tagErotic HorrorModern Day Princess Ch. 01

Modern Day Princess Ch. 01


Amira drove up to the house in her new BMW, the engine roaring loudly. The huge windows of the stone house, looked down upon her with brilliance. She parked her car right in front of the steps and turned it off. She popped her trunk and got out, moving around to the back of the car and grabbing her 7 shopping bags.

Walking up the stone steps, the door opened and their housekeeper greeted her with a smile. She walked inside and started up the stairs to her bedroom. When she got there, she placed her bags on her bed and shut her door. She had so much she wanted to do today.

She took off her $300 pair of shoes and tossed them into the corner. They were so last season that it was good she bought four new pairs today. She took all of her packages out of the bags and began laying them out on the bed.

She bought four new pairs of shoes, three pairs of jeans, seven shirts, a dress, and 3 new bra and panty sets. She began removing the clothes she had on. She slipped off her shirt, the cool air hitting her perky, 40 d cup breasts. She unsnapped her bra and picked up her brand new pink one, slipping the straps over her shoulders.

Next she slid her tight jeans down her curvy hips and off of her smooth and silky legs. She placed her thumbs in the waistband of her boy short lace undies, and pulled them down too. She noticed that they felt damp from her crotch. She figured it was because of that gorgeous man she had seen today.

She slid on her new matching underwear and then one of her new pairs of jeans. They fit perfectly snug over her tight, supple ass. She buttoned them and chose to wear her new Baby Phat tshirt. She pulled it on and it barely covered her stomach but it was perfect for showing off her breasts.

She slipped her new pair of $400 heels on and opened her door, then walked downstairs. She went back out the front door and got back into her car. She pulled out of the driveway and headed toward her favorite restaurant. She got there in about ten minutes.

She parked, got out of her car, and walked into the restaurant, a waiter immediately coming to seat her. He had an approving smile on his face as he sat her at the best seat in the place, right by the grand window.

She ordered her drink and was sitting there quietly thinking about what to order when someone caught her attention outside the window. It was the gorgeous man she had seen earlier, with his jet black, ruffled hair, and sexy white smile.

He saw her and smiled, making his way to the door. He was alone. She lost sight of him as he entered the restaurant and her attention was directed toward the approaching waiter. He smiled at her.

"Miss, there in a gentlemen at the door that is requesting to sit with you, would that be ok?" He said nervously.

"Oh, well, of course, thank you." She answered curiously.

He nodded and left the table. Next thing she knew, that gorgeous man was coming with him and he sat down across from her. He ordered something to drink and turned to smile at her when the waiter left them alone.

"I'm sorry if this is weird." He said, laughing.

"Not at all, I was practically staring at you earlier at the store." She answered with a huge smile.

He really was gorgeous. He was about 6 foot tall or so, with jet black, messy hair. It made him look sexy and dangerous. He was pale but in a beautiful way. His eyes were the deepest midnight blue that she had ever seen, they shone with such brilliant beauty.

He was in a dark navy, button up shirt that matched his eyes, and dark blue jeans. He looked good enough to just devour right then and there. He cleared his throat and brought her back to reality.

"Oh, I'm sorry, what?" She said.

"I was saying that my name is Aiden Lewis."

"Oh, I'm so sorry, I'm Amira. Amira Harrington." She said smiling.

"Harrington? Not as in Devon Harrington? Local millionaire?" He said, raising his eyebrows.

"The very same, he's my papa." She said, laughing.

"Wow, you must be a spoiled little princess then." He said with a chuckle.

"I get things I want, but I'm not a bitch about it. Honest, I'm not." She said seriously.

"Calm hun, I was just kidding." He answered, reaching out to hold her hand that was laying on the table.

Her mind started racing, she didn't know what to think of him. She was so attracted to him but she didn't even know him. Yet there was still a part of her that wanted him so badly. She didn't know what to do. He smiled at her kindly.

He was hoping that he wasn't scaring her off. He wanted to get close to her, get to know her better. God, she was so beautiful. The way her dark hair fell over her shoulders in ringlets. She probably didn't even realize she was so beautiful.

Just then, the waiter came back and took their order. They were silent for a moment after he left. They didn't know what to say to each other. He still held her hand in his and he rubbed his thumb across her skin, trying to calm her down a little bit. He didn't want to make her nervous.

They talked about themselves until their food came. He found out she was 23, he was 25. Their food came soon and they ate in silence, smiling and just making gestures with their faces at each other. He winked at her and she got a huge grin on her face. They finally finished eating and he called the waiter back to order a bottle of wine.

"You didn't have to do that, I could have paid for it." She said.

"I know, but so can I. And it's my treat for you." He said with a smile and wink.

The waiter came and soon they began to loosen up with the help of the wine. He asked her if she would like to go with him somewhere, maybe for a walk down by the river. She smiled and accepted his invitation. She was feeling much better about this gorgeous man. Aiden Lewis.

...to be continued.

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