tagRomanceModern Feminist Misunderstandings Ch. 02

Modern Feminist Misunderstandings Ch. 02


[Rick, present day]

To: Genevieve Smith

From: Richard Johnson

Subject: Scheduling a Meeting For Next Week


I would love to schedule a meeting with you to talk about your essay. You can swing by my office hours next week, Friday 4-7. In regard to your coffee shop question, I prefer Northstar on Banks. I go almost every Saturday at 9.

Let me know if you had any questions about the essay prompt,



[Rick, Two weeks in the past]

"Yeah, shit, okay one sec mom." Gen set her phone down and whispered to Kate, before looking at me. "Hey Rick, I gotta take something. My grandma's going crazy I guess and we need to confer."

I nodded, motioning to the door with my stack of papers. "Sure Gen." She stood and gave me a grateful smile. I watched her push the door open and let the door slam behind her. I wasn't too concerned about her missing the class; Gen had proven herself from day one to be a smart girl. While not the best at analyzing theory, she could still pull together good arguments and defend herself pretty well. Genevieve also spoke with a sharp tongue and possessed even sharper wit. I didn't like to pick favorites, but Gen was definitely up there.

"Hey, Rick? I'm confused about this article you posted." Kate broke my attention as she flagged me down. "It won't let me access it through StatePapers."

Sighing, I stood from my desk and crossed the room, taking Gen's vacant seat. "Everyone's been struggling with this system. I still don't get why we switched from Poodle." Kate nodded and began to walk me through how she had tried to access the paper with every method imaginable. It wasn't uncommon for students to struggle with the website. I started to zone out, and in my slight tiredness, my eyes wandered to Gen's computer screen. She was, luckily, able to access the article without trouble. Her computer screen was incredibly cluttered. I'm pretty sure she had a computer file for every class she'd taken this year, but they were all labeled with ambiguous titles like 'Thanks Laura' and 'EspanWHOA'. My class was most likely 'He Really Likes Postmodernism'. Reading some of the other titles, I glossed over an incognito tab she had left on the screen. There, in bold letters, was the phrase, "Daddy's Home". It was some sort of fanfiction thing.

"How did you get the article?" Kate asked me, breaking my concentration.

I eyed the door, watching for Gen. "I went through JSTOR. Try looking it up under the author's name." The student did as told and I shifted my attention back to whatever the hell Gen was reading. There was just enough open for me to read without clicking through her windows.

"She was finally his slut for the taking. Rod thrust into her pussy with abandon, the sound of their bodies coming together echoing in the dark room. Squeezing her tits, he growled to her, 'tell Daddy you love his fucking cock, that you're his cockslut'. Rod kept pounding her, biting her neck roughly. Elena moaned in delight. 'Oh, yes!-"

The door shut suddenly, shocking me out of my daze. Gen had come back in, wiping away a few tears but overall okay. "You moving soon? I need to get back to my work."

"Only if you can help Kate find the article. StatePapers isn't working." I responded, pretending like I hadn't just encountered a mildly dark and disturbing part of Gen's mind. I stood up from her seat and looked down at her for a moment, taking her in. Gen wasn't the most innocent person I had ever met, sure, but this was an entirely new development for me. Doesn't she work at a church camp? I knew that daddy kinks weren't even the tip of the iceberg, but of all people, Gen had one?

She seemed to be unaware of the mental crisis she placed upon me. Sitting back down, Gen bit the inside of her cheek in thought and started to help Kate. "It's your job to help your students, Rick. I didn't realize you were this technologically unsavvy."

"Believe it or not, I have better things to do aside from spending all day on the internet." I countered as I returned to my desk. The stack of papers was still sitting there, ready to be graded, but as I picked up my pen and started to grade them, my mind began to wander. Did she leave that up by accident? She always had a plethora of tabs open, regardless of whether or not she needed them. Maybe she had just forgotten to shut it down, or stopped reading midway and left it up for later.

I looked up at her, watching her return to working on her paper. Or at least, I think she was. I couldn't tell if she was typing or not. She seemed to be glued to the screen, but I caught her glancing up at me once or twice. I trailed down her body, looking for any sign that she was actually doing work. Every now and then she would press her thighs together, trying to adjust herself as if she were uncomfortable. There was no reason why she'd need to...

Holy shit. 'Doing work' my ass, she was fucking reading porn in class.

Standing again, I wandered to the left of the class and pretended to check in with the rest of the students. There weren't too many students in the class, so getting over to Gen was a quick process. She was so engrossed in what she was reading that my hovering didn't alarm her. "How's your paper going?"

Gen switched windows so fast it was clear she was guilty of something. "It's uh, going. Just fine."

That was evidence enough that this kinky little shit wasn't doing work in class. "You sure? You seem a bit nervous."

She scrunched her face up. "I'm doing just fine, Rick. I just don't like hovering."

I didn't bother to argue with her. My mind was trying to process all of this new information. I wasn't trying to judge Gen, but it took a lot of guts (or a lack of giving a fuck) to read daddy kink erotica in class. And she was actively getting aroused too! I retreated to my desk to try and pull this all together. But sitting down, thinking about Gen and her erotica, something dark inside me started to rise up. As did my dick.

After about 20 minutes of attempting (and failing) to grade some papers, the class was let out for the day. I had three hours before my next class, so I had plenty of time to hide inside my office. The English department offices were on the opposite side of the floor from my classroom, which was quite the inconvenience when I was hiding my growing erection. Shutting my door with a huff and locking it, I half-heartedly threw my stuff down and sat down with a groan.

I tried to not think about it. That lasted all of five seconds. The image of Gen, aroused from her literature, was burned into the back of my head. Except the more I started to think about it, the more I thought about her and all of her as a being. What her bare chest looked like. Her thick, round ass. How I kept catching her glance up at me as she rubbed her thighs together in arousal.

Fuck. Was she thinking of me? Was that why she left the tab open?

The thought raced straight from my head to my dick. As wrong as it was, something about the idea of fucking Gen got to me. Bending her over my desk and driving into her pussy, fucking her so hard that the only thing she knew how to say was 'Harder, Rick!'. I quickly unzipped my pants and pulled my boxers down enough to get my cock out. I couldn't fucking take it anymore. Closing my eyes and leaning back in my chair, I conjured the image up in my head.

Gen had always struck me as someone with a dominant personality, but after today's discovery, I imagined her on her knees in front of me, under my desk. Sure, it was a generic troupe in the professor/student genre (not that I knew anything about that). But I loved the idea anyway.

As I started to stroke my cock, I pictured it. I'd have to use her mouth first; she was always smart mouthing me in class so it seemed like proper punishment. Her soft, brown eyes would stare up at me with a mix of fear and desire as I held her mouth open and shoved my cock inside. For a moment I might allow her to try and suck it herself, taking great pleasure watching her bob up and down on my thick cock. Running my fingers through her soft, blonde-brown hair, I would then take the back of her head and start slowly face-fucking her.

Beneath me, she'd start rubbing her clit through her panties, the arousal getting to her. Gen would moan around my cock as she got off on being used. I would then pick up the speed as my orgasm rose, continuing to fuck her mouth.

"That's my little slut." I'd murmur, watching her touch herself. "Does it make you feel good when your professor fucks you like this?" She'd moan again in response, swirling her tongue around my dick as I fucked her.

Outside of my fantasy, I felt the orgasm actually coming. I pictured myself unloading my cum into her mouth. She'd swallow it for sure, for I'm fairly certain I'd actually heard her say once that 'spitters are quitters'. Unfortunately, I just ended up coming on my pants. I sighed, the tension finally wearing off.

As much as I'd love to have dominated her like that, it wasn't possible. I may picture myself as the dom but I'm sure if I was presented with the situation it wouldn't go down that way. I cleaned myself off with a tissue, pulled my pants back on, and stood up. Maybe a glass of coffee would help get my mind off of Gen. Or some whiskey.

My mind briefly flashed back to the daddy kink writing, and the picture shifted to her calling me daddy in pure ecstasy.

I needed a lot of whiskey.


[Gen, present day]

To: Richard Johnson

From: Genevieve Smith

Subject: Scheduling a Meeting For Next Week


We have a game scheduled for next Friday so my essay questions will have to wait. I'll check out Northstar for coffee. I always trust your opinion.



My computer cursor hovered over the send button.

It was two days after the whole Rick thing and I still couldn't fucking process what happened. My awkward, ridiculous, mild to moderately attractive professor had sex with me. In his office. Right after calling me out for writing an essay about sex while being a virgin. Well, I wasn't exactly a virgin anymore.

But christ, Rick?

I still was mystified as to why he thought I was interested in the first place. Not that I didn't enjoy it; I did. A lot. I'll admit that I was slightly attracted to him anyway, but I never thought that he'd pick up on that. But that was only slightly.

At that moment, I was laying in my room working on that he-demon's essay. In the process of closing out some of my now-unneeded tabs, something caught my attention. Sitting behind my other windows was an incognito tab. Rick's voice then echoed in my head: "You left your screen up last week when you left to call your mom."

Fuck. Was that it? He must've seen the erotica on my screen. Which meant he might have-scratch that-definitely read it. Did that mean he saw me reading it in class too?

I lay back in bed and shut my computer. This whole ordeal was just too much. It was partially my fault too, considering I was about to agree to meet with him at a coffee shop on Saturday. Maybe we'd take the opportunity to talk about how it was all a mistake. Maybe he'd apologize and tell me it would never happen again.

Maybe he'd take me to the backroom and fuck me until I couldn't breathe.

There was something about Rick that amused me; for as kind as he was in class, he always seemed like he had a mean streak to him. Something dark under the surface. The bite marks on my neck for sure told me something about him. But he was just so...repressed.

In all honesty, I wanted to do it again. But I wanted that version of him, the one I briefly glimpsed. As I lie in bed, I dropped my hand over the side to reach for my vibrator. Slipping off my sweatpants, I closed my eyes and put myself back in the office. I was bent over the back of his desk, arms bound behind my back, panties stuffed into my mouth. My professor traced his hand down my ass as he chuckled to himself.

"You've been quite bad recently, Genevieve." He said, casually spanking me and then rubbing the spot where he hit me. "Trying to seduce your professor? Don't you know that gets you in trouble?" He spanked me again, this time on the other side. His free hand slipped between my folds and trailed upwards to my clit.

In the real world, I circled my clitoris with the vibrator. Just the way he said my full name was enough to get me turned on. My other hand massaged my breast slowly, rolling my nipple between my fingers.

The Rick in my head was rubbing my pussy as he sporadically spanked my ass. "This is what you get for acting out, Genevieve. And look how wet you're getting! I'm starting to think that you like it when you get spanked." He plunged a finger into me. "Is this what you wanted? For your professor to punish you?"

"Yes!" I gasped as I pulled my vibrator up to my clit.

In my head, he just laughed. Rick removed his pants and pulled his cock out, prodding at my cunt. "I guess I'm honored. And now that you're here, I might as well take advantage of this opportunity." Rick pushed his cock in until he was completely inside, stretching my pussy.

At this point I was masturbating from two different angles: one hand was still vibing my clit, while the other thrust two fingers into my pussy. After feeling how full Rick's cock made me, my fingers just couldn't do it anymore. As I imagined him thrusting into me from behind and the sound of his body slamming into my ass, I let out a low moan. I didn't just want to fuck him again. I needed him to fuck me again.

My mind suddenly changed; I was here in my room with that condescending fucker with me. I could practically hear it in my head: "Look at the mess you've become, Genevieve. Fingerfucking your sloppy wet cunt as you think of me." He would hover over me and watch as I went at myself, moaning his name. "Do you know what this makes you?" He would ask.

My body began to shake, and I could feel my first orgasm building inside me.

I imagined him grinning at the sight. "This makes you a slut. But you're my slut, understand? You're coming because of me, because of my dick, because of how complete you felt when I fucked you." Mind-Rick trailed his hands up my body and gripped my neck tightly. "I want you to come for me, Genevieve, and I want to hear you say my name."

The first wave suddenly hit me, and I gasped loudly. "Fuck, fuck, fuck fuck!" I whispered, fervently thrusting my fingers in and out of my cunt. As the orgasm peaked I couldn't help but moan, "God, yes Professor!"

The vibrator continued to buzz as I pressed it to my body. The orgasm wound down and I, eventually, turned off the toy. Lying there gasping, I let out a short laugh. Hopefully, my neighbors didn't hear that last part. I dropped the vibrator into the toy box and retrieved my computer from the floor. Opening it, I was greeted again with the email to Rick.

I had to know how it felt for him to fuck me again. Screw the uneven power dynamic. I hit send.

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