tagBDSMModel Sex Slave Ch. 02

Model Sex Slave Ch. 02


She got there at nine fifteen. Marg opened the door and let her in.

"I'm sorry the traffic was murder."

"Never mind Diana, come in. Listen, I'm in a conference call right now. As soon as I'm done, we'll talk. Your room is down the stairs, go left to the last curtain on the left."

She walked down the stairs into a large room that looked like a combined office exercise gym with a hardwood runway down the center. She turned left into a hallway with three door openings on the left and three on the right. All the doors had curtains on them, except the second on the right, which had a door on it and a sign saying boys & girls. The curtains on the right doors were open. One was a large room with an open shower, a bathtub, a hot tub and a washer and dryer. The second was full of clothing racks and one wall of shelves and drawers. She drew the curtains to her room. There was a twin bed a dresser, a make up table with a large mirror, some chairs and two footstools. There was one small window high on one wall. On the dresser sat a small TV and a VCR. The floor was thickly carpeted. She opened her bags, hung her clothes in a small closet, and put her undies and things in the dresser.

Suddenly a voice came over a speaker on the wall. "Diana undress yourself and shower, you will find a shower cap and everything else you need in the bathroom. When you are finished, there are high-heeled slippers in the clothing room. You will then come upstairs wearing only the slippers." Diana followed her orders to the letter and headed, without a stitch on, for the upstairs 15 minutes later.

She entered a sumptuously appointed living room where Marg sat on a couch, dressed in a short elaborate lace housecoat, barely covering her long shapely legs and exposing a long cleavage. She was still on the phone and she motioned to Diana to sit next to her. They embraced while the conversation continued, stealing kisses when Marg was listening. Diana cooed with pleasure sitting there totally naked, with the woman with whom she would have her first sexual experience. Marg pointed at her belt and motioned to Diana to undo it. She untied it and opened the short garment exposing Margs large breast and large thick red bush. She then indicated to lift one breast with her nearest hand and suck on the large raspberry nipple after which she took a hold of Diana's other hand and pushed it into her vagina. Diana gingerly probed her mistress's vagina with her fingertips, while kissing and sucking the large nipple. Marg spread her milky white thighs to accommodate the exploring black fingers while massaging the nape of Diana's neck. Diana discovered her clitoris and inner labia looking down in astonishment at the huge floppy inner lips. She pulled gently on one, amazed that she could lift it out more than an inch from the outer lips she had always thought that her own smooth labia were the norm.

Marg just then finished her call and placing a finger under Diana's chin raised her faced to hers, kissing her passionately. Diana was still holding her labia pulling it gingerly. "Surprised, Sweetie" she whispered looking down at her probing hand as she moved her lips to nibble on Diana's earlobe and then to her neck.

"Well, I've never seen another woman's vagina, Ma'am. I thought every one was like mine."

"Most are, my labia is unusually large and I want you to refer to me as 'Mistress' from now on."

"Yes, Mistress." Marg began to fondle her breast while Diana continued to explore Marg's vagina.

"Enter my vagina slave."

"Yes mistress," she cooed with pleasure, at being told what her new status was. She probed between the floppy lips until she found the orifice, slowly inserting her middle finger into the hot wet hole still holding the lip between her thumb and forefinger. Pushing it in as far as she could she stopped, as Marg began vaginal contractions. She then began moving her finger in and out in time with the contractions, jerking the lip with it.

"Oh, you do that well, ummm good, they French kissed. You now what it means to be my sex slave?"

"I think so; it means that you own me and that I will submit my body to your sexual pleasure, any time you want me to. Right?

"Yes, that is true but it also means that you belong to me, like this table lamp for instance. You're my possession; which means that you are no longer a person with your own free will. Your only purpose in life will be to serve me and cater to my every wish. You will never have sex with anyone else unless I order you to do so, nor will you masturbate without my permission. I can also, if it pleases me, assign you to someone else for sexual purposes, for an hour, a day, a month or whatever I want. Do you understand that?"

"Ummm, Yes, Mistress. If you order me to submit my body to someone else, I will do it without question, because it gives you pleasure. I am your property; my submission and obedience to you is complete. I feel strangely warm inside when you give me orders." They kissed passionately as Margs hand move to Diana's vagina. "Are you going to penetrate me now, Mistress?"

"No, that will be done with a penis someday. I'll decide who, when and where some other time, when I think you have made enough progress in your sexual training."

"Oh mistress, I don't have the right to ask but please, when I am being deflowered will you hold me and kiss me, while it's being done?"

"Of course Diana, I wouldn't have it any other way. I am not going to allow any more questions my little sex slave. You must accept that your future is in my hands; I control your life completely. From day to day, even hour by hour, you won't know what you will be ordered to do next. Just remember that your submission must be absolute. You will submit you body for sexual intercourse to me, or if I decide to someone else, without hesitation, the instant I give the order, any time of day or night. Remember that it doesn't matter who that person is, what they look like, what race or what age. When I assign you to someone else, that person will own you and has the right to use you for his or her sexual enjoyment, until you are returned to me. You will satisfy the sexual desires of that person, performing any sexual act ordered. You will be totally at his or her mercy. You must submit yourself totally in every sex act, no matter who you are assigned to. You are now in sexual bondage and submitting your body to other people's lust is your only purpose in life."

"Oh yes, I understand mistress, I will. I'm so happy." Her voice trembled with excitement as their lips meet and their tongues caressed.

"Now, slave, I am taking you to bed so I can begin your practical training. I want you to become a perfect sex slave but there is so much for you to learn. Giving sexual pleasure is an art that can only be perfected through repeated practical experience. Tonight you will get some of that training by submitting your luscious African flesh to any sexual act I demand. In the future, I will teach you the finer details of how you give sexual pleasure. Put on my slippers." Diana got on her knees and kissed her mistress's, feet before fitting her slippers. She helped the tall woman up, carefully closing her housecoat and neatly tying her belt. Marg bend down to match her lips and kissed her naked black slave while gently caressing her voluptuous virgin body. They walked upstairs slowly, fondling each other's buttocks with one hand and Marg fondling her slave's breasts, while Diana fingering her mistress's vagina, with the other. Their lips locked together, sucking, tonguing probing and licking until they reached the bed room door.

They arrived in a huge bedroom, with a king-size canopy bed completely done with pink lacy drapes and bedding. The decor matched Marg housecoat. Diana stopped and stared in amazement. "It's beautiful, like a Hollywood movie set. I can't believe it," She said, while still fondling her Mistress's white buttocks and wet vagina.

"Well, believe it, my little black sex object, here in this room you will learn to satisfy my every sexual desire and here you will loose your virginity, when I decide the time has come."

Diana fell to her knees and embraced her Mistress's thigh, just above her knee, kissing it passionately. "Oh Mistress, please teach me to serve and satisfy you and whoever you assign me to." She then kissed her way up her thigh until she got near the crotch. Marg stopped her there and ordered her to get up.

"You are being a wicked girl in your enthusiasm to satisfy me. You must learn that, to please me you never take the lead, unless you are told to do so. Therefore I will now punish you." She sat down on a chair and ordered Diana to stand between her legs and bend over slightly. She corrected her position making her arch her back, for maximum buttock protrusion. "When ever you are asked to present you buttocks, this is the correct position." She then put one hand on her vagina for balance and proceeded to spank her black buttocks, caressing them between each smack. She didn't hit her hard, just enough to make it sound loud, ten times. "Now thank me for spanking you."

"Thank you. Oh thank you, Mistress for spanking me. I'm sorry and I will try not to be bad again but please spank me often. Presenting my derriere to you like that and having you spank it, makes me feel totally vulnerable and helpless. Yet, I am excited to be under your control and comforted by your touch and with each slap my desire to please you becomes stronger."

"As your mistress and owner, I will indeed spank you many times each day and now, my little submissive, remove my robe. "Diana untied her belt and removed the robe draping it over a chair. They were now both naked. "I want you to stand on that foot stool. Good, now place your fingers on your shoulders. There, that forces your breasts to stand out. Shoulders back, arched back, spread your feet about one foot, very nice posture. This is called presenting your body for inspection and fondling to your exploiter, prior to possible sexual intercourse. You will not smile when this is being done to you; rather you should look afraid and scared in a submissive way. You should imagine that you are a slave, being offered at a slave market. I want you to pay attention to what I do now." She proceeded to fondle and kiss Diana's body for about five minutes. She never touched her vagina but stroked the flesh close to it. "She did however suck her breast and run a finger into her crack barely touching her anus, sending an electric shock through her virgin body. "Now we change places and you do to me, what I did to you."

Diana began to fondle, kiss and caress her mistress's naked body, being careful not to touch her vagina, since she hadn't touched hers. She also stroked the inside of her thighs while she kissed her breasts and kneaded her ample buttocks. She then ran a finger into her crack, touching her anus hard by mistake. "Sorry mistress, I didn't mean to do that. She immediately took up the spanking position. Marg stepped down and kissed her buttocks passionately while she ran her finger in the crack to her anus. She then bend over and told Diana to do the same to her. Diana kissed and fondled the huge white fleshy globes presented to her. She fingered the crack barely touching the anus. Diana then again presented her posterior for a spanking. "Please Mistress," she said with a sweet sorrowful expression on her face.

"OK you little twerp, you'll get your spanking." She gave her five loud slaps and Diana thanked her profusely and kissed her. "Now Diana, I want you to lie down on the edge of the bed with your feet on these two chairs." She arranged the chairs and Diana took up the position, with her black cheeks hanging over the edge as instructed. "Spread you thighs more. That's good. This is position is called, maximum show." She sat down on a chair in front of Diana's exposed crotch and enjoyed the view. "Beckon me to come and lick your vagina, slave." Diana wasn't sure what she meant but she started to contract and relax all the muscles in her lower body. "Excellent, keep doing that. Move your buttocks up and down. Caress your breast that's it, faster now. Look at me, blow me kisses, you want my tongue don't you?

Diana began to gasp and moan; her vagina was soaking wet in anticipation of a tongue licking her clit. She didn't have to wait long. Marg could barely restrain herself but she wanted to sit and enjoy her latest conquest. Diana's motions were begging her to eat her out and she wanted to, as much as her slave wanted to be eaten.

She dropped to her knees and cupped Diana's ample black cheeks with her hands, burying her head in her delicious virgin crotch. Diana's thighs unconsciously clamped around her mistress's head and she screamed with pleasure, as her vagina was licked and sucked by an expert in the art. She climaxed almost instantly covering her mistress's tongue and chin with her juices. Marg then told her to lick it of her face, which Diana did with relish. After that, they exchanged places.

Marg spread her thighs wide, exposing her hot wet crotch to her young pupil, who seemed to have an obsession with her vagina. Diana, even after having had one orgasm a few minutes before, became hypnotized with the sight before her and the realization that she would finally be able to bury her face in it and satisfy her mistress. Marg, who was sure now that she was a nymph, teased her, rotating and twisting her body, opening and closing her orifice. "Do you want to eat me out, slave?"

"Oh Mistress please, you torture me but I like that because it give you pleasure" Diana was now gasping for air. She began so shake her whole body and mind focused only on the matted hairy object in front of her. She could see the large draping labia and the orifice. She knew better than to make a move before she was ordered, specifically to start. Marg could barely control herself. She had waited since late afternoon, when she first met Diana to have this innocent young beauty dive into her crotch. That same crotch was now burning with desire for her young slave's mouth.

"Eat me slave." Diana let out a moaning shriek of pleasure as she dropped to her knees cupped her mistresses huge buttocks and drove her face wildly into her juicy hot vagina. She licked and sucked madly, moaning loudly at the same time. Marg was now in seventh heaven her orifice contracting rapidly as Diana's tongue darted in and out. She dug her fingers in to Diana's hair and directed her face into her crotch where she wanted it. Unable to delay the inevitable, she climaxed, pouring out her love juice on the young, pretty black face. Diana deliriously sucked and swallowed the flood of nectar as it flowed out of her Mistress and into her mouth, her own pussy burning and running wet in an unassisted climax. She then pulled Diana up and kissed her feverishly; their bodies becoming one as they crawled to the pillow savoring the satisfied feeling. There they rested their sweaty bodies, embracing each other. Their legs intertwined kissing and sharing the vaginal juices remaining in Diana's mouth.

They rested for an hour and Diana was asleep when suddenly lying on her back she woke up when something was tickling her nose. She soon realized that her Mistress was sitting on her face, rubbing her vagina on it. She began licking and sucking the sticky wet hairy crotch, as her mistress fondled her breast. Marg picked up her one hand and placed it on her own breast, Diana's other hand was placed on her vagina, ordering her to masturbate. After a few minutes, Marg shifted her body in to the sixty-nine position and the two women sucked each other. Diana climaxed quickly but continued to wield her tongue, in the many folds and crevices of her mistress's delicious wet pussy. Eventually she was rewarded with that inevitable discharge of juice, as it moistened her face and eagerly sucking mouth.


I write sexual fantasies for readers who are not offended by it.

Other people produce fantasies wherein cartoon animals talk like people. Even very little people know that in real life, animals don't talk

Comments would be appreciated, keep in mind that my computer is Attachment Challenged, so please place your judgment in the email body.

Rating / voting for my stories is very important to me: good or bad but of course never indifferent, please do.

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