tagChain StoriesModern Fairy Tales Ch. 18

Modern Fairy Tales Ch. 18

bySean Renaud©

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago there was a video store owner who was very poor. The invention of Netflix had taken a huge chunk of his business and people just weren't coming in to rent movies or video games any longer. He did however have a very beautiful daughter who was also an amateur model and thus very well known in the community.

One day it came to pass that the store owner had to go and talk to his banker and in order to make himself seem more important he said to his banker, "My daughter can turn coal into silks."

The Banker's eyes were momentarily replaced with dollar signs and a smile spread from ear to ear. "That is a quite a trick. If you're daughter is truly able to perform these miracles bring her to my mansion tomorrow evening and I will put her to the test. Then we'll work something out, you and I."

The store owner didn't tell his daughter what he'd promised she could do, but he did tell her to wear something nice for when she met the Banker. She absolutely trusted her father and it never crossed her mind that he might had made some kind of fantastic promise. The most he'd ever asked of her before was for her to lifeguard one of his friend's parties.

When the man arrived at the Banker's house he and his daughter were greeted with a fantastic dinner. Neither of them had ever seen so much quality food at one time before. Lobster, steak, caviar and fine wines all of it brought to them by servants. The poor owner pretended not to notice the ladies, all dressed like fetishized French Maids even when they were nearly spilling out of their dresses to pour him more wine. His daughter couldn't stop blushing whenever one of the men in their Speedos and bowties took away her plate and replaced it with the next dish. The Banker of course was completely unphased by feast of flesh all around him.

When the meal was finished he had his servants escort them all down to the basement which was filled to the brim with newspaper. The daughter was very confused when she was lead into the room and even more when she looked back and saw her father and the Banker had not entered after her. She recognized the look on her father's face though, it was the same look he got when he sent her younger brother to join the Army. He didn't come back.

The Banker though had a different expression, a tight dark grin. "Your father has told me you can perform an incredible trick and turn newspaper into silk. Normally I would recycle this, it makes me look good in the community and brings in some spare change but I can sell silk or dress up my girls. You will set to work and if by tomorrow morning at first sun's light you have not turned this all into silk I will keep you here as one of my girls.

Without saying another word he locked her up in the room. The poor woman looked around the room and started to panic. The idea of being one of the Banker's little fetish girls terrified her and she knew that was going to happen. Turning newspaper into silk was as stupid as trying to spin hay into gold! Absolutely impossible.

After sitting for what felt like hours the woman actually picked up the papers and flying into a frustrated rage threw them against the walls. She toppled the towers and tore apart the pages. She screamed and when she'd finally exhausted herself she collapsed into a heap in the corner and started to weep.

While she was still curled in the corner wondering how her father could have damned her to this fate the door flew open and in came a small twisted man. If he'd been able to stand up straight he still wouldn't quite have passed the young woman's shoulder but bent as he was he stare at her naval. If she were upright, curled in the corner he was just about at eye level. "Good evening young mistress, why are you crying so?"

The girl looked up at him through her tear soaked eyes and replied. "I have to turn newspapers into silk. Which is fucking impossible and if I fail the Banker is going make me a servant!"

"That is so cruel. How did this fate come to befall a woman as comely as you?" The twisted man asked. The woman told him the story at once. "That is most unfortunate. Of course I know how to turn newspaper into silk, or straw into gold. If I do this for you what will you do for me?"

"Anything." The girl immediately replied without even a second thought.

"Anything?" The gnarled man replied.

"Don't be stupid. You're asking if I'll have sex with you. I'll give you a blow job, is that enough?"

"I'll tell you after you give me a blow job." The warped man replied.

"Is that all you want? Show me you can turn newspaper into silk and I'll blow your mind." The young woman replied.

"Of course. I wouldn't want you to do something without proof of course." The twisted little man walked over to a bundle of newspaper and started twisting it around. When he was finished twisting it he unfurled it as silk. "Is this to your satisfaction?"

The young woman walked over and snatched the silk from the small man and ran it against her skin. It was impossible but it was real silk. "If I give you a blow job you'll turn the rest into silk?"

"Of course." The small man replied.

"Well that's better than being one of the Banker's whores." The young woman replied.

The young woman crawled over to the twisted man and unfastened his pants. The cock hidden beneath his trousers was every bit as twisted as the rest of him. The similiarity ended ther however, his cock was monstrous almost a third leg. The young woman's jaw dropped when she saw it.

"You're not changing your mind are you?" The twisted little man asked.

The young woman swallowed hard and shook her head. She would only have to do this once and then she'd be free of him, if she didn't she'd belong to the Banker forever. She opened her mouth and wrapped it around the tip of his cock and started running her tongue all around the head of his cock. Her fingers couldn't quite close around the massive girth of his cock working her hands up and down the length of the gnarled cock.

The man reached down and ran his fingers through the young woman's hair eventually wrapping it around his fist and so he could guide her up and down his cock. Each time he forced her to take him just a little farther until finally her nose was pressed up against his belly. His scrotum was bouncing off her chin when he finally unloaded his spunk into her mouth.

"Swallow it." The man said.

The young woman looked up at him in disgust but gulped down then opened her mouth so he could see she had obeyed him.


Satisfied the man took a seat in the middle of the room and twist, twist, twist and a bundle of newspaper was turned to silk. Twist, twist, twist he kept at it for hours until the sky started to brighten. Then he left.

The Banker walked into the room holding a French Maid costume for the young woman. "I think this will fi-" The words were stuck in his mouth when he saw that impossibly she had accomplished her task. There wasn't a single bundle of newspaper left in the room. Instead there were piles of the finest silk.

The Banker didn't know how she had accomplished this and the truth is he didn't really care. He walked into the room inspecting the silk and after having examined it all he declared that it wasn't enough to pay her father's debt. He had the young woman taken to another room filled with news paper, this one nearly twice as large and he told her to turn this into silk as well.

The young woman didn't know how she'd gotten herself into this mess and her thoughts turned dark and toward her father. How could he have done this to her? It didn't really matter, she was trapped and still didn't know how to turn newspaper into silk and soon she was crying in the corner of the room. The door opened and the little man walked in. "What will you do if I turn this newspaper into silk for you?"

"Anything." She answered again.

"Anything?" He queried obviously enjoying himself.

"You're asking for another blow job? Of course it's a small price to pay." She replied getting to her knees.

"No, I want more than just a blow job if I am to turn all this into silk." He said making a grand gesture to the mountains of paper surrounding them both.

"What do you want then?"

"To fuck you, you're very pretty." The man said leering hungrily at her.

The young woman thought about it for a moment and then she consented. One night with this little man was a far better choice than a life time as the Banker's little slut. So she pushed him down to the ground and mounted him riding him and his twisted cock. He thicker than her boyfriend, and the kinks in his cock felt amazing grinding against her clit. Despite herself she came repeatedly on his fat cock and wasn't faking it at all when she begged him to fuck her harder. The little man put her through her paces, missionary, doggy, cowgirl, pile driver and spoon and he finished in her mouth making her swallow again.

Then the man went to work. Twist, twist, twist the newspaper into silk and by morning he had once again performed the impossible task. When the Banker came in he again inspected the silk and was very pleased. He told her that it still wasn't enough and had her brought to a warehouse filled with news paper and told her if she could complete this room he would marry her and not only wipe her father's debt but take care of her entire family and if she failed she would become his servant.

As soon as the girl was alone the twisted little man came for the third time, and said, "What will you do for me if I turn this all into silk?"

"I have already made myself available to your cock, I have nothing else I can give." She replied.

"That's not true, you still have one place my cock has yet to plunder." He said and the young woman immediately winced at the thought. "I will make you a deal, I will turn this all to silk for you if you promise me that should you become rich and famous you will film a sex tape with and then I will claim your ass."

Rich and famous? Me? The young woman had no problem making such an outrageous promise. It was more likely that she would set foot upon the moon than ever have to pay this debt and she shad no other way out of this predicament so she promised the man what he wanted and for that he twist, twist, twisted the newspaper into silk.

When the banker arrived he was beside himself with joy. He happily married the young woman and lived up to his promise not only to wipe her father's debt clean but to take care of her entire family. He bought them a nice house and set them up with expense accounts.

After a year the most curious thing happened. The young woman made a YouTube video that went viral. She'd completely forgotten about her promise to the little man until he appeared in her bed room. "Well, well, well look at you rich and famous. It's time for your close up."

The woman was horror-struck and offered him everything she could imagine. Money, gold, a home, sex but please no cameras. It would ruin her to be seen like that.

"No, no this is what you promised me a taste of that ass on camera so I could prove to the world that I did it."

Upon hearing that the woman started to cry and slowly the twisted little man started to feel bad for her. "I will give you three days if by the third day you can guess my name I won't make the video."

So the young woman thought the whole night of all the names that she had ever heard, and she sent a searched the internet for baby names in every country of the world. When the little man arrived began with Caspar, Melchior, Balthazar, and said all the names she knew, one after another, but to every one the little man said, "That is not my name."

The next day she had returned to the internet but instead of using the names of people she started trying even rarer names from Elfish, Klingon and even Saiyan. She repeated as many as she could fit on her Kindle. "Perhaps your name is Worf, Elrond or Kakarrot?"

To each inquiry he answered, "That is not my name."

On the third day the young woman was resigned to her fate and decided to watch one a few celebrity sex tapes to prepare herself. On the screen she saw a young Halle Berry being savagely fucked by her twisted little man. Her ass was stretched around his cock and her face twisted into a mask of pleasure and pain. Then something she did not expect happened. "Say my name!"

"Rumpelstiltskin! Rumpelstiltskin! Rumpelstiltskin!" Halle Berry screamed over and over again while the twisted little man continued to savagely assault her ass.

"Its easy to see why the young woman was so overjoyed when she heard the name. When the twisted little man arrived she was smiling. "Now is your last chance to guess my name before you become my co-star!"

At first she said, "Is your name Kal-el?"


"Is your name Naruto?"


"Perhaps your name is Rumpelstiltskin?"

"Who told you that!" The little man exclaimed and the princess could only smile. The little man raged for several minutes before collapsing in a heap. "It's really not fair. I lived up to my end of the bargain." Rumpelstiltskin exclaimed. "If not for me you'd be a servant not rich and famous."

The young woman thought on it for a while. He did have a point and she debt she owed him was not insignificant. Worse though she was married and her family well taken care of she could not claim to be happy. Her father had essentially sold her into slavery and only this twisted little man and his magic had saved her. Her husband had had never treated her poorly but she did not love him.

"Perhaps we can come to an agreement. If you can me out of this without hurting my family I'll film your little video."

Rumpelstiltskin rubbed his chin for a moment.

One week later the Banker approached the young lady and requested a divorce. She would get to keep half of everything, no questions asked. She never learned what Rumpelstiltskin had done and she didn't ask. She did live up to her end of the bargain, her sex tape landed her a career as a porn star where she lived happily ever after.

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