Modelling Ch. 01


I'd woken up wearing a babydoll nitie before, but not in the bed of a strange man in a strange room. I was horrified at my actions the night before. Not only agreeing to go to his place and model his wife's lingerie for him but sucking his cock till it exploded in my face and then agreeing to stay the night and model more for him today.

What was I thinking? What had happened to me? Why had I agreed to any of it? I couldn't move to escape without waking him. How would I ever talk my way out of this? He must have been awake and read my mind.

"You can still change your mind if you want to and I'll drive you home or wherever you want. I'd really like you to stay though.

It's been so long since I woke up holding someone that this day is special enough already. It'd be even more special if you continued to model for me but I do understand if you don't want to."

I didn't say anything right then but still thought that I would like to go. I just needed the time to let him down more gently. At least that was the plan at the moment.

I didn't plan on using his wife's razor to shave any stubble from my legs and body when I showered. I didn't plan on re-doing my face or trying to style my shoulder length hair to look more feminine.

I didn't plan to use some of her perfume or a pair of black fishnet stay ups and matching panties, four inch black sandals and the sheer black robe to come down the hall for coffee.

I didn't plan any of it. I just did it and felt my heart melt when his face lit up so brightly as I walked into the kitchen. He opened his arms and I walked into his hug, pressing my body against his.

Not a single bit of it was planned or consciously thought about. It was simply the perfect start to the day. When I lifted my head from his shoulder he tilted his head and kissed my lips. I didn't stop to think about how to react or try to pull away; even when his tongue pressed between my slightly parted lips.

Migawd it felt so right, so incredible, became so totally consuming. I became so engrossed and enthralled by the sensations and passion raised by that kiss. I was only vaguely aware of his arms holding me, his hands exploring my smooth flesh.

Nothing but that kiss existed in my consciousness. I flicked the tip of my tongue against his and melted completely.

Another kiss and another followed with barely time for a quick gulp of air between them. I welcomed each and every one. They overpowered me like nothing else ever had.

Dressed as I was, wearing make up, perfume and with my hair styled and sprayed into place I may have looked and felt feminine; but at the back of my mind was always a small thought of the reality that I wasn't. When he kissed me that thought vanished. It evaporated and I became wholly feminine and female in response.

Even when his lips moved from mine and kissed my throat that thought was banished. I gasped and moaned when he pinched my nipples, when he licked and suckled on them as I arched my back out.

I surrendered to him completely when his fingers found their way into me, realising that I wanted to feel his cock inside me, filling me! I wanted him to take me, ravish me, have his way with me and feel him spurt deep inside me. I wanted to be his woman in every way possible.

His lips returned to mine, dispelling any possible lingering doubts that might have been about what was running through my mind. I wanted him with every fiber of my being!

He was the one to turn the passion down as the last kiss became more chaste. Not that I didn't desperately try to keep it going. As I caught my breath and my passion cooled that small dim thought about my personal reality returned to the back of my mind but much less insistently.

Over coffee he asked me if I'd object to his taking some pictures today. For me to keep to remember this weekend. If I'd allow it he'd like to have a few for himself as well, but that was up to me.

All of last nights outfits walking around the living room, posed on the couch, on the bed, seeming to answer the door, talking on the phone, with and without panties or bra.

Pictures of me masturbating, shots of my cock tucked back and looking completely feminine. Pictures of me kneeling, on all fours, spreading my cheeks the way I'd seen in magazines.

Shots of me using a dildo on myself, with a butt plug in place, handcuffed and generally helpless like I'd seen in the magazine I'd looked at. Fully, though still somehow, indecently dressed wearing skimpy skirts or dresses from his wife's closet.

Then before the sun set he talked me into going for a drive while dressed, to a secluded spot he knew of for a few outdoor ones. On the way there he dropped off the rolls of film already taken, at a place he knew of, to be developed and got more film.

The place was secluded; an isolated wet spot or pond near the center of a field. For about an hour before the sun set fully I posed against the backdrop of growing grain or trees.

He'd packed a bag of sheer babydoll and longer nities, lingerie, micro mini and mini skirts so I could pose topless, even if I didn't have any breast development. He told me it didn't matter when I mentioned it. After all the ones of me in just nylons and heels or heels alone were his personal favorites.

He smiled wickedly as we drove back in to the city. He wanted to take me back to the adult store.

I'd been nervous and scared going in there last night in male mode; but it was nothing like I felt when we were approaching the front door! I was shaking so bad I had to hold unto his arm or fall down.

The same clerk leered at me again as we entered.

No cameras were supposed to be allowed but that didn't deter him. He just held up the camera and looked at the clerk. The clerk didn't care as long as I was the only one in the shots.

Me lifting the back or front of my skirt to show my nylons and panties, then without the panties! Me taking off my blouse, my skirt then posed behind the counter playing clerk in lingerie. Me wandering around the store in lingerie and finally down to just garter belt, nylons and heels.

The more he took the more I got into it. The fact that everyone who was there, or who walked in after we started, was watching my every move excited me more then I'd ever have believed possible!

From never letting anyone see me dressed to such a wanton exhibitionist slut in one night! I couldn't believe what I was doing, what I was feeling! I revelled in it. I delighted in it. I loved it!

Still all good things come to an end. Checking his watch he came over to tell me that the first batch should be done and ready for us to pick up so I reluctantly got fully dressed and we left.

I felt so excited, so aroused it was a wonder that I hadn't exploded inside the store. I did now when he tilted my head up to kiss me again. My arousal didn't disappate! My fingers fumbled with his belt and zipper to free his cock so I could suck it again. He must have been excited as well as he didn't last long. With a better idea of what was going to happen I managed to swallow more and gag less.

He dropped off the new films and picked up the first ones. Back at his house he spread the dozens of prints out. He was an excellent photographer and rightfully proud of his handiwork. In most of them I looked as good as the gurls in the magazines.

He selected about twenty that he thought he'd like copies of. I nodded a yes. He set ten or twelve of those aside, telling me I could probably sell them to a magazine if I wanted and let the world see how magnificent I was.

I was astounded and a bit shocked at the idea but thrilled to my core as well. Should I? Could I? Would I? I had no idea of how to go about it but smiled proudly even as I blushed deeply!

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by Anonymous

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by HomerSimpson12310/18/17

Writing elements

I'm so glad that you spent time on the emotions. They drew me in.

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by Anonymous10/15/17

Out of this world!

Oh Heather! You have got the knack. Keep the stories CUMMING!

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by mumblegooseegg10/09/17

I love this series

It wasn't until I had read this installment to the end that I realized how your writing almost never describes the narrator, the "I" person, as an MTF transgender or even just a cross-dresser. I guessmore...

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by Anonymous10/09/17

Very suggestive story, your writing style kept my interest and I could imagine myself doing the same thing(s). Actually I became very aroused as I am a M2F x-dresser and love becoming a woman.

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