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Modern Day Cowboy


I breathe in the fresh clean air flowing gently through the open kitchen window. The sun shines brightly through the pretty blue and white checked curtains leaving a dappled pattern on the scarred but lovingly polished heart of pine floor. Tucking a few paper napkins and a well worn paperback copy of McCammon's "Swan Song" into the big picnic basket, I smile to myself. I have been working hard for weeks and finally I have a few days off to have some fun and relax.

Not bothering to lock the door behind me, I carry my basket and a striped woven Indian blanket out to the truck. My plans for the day include nothing more than a good book, a nice lunch, and maybe a little sunbathing. With the basket beside me, I turn the key and the big V8 growls to life. The radio is playing quietly so I turn it up to hear the mournful strains of a Beau Soleil love song. I don't know French, much less Cajun French but the meaning is clear anyway and pulls at the strings of my heart.

Several songs later, I turn onto a secluded, rutted trail into the trees. This property belongs to my neighbor, Betty and she has often told me I can come here to fish or swim whenever I want. She has lived alone in the big farmhouse on the far side of the property ever since her son left to find better job prospects. Now that guy is a fantasy worth enjoying for a while, I think to myself with a naughty little grin.

When the trees clear a bit, the hard soil of the creek bank is revealed. I turn the truck around, backing into a patch of warm sunlight at the water's edge and cut the engine. With basket and blanket in tow, I drop the tailgate. I spread out the blanket on the tailgate and partway in the bed of the truck, making a comfortable place to rest against the curve of the wheel bump. Spreading the skirt of my knee length pale green sundress modestly over my thighs, and clipping my coppery curls on top of my head, I eagerly reach into the basket for my book.

I have read it several times already but the story never fails to suck me in and make me think about the true nature of people. Maybe that is why I didn't hear any approaching footsteps. Suddenly, a shadow falls across the page and I jump a bit as I realize someone has invaded my little haven. He walks around the side of the truck to cock one hip lazily against the open tailgate. I force my gaze up from the prominent bulge in his snug jeans to his ruggedly handsome face, ignoring the liquid heat rushing to my lower regions.

"Hey Tony. I didn't know you were back in town." I look him over with interest, noting the heavy silver earrings and starkly two-tone dyed goatee shaded by the familiar ivory straw Stetson. His lazy grin makes my pulse race a little but I do my best to ignore it because this is Tony. I've had a thing for him for years but he has never showed me the slightest hint that he was interested in me while plowing his way through every other female between the ages of 18 and 80 who would hold still long enough. Mentally shaking my head, I tuck my book back into the basket and pull out a mason jar of sweet tea. "Thirsty?"

"Sure. Thanks. I came back to see Mom this week while I'm on vacation." I smile at that. He always was good to his mother. A single drop of condensation drips from the chilled jar of tea to land on the tanned skin of his upper chest, bared by the open buttons of his short sleeved western style work shirt. I resist the urge to lick that little bit of moisture from his skin and clasp my hands tightly behind my back to remind myself not to touch. The motion causes the buttons down the front of my dress to strain across my generous breasts.

Seeming to have exhausted all relevant topics, we lapse into a strained silence, neither one sure what to say next but both realizing that something was different between us. I stare at my hands in my lap and pick absently at a cuticle wondering what is running through your mind. You don't make me wait long. I look up in mild surprise when you climb up onto the blanket with me, your dusty boots hanging down toward the ground. Figuring that I'm just crazy and you still think of me as that weird neighbor girl, I take a drink and lean back with my eyes closed to enjoy the warm sun.

You scoot closer and put your arm over my bare shoulders to pull me closer. I lean my cheek against your shoulder, loving the faint clean scent of your aftershave and the stronger sexier scent that is just you. My nipples are hard and I know you will see them if you look but I don't care. I have no illusions about a relationship but I know I have wanted you desperately for a long time and this may be my only opportunity. Lifting a slightly shaky hand, I rest it softly over your heart, feeling your slow steady heartbeat.

"Tony, I..." Words fail me. I can't seem to express what I need. I don't want to sound desperate or pathetic but I want you more than I have ever wanted a man.

"Yeah. Me too. I just...I'm leaving on Thursday to get back to work." His words surprise me, not because I expected him to stay but because I hadn't expected him to care about my feelings one way or the other.

"I'm only asking for right now, not forever, honey." The shadow from the wide brim of your hat falls across my hand as you look down at me. I know I am blushing because I am not usually so blatant and forward but I am not about to throw away this chance. I can tell you are surprised but I am too scared to look up at you and see your reaction. Maybe I am reading you wrong and you don't want me or you still think of me as that awkward younger girl next door.

I am well on my way to making myself a trembling nervous wreck when you reach up and cup my cheek with one big work-roughened hand. You tip my chin up and softly brush my lips with a kiss that makes me tremble in a very different way. You slide your arm down from my shoulders to my waist and I can feel your fingers burning against my hip through the thin cotton of my dress. My hands move almost of their own accord to twine my arms around your neck and pull you closer to deepen the kiss.

Your hat is in my way so I carefully place it on top of my basket and turn back to explore your closely shaven scalp with curious fingertips. You look so different this way but I like it, especially with the earrings and goatee. It makes you look just a little dangerous and I smile approvingly. You haven't stopped your exploration either and your raised eyebrow makes me blush a little more, right down to the tops of my overly large creamy breasts. Your wandering hands have found the stiff steel bones of the corset encasing my ribs. I have a bit of a fetish and I am so used to wearing them that I had entirely forgotten it.

"What do we have here? I think you might just be full of surprises!" The big grin on your face makes me relax a little so I decide to grab the bull by the horns. I reach up to the rather modest neckline of my little sundress and start flicking buttons open while I watch your face. As my breasts come into view, plumped high over the top of my emerald green satin and lace corset, you make a low sound of appreciation that makes me tingle down to my naked little toes. Pushing my hands away, you make quick work of the rest of my buttons and push the dress off of my shoulders.

Your hands rush over my body, seeming to need to touch every exposed inch of skin before sliding back and slipping off the end of the tailgate. I sit up to follow, only to have you position me on my hands and knees on the tailgate, facing the cab of the truck. I feel very exposed, especially when you spread my knees as wide as I can manage and press my upper body down to the blanket. You waste no time and pull the thin bit of my lacy thong aside to expose my slick, shaved pussy and asshole. Your big fingers grip the plump cheeks of my ass, stroking and squeezing them before licking me slowly from my clit to my ass.

I shudder and moan softly, enjoying the sensations as you slip your tongue just inside the tight ring of my anus. My pussy is getting wetter by the second and when you move down to suckle gently at my labia, I can hardly stand it. I am whimpering and panting faster now, needing more which you seem happy to provide. Your mouth finds my hard little clit and you attack it with a combination of slow strokes and rapid flicks, sending me over the edge with a loud cry.

"Please! I need you inside me!" I am reduced to begging when I can even find the mental capacity to form words. You release your grip for a moment and I take the opportunity to unhook the front of my corset and let both it and my already soaked panties fall to the blanket. Turning around, I grab the front of your shirt and the snaps part with one quick tug. Your thickly muscled chest thrills me. I pull you close and wrap my widespread thighs around your hips, kissing you with feverish abandon. Your lips taste of my cum and I moan excitedly.

You grind against my heated liquid center, making me whimper but you don't rush to get out of your jeans. Instead, you cup both of my heavy breasts in your big hands and stroke your thumbs over my already tingling nipples. My hands creep up to clutch your shoulders as your lips slide down the column of my throat, leaving a trail of little nips as you go. I stroke your sun warmed skin and you move still lower to devour my aching nipples one after the other. You look deep into my eyes and pinch my nipples harder, almost to the point of pain. I gasp and grind my heated core against the rough denim straining over your incredible bulge.

I fumble with shaky hands to free your thick erection and whimper when I realize how big you are. A slippery drizzle of precum escapes you and I lean forward to lap it up with an appreciative groan. I open my lips as far as I can but I still have to strain to take you inside the warm wet cavern of my mouth. Your answering groan makes my passion flame even hotter. Pulling back, small strings of precum and saliva drip from my lips making your thick cock glisten wetly. I can't wait to feel you stretch me; fill me so tightly it almost hurts.

Shoving me down onto my back with one big hand between my breasts, you spread my thighs wide and slide the broad head of your dick up and down my dripping slit. You coat yourself in my copious juices and slip down an bit, wedging the incredibly fat head against my pussy, increasing the pressure slowly. My hips writhe and I whimper louder now. I have never felt anything like what you are doing to my body and I can feel a huge climax approaching me like a slowly building wave.

The tight ring of muscle at the entrance of my pussy finally stretches enough to allow your cock to slip into my pussy inch by slow thick inch. Finally I feel your balls slap my ass and your pelvic bone crush into my clit. I am trembling and I barely recognize the mewling noises I am making as my own voice. Your lips claim mine again and you maul my tits almost roughly, making me cry out and clench around your thick shaft, touching off an orgasm that leaves my body shaking.

I am still trembling when you help me up to slide off the tailgate and down to my knees. Your jeans are undone but you never took them off completely. Somehow that makes it even hotter. I lovingly lap the length of your cock and slowly suck it deep into my mouth. I can taste myself on you and your rough breathing tells me that you are as effected as I am. Your big hand tangles in my hair and you pump your hips forward slowly. I struggle to take you in but with each stroke, I am able to relax my throat a little more and soon I am able to swallow the whole length of you.

You surprise me a little when you pull back and help me stand up. You shove me down, bending me over the tailgate with my feet wide apart. You chuckle as my excited squeal fades into a heated moan. This position makes your already huge cock feel even bigger and I shiver when you press hard against my cervix. I am amazed to realize that you are going to make me cum again and the pressure builds rapidly. You raise up and start pumping faster, the thick head of your cock stroking hard over my g-spot with every movement. I start to shudder as I feel an incredibly powerful climax getting closer.

"Cum for me now!" You grab my hair, pull my head back, and whisper the words in my ear. It is all I need and I shatter into a million pieces, squirting hot fluid down my thighs. My pussy clenches hard around your dick, making you slam into my soaking wet pussy harder and harder. A chain of orgasms rocks my body, only intensified when I feel you swell even thicker and flood my throbbing little pussy with jets of your hot cum.

Eventually we both stop shaking and you tug the blanket free to wrap it around me. I stand in the circle of your arms on slightly shaky legs, slowly calming. A smile curls my lips to notice that you are just as out of breath as I am.

"I think I should have come home for a visit a long time ago!" Both the words and the obviously contented tone of your voice makes me giggle.

"I was just thinking the same thing." I step away from you and drop the blanket back into the bed of the truck. "Join me for a swim?" I don't even need to look back, knowing that you will be right behind me in the cool water...as soon as you get rid of the rest of those annoying clothes...

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