tagExhibitionist & VoyeurModeling Gets More Erotic

Modeling Gets More Erotic


In the days that followed my modeling session Lucy and I maintained our friendly relationship. I wondered if my modeling for her would change anything but she seemed as nice as ever and I had a sense that we had bonded in a way. We usually had lunch together along with other faculty members and used our free time together in school for class lesson planning and such. After a few days she asked if I would be available to model for her painting of me anytime that week. We settled on Tuesday evening. I was a bit anxious thinking of posing for her alone. I arrived at about 7 and she greeted me warmly. Lucy wore her usual short denim skirt and a tan blouse smudged with paint.

“I am looking forward to working with you. I have several ideas that I would like to try.”

“I am all yours.” I said.

We proceeded to the studio area where I went behind the screen and undressed. I had remembered to bring a robe this time and stood before her in it ready to begin. I didn't feel the sexual tension this time being nude for her again but wondered what her new “ideas” might be. I came out and took off the robe and was ready to begin.

“ You look great. Let me loosen up with some gesture drawings. Give me some fluid stretching poses for about a minute or two each.”

I did as she asked doing some standing athletic type poses for her. She was sketching in charcoal on newsprint paper and working rapidly on each pose. She did not speak and was concentrating on her drawings. My cock was flaccid and elongated and hung loosely down and I could feel it swing when I changed poses. After about 5 poses she said she was ready to begin some more finished work and walked over to the platform where I stood.

“I liked the male energy that you showed during the session with our group. You seemed comfortable with your body and not at all inhibited being nude. I want to capture that persona of confidence and sexuality.”

I smiled and didn’t quite know what to say. Was the “male energy” that she referred to my sexual arousal? She spoke about the next pose.

“I want something that is frontal almost confrontational yet calm and inviting.”

I thought about what she had said. I was flattered by her comments and wanted to please her. I took a standing pose with hands on my hips and my pelvis thrust forward. I bent my left knee slightly, and looked directly at her.

“That’s good, yes I like it. But let’s try your right arm just hanging down and your left hand on your hip.”

She was ready to start her drawing now. She worked the initial stages quickly with loose long strokes.

“I really like the way this pose emphasizes how tall and long your limbs are. The way your penis hangs, so loose and long, it mirrors your arms and legs. And your scrotum hangs nicely, the smoothness and the coloring have an inviting look. I think this pose exemplifies the physical you”

This comment sent a tingle through my loins and I felt a surge of swelling there.

“I don’t want to embarrass you but I would like to ask you something about the last session.

Did you feel sexually aroused when you posed or was your bodies reaction involuntary and accidental?”

“A little of both I think”, laughing quietly as I answered.

“Are you feeling aroused at all now? You seem to be changing …..well there.” She smiled coyly.

‘Yes a I am a little…….. I think your comments about my body…..well especially my penis are getting to me. I wasn’t aware that you were so observant. I find that erotic and it excites me to know you look at me so carefully.”

I was trying to compose myself keeping in the pose and trying to suppress any more of an erection than I already had. I felt some pre cum at the tip of my cock. I knew that she could see it as she continued her drawing.

“It’s ok Robert. As I told you the other night I just draw what I see. I fell flattered that you are aroused with me and uninhibited enough to pose that way.”

This calmed me and I just went with it as I had before. My cock was erect but not quite rigid and pointed upward and out and my balls were pulled high into my sack. She continued to draw but said nothing more.

The time moved by and soon I grew tired and asked her about a break.

“Let me record this pose with a digital photo before we break, O.K.?” She wanted to record my cock in the state it was in now for completing the drawing. I waited as she clicked several frames off and then we stopped for a break.

We sat in the studio and I stretched out and loosened up from the pose. I had put my robe back on. Lucy excused herself and I wandered around looking through some of the paintings she had in her storage racks. I looked at a stack of female nudes and realized that the top painting was a self portrait. She was in a standing pose with a frontal view, looking out at the viewer with her soft blue eyes and mouth expressionless. The small breasts were pointing forward with the deep peach colored nipples distended. Her pubic triangle was visible with a wisp of browish hair as she gazed out at the viewer, in an inviting way as if to say I want you to know more about me. The flesh tones were warm and lush, stronger higher in value than in reality everywhere except for the breasts and around her pubic mound where the flesh was paler. She came back in as I was viewing the painting.

“What do you think………… Is it a good likeness?”

“Yes it is, at least from what I have seen of you.”

“Cute answer. Are you always so direct?”

I smiled.

“Have you done many self portraits? I d like this one and would like to see any others.”

She told me that she used her self often as a model and found it therapeutic.

“ I try to do a drawing of myself almost every day. I keep a sketchbook, sort of a diary of my visual self. Mostly they are mundane studies just slices of my life.”

“Really, that is an interesting concept. Did you do a sketch today??”

She looked hesitant and after a moment replied. “Yes I did in fact”.

I was now very curious.

“May I see it?”

“I suppose you can as you have been so open with me posing. Bear in mind that this is a personal thing and I don’t share it with anyone usually.”

She went over to a cabinet and took a leather bound sketchbook out opening it to the sketch that she had done this morning. It was more of a close up view of her pelvic area. She was seated and her legs opened toward the viewer so that her vulva was in full view. The drawing was in detail so that all the folds and shapes were visible. There was no pubic hair in this drawing and the folds of the labia were drawn with care. Her inner labia were sensuously protruding shaped like delicate petals and the folds of her hood above it were swollen. It was a very personal view and I found it so erotic that she would share it with me.

“I am very pleased to have you share this with me. You are very beautiful there.”

“I am going through a discovery period about my sexuality now. I like to record my body as it changes although a woman’s body does not show the physical changes during arousal that a man’s body does. The changes are subtle and more difficult to record. You have been so open with me I just wanted to return the favor. It is nice to have someone to share with. I will share some of the others with you another time. Well…. shall we continue the drawing now.”

I moved to the platform and resumed my pose. I had no problem finding the same state of arousal after viewing her sketch. She became absorbed in her drawing once again and I lost myself in my thoughts.

I was imagining her eyes concentrating on my cock now, tracing the contours of the head and shaft, moving over my sack exploring the shapes and details of it. I felt very aroused now and was more rigid than I had been with her earlier. My cock was arched straight upward curving gently towards my stomach and the veins were very prominent. I felt as though I could cum just standing there posing for her without even a touch. But I was used to staying on the edge.

“I don’t think I have ever seen you this aroused before. I hope it is not too uncomfortable. Just hold this pose for me for another 5 minutes, O.k.?”

She reached over and got her camera and took some other photos of the pose. My position had changed especially the position of my erection.

“That’s good now. Your were wonderful Robert.”

Now the session of posing was over.

“Let’s unwind with some wine.”

We shared a bottle of white wine and our conversation went back to the posing.

“ I am fascinated by the way you are able to go with the stages of arousal and continue the pose. Didn’t you feel a strong urge to touch your self and orgasm?”

“Yes I did feel that urge but I also enjoy most of all staying on the edge of orgasm. It is like a whole state of mind, a sort of nirvana. And I did want you to finish your drawing.”

I smiled as I said that.

“You must come back and pose again for me.”

We seated ourselves on a couple of chairs and sipped on the wine. Lucy wanted to know more about my practice of edging.

“How long can you stay erect like that, you know fully hard ?”

“ I don’t know. I like to stay aroused and on the verge of cumming for as long as I can. It is a great feeling.”

She looked at me curiously. “Are you still hard now?”

“Sort of……well yes but not totally hard. I stay in some state of arousal when I have been on the edge like I was with you posing until I reach orgasm.”

She asked “ Like how aroused are you now ………..show me what you look like now”

I pulled my robe back and showed her. My cock was elongated, pointed outward and semi erect. She commented,

“Your not as hard as you were during that last pose. But you still need to orgasm for relief now?”

“Well for some relief yes and also it is not good for a man’s physiology to been aroused for so long and not orgasm.”

She was very curious about all of this but seemed to be hesitant to say anything else and there was a quiet pause.

“So when will you orgasm then?”

“I haven’t thought about it….I guess soon after I leave I will.”

She looked at me and went on,

“Would you like to do it now…..mmmmm……. well I mean you could pleasure yourself here if you want to.”

I surprised at what she had said.

“Would you like me to have an orgasm now………and you would watch me?”

“I would like that yes and well…..something else if you would be ok with it. I am looking to doing some erotic drawings using male references. Could I photograph you doing it?”

I was intrigued.

“I have never let anyone watch me let alone photograph me doing that. I want to feel I can trust you though.”

She assured me, “I promise you that you can.”

It was decided then. I would pleasure myself as she watched and photographed me..

.“I want you to lie down on the sofa it will be more comfortable.”

I did as she suggested and we were ready to begin.
I was nervous about starting.

She broke the tension by saying, “I would you to talk to me and tell me what you are doing and feeling.

How do you like to start………..what sort of touch and where?”

This relaxed me a bit.

“I like to start softly and slowly and tease my self at first.”

“Show me how.”

I started to lightly touch my sack and softly knead my balls. They were high up close to my body in my intense state of arousal and I could feel their hardness. I pulled them down to move them lower as this helped me say on the edge longer. I began to tease the underside of my cock head with my left index finger running it up and down the shaft. Next I began to tease, my frenum with the warm slippery pre cum that had oozed down over it. She took several photos as I did this and commented, “You touch your self so lightly and slowly ……..and you are so wet. Is it always like this when you pleasure yourself?”

“Usually I get wet right away……… and I like to go slow and tease…… take my time.”

She continued to photograph me as I continued by increasing the pressure of my touch and moving my finger a little quicker.”

“You seem to like to use just your finger to touch your cock . I have had lovers touch themselves as I looked and they used their whole hand, wrapping it around their cockhead, and pulled it up and down until they came. And they did it very quickly.

“That’s called jerking off”, I replied.

She laughed when I said that.

“You use your finger tip like I do when I touch myself.”

I thought about her touching her self and it made my cock twitch. I Knew I was getting close.

“Do you want to cum now?” she asked.

I heard her but I was lost in my thoughts and did not answer her. I had mixed feeling as I wanted the rush of an orgasm but did not want my time with her to end.

“Or would you like to continue to stay on the edge with me?”

“I want to edge with you some more.”

She smiled at me.

“Good I want that too. Show me more of what you like to do.”

I ached my back and thrust my hips higher pointing my cock more upward. The tip and head wer a bright crimson purple color now and my frenum was very swollen.

“I like to tease this spot the most …it is like a clit, to be touched lightly with a finger tip or tongue. I vary the pressure as I touch it rubbing it back and forth and when it gets too intense I slow up or take it away.”

She took some photos as I did this.

“I have never seen a man touch himself like this. Can you make yourself cum doing it like this?”


“Take your finger s away now I just want to see what your cock looks like now.”

I was throbbing now with my cock twitching as I took my fingers away so she could see.

I was a deep crimson color and the head was bulging.

“I want you to do something else for me now, O.K.?”

“What do you want?

She hesitated and then said, “I want you to stop touching your self…..can you do that?”

“Yes I can ….. but…..”

“Yes please …….. I just want to look at your cock when you stop and see how close you are to orgasm.”

I did as she wished and kept my fingers still. I was throbbing and oozing pre cum now. She photographed me like this from several different angles and then said.

“I want to get something …… hold that pose……”

She went over to her painting supplies and brought over a soft sable haired brush.

“I want to watch you orgasm without your fingers in the way. I will help you with my brush.Is that o.k.?”

“Yes if you like.”

She took the rounded tip of the brush and first circle my smooth balls and then gently ran it slowly up the shaft of my cock and up to the frenum where she stopped and began to teased it. I could feel the soft hairs brushing over it lightly causing my entire body to react. My cock twitched with each stroke and my balls rose higher. I felt a surge from deep inside me and the involuntary movements that initiate my orgasm began. With a sudden spasm my cock exploded, shooting a spurt of semen. My cock continued to react as the spasms produced several more spurts of cum. She continued to rub even after I had spurted and my cock continued to spasm without any more cum shooting out.

“Robert you were so amazing! I was just mesmerized watching you.”

”Thank you for being so kind. You made me want to show you such a private thing and I am happy I did”
Our session was over now and I dressed and said good-bye to her. She kissed me gently on the mouth and smiled.

“I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed working with you today.”

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