the flight suit he was wearing. She pushed it off his shoulders and pulled the sleeves off his arms.

My wife's pale white hands slid lovingly over the hard muscles rippling under that black shining skin. Her palms rubbed in circles over his nipples until they were hard and poking into her hands.

From somewhere far away I could here the beat of a drum. My wife's hands danced to the rhythmic beat of the drum over Mike's body, slowly moving lower and lower. Her fingers danced across his waist where the jumpsuit was gathered held up by his hips.

Then her fingers worked under the material and started pushing his jumpsuit down over his hips. First, the curls of his pubic hair were exposed, then the base of his cock.

Tracy knelt in front of Mike and continued pulling his jumpsuit down his legs showing inch after inch of his massive cock. She kept lowering his jump suit until the entire length of his cock was exposed. She avoided looking at it as she lifted his right foot and pulled the jumpsuit off it. Then she did the same with his left foot. Only then did she gaze on the long black shaft in front of her.

Her eyes took in the full length and width of Mike's tool. Then she raised her eyes to meet his. Her soft hands reached out and gently cupped that massive cock.

It felt like someone kicked me in the balls when my white goddess leaned forward and kissed the tip of her black gods' scepter. With that one kiss I knew she had devoted herself to him.

I didn't realize it but a spot light had come on over them and the rest of the lights in the club had been dimmed. In stark relief the black god and his white supplicant formed a tableau in the middle of the club.

I watched her tongue flick out like a snake's and lash at the love rod she was holding. Time after time her tongue darted out and struck his manly flesh.

Then her red lips trailed over his cock, planting small kisses. With each kiss the black god's pole grew and straightened until it was pointing straight at my pale white wife.

I could see Tracy tighten her lips as she approached the head of her black god's scepter. She pressed her mouth against the tip of his cock and slowly her lips parted. Holding her lips together as tight as possible she impaled her mouth on his cock. Like a virgin pussy, her lips slowly spread and admitted the first black cock ever to enter her mouth.

I watched in horror as she relentlessly pushed ahead, forcing more and more of that black monster down her throat. Finally her nose was pressed against his hair.

With hardly a pause she began withdrawing from him until his cock slipped from her lips. Once again she started forward. This time there was a little less resistance from her lips. My wife's worshipful decent on her black god's scepter was slightly faster this time.

Sweat and tears were flowing from Tracy's face as she continued to assault her mouth. The beat of the drum increased in speed and loudness, just as she increased in speed in swallowing Mike's pole.

On and on it went. I could see Mike was sweating too, and his cock was glistening wetly with my wife's saliva. Then she had to stop. Her bruised throat could no longer pay homage to her god.

With just the head of his tool in her mouth, her hands began sliding up and down the length. Faster and faster her hands lovingly stroked him, until her hands were just a pale white blur over his black pole.

The rhythm of the drum was now a steady rumble. Mike's head jerked back and his mouth flew open, letting out a roar as his cock erupted scalding hot sperm in my wife's mouth. Her cheeks bulged as she was filled to overflowing. Her throat bobbed again and again swallowing her god's nectar. A white foam formed around his cock where it was trapped in her lips.

Suddenly, the drum stopped. Tracy's hands stopped their flurry. In the total silence that followed we could all hear my wife's whimpering moans as she came.

The spotlight went out and all the lights were turned on. Pam got up and helped Mike pick Tracy off the floor. The laid her across the table with her ass at one side and her head hanging over the other. What had looked like a beautiful scene of a white goddess making love to a black god was now turned into an obscene display of my wife's body.

Instead of pride at her beauty and ability I was starting to feel shame. Then I felt total humiliation as I realized my pants were wet with my own cum.

I cautiously looked around the room to see if anyone noticed and was startled to see all of the black men removing their clothes. I almost fainted as one of them stepped up to my wife and with Pam's help lifted her legs over his shoulders.

Pam turned and was looking directly at me as she took his cock and guided it to my wife's pussy. Pam's grin widened as the black man pushed his cock deep into Tracy's cunt. I couldn't help moaning as he began a steady fucking in and out of her beautiful body.

Another stepped up to the table and Pam's eyes were gleaming at me as she guided his black cock between my wife's red lips. Tracy made no move to stop either of the black men violating her, or even attempted to protest. She lay there and accepted their attack on her pale white body as their due.

Pam came and took me by the hand. She led me over to that obscene table and pushed me into a chair so that I was sitting just inches from my wife's defilement.

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