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Michael nervously fussed with his clothes and stared at the door for a few moments before knocking. His dick pressed out against the stiff fabric of his jeans through his boxers even though he jerked off in anticipation just a few hours before.

He knocked and seemingly after only a few seconds, the door was opened by an older man with a smile brighter than the light reflecting off his completely bald head.

"Hi...I'm...I'm Michael," he managed to stammer as the man pulled the door open wide and stepped back.

"Please do come in," the man responded in a soft voice, "I'm Marshall and I'm so glad you could come."

Michael walked into the cluttered room and looked around. One wall was covered from floor to ceiling in books, stuffed on to shelves in random fashion. A number of partially completed paintings and sketches were stacked against one wall, while others covered the adjacent walls from floor to ceiling. A lot of them showed naked boys and men, singly and together, in various erotic poses. The room was dominated by a large easel, a seemingly leather chaise lounge and a queen sized bed with rumpled sheets.

"Would you like something to drink...water or a soda....perhaps before we get started?" Marshall asked gently while apprising him.

"No thanks, maybe later," Michael answered taking in as much as he could.

Marshall wore a ratty pair of jeans, t-shirt and high top sneakers all of which were generously spattered in a rainbow of colors clearly made by smearing or dripping paint. His belly protruded out slightly but for an older man seemed in reasonably good shape. He took a couple of steps closer to Michael all the while looking him over very carefully.

"As I said in the ad and on the phone," Marshall continued, "I'll pay you $25 an hour to pose naked. Today, since it's your first time, I'm going to just do a bunch of pencil sketches in different positions. Each will take maybe ten minutes or less. We can talk as we go along. You don't have to stay totally still but do keep the general pose."

"That sounds fine to me," Michael responded, mildly excited about exposing his body to a complete stranger.

"Good, then put your clothes over in the corner and step up here when you are ready," Marshall said and turned to the easel.

Michael pulled off his shirt and dropped his jeans, putting them into a pile in the corner. As he lowered his boxers, he thought he saw Marshall furtively glancing in his direction. Then, totally nude, he walked over to the easel, his dick and balls swaying freely between his thighs.

Marshall turned to him, putting a hand on each shoulder to hold him at arms length and slowly looked him over from head to toe. Michael felt a gentle twinge in his crotch as the older man's gaze lingered on his flaccid cock and dangling balls. After a moment, Marshall turned, picked up a nearby bar stool and placed it about six feet off to one side of the easel.

"Just sort of lean back against the stool, spread your legs a little and look towards me," he instructed.

Michael did as he was told and wriggled around a little to get comfortable.

"What do I do with my hands?" he asked after a moment.

"Just fold your arms across your chest," Marshall responded, his hands moving quickly over the easel as his eyes darted back and forth to Michael's body.

While he tried to stay absolutely still, within seconds Michael felt itches on different parts of his body. He squirmed a little, trying to maintain his pose until finally he just had to scratch a spot on the underside of his balls.

Marshall looked up and stopped drawing, a bemused smile on his face as Michael reached down and scratched the spot in his scrotum, his limp dick flopping back and forth over the top of his hand.

"Sorry," Michael muttered as he went back to the initial pose, his dick twitching slightly.

"No problem," Marshall answered as he resumed drawing, "my balls itch all the time when I get naked. Maybe I should draw you like that next, scratching your balls!"

With that he laughed heartily and stepped back from the easel, put down the pencil and cracked his knuckles.

"Go ahead and relax a moment. The next pose will be on that couch," Marshall said and walked into the other room to return a moment later with two cold beers.

At first, Michael felt a little odd standing naked drinking a beer and chatting with the older man who was making no attempt to keep his eyes off Michael's body. He was sure he saw a growing bulge in Marshall's jeans, one that made his own dick twitch.

Michael knew he was gay growing up long before he started to jerk off. In his small town, being that different was a real and potentially dangerous problem. So for the most part he kept to himself, never making any close friends or fitting into various groups like other kids.

Going off to college freed him from some of those restrictions but by then being a loner was an integral part of him. He did have a few encounters but nothing serious or long lasting. Finding the ad seeking young men for nude modeling seemed to offer at least the chance of meeting like minded guys. The drawings and paintings on the walls and the obvious bulge in Marshall's jeans fueled his hopes.

Marshall drained his beer and told Michael to sit on the lounger with one foot resting on the floor, the other curled up underneath him and lay back propped up on one elbow.

After Michael, positioned himself, Marshall walked over, tucking his foot a little farther under his ass and pushing the other leg a bit more apart. Michael shivered at the touch that lingered on his inner thigh only inches from his now half hard dick. There was no doubt in his mind then that Marshall had a growing hard on pressing out against the fabric of his jeans.

He moaned lowly and pressed his hips out against the touch, far enough that the knuckles of Marshall's hand lightly touched the tip of Michael's rapidly stiffening cock. Marshall froze in place and smiled sheepishly down at Michael who just grinned back.

"What would you like me to do...with my other hand?" Michael asked huskily before placing it on the outside of the older man's hip.

"For right now, why don't you just hold your cock for me, like this," Marshall responded with a quavering whisper and took Michael's hand in his and wrapped the fingers around Michael's rigid throbbing dick.

Michael trembled again as he felt Marshall's finger brush against his cock and lightly cupping his balls for just a moment. Then Marshall stepped back to the easel, rubbing the palm of his hand across the now clear outline of his own hard dick. Michael smiled again and slowly stroked his hand up the length of his shaft until he held the pulsing head between his thumb and forefinger, a drop of precum peeking out of his slit.

"Yeah, keep doing that," Marshall groaned, picking up the pencil while continuing to rub his crotch with the other. "Do you jerk off often?"

"Depends," Michael murmured slowly stroking his dick all the way to the base and back to the head, the droplet of precum glistening before smearing on his finger, "probably three to five times a week, depending on how really horny I am or really turned on, like thinking about coming over here this morning. How about you?"

"Every day, at least once, sometimes more, if I don't cum some other way," Marshall answered hoarsely.

The answered surprised Michael, given that Marshall was probably older than his own father, and aroused him even more. Another droplet of precum seeped over the head of his cock. Marshall saw it too, his tongue darting out to lick his lips as he kept drawing.

"So did you already today?" Michael moaned, feeling the first faint hints of the familiar tingle of an impending orgasm growing between his legs.

"Did what?"

"Jerk off and cum."

"Only once so far," Marshall groaned "but very soon again, I think."

With that he stepped back from the easel and loosened his belt letting his jeans fall to the floor around his ankle. He wasn't wearing any underwear.

Michael took a sharp intake of breath upon seeing Marshall's cock. It was only a little longer than his own, but uncut and much thicker. The purplish head, already glistening with some precum, poked halfway out from the fleshy foreskin as Marshall took it in his hand. After two or three strokes, the foreskin was completely pulled back and his dick was as hard as it would get.

Marshall stepped out of his jeans and moved within a couple of feet of Michael, stroking himself harder and faster the closer he got. Michael sat up on the edge of the couch and extended his hand, taking the warm moist cock head between his fingers while continuing to stroke himself.

He pulled Marshall closer, leaned forward and flicked his tongue over the seeping piss hole, tasting Marshall's salty precum for the first time. Marshall placed his hands on the back of Michael's head, pulling him closer.

Michael opened his mouth, feeling the thick dick slide over his lips and a couple of inches into his mouth. He flicked the throbbing head with the tip of his tongue, eliciting a low moan from Marshall, before pulling back and looking up at the older man.

"Where do you want to cum in me first?" Michael gasped. "My hand? My mouth? My ass?"

"Your mouth, while you finger my ass," Marshall answered, pulling Michel's face down back over his cock, "and after I fuck your mouth I want you to fuck me in the ass."

By the time Marshall's body tensed and he shot several strings of his cum down Michael's throat, Michael had three fingers buried in the older man's asshole, stretching him enough that there was no need for lube. With his own cock throbbing and drizzling the first of his cum to the floor, Michael flipped Marshall over on his knees on the bed as soon as the last of his cum dribbled into Michael's mouth.

His asshole was so tight and Michael was already so close that he was shooting his jism into Marshall's ass after just a few deep thrusts. It was the most intense and glorious orgasm of his life.

They collapsed together on the bed, breathing raggedly as the last remnants of their climaxes slowly receded. Michael dozed off to be awakened by Marshall licking his cock and balls and fingering his asshole. It only took a few moments for him to arch his back and fill the older man's waiting mouth with another load of his cum. By the time he was done, Marshall was rock hard again and he jerked himself off straddling Michael's chest until his jism spurted on to Michael's face and chest.

They went back and forth, cumming on and in each other a couple of more times until both of them were completely spent and it really was time for Michael to leave. At the door, Marshall handed him some folded bills while continuing to fondle his flaccid cock.

"You really don't...," Michael started to object but Marshall stopped him.

"Of course I do, since you did model for me. And besides, I want you to come back again...perhaps next weekend...when there will be another young man posing as well."

Michael took the money and began walking back to his apartment, his cock already twitching in anticipation of the next visit.

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