Modeling Her New Toy for Him


Duncan began sliding his fist up his shaft, then slowly back down, enjoying the sensation but obviously interested in putting on a show that he hoped would make Jenelle incredibly hot and eager to be fucked.

With a hungry gaze, she enjoyed his show as she drew circles around her clit with a moistened finger. He was so sexy.

His eyes were drawn to her crotch, watching her play with herself. Jenelle noticed a small droplet of pre-cum at the tip of his dick.

She slipped a finger inside her wet pussy.

"Oh, god, Jenelle!" he said, his motions momentarily pausing as he gazed intently at what she was doing. "You're going to make me come just watching you."

And that was her cue.

She rose, embraced him, feeling his hard cock push into her belly and slip up between them as she pressed close to him for a long, deep kiss.

"See how much fun it is, baby, to give me a sexy show with your hard cock? See how much fun it is to watch me masturbate while you stroke your erection, desperate to slide your stiff hard-on inside me?"

He had her in a tight embrace. She felt his cock throb against her belly.

"I'll put on this show anytime, Jenelle. You know I love making you hot and wet."

Those words thrilled her.

They also could not have been more perfectly scripted as the introduction to what was coming.

"Since you know how sexy it is for me to watch you playing with your nice, hard cock in front of me, masturbating while I play with myself," she said, disengaging from his embrace, "I'm going to do the same thing for you."

"That sounds like more fun than I can stand," Duncan said, his hand dropping back to his dick as Jenelle moved away and squeezed past him between the sofa and the coffee table in front of it. "But if you're going to get completely naked and stand in front of me while you masturbate as I'm sitting on the couch playing with myself, you know it won't be long before I'm going to have to pick you up and carry you into that bedroom."

He had turned around to watch Jenelle walk into her bedroom as she unbuttoned her blouse in the process, her sexy butt swaying as she looked over her shoulder at him. "Oh, I have a special surprise for you, Duncan, that's going to mean you're going to beg me to fuck you, but dirty little boys who jerk off in front of nice ladies don't get what they want." She paused, turned around, and shrugged off her blouse. "At least, not right away. Not until the lady says it's time."

A smile began to form on Duncan's lips.

"The show I'm going to give you means you should move that coffee table out of the way and get comfortable on the couch. I'll enjoy seeing you playing with your cock while you watch me do the same thing you did a minute ago." She disappeared into the bedroom, the blouse falling to the side of the doorway as Jenelle reached behind her to unhook her bra.

Duncan's smile grew, and he quickly bent to pick up the coffee table, carefully removing his wine glass first to set on the end table, then moving the coffee table to the corner of the room. Quickly settling back onto the couch, his still-hard cock bouncing against his abdomen as he sat down, Duncan spread his legs and got comfortable. He began to lazily stroke his erection, keeping himself at a point that was not imminent ejaculation—just enjoyable stimulation.

"So you liked seeing me stroke for you, huh, Jenelle?" he called out. "You must like naughty boys being bad in front of you, playing with their hard cocks for you."

Jenelle's explicit, very nasty, and VERY arousing talk earlier in the evening warranted some of the same from him, Duncan figured.

"So you think I'm going to like it just as much to sit here and masturbate in front of you while I watch you stroke your hard little clit?"

Jenelle called out from the bathroom inside her bedroom. "Something like that, I suppose."

If only you knew, Duncan, Jenelle thought.

"Who's being bad, Jenelle?" Duncan asked. "I think you're the naughty one. You're the one who-"

Duncan's voice caught in his throat as Jenelle stepped into view from her bedroom door. The blue shaft was stiff and pointing upward as she walked sexily toward him. She carried the improvised panties-harness in one hand at her side.

His eyes wide in shock, his mouth partially open, Duncan stopped stroking his cock. Jenelle strode forward, covering the few steps quickly between the bedroom door and the couch where Duncan was seated and splayed open in front of her. The bulb of the dildo was more arousing inside her than it had ever been when she walked with it in place. The shaft bouncing slightly in front of her turned her on more than it ever had in her previous nude meanderings through her loft as she became practiced in moving with it in place.

More arousing because now she was showing it off in front of him. More arousing because the shock that had highjacked his brain was slowly giving way to a realization that Jenelle saw playing out on Duncan's face.

She was more excited than she had ever been with this delightful toy because for the first time she was playing with it in front of Duncan.

Before she would fuck him with it.

"If you recall exactly what I said, baby," Jenelle said softly as she stood close in front of him, placing herself between his legs, hands on her hips, "I asked you if you realized how exciting it was for me to masturbate while I watched you stroke your hard cock, knowing that I was desperate for you to put your hard-on inside of me."

The full weight of recognition flashed across Duncan's face. Jenelle leaned forward, bracing herself against the back of the sofa, a hand on either side of his shoulders. "I said I loved to masturbate while you put on a show for me, stroking your cock, and getting horny to fuck me with your stiff dick."

Pushing herself back up, Jenelle walked to the end table (damn! it felt sexy!) and opened the drawer, pulling out a bottle of lube. She walked back to stand in front of Duncan and dangled the bottle in front of him. "You may want a little of this for your cock while you masturbate during my show." She handed him the bottle. "Then you will probably want a whole lot of it."

Jenelle let the implication hang in the air.

It was the sexiest, most erotic moment of her entire life. Her nipples were achingly stiff, little bolts of electricity shooting between those hard nubs and the hard nub of her clit. She reached up and tugged on one nipple, a small moan of satisfaction escaping from between her lips.

"Now watch me stroke my stiff cock just like you did for me."

She dropped one hand to the shaft of the feeldoe and wrapped her fist around the base, imitating Duncan's motions of a few minutes earlier.

He was holding his breath.

Jenelle began slowly drawing her fist up the shaft, feeling the satisfying motion of the bulb inside her pussy. "Ooh, yeah, baby, that really feels good. Is this how good it feels when you jerk off?"

Duncan had no answer. He was still stunned.

"I like this, you watching me stroke MY hard cock, Me putting on a show for YOU." She threw her head back, blonde hair dropping behind her as she thrust out her chest and tugged upward on the shaft of the feeldoe to make the bulb inside her pussy move deliciously.

She waggled her cock, the feeling indescribable as she shamelessly pleasured herself with the fake cock between her legs.

Duncan was mesmerized. It was the most erotic sight he had ever witnessed. His hand began moving slowly on his erect dick for a moment, then he paused just long enough to pop the top on the bottle of lube and pour a small amount into his fist. He thumbed the bottle top closed, dropped the bottle to the sofa cushion next to him, and closed his hand around his cock. The lube felt good as he began to stroke while he continued watching in fascination as Jenelle's show continued.

"I love my erection, Duncan," she said, smiling sexily at him as she moved her hips side to side to make the shaft of the feeldoe wag in front of him. "I love looking at it, touching it, watching myself in the mirror as I use it to masturbate."

"Shit, Jenelle," Duncan said in that sexy voice which rumbled up from his chest. "You've masturbated with that dildo?"

"It feels so good, baby," she answered. Then, in a quick motion that surprised him, she pulled the end that was inside her pussy out from between her vaginal lips. It slurped out, a satisfying tingle running up Jenelle's spine.

Duncan was squirming in sexual excitement. "Damn!"

"Yeah, Duncan, this bulb inside my pussy feels really, really good. I grip the shaft and pull on it to make the bulb nudge up against my G-spot. I come hard when I fist the shaft of this dildo and the part inside me keeps hitting that perfect spot." She leaned closer to him, bending over slightly as she stood in front of him. "Stroking my cock, baby, watching how sexy it looks in the mirror, and feeling incredible inside my pussy all at the same time," Jenelle said in a whisper.

Then she slid the bulb of the feeldoe across her lips. "I taste good." She held it in front of his face. "Open."

He moaned. She pressed the bulb against his lips. "Open for me."

Duncan moaned again. Then he parted his lips.

"That's it, baby. It's a nice lollipop for you. Suck on it."

Jenelle could not stand how hot it looked to see him sucking the bulb inside his mouth and then hollowing his cheeks as he savored the taste of her on the blue ovoid. "Damn, Duncan. That's so hot."

A small smile formed at the corners of his mouth as he continued sucking.

She withdrew the bulb from his mouth and leaned in to kiss him.

"Thanks for getting it nice and wet," Jenelle said, breaking the kiss. Straightening, she said, "Back into place for my favorite toy," and she slipped the feeldoe again inside her pussy. "Ahh, that's it. Right where it belongs."

She dropped to her knees in front of him, reaching behind her with one hand to lean back, bracing herself, as she resumed her masturbation motions on the blue shaft. Her hard nipples pointed to the ceiling, Jenelle spent several seconds pleasuring herself, knowing this position really emphasized the stiff shaft jutting up from her crotch—she had practiced many positions in front of the mirror, and this one was one of the sexiest. It also made the point about a nice, stiff cock being poised and ready to plunge inside her partner.

Jenelle pushed herself vertical, still on her knees in front of Duncan. "Let's stroke our cocks together, baby," she whispered, her eyes wide with desire as she watched him slide his fist up and down the beautiful, stiff, glorious evidence of his arousal. "Give me some lube." She released the shaft of the dildo and held out her palm. The other hand rose to her breasts. Jenelle pinched a nipple between thumb and forefinger, tugging forward, feeling the delicious sensation, enjoying the delicious ache.

She watched the droplet of pre-cum ooze out of the slit at the top of his cock.

His voice cracked. "Jenelle. You're driving me crazy."

She smiled at him. "Yeah, this is making me so hot that I know I'm gonna come like crazy." She pinched again on her nipple. "Your cock is beautiful, baby. I love watching you stroke it for me."

He fumbled with the top of the bottle, finally working this thumb successfully under the lip to flick it open. He squeezed some of the shiny liquid into her palm.

"Give me the same amount you use when you jack off," Jenelle teased. "I've only had my cock for a little while. I don't have much practice masturbating it."

Duncan grinned at her. "That should do it," he said, closing the top, dropping the bottle to the floor in front of the sofa.

Jenelle closed her fingers into a fist, coating them and her palms. "Watch me."

She closed her fist around her faux cock and began stroking it. "I watch myself in the mirror and pretend it's your hand, Duncan. That makes me really wet. It's so erotic."

She rose, her hand wrapped tightly around the base of the shaft, the slight molding of the shaft's insinuated head blatantly sticking out of her closed fist. Jenelle turned around in front of him, inching backward slightly. "Stand up." He rose, and she reached behind, stretching her arm to grab one of his asscheeks, pulling him forward against her, his stiff cock jabbing into her bottom before quickly sliding upward, the lubricant easing his shaft up to lie between them as he pressed himself tight against her. Quickly reading her desire as guided by her hand on his ass to seal them together, Duncan slipped his arms around her stomach and pulled her into him, rocking his hips to guide his cock up and down slightly, nestling it at the top of the furrow between the globes of her ass.

Jenelle leaned her head back, eyes closed, smiling. "Feels wonderful. So sexy." She wiggled her hips, the feeldoe's bulb in her pussy delightful inside her as she gripped the base of the shaft.

"Now, Duncan, show me how to masturbate my cock."

She released the shaft of the dildo, placed her hand over his, and guided it down to her fake cock. She closed his fist around it. "You can use your other hand to play with my tits, baby. Tug on my nipples the way you know I like."

Jenelle felt the pulse of his steel-hard dick against her back. He was powerfully aroused, pre-cum mixing with the lube, his trapped cock squirming between them.

"Stroke my cock," she whispered, reaching her hands up, resting them on the nape of his neck. The motion thrust her breasts up and out, an obvious invitation for him to toy with them with the hand that wasn't occupied at her crotch.

Duncan peered over her shoulder and her heaving breasts in fascination. He could see enough to watch his hand glide up and down the blue shaft of her fake cock.

"That's good baby," she breathed. "It feels great inside me when you do that."

He ground more insistently against her. Jenelle knew he was close to ejaculating.

"This is making me crazy to fuck you," Duncan said, one hand stroking the shaft of the feeldoe, the other cupping her breast and toying with her nipple.

"Ummmm, baby, that sounds so-o-o-o good," she cooed. "I'm so wet for you."

She closed her fist around his as he continued to masturbate her fake dick, and she stopped his motion. "But before you fuck me, I'm gonna fuck you."

His breathing stopped. In an agonizingly intense fracture of time, it seemed to Jenelle that hours passed before Duncan took in a breath. "Oh, shit," he whispered. "Really?"

"Tell me you want it, baby," she answered. "Tell me how much you want my pretty cock."

"Oh, shit," he reiterated.

"I love sliding the butt plug up your beautiful ass," Jenelle said, turning around to face Duncan. "I've been opening you up, my love, getting you ready for me to take your virginity with my cock, to go inside you deep, to stroke and fuck you so good, baby." The explicitness of her description was not just the continuation of her dirty talk from earlier. Saying the words thrilled her.

She was going to fuck him. She was going to feel what it's like to penetrate her lover, to push inside him, to grind her hips against his naked ass and stroke her beautiful blue cock into his opening the way he had fucked her so many times.

Would it feel as good to him as it did to her when he fucked her?

Would it feel as good to her as it did to him when he pushed inside her wet pussy?

Jenelle would find out in only a few moments.

Her hand had trailed down between them to grasp his cock. She began stroking, but slowly. "I want you to come when I'm fucking you. I want you to feel what it's like to be filled up when you open up wide for me, baby."

Stopping her motion on his cock, Jenelle looked into Duncan's eyes, locking his gaze with hers. "I want to come hard when I'm fucking your ass."

Her expression was pure lust. It almost frightened him. His hard cock gave him away, though. He grabbed her face and kissed her hungrily. "You're driving me insane," he whispered, drawing away briefly from the passionate kiss before sealing his lips again on hers.

"Now, baby," she said urgently, breaking the kiss. "I can't wait any longer. I'm so hot to fuck you. REALLY fuck you."

Jenelle looked at him, long seconds ticking by.

"So ask me," she said.

The range of emotions that raced across Duncan's face was fascinating to see. Then, the moment she had been waiting weeks for finally arrived. He pulled her tight against him, leaned his mouth close to her ear, and said, "Jenelle, I want you to fuck me. I want you to push your sexy strapon dildo inside my ass and fuck me until you come."

Jenelle gripped his cock and tugged him along behind her as she strode quickly to the end of the sofa. "Bend over." She pushed him forward over the thickly padded arm, and he fell into place in front of her. In a flash she was on her knees, her hands on his naked butt. She spread him open wide and speared his opening with her tongue.

A jolt of electricity shot up his spine. "Damn, Jenelle! Shit! Oh, shit!" He squirmed under her assault.

"Open it, baby. Open it! I want to get my tongue deep inside you." She slapped his ass.

It felt good to him. The smack was somehow exactly the right thing, the right time, a playful swat but so satisfying.

Duncan buried his face in the cushion and moaned. Then he relaxed and opened.

"That's it," Jenelle purred. "I want you nice and relaxed for my stiff cock when I fuck you." She returned to his crinkled opening with gusto, licking up and down the length of his ass crack before again pointing her tongue to invade him.

After a few seconds more of her oral attention to his crinkled opening, she leaned back on her haunches, the motion causing a satisfying nudge against her G-spot as the bulb of the feeldoe shifted inside her. Holding him wide open, she said, "Are you ready to give me your virginity, Duncan? Are you ready to give me what you'll give no one again in your entire life?"

Jenelle was crazy with lust, but she was crazy with love, too. Fucking him like this was just insanely hot, but knowing that he was taking her inside willingly, opening up so she could pleasure him in ways that no one had ever done—it was all so . . . amazing!

She leaned forward to blow gently across his opening. She noticed with satisfaction the slight twitch there.

"Are you ready?"

"God, Jenelle, if you don't fuck me right now, I'm going to go crazy!"

She rose quickly, retrieved the altered panties into which she'd cut a hole in the crotch and then reinforced with stitching, and stepped into them, briefly struggling to line things up so the shaft finally slid through the opening. Tugging them snugly into place, the blue shaft thrust up and the bulb now secured in spite of the copious amounts of pussy juice that was escaping around it, Jenelle stepped behind Duncan and paused to excite herself even more just by looking at his naked, upthrust ass, his cock and balls hanging heavy beneath his crotch. She reached to her breasts, fondling them briefly, tugging a final time on her nipples to stretch them forward, feeling the satisfying sensations ripple back and forth between the hard nubs in her grasp and her soaked pussy.

"So sexy, baby, so very, very sexy," she gasped, thrilling to the sight before her and to the stimulation created by pinching and tugging on her hard nipples. "I'm gonna remember this forever. God, you have me so hot! I can't even describe how sexy you look like that because I know what I'm going to do to you right now."

She stepped forward, planted her hands on his cheeks, and spread him wide apart. "One more time, baby—one more time. Open it up wide so I can slide my cock inside you."

Duncan groaned. He opened immediately.

The sight was inconceivably erotic. He was inviting her to take him.

"Lots of lube, babe." Jenelle released her grip on his ass and scrambled for the bottle of lube as it lay on the floor a few feet away. Quickly returning to her position behind him, she popped open the top and held it poised over Duncan's upthrust butt. "Spread your ass open for me," she directed, breathless with excitement. Duncan quickly did as she asked, and Jenelle immediately squirted the viscous liquid between his cheeks. Dropping the bottle, she said, "Keep yourself open for me," and she dipped a finger into the liquid slowly rolling down his ass crack, pushing it forward to his hole and then sliding her finger quickly inside.

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