tagLoving WivesModeling Contract Ch. 01

Modeling Contract Ch. 01


I would like to thank dianaprince_73 for the proofing of this story. She has been great and very helpful.

Bonnie Taylor was a 24 years old with blonde hair and blue eyes. She was a woman who looked like she was hardly 18. When she fell in love and married Bob Taylor she had been dating him for about 14 months. He had asked her to marry him on Christmas Eve and after she told him yes he gave her an engagement ring as a present. They have been married for two years now.

After graduating from college she took a few modeling classes when many friends and family told her she had the look and the figure for it. She wondered if she was good enough to get into that line of work so she took the classes. While her husband encouraged her on with her dream Bonnie tried for a few months to be a model. But, finally she had to settle for working in one of the biggest agencies, which provided male and female models. The models in this agency were used for different parts of their bodies like hands, feet, lips, legs, eyes, or breasts etc.

There was another section of the agency, which used the complete person to model clothing or any other product the customer wanted. However, there was no complete nudity or exposed "personal" parts of the body. The least any of the models wore were bathing suits. Some men had worn Speedo's and the women wore bikinis. Once in awhile some thongs were also used by a small select group of women and men.

Bonnie's job at the Agency was their front door receptionist and all around girl Friday. She reported to the managing editor that was also the owner of the firm. Jan Johnson was a tall very attractive ex-model and businesswoman who could be very nice one moment or a super bitch the next.

It was the month of August in New York City and another hot 90 degree day. Bonnie wore a new summer style sleeveless blouse and a tight skirt that was about 3 inches above her knees. She also had on medium heels. She usually dressed conservatively but attractively. Designed so she would be noticed, but not looked at as a slut. Bobby, her husband, always liked how she dressed. Today her small flower print bra and matching high cut bikini panties were, in her estimation, "cute", but not overly sexy. Bonnie always had her hair nicely fixed and makeup done just right. She took great pride in how she looked each day. She was often noticed, but while many men and even a few women flirted with her during the day as they passed by her desk she just smiled and didn't flirt back, much.

The flirting she did do wasn't strong. And on the occasion when a person suggested they have a drink, or something, after work, she would reply "Sorry sexy but I'm married, very happily married, but thanks!"

Most realized she wasn't available and got the idea right away. But, some, a very few, had to be told a little stronger than others that she wasn't available. But Bonnie in no way was nasty and never considered cheating on her husband. She was very happy and looked forward to spending the rest of her life with him. They had even talked about starting a family soon.

Around 1:00 PM on this particular day Bonnie was told that a very important photographer from an exclusive men's magazine would be arriving at 4:30 PM. His name was Dan Wilson. When he arrived she was to personally escort him to the Boardroom after paging her boss Ms. Jan Johnson. Bonnie hoped he was on time since she hated to be late coming home. But today was even more important to her since it was her husband's birthday. She didn't want to be late at all so they could go to dinner and then come home and celebrate with what she knew would be some fun in bed together.

Bonnie worked until 5:00 PM every weekday and didn't want to get home after 6:00 PM since Bob always worried about her when she did. Plus tonight's dinner reservations were for 6:30 PM.

It was almost 5:00 PM when Dan Wilson finally came rushing into the door, just as most people were leaving for the day. He was out of breath and he explained that he had an appointment at 4:30 PM and was very late and very sorry. He told her his appointment was with Ms. Johnson the managing editor. Bonnie told him she was expecting him and she paged her. Then she walked him back to the big Boardroom.

As they walked the long hallway Dan watched her shapely rear end swing from side to side. He felt she was very attractive in a normal way, not like some models he had photographed. As Bonnie walked in that tight skirt in front of him Dan was thinking that while she wasn't spectacular, she was sexy and nice looking. She was someone he felt would do the job he had planned very well.

As she stopped at the door to the meeting room, she smiled and opened the door for him. The room was next to Ms. Johnson's office. Then Bonnie smiled and rang her on the intercom. Ms. Johnson was out the door of her office before Bonnie had a chance to hang up.

Since everyone else was gone already including Ms. Johnson's private secretary. Jan asked Bonnie to stay for a little while and make sure she wasn't disturbed.

"But....." Bonnie said to no one. They were gone before Bonnie had a chance to protest. Bonnie had no choice and sat at the desk a little pissed off.

Since there wasn't much else Bonnie could do, she picked up the phone and dialed her husband Bob to tell him she was going to be late, and she wasn't sure when she'd be home. Bob told her he would grab something to eat before he got home and not to worry about it they could celebrate his birthday another night. But Bonnie told him not to change his clothes in case she did get home early enough to go out. She apologized over and over. He told her it was OK, he knew how bosses were and that she was caught now and couldn't get away since Ms. Johnson had told her to stay.

It was maybe 25 minutes later when they both came out of her office and stood in front of Bonnie. She looked up questionably, wondering what they were looking at or if they needed something. Ms. Johnson lowered her glasses down around her neck letting them hang on the chain, and then she smiled and asked Bonnie to please stand up.

Bonnie looked at her funny, but she did as she was told and stood up. Jan Johnson then told her to walk out from behind the desk and turn around slowly. Bonnie looked at them with questions on her face as she walked out from behind the desk and then turned around in a circle until she was facing both of them again. Then Ms. Johnson sat on the edge of the desk, her skirt rode high on her thigh as the slit open and a great deal of her leg showed. Bonnie looked at Jan's thigh quickly and then looked up at her face again. Jan smiled. Dan looked too.

As Bonnie saw Dan look at Jan's leg he smiled at Bonnie and asked her to sit on the chair that was right next to her. Bonnie walked to the chair and sat down crossing her legs immediately as her skirt came up above her knee about 4 inches. She had very nice legs and her skirt rode up as she shifted a little seeing both of them looking at her body. Dan said, "Bonnie is it?"

She said, "Yes, Bonnie Taylor. Wh.......why?"

Dan said, "Well Bonnie Taylor, Ms. Johnson and I have been discussing you and we think we have a job for you that you might be very interested in."

Before Bonnie could ask what it was, Ms. Johnson said, "As you most likely know Bonnie, Dan is from a very well known men's magazine, one that doesn't publish nude photos of women. They do, however, wear skimpy bikinis and thongs and that sort of thing, but their nipples and other private parts are never shown."

Bonnie blushed a little as Ms. Johnson said nipples. Then she continued saying, "Bonnie! I know you're married and I want to make sure you understand that about Dan and his company before we go any further with this conversation."

Bonnie didn't answer her so Ms. Johnson went on saying, "We have been talking about advertising a new product and Dan said he was looking for a fresh, young and inexperienced woman to be the new model for that product. When I asked if he had anyone in mind he told me you."

Bonnie was shocked and didn't know what to say. Finally Dan said, "Look I know this is sort of a shock I'm sure. Here's what I'd like to do Bonnie. I want to take a few photos of you right here, right now. I want your photos without you styling your hair or re-applying your makeup or dressing in anything other than what you have on. If your photos pan out like I think they will my company will pay you between $1,000 and $2,000 for the set of poses. Then we'll do another set where you would hold the product and stand and sit in different positions to advertise it. You will wear something else that day from what you have on today but there will be no clothes coming off. The least clothing you'll have to wear will be something like maybe shorts and a halter-top or maybe a bikini. But you only get the money Bonnie if your photos are approved by my manager."

Once again Bonnie was speechless, so Jan added, "It could be a big opportunity for you Bonnie. Lots of people will see you in that ad and who knows you might get more offers to model. But right now and for the next few months you will only model for Mr. Wilson's company via my office placing you. You'll sign a normal modeling contract for 6 months with him before the next shoot and you will be exclusive to his firm for that time period. So Bonnie.....interested?

Bonnie said, "I don't know what to say. But....but yes! Yes! I'm interested and would very much like to chat with my husband about it."

She said, "Great! Look, there's no obligation now sweetie and it would take maybe what Dan 20 minutes more of your time to take the photos today? Maybe a half an hour at the most and you could earn $2,000. Is it worth it to you?"

Bonnie said, "Yes.... yes of course Ms. Johnson thank you. Thank you Mr. Wilson for the opportunity. But how, where, what do I do?"

He told her to call him Dan. They both smiled and he told her to just follow his directions. Bonnie had seen the models posing at different times, but never did any real posing of her own except in school and never for money. She had been to some modeling classes and was told she would not make it since her 32C breasts were too large and 34-inch hips weren't shapely enough. They did tell her she had a great ass and nice legs.

But now she was set up in Johnson's office next to the big picture window, which over looked the skyline of NY City. She was very excited. First Bonnie was asked to sit with both feet flat on the floor. Dan told her to undo two buttons on her blouse. When Bonnie hesitated, Jan told her, "We had to see some cleavage Bonnie. No nipples sweetie but we will require you to show some of your lovely breasts and cleavage. But Bonnie, you will show more breast when you wear your bikini on the beach this summer."

Bonnie undid he buttons. Then Dan told her she should raise her arms over her head, first the left and then the right and then both. When she did it her breasts were raised and enhanced making them look bigger as they pushed out and up against the material of her open blouse. That was the effect Dan wanted. "Very good Bonnie, but smile," he told her as he snapped off four or five photos of her in different positions.

A very nice shape of her body was created with her sitting like this, with her small slim stomach and her full C cup breasts lifted up as she wrapped her arms around her head as he directed her to do.

The sight of him snapping photos of her and the fact her blouse was open more than she ever would have done at work made Bonnie become excited. She had never done this type of shooting before. It was very fast and moving all the time. Her body began to tingle as he moved in close and then back out taking in her face and breasts at first and then her legs, ass and finally her entire body and face.

Then she was told to cross her left leg and pull her skirt up a few more inches. Dan told her that was to make the men stop and look at the ad. They see her legs and stop to read the ad. Jan laughed, Bonnie didn't. Bonnie raised her skirt about 2 inches higher. And waited for him to give her directions. She was ready, but Dan didn't start shooting right way. He moved in and rearranged her by lifting her skirt even higher on her legs. His hands touched her upper thigh and she shivered with her excitement.

Now with the skirt about 6 inches above her knee a great deal of her thigh was showing. Dan could see that Bonnie did have very nice legs. He concentrated on them moving from left to right and then back to the middle again. Bonnie was told to change legs and when she did she was very careful not to open them since Dan continued to snap away as she undid one leg and crossed the other one.

Dan used his hands again working the hem of her skirt up a little more, maybe 8 inches this time. As he did, Bonnie looked down to see his hands on her skirt and thigh and watched as he moved the hem up her leg further and further. A sudden chill went into her body. He moved the hem slowly up her leg until she saw the tops of her nylons slowly being exposed. He looked at her and back to her legs. Then he still lifted her skirt more until it was over the tops of the hose. They were completely showing now as well as a little of her naked thigh above her hose between it and the simple garter belt that held them up. Bonnie had worn the garter belt today since she was having dinner with her husband and knew he love to see the flesh above them. Bob love to rub her upper and inner thigh feeling the soft skin there, But, now Dan was looking at her thigh and touching it and then so was Jan as she adjusted Bonnie's skirt.

It was then that Bonnie put her hands on Dan's hand and looked at Jan and said that was high enough and adjusted the skirt back down until just the tops of her hose were showing with the darker tops. She wasn't sure if she should let her skirt stay that high but before she could protest or do anything about it Dan snapped away and was telling her to lean back and to raise her one leg a little. As she did, another sexual shock went into her nipples and she felt her panties beginning to get damp. She wasn't sure how she felt about that but she was excited since she knew both of them were looking at her leg and body. She lifted her leg until she had an opening between her legs just a little. You couldn't see her panties but it was close.

Bonnie began to follow his directions again and when she lifted her knee it made her skirt go another inch higher up her leg. She rested her head against the window as Dan knelt and shot photos of her from his knees. Bonnie realized that her thighs and skirt up high would be the main thing in the photo and her face and her breasts would be secondary. Then Dan moved up and took in her entire body and face again in that same position.

When he told her to stand, she did and her skirt fell back into place at her normal 3 inches about the knee length. Jan told her she would have to pin the hem up some so it would look correct and the same as when she was sitting. Bonnie didn't like Jan kneeing by her side lifting the dress higher. After Ms. Johnson pinned it, Dan snapped 6 photos quickly in a row 3 from the right side where Jan was kneeling and then three from the front. He got Jan's hands in the photo holding Bonnie's skirt.

As he snapped away he told Bonnie to open her legs more. She moved her feet out further apart and Dan lay on the floor snapping away. He didn't shoot directly up under her skirt but he was close. A lot of her inner thighs would be captured from the position he was in. She was almost straddling his face when she felt moisture again flood between her legs. Her nipples were like small rocks now. They were so hard they ached as they pressed against her bra. If she hadn't worn a bra today they would have been very apparent pressing against her blouse. She didn't move any further towards his head because if she did he would have captured her panties with the wet stain in the center of them.

When Dan was done with this position Jan unpinned the hem and it fell back to the normal length. Ms. Johnson asked, "Oh by the way Dan, I still get to approve the number of the approved photos to use by your company, right? I mean you will send me the ones approved by your boss if there are any right?"

He told her, "Right Jan. Just like normal just like all the other contracts we have with your company. OK Bonnie a few more and we'll be done."

Bonnie said, "OK."

Dan moved her next to the window and told her to turn to her right side. She did it and he snapped away. Then she turned to her other side and again Dan took a series as she moved. He took just her face and breasts. He told her to face the window and Bonnie turned and faced the window. He told her to shift her rear from the right leg to the left and then back again. This emphasized Bonnie's very round shapely ass. He snapped her again and again making sure her rear end was the center of these shots. Bonnie had a great ass.

He told her to begin to look back slowly over her right shoulder so he could get a few different shots of her face as she turned. Then he told her to do the same thing from the left side. She followed his directions again to the letter.

Then Dan said, "One last set Bonnie. Now I want you to stoop. She looked at him not understanding. "You know squat, kneel, but don't let your knees touch the floor. Stay on the balls of your feet sweetheart and oh yes, make sure your knees are together. OK? We don't want anything showing like your panty patch between your legs", Dan told her.

Bonnie blushed at his words but squatted down staying on the balls of her feet. It was hard to do in heels but she was able to keep her legs together as she held the files Ms. Johnson gave her to hold in her hand. Dan took photos of her in that position as he moved all around her snapping away. He took three directly in front of her capturing the dark spot between her legs up under her skirt. Then he took some more from the back. Bonnie knew he had snapped a few photos of her ass, thighs and legs, which were pressing tightly against the material of her skirt in this position.

For some reason a huge wave of sexual feelings went over her entire body and up her back and into her nipples and this time she shook. She shivered at the idea of a lot of men looking at her ass and thighs as she knelt in that position. It thrilled her and she felt her nipples harden even more under her bra and blouse. She shook herself and the feeling passed as she did what Dan told her to do.

Then Ms. Johnson put some files on the rug in front of Bonnie's feet and Dan told Bonnie to stand up and then bend over from her stomach and begin to pick them up. Bonnie did as she was told and Dan again moved around her snapping photos of her body bent from her stomach. Again Bonnie knew her ass, thighs and legs were being photoed and the center of these shots. Again she shivered with her excitement. He then knelt next to her and snapped a shot upward to get a photo of her breasts hanging down and then he took a few photos of her face and breasts. Bonnie shivered again and Ms. Johnson asked her if she was cold? Bonnie told her she was a little but it was OK.

The last few photos were taken out in the file room. Bonnie was told to stand on the step stool and reach high above her head. When she did her skirt came up high and her breasts were pushed out much more against her unbuttoned blouse. Dan noticed how full her breasts were now. Bonnie didn't have huge breasts but they were round and a full C cup and solid and shaped nicely. He also saw her legs and thighs and her round shapely firm ass. Dan felt she was perfect for the job of advertising the new men's product.

Bonnie asked if she could also see the photos and have the last say on which ones they would use? Ms. Johnson laughed and told her only if she became famous. "Most models only posed, they don't get to approve the shots", she snidely told Bonnie. Then she told her she would get a complete se of the photos for her portfolio.

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