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I did it the way Karen liked it, and that probably made her suspect that something was up.

I kissed her mouth, squeezed her against me and pinched her nipples. She had such nice, big tits. The curls between her legs were warm and wet even before I slipped my fingers into her slit and teased her until she couldn't talk. I lifted her knees, dragged her hood between my teeth, and flicked my tongue over her firm button. Karen thrashed when she came. She held my face against her and kicked her heels on my back.

Karen knew what would come next when I turned her on her elbows and knees. I pushed my cock into her—slowly at first then all at once—and forced a gasp out of her. She gripped her pillow in both hands and used it to muffle herself while I grunted sweet nothings in her ear. "Fuck you feel good," and a few other sensitive things like that. I slapped my hips against her soft butt and felt her cunt tighten while she came again, and then I went blank. I flattened her on the bed and let it all go inside her.

It was my plan to soften her up for the news I was going to give her.

"You're kidding, right?" she said. I wasn't kidding, but the pillow talk didn't go the way I wanted.

"You know I've always wanted to get back into biology." I told her. "I only started landscaping because the jobs were so hard to get and keep. The job is temporary, but it gives me a chance."

"Jim," she said, "you don't need a chance, and you really don't need some entry-level environmental job. You're thirty eight. You have a boatload of money from selling the business and time to start a new one. You could buy a new house, or pay more attention to me."

"It's only for the summer," I told her. "I'll be back before the end of August."

"That means I'll be alone for almost three months," Karen said. "What am I supposed to do while you're gone?" She had a frustrated edge to her voice, and her body was tense with anger.

I grinned at her and said, "That would be just enough time for you to clean out my garage."

Maybe I should've taken her more seriously. Karen hissed like her cat. Her cat hated me.

We were done when I hit the floor. She rolled me over, kicked my butt out of bed, and made me glad that we'd never gotten married or even moved in together.

That's why I was unattached when I sat down with Theresa May—my new employer—and three other members of the survey crew around a small conference table in Dr. May's office. "Our client is Rare Resources," she said. "They proposed a major new mine to produce rare earth elements. Our job is to complete a botanical census of the potentially affected areas for the Environmental Impact Statement."

Dr. May looked over her glasses at her motley crew and said, "You're going to be living together for the next ten weeks. The mine area is remote and your base camp is a small hunting lodge on the property, so try to get along."

We spent the rest of our first day pouring over maps and photographs and getting to know each other.

It was Lilly Berands who first caught my attention. She was—like Karen—in her mid-thirties. Lilly flipped her shoulder-length hair back and asked, "Have you done this before?"

"Yeah, but not since I was twenty five," I said. "It's hard to make a living this way, so I started my own business instead." Lilly's body language told me that she was thinking about sex, but not with me. Her attention was on Ryan Hanson. I felt like I was intruding on her thoughts when I asked, "What's your background?"

She looked away from Ryan long enough to say, "I have a biology degree, and I teach high school science in Minnesota. My husband and I split this last winter, so this job is a way to stay busy over the summer. I hope the experience will let me give my students a different perspective."

Lilly touched my arm as she stepped past me to talk to Ryan. She was a good-looking woman. If she'd been my high school science teacher, then she would have been the center of some pretty adolescent fantasies.

I could see why Lilly was interested in Ryan. He was a little taller than me and broad in the shoulders. He had big hands and a big laugh. I heard her repeat the same question she asked me, "Have you done this before?"

"I did a survey last summer," Ryan answered "before my senior year. But that was a lot different from this." He gestured toward the retina-burning desert sunlight outside the office window. "That was in Canada."

I could only wish Lilly good luck in her pursuit because Ryan's attention was on Robin Sanders' butt. Robin stood by herself, studied a topographic map of the proposed mine access route, and ignored Ryan. She seemed annoyed when I asked, "Do you know Ryan?"

Robin had dark hair that was bobbed below her ears and dark eyes that matched her hair. Her expression was guarded when she answered, "We went to school together—both in biology—so I've known him for a few years." She couldn't have missed the way my eyes traveled while she answered. They went down over her narrow shoulders and small breasts, and over the lines of her arms and legs.

"It doesn't look like you appreciate his company," I said.

Robin glanced past me to where Lilly still talked with Ryan. My eyes followed hers in time to see Ryan laugh out loud and Lilly step back from him. "He can be a jackass sometimes," she said, "And that's probably what just happened there. I try to avoid him." She eyed me in about the same way I eyed her then said, "I haven't done a survey like this before. Have you?"

"Yeah, but not in years," I answered. My gut wasn't very big, but I sucked it in and puffed out my chest. Robin was attractive—young, but attractive—so my reaction was automatic.

Our introductions began a week of preparation that ended with the three-hour drive to the lodge. It was at the end of a rutted trail along the edge of a national wilderness. The trail climbed from desert grasslands to hills dotted with junipers and up rocky slopes to where piñons gave way to ponderosa pine.

Dr. May spent a week with us before she had to get back to her other clients. The night after Theresa left, Lilly tugged on my arm and whispered, "I need to talk to you outside."

The air cooled fast when the sun went down and the contrast with the heat of the afternoon made it seem nearly cold. I followed Lilly into the starlight then after the door closed behind me she turned around and stepped close. "I need something from you," she said and paused. I could hardly make out her expression in the dim light when she continued, "I need sex."

I was surprised. I laughed and asked, "What's the occasion?"

"Can you spare me the conversation for now?" Lilly asked. "Tell me yes or no, and we can talk about it later."

That confused me, but I told her, "Yeah. Sure. Yep. But where?"

Lilly pulled me past the empty stables to the hay shed where all I could do was grope about in the dark. I found Lilly first and pulled her against me for a kiss, but she turned her head away and started fumbling with my belt. I cupped her breast in my hands and squeezed her nipple, but she pushed my hand away and shoved my pants down. "I don't need foreplay. Do you?" she asked.

She had my hard-on in her hand, so she already knew the answer. I fumbled my way to where a tarp covered the stacked hay bales and pushed Lilly against it while she unzipped her jeans. I shoved her jeans to the ground and reached into her panties to her wet pussy lips and her already-firm button.

I had a hard time keeping up with her. We grappled a little because Lilly seemed to want to bend over the hay and take it from behind, and I wanted to lift her onto the hay and take her from the front. I won. I set her on the baled hay, pushed my arms under her thighs to lift her knees, and held her with my hands against her back while she worked my cock into her slit.

Lilly groaned when I pushed myself into her, then gasped when I pushed deeper. She buried her head against my shoulder, and I inhaled the scent from her hair. I couldn't understand what her reactions meant. I couldn't read what she wanted in the way she moved or from the garbled noise she made. I just fucked her, and that turned out to be what she wanted.

I lifted Lilly each time I thrust up and into her, and the sensations in my shaft drove me on. Lilly clutched at my back, then let me go. My eyes adjusted to the darkness enough to see her fingers curl uncontrollably. Her breath was hot and ragged against my neck.

It was Lilly who came first. I heard her swallow a moan, then she tipped her head back and her legs clamped around my hips. It wasn't until after her first spasm passed that she could catch her breath, then her second spasm gripped her, and then her third.

I knew that I was beyond the point of no return. My cock felt like it would explode. I clenched my teeth and squeezed Lilly against my chest and emptied myself in her.

I kept my cock in Lilly while we both relaxed and when I could breathe again I asked, "That felt great, but why?"

"PMS," Lilly said. "Can you do it again?" she asked.

"Sure, in a little bit," I told her. I could already tell from the way my cock felt inside her that it wouldn't take long. "I'm curious though. I figured you'd want Ryan to do this."

Lilly laughed in my ear. "Maybe when he grows up a little more," she said. "Ryan's an ass. He's a sexy ass, but he's an ass. I thought I'd rather count on you."

"So you agree with Robin," I said.

Lilly snorted and said, "Not entirely. Robin doesn't want to have anything to do with him. I might overlook the fact that he's an ass long enough to lay him, just not quite yet."

I started moving my cock inside Lilly again. She sighed into my ear and asked, "Wouldn't you rather be doing this with Robin?"

"Robin's fifteen years younger than I am." I said. "She's cute, but the age difference puts me off."

"Deeper," Lilly said, then added, "I think you're lying to me, and that you'd do Robin as fast as I'd do Ryan."

I didn't deny that.

"Hold me tighter," Lilly said, and I felt the excitement building in her arms and legs. I made sure that each slow thrust brought her bud against me. She bit me and dragged my skin through her teeth, so I knotted one hand in her hair and pulled her mouth away from my shoulder and my neck. I could just see her upturned face and her open mouth.

The excited sensation built in my cock almost as fast as it did the first time. I couldn't keep a slow pace and Lilly didn't seem to want it anyway. I pushed her back onto the hay and climbed over her. I thrust down into her, and she writhed under me. Our bodies slapped together louder and faster.

I came first, but Lilly was close behind. I snorted then caught my breath; I couldn't breath while my cream shot through me and deep into her. I was almost empty when I felt her climax. I didn't let myself relax, I slammed into Lilly's cunt until her body sagged against me and she struggled to catch her breath.

Lilly pushed me back and said, "God Jim, that felt good. I'm glad you're here." She pushed herself up on her elbows and asked, "What was Theresa thinking when she paired Ryan with me and Robin with you?"

We worked in two teams, and within each team we split up the labor necessary to document and collect specimens. I slipped off the hay bales and started feeling around for our pants while I answered. "I think she combined inexperienced people with more experienced people, and avoided putting Robin with Ryan. She knows what Robin thinks as well as we do."

The moon was rising as we walked back to the lodge, and I was glad to see in the moonlight that Lilly looked relaxed. We only had two bedrooms in the lodge, so one was for the girls and one was for the boys. I squeezed Lilly's butt outside their room, then found my way in the dark to ours.

Ryan was still awake when I took my clothes off and crawled onto my cot. He propped himself up on his elbow and asked, "Was she a good fuck? I could hear her wailing all the way in here."

"She was a 10 on the horny scale," I said then sat up to watch Ryan by the moonlight that spilled through the window. "Maybe you have high school friends that talk like that. I don't. We're working in awfully close quarters and you need to adjust. If you were one of my landscapers, I'd fire you for things I've heard you say."

"I thought she was hot for me so, you know, I'm surprised," Ryan said. He looked away and swallowed so hard that I could hear it. "I'm not sure what to do about Lilly. She's like twelve years older than I am and I just don't know what to do."

I thought my groan was just in my head, but I heard it in the room. I laid back on the cot and told Ryan, "You probably won't need to do anything for a few days. Until then, just act your age." I figured that Ryan's problem would go away when Lilly got tired of waiting.

Ryan was Lilly's problem and Robin was mine. She called me 'Mr. LeClaire.' I had to make her stop, and then the longer we worked together the closer we got. I mean that literally. At first we worked outside each other's personal space, but after the first few weeks Robin walked by my side, leaned close over my shoulder, and talked like we were conspiring. That doesn't mean we didn't argue. We argued all the time.

We also confused people. The old woman who checked us out at the little market where we bought groceries noticed that one of our loaves of bread was in a torn bag. She looked at me, gestured to Robin, and said "Your little wife can just run back and get another one."

Robin turned bright red under her tan and hurried to say, "We aren't married. We're coworkers."

"Sorry," the cashier said, and smiled at Robin's reaction. "It's just that you seem very close."

We were outside the store when I told Robin, "I was flattered. I mean, it's good to know that we work together so well that people can think we're married. I didn't think it was that embarrassing."

Robin leaned against the truck beside me while I stowed groceries. "We aren't even close to the same age, and the idea took me by surprise," she said, "So I blushed. Then I was embarrassed because I was caught blushing, and I blushed some more." She shrugged and touched may arm. "Maybe I should have been flattered, too."

We didn't touch like that very often. One of my hands on Robin's shoulder or on her hip was all it took to make her back away from me. I wanted her close where I could feel her warmth and inhale her scent, so I usually kept my hands off and explored her with my imagination.

We were working near the proposed mill tailings impoundments on a hot day after the Fourth of July when things changed for us. It was rugged terrain, with thin soils, deep ravines and jagged outcrops. Lilly was with Ryan on a transect only about 30 yards away, but they were ahead of us and out of sight.

The heat of the afternoon made it hard to work. We walked slowly and stopped where we found shade. It was one of those times when resins seeped from the trees and shrubs, and their scent drifted on the air. The aromas changed as we walked, or with a shift in the light breeze. The scents of ponderosa, piñon, juniper, and mountain mahogany all drifted in the air.

I stopped by a small shrub I'd never seen before. The bush had a strong resinous scent that caught my attention. Robin stepped close beside me to look. The scent seemed to come from sap that oozed out of branches broken off by browsing deer.

We set about documenting the bush while its resinous aroma drifted around us. We worked together as always, but I started feeling light-headed, and Robin's familiar presence, her scent, and the sound of her voice became oddly arousing to me. I had an uncomfortable hard-on just for her and I didn't really know why.

I turned to look at Robin and found her looking back. She leaned close to me and her nostrils flared, then she recoiled. "I don't know what's going on, Jim." She glanced around us, and then looked back at me and said, "I need a break."

That's what Robin said when she needed to pee. I watched her run up the hill and tried to gather my thoughts. It didn't work. I couldn't get Robin off my mind, so I went after her.

I found her between a rock outcrop and a large ponderosa that grew next to it. She crouched out of sight with her back against the tree. I hesitated to preserve Robin's privacy, then realized that she wasn't peeing.

Her eyes were closed so she didn't see me when I stepped around the tree. One hand under her tee shirt squeezed her breast. Her shorts and panties were around her ankles, and her other hand was between her legs. She swirled her fingers over her hood, then down into her slit. I didn't need to see how wet she was. I could hear it.

Robin opened her eyes when I knelt in front of her, but she acted like she already knew I was there. She didn't stop masturbating or even slow down. She said, "God Jim, something's wrong. I'm turned on, and I can't stop thinking about you."

Her excitement was too much for me. I opened my jeans to pull out my hard-on, then freed her panties and shorts from one of her feet. I slipped my arms under Robin's knees, picked her up against the tree, and paused only long enough to ask, "Are you on birth control?"

Robin nodded her answer, and I shoved my cock into her. She bit off a scream and banged her head back against the tree. She wrapped her arms around my neck and I ducked my head against her shoulder. We both breathed the sweaty, excited scent that rose from our bodies.

I moved my hands down to hold Robin up by her butt, she lifted her legs around me, and I fucked her. Her back pounded against the tree bark and I ground myself against her each time my shaft thrust into her.

She repeated my name at first, but even that faded into garbled noise. Tension built in her body, and when her climax came she opened her mouth and uttered a loud, drawn out groan—or a scream, or something like that—into the rocks behind me.

I felt Robin's body relax, and I thrust her against the tree only a few more times before I lost it. I covered her mouth with mine and shoved my tongue between her lips just as I came. I spent the first gush inside her, then my cock slipped out and the rest splattered on her butt and on the tree behind her. I slowed gradually, laughed at my clumsiness, and muttered "Thank you, thank you," into her ear.

It was too hot to hold Robin there very long. I let her slip to the ground, pulled my jeans up, and staggered back to sit on the rocks. Robin kicked her panties off her foot and carried them with her when she sat next to me.

She swept her hair behind her ear and said, "I'm so confused. That was sudden. Something came over me." She shrugged. "Jesus, Jim. I may as well just tell you now. I fantasized that we'd do it sometime, but maybe in a like, more rational way." She laughed and added, "This way felt really good, though."

"Whatever came over you came over me, too" I said. "I couldn't think about anything but you and sex. But I don't get what happened. It started about the time we found that bush. Do you think it could have been from the resin?"

"Maybe," Robin said. She seemed fascinated when she looked at my softening cock and said, "And maybe the effect isn't all gone yet."

Ryan cleared his throat and we both looked up to find Lilly and Ryan standing on the outcrop above us. He scanned Robin and said "Hey, can I get some of that action?"

"Dammit, Ryan," Lilly said. "Can that crap our you'll never get any action." She looked at me and said, "We heard some noises and radioed you. We decided to come looking when we didn't get an answer."

It was too late to make up stories. Robin straightened out her panties and put them on then retrieved her shorts from were they fell. I found my jeans on the ground, shook the pine needles out, and while I pulled them up I sang the old jingle, "You deserve a break today."

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