tagChain StoriesModern Fairy Tales Ch. 15

Modern Fairy Tales Ch. 15

bySean Renaud©

Once upon a time not too long ago there lived a very beautiful girl. As beautiful as she was she was equally spoiled. Her parents bought her a car for turning sixteen and a laptop for graduating high school. They paid for her to go to college but she mostly screwed around and ended up dropping out a couple of times. Her name was Diana but because she was so spoiled everybody called her Princess.

Like a lot of spoiled people and to be perfectly fair Americans in general during the early years of the twenty first century Princess did not live within her means. She made just over minimum wage but she had a Playstation 3 hooked up in her SUV. Her cell phone was an all in one everything. It could take pictures, find her on GPS, tune her guitar and even make light saber hums as she swung it through the air. On top of that she married a boy not a man and he couldn't hold down a job but spent her money.

She owed a lot of people money, her parents, her ex boyfriend, the bank and one other that was of interest. She owed the local loan shark and that is where our story picks up. You see loan sharks aren't like friends and family who might secretly resent you but would never do anything about it. They aren't quite like banks who send their process servers to challenge you to dance offs in the streets. I actually have it on good authority that doesn't really happen either, you got served was referencing something other than process serving when they made that film. No when your time is up with the local loan shark he sends men to break your knees or sometimes something worse. Some times they just kill you to make an example for the others.

The loan shark that Princess had borrowed money was some times called Barry and other times he was called Bam Bam, it didn't really matter what you called him the important part was to know he wasn't the kind of man you wanted angry. If you were on his good side he was your best friend, pay your bills on time and he'd give you a little sugar on top to make things extra sweet, but if you were naughty he'd want ninety percent of his money back as soon as he discovered you were an idiot and that was the case with Princess. She'd borrowed twelve thousand dollars from him. That money was supposed to go to paying for rent and food and even her cell phone for the rest of year. Barry felt like he'd been generous letting her keep the cell phone on his dime, it wasn't really a requirement to life but it made him feel better to know he'd helped.

Princess could have spent the money wisely on those things and continued on with her job at the hotel until things turned around. It would have been a meager existence but that was the case for a lot of people near the turn of the first decade of the twenty first century. Instead of saving that money though she spent it. She spent it on Pokemon and trips to Las Vegas and a honey moon in Cancun! This made Barry very angry and that's why Princess was standing nude in an abandoned warehouse awaiting her fate.

"You know I'm a smart man Princess. I know when someone is going to be able to pay and comply with my wishes. I can look at you and know you can't so I'll only ask would rather learn to fly or swim with the fishes?" Barry asked Princess. He was pacing back and forth as he spoke only occasionally looking at her.

"Why don't we wait. I have friends and family surely one of them will pay you the money I owe. Can I call them to see?" Princess asked.

"Of course not you spoiled snot. I already called everybody who might care or have a soft spot. Your husband, your father and your ex boyfriend have all been given ransom notes for your return. It's about half what you owe but nobody is coming to help you know." Barry said. "You should be happy though. I don't know why but I'll still let you choose if you swim or if you fly."

Princess knew he wasn't joking at all. He wasn't smiling as he often did, no the look on his face was completely serious. There was already a shallow steel tub and a bag of concrete resting in the room where she could see it. She wouldn't need quite so much equipment if she choose to fly the friendly skies but it seemed that Barry was had a feeling of whimsy for he packed her a golden parachute for the fall. It was slashed and tattered, her fall it wouldn't stall, but she it was going to bring a smile to his face and that counted for a something.

"Tick tock Princess. I have other people with money they owe and some of them might have people who are willing to pay. I can choose for you if you're going to take all day." Barry shook his head and started mixing the cement in the small tub.

"No please don't, just wait a while and I'm sure someone will come to pay the ransom." Princess shouted her eyes growing wide.

"I get bored easily, if you can help me pass the time I might wait just a while." Barry said giving Princess just the opening she needed to live.

"If I give you a hand job do will you wait for someone to come and pay?" Barry answered her the way that any straight man would. He dropped the concrete mix, there was something else hardening in the room. He dropped his pants next so she could see what that something else was.

Princess gasped, she was no stranger to boy parts but this thing was big and by comparison her husband just had a twig! She tried to wrap her hand around it but it was a bit too wide and her fingers didn't quite meet on the opposite side. Princess had to use both hands to hold onto Barry's big cock so that's what she did. She used both hands to hold on tight and stroke his cock. She knew she was doing it right because Barry was moaning and his hips were churning! Princess got down on her knees staring up at his man meat and watching it start pulsing. Princess had watched her fair share of porn so the words Barry was saying weren't much of a shock but most girls would have felt their ears burn. The things he said were nasty, demeaning, crude and rude but Princess just kept smiling because at least someone was coming to save her. It took a few minutes but she got him to come, a huge load of warm sauce that nearly covered her face. It dripped from her chin down onto her breasts and some fell from there to the floor below.

No sooner had she finished than her husband walked in. "I told you he'd be here. My husband loves me and cherishes me more than some meager bucks." Princess smiled and beamed until she saw the look on his face. It was a like a smile or a grin only it was without mirth. Instead of joy it was something akin to malice. Princess felt her heart stop and her blood turn to ice.

"I didn't come to save you. I couldn't if I wished it, the money you wasted on purses and shoes until it was all gone was mine. I just came to tell you I'll miss you but your sister is mighty fine." Her husband said.

"I told that nobody would come for you my dear sweet Princess. It's time once again about your fate to think, would rather fly or sink?" Barry of course had mind made up, something about cement shoes was just what he wanted to do.

"Please Barry give me time for my father to arrive, I'm sure he wants me alive. I'm his baby, his little girl and to lose me would put his world in a twirl!" Barry paused slightly, he was growing impatient.

"I'm not being patient for you but instead for him. It wouldn't be right if I didn't give him one last chance to have some fun. So I'll let your husband have his turn to cum." Barry said.

Her husband was shocked, confused and perplexed but none of that stopped him from wanting some oral sex. His trousers dropped and his boxers followed. "Suck it girl and swallow my cum!" Princess nearly fainted as she found herself spared once more, her one hand wrapped around her husband's prick and her mouth quickly followed. She'd only been married for about six months but she'd gotten plenty of practice (not all, or even most with him) Princess swallowed him whole with little difficulty. He moaned and he groaned, his legs threatened to give way. She slurped, and she sucked getting her spit all over the place. It ran down his cock soaking his balls, streamed down his thighs. Princess waggled her tongue against his flesh, tasting her husband for what might be the very last time. Her husband was close, so close she could feel it. She could feel the tip expanding as it rested in her throat, his balls were contracting at the same time. If Princess had any real control over herself she would have slowed down and made it last, not because she wanted his pleasure to last but because if nobody had shown up by the time he came it would be over for her! Not that she knew but luck was on her side, just as her hubby flooded her gullet cream of some young guy soup her father walked in the room.

Princess had always been spoiled and a bit of a whore. This wasn't the first time Daddy had caught his princess with goo on her face or a cock in her throat. Most men would have been shocked and appalled but this was nothing out of the average for her. So he stood their silent letting her finish, she really did enjoy what she was doing. He watched with a morbid interest as his baby girl made certain to squeeze every last drop of her hubby's cum onto her tongue where she could swallow it down obediently.

When she was certain she'd gotten every drop she turned and looked over at her father then to Barry. "Told you he'd come if you just waited some time. He'll pay the ransom and you won't have to commit another crime!"

It was the second time that day she'd seen that look and this time is she knew that something was wrong and much worse than she could have inferred and when her father spoke her fears were confirmed! "This isn't the first time you asked for cash or even the second of the third. Your mother and I believe you'll keep coming for our money until you have it all and it's finally time that you took the fall." He lowered his head.

This was bad, about as bad as it could get! She knew how the game was played and she already had two strikes! Would her ex even show up? Of course Princess had her doubts but Barry was about to ask how she would like to be taken out! To die peacefully either in her sleep or surrounded by loved ones would be her wishes but Barry only gave he two choices. One involved birds and the other fishes.

Princess was as clever as she was beautiful though, besides she'd had a daddy fantasy since she was a little girl. "Barry. I know what you're going to say but just give me a minute. I've jerked you off and sucked off my husband but my poor father came all this way for nothing. If I could have just a second with him, I've wanted my Dad as long as I can remember.

Barry paused as he thought about her offer. He wasn't sure if she was lying or not but it really didn't matter. It wasn't every day that you got to see a girl ride her daddy. He was sick, being a criminal has that effect and the thought of a man porking his own daughter got him a little hard. "Go ahead and fuck your dad. This is the last chance you have if your ex doesn't show by the time you finish you'll get an up close view of a lot of fish."

There was a smile on her face as she walked to her father and pulled off his clothes, shirt, shoes, pants and socks. What better way to get at his cock? Once he was nude she pushed him flat on his back and mounted him like a pony. One hand to steady herself on his firm chest, the other cradled her breasts as he bucked beneath her. There was no complaint from her father at this random circumstance. The truth was he'd wanted her for years as well. She looked like her mother had in her youth and probably more importantly she felt like her mother had in her youth. Princess was tight and wet and had the kind of energy that only a younger woman can provide. Unlike her mother her breasts had no sag and bounced beautifully as she rode him. If he had a regret it was that it didn't last as long as he would have preferred. He'd dreamt of her perfect tits for so long that it only took a few minutes for daddy's little cowgirl to get him to blow his wad.

"Wow I knew you were a skank a slut and a ho but holy shit Princess you're fucking your Dad!" Nobody, not even Barry's body guards had noticed her ex enter the room. It was little surprise which they would rather watch between a door or Princess and her father!

Princess looked up from her father, even though he'd just blown his load deep in her twat she was still without her own satisfaction. There was of course the important issue of keeping herself alive here but just like most people once that burning started in her loins common sense didn't play much of a role. She kept riding her father like a stallion or bull doing everything she could to quench her thirst. "Daddy spank me, pull my hair!" The number of men able to refuse her requests when she was in heat are few indeed and her father was not amongst their number so he obeyed in an instant. One hand went into her reddish brown hair tugging sharply while the other slapped her ass hard it left a bright red handprint. When she screamed harder he bucked his hips against hers and kept pulling her hair until finally Princess came and collapsed against his chest.

Then her ex walked in. "This is the woman who broke your heart and married another, surely you are like her husband and her father only here to bid her farewell?" Barry said feeling his chest swell. This was it, the final would be savior before he could feed his fish.

That was when something happened that he didn't expect. "She is the one who left me for another but she didn't break my heart. Her happiness is my happiness and walking the aisle dressed in white brought her great bliss. I have no right to be angry with her for that but a world without her would be complete amiss. Here is your money, your cash and your loot now let her free." Her ex pulled out a stack of bills from his pocket and handed them to Barry who quickly counted to make sure that all of it was there. Once he was satisfied that his money was all there he walked over to her ex shook his hand and walked away. It had been a good day for Barry, a live sex show and a few thousand dollars he had no complaints.

Princess was just as happy, she'd gotten her father a life long dream, a reason to divorce her husband and the love of her ex whom she still secretly loved. She went home with her ex and gave him everything he dreamt of and more. Together her and her ex ex and eventual new husband lived happily ever after.

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