tagExhibitionist & VoyeurModeling Ch. 02

Modeling Ch. 02


OK, for those of you who haven't read the first installment here, I'm Ed. Sharon is my wife who hosted a live modeling class at their home since their instructor, Adele, was on vacation. I was surprised to find that it was a live modeling class but went along with things when Sharon assured me it was only art, nothing else, going on. When the model canceled at the last minute, Sharon convinced me to substitute for the day. Accordingly, I had stripped off and stood motionless in several different poses for the better part of an hour while the four ladies sketched whatever they chose - I assumed it was me, but I was just there as a model. Margaret and Julia were students who attended but left before the scheduled hour was finished, claiming an appointment but I think maybe were just turned off by the situation since it didn't fit their gender preference. Annette, the slim Southern minx, stayed, and while Sharon was seeing the other two women to the door, Annette verbally, then with her hand, teased naked me easily to erection, just as Sharon reentered, seeing the shocking development. Being the good model, I wasn't exactly fighting Annette off, which didn't help, no doubt. Busted, Annette countered to an angry Sharon, "Get over it!" and that it wasn't as if I were the only one who'd enjoyed something on the side. Sharon, shocked anew by her friend's accusation, cried, "Annette!"

And Annette replied, "Oh, you mean he doesn't know about us?"

Sharon, mortified, was speechless. My mind was churning, trying to catch up. One minute I was enjoying the hell out of my first extracurricular episode in the marriage, getting stroked by a very cute, very brash, verbally erotic woman I hardly knew. The next, I was busted, trying like hell to figure out how I was going to weasel my way out of having my dick in Annette's hand, which was pretty undeniable, and the next I was hearing - was this right? - that my dear devoted wife had been messing with the minx beforehand?! Was I busted and guilty, or was she busted and guilty, or was I just reading that quick outburst all wrong and if I said anything would be busted and guilty and exposed as a perv, or what?! Indecision ever the key to flexibility, I kept my mouth shut.

"Ah," Annette cooed, "I see. Nothing like a little righteous indignation laid low by the light of day, and all that. You: stay here," she ordered me, and of course, I did, my erection bobbing regretfully in the air as she let it go.

Crossing over to a now fuming Sharon, Annette folded her in her arms, consoling her. She whispered in Sharon's ear something I couldn't make out, and stroked Sharon's back. Sharon stood rigid, her hands by her sides, her arms inside Annette's. Annette persisted, gently stroking and whispering more, her body pressed into Sharon's.

Annette is slim and wore a pale, midriff-length tank top with tight black bike-style shorts (without the padded seat inserts - I'd certainly confirmed that much earlier in the day). I couldn't really tell her breast size, but figured it was a B at most, a delicious A more probably. I would have checked out more, but I was being a staring into the distance model earlier and my mind was elsewhere once Sharon had left the scene. Annette also had a very cute butt that did those shorts justice - they looked painted on. Sharon had on an untucked, hostess-proper loose blouse, thin enough to confirm she was wearing a standard, pretty uninteresting bra, and blue jeans that were somewhat paint-spattered - her usual painting class attire as I recalled.

After several minutes of consolation, I saw Sharon's hands rise and hold to Annette's waist, then wrap around her back. Whatever Annette was saying was mollifying Sharon, I was sure. Then I saw that Annette wasn't whispering, she was kissing Sharon's ear and neck now - whoa! Nice segue, Annette!! I also heard some faint murmuring, not sure which, or maybe both, it was coming from.

Finally, Annette whispered some more, then giggled, and Sharon giggled back. Then they turned to look at me, each with an arm around the other's waist. I was still sitting on the forward edge of a backless stool, just as I had been, one foot on a rung of it, the other on the floor, my balls hanging over the front edge, but my erection had soon gone from Annette's letting it go and Sharon's expletives, and then it got back in the recovery phase watching the two of them together.

I was back up to about half hard, I'd guess, and definitely confused.

"OK, Ed," Annette started, clearly being the lead of whatever was going on, and of whatever might be going on soon. "You look confused, bless your heart. Well, while it's not something that we've continued, contrary to my hopes, I might add - I think you deserve to know that one night after class, and after several glasses of wine, I induced Sharon to come by my place for some bullshit reason, and I seduced her."

"Annette!" Sharon objected again, her vocabulary down to single words in the situation.

"Well, it wasn't quite that crass, by any means, but we ended up exploring each other a bit, and as I recall, we both enjoyed it, although Sharon went all guilt trip on herself when we were sort of done. She insisted we never pursue that again, and she fled back to you, and that was a couple of months ago, so there. She was, I must say, an eager and adept student for her first time with a woman - and she's so beautiful - you're a lucky guy."

"I, on the other hand," she continued, am pretty much an "omni-sexual" being, downright polymorphously perverse in Freudian terminology. I find joy and pleasure in both sexes and even in parts of the body that aren't usually considered erotic, and am comfortable with that. I do choose very carefully, and am far from being promiscuous about it - I just fantasize a lot and participate a little and enjoy those rare moments, such as Sharon and I shared."

"And, Ed," from your state, I'm wondering - are you turned on by the image of your wife with another woman, or turned off by the prospect of her having a life outside your bedroom, or some of both, or . . .?"

"Er, this is all coming at me pretty quickly," I admitted. "But all told, I think that it's good she doesn't need to hide whatever happened anymore, and it's an immense turn-on to think of the two of you together!" There, I'd taken my side, and I was relieved - and yes, turned on.

"Well then, why don't you just watch a bit?"

And with that, Annette pulled Sharon back into the embrace, and with Sharon's back to me, Annette dropped one hand to Sharon's ass and squeezed it, while with her other, she ran her fingers into Sharon's hair, pulling her head into a full-on kiss. Sharon didn't object - I could certainly understand the attraction of getting to kiss Annette - and soon I could tell they were rubbing bodies, or at least hips, into each other, and Sharon's arms had encircled Annette's waist again. The murmurs started again as well.

After a moment, Annette pulled Sharon's hands around and up to cover her breasts, then Annette cupped Sharon's with her own hands. I couldn't see from my spot on the stool, but I figured there was mutual caressing going on, and the kissing was continuing. I was no longer in the half-hard state, and had one hand stroking my rod, not pressing to orgasm, but just because it felt good and seemed appropriate to participate somehow.

Peeking around Sharon's head for a moment, Annette, approved, "Yeah, Ed, glad to see you're enjoying yourself, as they say. C'mon over!"

I stood and walked to them, led by my pointing cock, and we naturally segued to making a triangle, each of my hands grasping a female ass cheek, while the women each dropped a hand to welcome me to the group, while keeping their other hand on the established breast. The dropped hands found me, one of them grasping to stroke me, the other dipping down to cup my balls and roll them gently - I honestly didn't know which was doing what, since I was busy kissing first Sharon (always Sharon first - I may be slow, but I'm no dummy!), then Annette, with no objection from my dear wife. She was in no position to, but I was glad anyway that we were all three just going with the flow.

However, I was still the only naked one, and I asked Annette, "Can you give me a hand here?" as I broke the embrace and started to unbutton Sharon's loose shirt.

"Excellent thinking, Ed," Annette said, as she reached down and started to undo Sharon's blue jeans. Sharon stood obediently, and I lent her support as Annette pulled off the tight jeans, then reached up and pulled down the simple panties, exposing Sharon's soft blonde curls shading her pussy. I'd managed to get the shirt off and remarkably to get the bra undone at first try, freeing Sharon's handful and more B cups, watching them, never tiring of the liquid movement they make. So, Sharon and I were both nude, and we just naturally stepped into a hug, with me relishing feeling her breasts so familiarly pressed into my chest, and her no doubt feeling my cock wedged between her legs (I'd reached down and repositioned as we stepped together - heck, standing upwards as it was, it needed the help or was going to get bent).

Then, after just a moment of that relish, we moved together to bring Annette into view. Sharon lifted the tank top, while I knelt and pulled down the tight shorts. I wasn't surprised, but I sure did enjoy looking straight at a shaved, or waxed? pussy - no underwear - as she stepped out of the shorts at her ankles. Looking up, I saw her breasts exposed as well. They were small and wonderfully so - not boyish by any means, but still, barely mounds, with pert, tight nipples, a lovely brown compared to Sharon's fuller set with the pale pink nipples I loved so. In fact, seeing them, I flashed back for a second or two to being reminded of my first experience with breasts - touching those of a wonderful high school junior who was barely developing (and admitted to being frustrated by not being as busty as her friends). Maybe it was that first touch, but I'd had a thing for smaller breasted women ever since, although along the way I got to enjoy investigating some DDs - another story for another day.

Back to the breasts and such at hand - I probably should have asked permission or something, but I was pretty well past that passive model role for the day. Instead, I lifted Annette's left leg over my shoulder, and with my hands on her ass, I leaned in and took a lick of her cunt. It was dry at first, but as my tongue dipped further in and parted her lips, I could taste the fluid waiting there. It was muskier than Sharon, not unpleasant per se, but not as nice as the taste I had become used to. All in all, it was fine, and I partook some more, lifting up Annette's ass cheeks to enable my tongue's access. I knew immediately it was waxed - there was no stubble at all, and no hair anywhere in the area front or back. I tongued the geography, exploring, then dived in again, tasting and enjoying the slickness inside. Sharon moved behind her and held her as Annette leaned back, raising her hips to me in turn. I could look up, over Annette's flat stomach, to see Sharon's fingers rolling Annette's nipples, her arms holding Annette's shoulders up, and then Annette's throat, as she had hung her head back as I probed. Fun as that was, it was strenuous, and I knew it couldn't - make that I couldn't - last long.

I broke off and said, "There's got to be a better place. Our bedroom, hon'?"

Sharon, so recently so prim and proper, or so I'd thought, smiled her agreement, and the three of us left, climbing the stairs, me in back watching two lovely asses mount the stairs - Sharon led, with Annette following, her hand teasing Sharon's ass, tickling as we went, eliciting squeals of excitement from Sharon. Following the lead, I cupped Annette's slim (almost too slim, but not really) ass, running my hand up underneath to swipe at her vagina, then slowly back across her rosebud and up the length of her cheeks.

We reached the bedroom, and Sharon turned to me and said, "Ed, let us first - just watch and enjoy, and we'll call you to join in a little bit."

This was shy Sharon, taking charge? The surprises were unending today.

I stood by, dick in hand, and watched the two of them lie down on our bed, then entwine like two snakes around each other, legs and arms and hair in a tight, writhing mass. Sharon, to my surprise, was the first to move from that embrace, as she scooted free and down, parting Annette's legs and placing them over her back as her head neared Annette's lovely bare pussy.

For someone who supposedly had had only one bi experience, and that one not for long, Sharon certainly seemed adept as she nuzzled at Annette's slit. I moved around, my hand stroking my own genitals almost unconsciously. I really couldn't see just what was going on, but from Annette's louder and more enthusiastic moans I guessed that Sharon was tonguing her clit, and in just moments, Annette tensed visibly, grasping the sheets at her sides, her toes curling, her legs appearing to squeeze at Sharon's head, and cried out a long "Annnngggghhh!!" as she certainly climaxed. Sharon kept her long tongue at Annette's pussy and looked up, grinning in triumph at her lover. Annette reached down and stroked Sharon's hair, her breath still coming heavily, and gasped, "Oh, that was amazing, girl! I wanted that so bad when I got you over to my place, but you freaked and left - I'd have never let you out the door if I knew it would be this good! Are you sure you've never been with a woman before?!"

"Never 'til you, sweet. Maybe I just knew what I liked and figured I'd try that. It seemed to be working ok, and I liked doing it, ,too!"

"Well, you get a reward for that, for sure!" Annette said, twisting around, and quickly they'd changed places, Sharon lying back with Annette repositioned to taste what I'd thought only I had tasted for some years. More comfortable with touching my wife than our new visitor, while Annette got busy, I reached over and cradled Sharon's breasts with my hands, then leaned over and kissed her.

"Ed, give me another minute here - that's great, and I want that, but it's distracting right at this moment - don't worry - you're not going to get left out!"

And so I backed off, letting the two women have their time together. Standing aside, I went back to keeping my erection pretty much full, as if it needed my manual assistance. The two women looked as if I really were forgotten, as Annette teased Sharon to one, then another, then a third orgasm, not quite all connected, but all pretty closely one after the other. Sharon was more vocal than I was used to, calling out to Annette, "Oh yes!" and "Yeah, right there!" and "Oh, I'm coming!!" at the first, then just whimpering through the second, then crying out "Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!!" at the last.

I didn't know the real dynamics at work - was Annette asserting her control by making Sharon come multiple times? Was that just what seemed right to them both? Was I going to lose Sharon to lesbianism or something? I was amazed, and both of them were erotic works of art as they writhed and came in their own ways.

Finally, Annette shifted back up into Sharon's arms and they kissed, gently but open-mouthed, their tongues celebrating their successes, I figured.

Looking spent, Sharon called to me, "Oh, Ed, that's going to be hard to top - but it looks like you'd like to give it a try! Your turn!"

Gratefully, I crawled onto the bed and knelt over the two.

"May I?" Annette asked to Sharon, as if I were a toy she wanted to borrow, I thought.

"Help yourself!" Sharon offered. I never, ever, thought my sweet wife would be ok with me being sexual with another woman, and was a bit hesitant, not wanting to offend or cross some yet-to-be-discovered line.

Annette reached up and took my erection in her hand, then squirming around to sit up, leaned down and sucked it into her mouth as I looked down at her, still on my knees but erect otherwise. Sharon gave me a wink and a smile of agreement, and slid her hand up under Annette, playing with her pussy as Annette worked on me.

I've had not a record number, but enough blow jobs from enough different women to know that Annette was taking her task seriously. She went slowly - so slowly at first that I could feel every distinct thing going on. Much as I was eager for sensory overload, she held back. First, I felt her lips just barely kiss the tip of my cock, then slide, smoothly but with no hurry, until she had just the head in her mouth. Next came the feel of her tongue, swirling around the head, flicking at the opening, lapping at the underside just at the edge of the frenulum. She kept that up, that being the only contact, as her hands had shifted to hold my buns firmly. It was that slowness that let me register where her hands were, in fact. If she'd just dived onto me, I no doubt would have had no idea where her hands were, much less what they might be doing - I'd have been overwhelmed by the cock-in-mouth sensations.

And so, as I registered she was gripping my ass cheeks with her hands, the nails digging in just deeply enough to be felt, not to really hurt - as I took my time to enjoy that, she sucked, really sucked, on the head, bringing my focus back to there, and then she let the shaft slide from suction, down another inch into her mouth, her tongue continuing its exploration all around the length inside her mouth.

And, after enough of that to assure her she was indeed familiar with it, then she started sliding up and back on it, just on that much of it, just an inch plus the head, then a little more, the tongue never stopping its lapping away at the underside now. I was fascinated to feel just how much she might ingest on her next intake, and she varied even that, still slowly, working down to maybe half of it in her mouth, then back off to just suck at the head, then twirling with the tongue again, then back for that inch or two again. I felt I was almost participating from her side, somehow, as I felt each cell, it seemed, as it received her tonguing caresses. Somewhere along the line, she started humming - not musically, more an "mm-hmmm" kind of thing, that I didn't even notice at first, so enthralled I was with the other sensations, but that was yet another enhancement she was adding. I recall hoping that Sharon was taking notes, and that made me wonder where and how she was, and look over, being glad to see she was indeed watching closely, while still manually pleasuring Annette. Maybe Annette's humming was in appreciation for Sharon's ministrations - I didn't really care, but thought it a happy byproduct for me if so.

The fellatio continued, almost excruciatingly slowly, until Annette had most of my cock in her mouth. She was watching me throughout this, smiling with her eyes as her mouth worked on me. Then, maybe having reached the end of her ingestive capabilities, she finally brought her hands into play, stroking the bare inch of exposed cock with the fingers of one hand, while her other cupped up under my balls and rocked them gently. She wasn't trying to make me come with all this, I figured, but was putting on a virtuoso performance for both Sharon and me, and I was the lucky object of it.

"That is exquisite!" I cautioned, "But if you keep it up, I won't be able to last much longer!"

"Mmmm," I felt her as much as heard her ambiguous answer.

"And I do want to last longer," I insisted, gently grasping Annette's hair and pulling upwards just enough to make my point, as she applied one final strong sucking pull on me as she let me pop out of her mouth. Grinning at me, I grinned back and pulled her to me, thrusting my tongue into the warm wetness of her mouth that my cock had just inhabited.

"Mmmm," I said back, mimicking her last answer, as I grasped her firm breasts in my hands and pinched the hardened nipples, not really too tightly, but enough to bring a gasp to her.

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